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Once Upon A Leader In Africa

Once Upon A Leader In Africa

By George Nuthu

A Podcast of narratives of inspiring leaders within the continent of Africa talking about their travels through the hills of success and the valleys of struggles on the land of leadership. Their stories will inspire emerging and experienced leaders to learn, live and lead better. The Podcast episodes are published every 5th, 15th, and 25th day of every month, except Christmas Day. Special thanks to B&G Consultants Ltd, the Podcast's Sponsor, Njeri Ragoi, the Audio Editor, and Patrick Kabugi for the Sound Track.
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Kariuki Ngari: It Will Pass

Once Upon A Leader In Africa Sep 15, 2021

Team Leadership Story of Alex Mwaura

Team Leadership Story of Alex Mwaura

In this inspiring episode of our podcast we delve into the rich mosaic of leadership experiences and insights from Alex Mwaura, a distinguished humanitarian and development worker in Kenya. Mwaura's journey, marked by resilience, responsibility, and a transformative approach, offers a vivid narrative of the nuances of leadership within an African context and its global relevance.

As the Country Director for Food for the Hungry in Kenya, Alex Mwaura brings over two decades of experience in various developmental roles to the table. From his early days as program director, regional coordinator, and operations manager to his impactful tenure at Samaritan's Purse and Food for the Hungry, Mwaura's career is a testament to his dedication to humanitarian causes. His innovative solutions, like installing water ATMs in rural Kenya, showcase his commitment to sustainable and tension-free resource management.

Mwaura's leadership ethos is profoundly personal and rooted in early life experiences, including shouldering responsibilities after his father's passing, and learning hard lessons in accountability from incidents like losing goats in the bush. These formative experiences shaped his understanding of resilience, a quality he deems vital for leaders facing challenges such as securing funding and adapting to community needs.

Mwaura's leadership acumen shone through in Marsabit, Kenya, as he collaborated with a water committee to introduce groundbreaking water collection and management technology. His work with women's savings groups highlights his commitment to building community resilience, especially during hardships like droughts.

Central to Mwaura's philosophy is the importance of teamwork in surmounting complex challenges and cultivating a nurturing organizational culture. He emphasizes creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and teamwork is valued, fostering a joyful, friendly, and supportive workplace.

Drawing inspiration from relational leaders throughout his career, Mwaura prioritizes caring for people and maintaining a human touch while achieving effectiveness. He also stresses the need for personal growth and sharpness in leadership through practices like listening, reading, and prayer.

Mwaura's leadership narrative is not just about leading effectively but also about showing love and intent. He urges leaders to focus on leaving a legacy, preparing for the future, and making a mark that endures beyond their lifetime. His emphasis on African societies embracing their identity and values to shape their future resonates with the need for a balanced approach towards modernism without losing cultural essence.

Join us in this episode as we explore the multifaceted journey of Alex Mwaura, a leader who embodies resilience, innovation, humility, and a heart for team leadership. His story is not just an account of personal and professional growth but a beacon of inspiration for current and aspiring leaders in Africa and beyond.

Dec 05, 202342:19
Blacksmith Leadership Story of Boahemma Ntim

Blacksmith Leadership Story of Boahemma Ntim

In this enriching episode of "Blacksmith Leadership Story of Boahemma Ntim," we delve into the extraordinary life of a visionary serial entrepreneur and innovator. Celebrating 24 years of marriage and nurturing three children, Boahemma Ntim is not just a family person but also a trailblazer in business leadership, currently pursuing a doctoral program. As an ordained pastor, she extends her leadership beyond the pulpit to the forefront of the corporate world, spearheading both a tea company and an ed-tech company with a keen focus on product development and innovation.

Standing at Ghana's vanguard of educational transformation, Boahemma leads a significant initiative to digitize public schools. Her efforts extend to fostering the establishment of Kingdom Initiatives in Ghana, demonstrating her commitment to societal upliftment. She actively engages in various initiatives, including coaching and mentorship programs, and is passionately involved in developing the Christian community in Ghana for holistic growth and lasting impact.

Reflecting on her formative leadership experiences, Boahemma recalls her time as an entertainment prefect in secondary school and her tenure as vice president of an all-female hall at the university. She shares insights into her strategic vision and ability to navigate complex challenges and setbacks. Renowned for her resilience and innate capability to rally people around a common goal, Boahemma is committed to nurturing future leaders to groom individuals who surpass her achievements. However, her journey has challenges, including disappointment and disloyalty from team members who are less committed to the collective vision.

The joy of witnessing personal growth and success in others, as well as a desire to provide financial support, fuels Boahemma’s drive. She imparts wisdom on leadership, emphasizing the equal treatment of criticism and praise, the importance of perseverance, and the need for regular breaks to rejuvenate and gain fresh perspectives. Boahemma shares her routines for maintaining energy and focus, which include strategic breaks, meticulous planning of meals and workouts, and prioritizing sleep and prayer. Her parents' entrepreneurial spirit influenced her to develop a business mindset.

Describing herself as a blacksmith, Boahemma emphasizes her role in forging pathways for others' success and growth. She is unafraid to make tough decisions or face pressure, understanding these as essential for progress. The episode highlights the unique challenges of cultivating leadership in Africa, highlighting cultural norms and resource limitations. Boahemma stresses the importance of good followership, visionary leadership, empathy, and an empowering mindset. She advocates for a paradigm shift in leadership attitudes, urging listeners to view themselves as active contributors to solutions.

This episode of "Blacksmith Leadership Story of Boahemma Ntim” is a profound narrative that weaves the challenges and opportunities of leadership in an African setting. It is an essential listen for aspiring and established leaders, offering rich insights and inspiration from the journey of a successful entrepreneur and innovator.

Nov 25, 202350:32
Sonship Leadership Story Of Michael Warui.

Sonship Leadership Story Of Michael Warui.

Join us as we embark on a transformative journey with Michael Warui, a multi-faceted leader who has left an indelible mark on leadership in an African context and beyond.

Michael, a devoted husband, entrepreneur, and Christian minister, wears many hats, but his leadership prowess shines through. With a real estate and entrepreneurship background, he has a remarkable track record of turning around international NGOs with his expertise.

In Kenya, Michael Warui spearheaded a team that revitalized the dairy sector, generating a staggering $8 million in revenue and improving the lives of countless smallholder farmers. Through his innovative strategies, value chain analysis, and policy changes, he played a pivotal role in shaping the dairy industry, even influencing the creation of a new dairy act.

But Michael's leadership journey doesn't stop there. He shares captivating stories of his time at East African Breweries, where he implemented changes that transformed the organization into a profitable and sustainable entity. His impactful work extended to the Kenya Wildlife Service, where he secured crucial funding for national parks and reserves, transitioning it from a conservation department to a commercial entity.

Michael’s journey with Fairview Estate, a 114-year-old family-owned coffee business, emphasizes innovation in adding value to coffee tourism and achieving premium prices through direct sales. He envisions self-reliance in resource-rich sectors across Africa, potentially transforming the lives of 1.4 billion people.

Beyond his professional achievements, Michael Warui has been a leader in various capacities throughout his life, shaped by his family's diplomatic and political legacy. He's even ventured into activism, once smuggling pictures of the deceased to President Bill Clinton to advocate for more significant democratic space in Kenya.

Michael's passion for leadership isn't limited to the corporate world; it extends to his spiritual calling. He discusses the concept of sonship and its significance in leadership, emphasizing the spiritual maturity needed for effective leadership in all aspects of life. He delves into the intersection of his spirituality and the marketplace, exploring the idea that everything can be spiritual. He passionately advocates for reintroducing spiritual concepts that embrace every sphere of one’s life for impactful service.

Listeners are encouraged to deepen their spirituality and take ownership of their calling. Michael Warui's story is a testament to the power of leadership, spirituality, and perseverance. Join us on this inspiring journey as we discover how leaders like Michael can create a new narrative for Africa's development and beyond.

Nov 15, 202343:47
Collaborative Leadership Story of Judy Njino

Collaborative Leadership Story of Judy Njino

In this empowering episode of "Collaborative Leadership" of Once Upon A Leader in Africa, we are thrilled to present the remarkable Judy Njino, a beacon of sustainable business practices and an embodiment of leadership with purpose. As Kenya's UN Global Compact Network leader, Judy's story is a testament to the power of aligning business strategies with universal principles for the greater good.

Prepare to be educated, encouraged, and equipped as Judy shares her wealth of experience in navigating the intricate tapestry of leadership within the vibrant and diverse African context. This episode is not just a narrative of Judy's journey; it's a treasure trove of actionable insights and advice that listeners can apply in their spheres, whether leading a community project, steering a business, or influencing policy.

Judy's voice is a clarion call for leaders ready to speak up, just as she has done since primary school. Her commitment to collaboration and integrity shines through as she underscores the importance of uniting stakeholders and embodying the values that drive meaningful cooperation.

Listeners will gain an intimate view of Judy's leadership style—her strategic approach to influencing seasoned business leaders, her relentless pursuit to shift mindsets towards sustainable practices, and her balanced management of stakeholder expectations. Her stories brim with the wisdom of embracing vulnerability, the strength inherent in diversity, and the grace required to adapt to multicultural nuances.

Through her experiences, Judy offers a masterclass in the art of consensus building, the necessity of accountability, and the virtues of patience and inclusivity. Judy mentions how three of her mentors shaped her path and highlighted the profound impact of guidance and support in cultivating leadership.

Judy's journey is also one of overcoming challenges—breaking through the barriers of skepticism due to her youth and gender or striving for work-life balance amidst leadership demands. Her vision is clear: to leave a legacy of change and nurture the next generation of leaders.

This episode is more than just a conversation; it's a call to action for all aspiring leaders to embrace service, challenge biases, and recognize the diverse tapestry of leadership styles. Judy's teachings at Daystar University, where she learned to lead as a servant, remind us that the will to serve is at the heart of leadership.

Join us as Judy Njino shares her profound insights on "Collaborative Leadership," offering a roadmap for those ready to embark on a leadership journey that is as impactful as it is transformative. Let's learn, grow, and lead together!

Nov 06, 202341:14
Adventurous Leadership Story of Paul Breloff

Adventurous Leadership Story of Paul Breloff

Dive into the captivating leadership journey of Paul Breloff, who journeyed from a quaint town in New York to the vibrant landscapes of Kenya, driven by a passion for innovation in financial services and the transformative power of cell phones in daily life. As the CEO and Co-founder of Shortlist Professionals, Paul has revolutionized hiring practices in Africa, particularly in Kenya, ensuring that organizations find the right talent that aligns with their mission and values.

Paul's leadership philosophy is rooted in setting a positive example, fostering a hard work, discipline, and self-management culture, and emphasizing communication and empathy. Drawing from his rich experiences, he underscores the need for leaders to balance high-level strategic thinking and detailed problem-solving.

Navigating the intricate tapestry of different cultures, Paul sheds light on the nuances of communication in high-context cultures like Kenya and India and the contrasting directness preferred in low-context cultures like the US. He decided to move to Kenya, driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact in a cross-cultural setting and embrace the challenges and rewards that came with it.

With Africa standing at the cusp of a transformative era, Paul is deeply committed to empowering its youth helping them access high-impact careers, especially in the clean energy sector. He candidly discusses their challenges, from limited job opportunities to the looming threat of climate change, and how Shortlist is pivotal in guiding them toward a sustainable future.

Leading a startup is no easy feat, and Paul delves into the highs and lows, from the joy of seeing team members flourish to the heartbreak of parting ways. The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges, and Paul reflects on the tough decisions he had to make, always with an eye on the bigger picture.

Paul's insights into leadership in Africa are profound. He sees a continent brimming with potential, on the verge of a leadership harvest, yet facing macroeconomic challenges that could deter budding entrepreneurs. His advice to young aspirants? Gain experience in a job before diving into entrepreneurship. He believes this equips them with essential skills while also providing a safety net.

At the heart of Paul's story is an adventurous spirit and a relentless drive to learn, grow, and make a difference. His journey is a testament to leadership's power rooted in authenticity, empathy, and a deep-seated desire to uplift others. Join us in this episode as we explore the adventurous leadership story of Paul Breloff, a beacon of inspiration for leaders everywhere.

Oct 25, 202341:17
Empowerment Leadership Story of Dr. Stephen Ojwang

Empowerment Leadership Story of Dr. Stephen Ojwang

In this enlightening episode, Dr Stephen Ojwang, CEO of Premier Care Hospital group, delves into his transformative leadership journey. As a beacon of positive change, Stephen's mission has always been to empower leaders to reach their zenith and effect positive change. His passion for decentralizing quality healthcare was ignited during his postgraduate studies in Nairobi, where he served patients from neighboring countries.

From his early days in high school to his ventures in medical entrepreneurship, Stephen emphasizes the essence of empowering others and the pivotal role of emotional intelligence. He underscores the significance of resilience and self-awareness in leadership through a humorous personal anecdote. Stephen believes leaders must be adaptive and versatile in a dynamic business landscape. This adaptability was tested when Premier Care had to swiftly pivot its business model due to challenges from primary suppliers.

Stephen shares heartfelt moments, including the untimely passing of his father just before their clinic's inauguration, which left them grappling with financial challenges. Yet, with determination and support, Stephen navigated these hurdles, even highlighting the growth he experienced while working alongside his spouse.

He takes pride in leadership development, citing a former housekeeping staff who rose to a senior executive position. Stephen's leadership journey is deeply rooted in the support of his inner circle, which includes mentors, coaches, and therapists. He emphasizes the role of therapy in self-evaluation and leadership enhancement.

In 2016, Stephen's organization significantly impacted Garissa County, Kenya. However, despite their success, they faced sustainability challenges due to policy shifts and cross-border competition.

He discusses the evolving landscape of healthcare leadership, the revolutionary advancements in AI, IoT, and ICT, and how they reshape healthcare. Stephen believes in the necessity for healthcare professionals to be adept in management and leadership to maximize impact.

Concluding the episode, Stephen reflects on his leadership ethos, emphasizing empathy, humility, and empowerment. He offers sage advice to budding leaders: understand your purpose, embrace diverse team strengths, and adjust strategies according to the season. With a vision to leave a legacy of transformational leadership, he hopes to be remembered as an empowering force, personally and professionally. Join the episode and allow Stephen to impart his profound insights on leadership, purpose, and lasting impact.

Oct 16, 202345:57
Human-Centric Leadership by Mary Wangari

Human-Centric Leadership by Mary Wangari

Welcome to another thought-provoking episode where we delve into Mary Wangari's captivating world of leadership at Equity Group Holdings, where governance and compliance are paramount. Join me as we embark on a journey to explore the intricate tapestry of leadership woven by Wangari.

 As the guardian of governance and leadership, Wangari is the steadfast compass guiding Equity Group Holdings across multiple countries. She meticulously scrutinizes and enhances structures to accommodate the organization's rapid growth, ensuring the right human resources and leaders are in place. With a keen eye, she oversees regional expansion, manages partnerships, leads investigations, and ensures unwavering compliance.

 Wangari is not just a leader who delegates tasks; she is a leader who shapes destinies. At Equity, she has had pivotal roles of Board Company Secretary and Director for Strategic Development, allowing her to showcase her paramount leadership responsibilities.

 But what sets Wangari apart is her unwavering commitment to integrity. She attributes the forging of her leadership skills to her early days in school choirs and church organizations. These early experiences taught her the value of responsibility, a lesson that would prove invaluable in her future leadership roles.

 The importance of transparency and accountability was a lesson she learned from her mother, who, even in the face of inconvenience, insisted on returning lost change to a shop owner. Wangari carries this ethos into her work at Equity Bank, where integrity is the cornerstone, and she mentors others to do the same.

 Adapting to a structured leadership role demanded a shift in mindset and decision-making for Wangari. She invested two years of her life immersing herself in banking, devouring annual reports and financial statements cover to cover. Her dedication paid off when, in 2007, she was appointed Director for Strategy, a testament to her growing confidence and expertise.

One of the most memorable moments in Wangari's illustrious career was when she boldly said "yes" to joining Equity Bank from a successful legal practice. Leaving the comforts of her law career, she embarked on a transformative journey that would redefine her life's purpose.

 Wangari's passion for empowering small businesses through financial literacy and training is palpable. She likens her leadership style to an eagle, with a vision that extends far beyond the horizon, spotting the untapped potential in others and guiding them to success. As she describes herself as an eagle, we witness her resilience, nurturing spirit, and ability to renew herself. Her journey from a humble childhood to becoming a successful lawyer and banker is a testament to the power of hard work and unwavering focus. It's a story that inspires us all to persevere despite the most daunting of circumstances.

 But Wangari doesn't just lead; she uplifts and mentors others through her book, "The Village Girl," and mentorship initiatives. She urges us to embrace our heritage, draw strength from our unique experiences, and understand that leadership and hard work are the keys to overcoming adversity.

 In a continent brimming with potential, Wangari emphasizes the need for leaders who prioritize the welfare of their people, those who are selfless and innovative enough to address Africa's challenges head-on. She reminds us that leadership is a paradox—simple yet complicated, requiring constant reinvention and adaptability in fast-changing environments.

 Above all, Wangari underscores the importance of integrity, authenticity, and kindness in leadership. She calls on us to be better versions of ourselves daily and treat our staff and customers with humanity and kindness, even in the most trying moments.

 Let Wangari's wisdom resonate with you as we wrap up today's episode. Find ways to give back to society, leaving a legacy beyond material possessions.


Oct 05, 202354:56
Relational Leadership by Barnabas Achoki

Relational Leadership by Barnabas Achoki

In this enlightening episode, we delve deep into the transformative world of Relational Leadership with the sagacious Barnabas Achoki. Barnabas, a beacon of humility and collaboration, unfolds the tapestry of his leadership journey, weaving through the threads of early responsibilities, learning, and growth.


Barnabas reminisces about the nascent stages of his leadership odyssey with George Nuthu during their college fellowship days, when the seeds of responsibility were sown in the fertile grounds of youth. Their shared experiences paint a vivid picture of young minds navigating the labyrinth of leadership, learning the essence of teamwork, and leveraging the diverse strengths around them in spaces ranging from the sacred aisles of the church to the dynamic realms of coaching organizations.


Barnabas, a maestro of human connection, champions the philosophy of "first among equals," valuing every thread in the human tapestry and shunning the solitude of solo leadership. His journey is a symphony of unconventional approaches, a dance between confrontation and compliance within structured realms, and a testament to building trust and relationships through the warmth of personal interactions rather than the coldness of authority and policy.


A pivotal moment is shared where Barnabas chose the path of authenticity with couples, a choice that blossomed into healed marriages and a philosophy rooted in genuine connection. George Nuthu, echoing the sentiments, underscores the importance of such authenticity and the profound impact of twelve years of dedicated work in marriage and family counseling.


Barnabas illuminates the importance of men embracing their leadership roles in the familial sphere, emphasizing the essence of love, respect, and spiritual and emotional guidance. He encourages men to be the anchors in times of storm, supporting their spouses in their multifaceted roles as providers and caregivers.


The conversation flows into parenting challenges in today’s intricate world, advocating for a coaching relationship over an authoritarian one and emphasizing the home as the crucible for molding leadership and decision-making skills. Barnabas and George share personal anecdotes, offering a compassionate lens to view the young minds navigating this bombarded world, highlighting the importance of allowing them the grace to stumble, learn, and grow.


Barnabas shares the highs and lows of his journey as the CEO of two ships, a journey marked by the resilience of passion and the rewards of persistence. His love for writing, a flame ignited in high school, continues to burn brightly, enlightening the world with his published works and columns guiding couples through the intricate dance of marriage.


George Nuthu appreciates Barnabas' approach to relational leadership, emphasizing the essence of being human, accessible, and embodying servant leadership. He underscores the importance of humility and authenticity in leadership, portraying them as the cornerstones of genuine connection and transformation.


This episode is a journey through the meandering paths of leadership, a reflection on the beauty of human connection, and a celebration of humility and authenticity. Barnabas Achoki, with his wealth of wisdom and exemplary people skills, invites us to reflect, learn, and embrace the essence of relational leadership, offering a beacon of light in our collective journey toward a more compassionate and connected world.

Sep 25, 202338:30
Timothy Kaberia - Faceless Leadership Part 2

Timothy Kaberia - Faceless Leadership Part 2

Get ready to continue diving into the captivating journey of how Timothy Kaberia explores the significance of leadership as faceless as possible and how this concept continues to shape his present landscape. The goal is to bridge denominational divides, a challenge exemplified by an earlier movement, which appeared chaotic until the emergence of integrity-driven music. Conversations at the level of clergy played a pivotal role in shaping the Church's ability to sing in unison. Timothy reflects on his frustration and the church leadership's struggle to fully grasp the concept of a musical event that brings diverse congregants together.


Timothy talks about the remarkable dedication of the eight team members, who embody the essence of being faceless, a principle they hold dear. He shares insights into their chairman, the late Paul Kihiu, a no-nonsense leader from the banking industry who led by example and maintained a commitment to excellence. The dedication and commitment of the eight-team members inspired volunteers to commit nearly six months to practice and preparation, earning the trust and credibility of their clergy friends.


As the team's vision expanded, they secured additional practice venues, gained recognition within their community, and became aware of their efforts. Their planning in subsequent years allowed them to envision and communicate their mission to the body of Christ effectively. During their journey, a church fire in Nairobi led to a widespread desire for involvement. The model they established allowed people from various backgrounds to participate, irrespective of their musical talents.


Timothy's biggest challenge has been achieving buy-in from the church leadership despite considering himself a leader. At the time, the Nairobi city unit had an average membership of around 220 people, highlighting the immense potential for impact.


With millions of Kenyans attending Church, the podcast explores the Church's spiritual power and potential to shape the psyche, perspective, governance, and societal relationships. When the world grasps this potential, it can bring about significant transformation.


The discussion touches on the challenges faced by AFLEWO, including the need for every generation of leaders to navigate similar obstacles, such as seeking financial support from pastors and churches in Kenya and Tanzania.


In closing, Timothy stresses the importance of spending time with young adults aged 19 to 24, recognizing their unique needs and perspectives.


We invite you to join us on this enlightening and heartwarming journey that explores leadership, unity, and the transformative power of people uniting to fulfill a purpose greater than themselves. Welcome to the Faceless Leadership Part 2 episode!

Sep 16, 202345:19
Timothy Kaberia - Faceless Leadership Part 1

Timothy Kaberia - Faceless Leadership Part 1

Welcome to our latest episode and prepare to embark on a captivating journey through Timothy's life story, woven with the rich tapestry of his family's experiences and his personal growth.


Timothy's upbringing was deeply influenced by his mother's unwavering devotion to serving the Lord, a devotion inspired by the presence of Italian Catholic seminaries and convents in their community. In fact, Timothy's own cousin now holds the esteemed position of Vice Mother Superior. His father, on the other hand, embarked on a different path, leaving school to follow the footsteps of his siblings.


Amidst these diverse family dynamics, Timothy's mother held a conviction that there was more to life than the status quo. She served as a P1 certificate teacher, impacting young lives between classes one and three. It was during this period that young Timothy, at the tender age of seven, turned to his mother for answers about salvation and testimony, and she lovingly broke down these profound concepts for him.


As a child, Timothy also had the privilege of piano lessons from a British lady, who played a role in introducing him to the world of music and history. These early experiences with an upright English piano laid the foundation for his future musical endeavors.


His father's close friendship with the catechists of the Kingongo Prison led to his becoming a lay preacher, fostering a deep connection with the Methodist church fellowship. The vibrant community boasted a 60-member choir, where Timothy's love for music truly flourished. This journey ultimately paved the way for his freedom to pursue a career as a musician.


Even as a child, Timothy held a deep fascination for African culture, memorizing capital cities and maps, and marveling at the diverse tribes and cosmopolitan nature of the continent. Now, as an adult, he continues to explore and appreciate the depth of African culture through his conversations on the podcast.


Timothy also reflects on the importance of having a cultural partner in the communication and culture class, highlighting its uniqueness compared to other university courses. His experiences in Uganda further reinforced his passion for connecting with the world and embracing different cultures.


The podcast delves into Timothy's journey with friends who shared his vision for music, starting in 1996 when they began singing for Africa. Their belief in a higher calling led them to plug into the International Christian Centre (ICC), sensing that something bigger was on the horizon. This eventually led to the formation of "Africa, Let's Worship" (AFLEWO) event in 2004 and the remarkable story of eight members coming together to inspire worship.


Timothy Kaberia is a devoted Husband and Father, the Founder of Sing Africa-AFLEWO, a Songwriter, and Worship Leader. His unshakable faith as a follower of Jesus guides his life. He has a deep love for Mweru, his precious wife. Most notably, he feels a strong calling to Africa, reflecting his commitment to making a meaningful impact on the continent and its people through worship and praise to the Almighty God.


So, join us on this warm and inviting journey as we explore Kaberia's life and the profound impact of faith, culture, and music on his journey. 

Sep 06, 202331:46
Fauzia Malik - Executional Leadership

Fauzia Malik - Executional Leadership

In this captivating podcast episode, Fauzia Malik, CEO of an innovative water company and manufacturer of paving blocks, as well as the proprietor of a fitness line—dives into the complexities of leadership, legacy, and the challenges tied to inheriting a family business. An adept problem solver, Fauzia's journey reflects her determination, innovation, and resilience in the face of gender biases.

When she took over the role from her father in 2003, her father's unwavering belief in Fauzia's capabilities was evident, even in a business environment that initially had few women leaders. Reflecting on this transition, Fauzia sheds light on sustaining her father's strategic acumen, honed through hours of mentorship and strategic planning for problems of varying scales. Fauzia underscores that authentic leadership often operates behind the scenes, driven by the art of problem-solving.

Fauzia's leadership philosophy pivots around her conviction that leaders, like entrepreneurs, are society's catalysts for change. This belief fuels her passion for nurturing the next generation's leadership potential. In her mentorship endeavors, Fauzia guides young girls toward recognizing their intrinsic strengths and passions, aiming to unveil their authentic selves rather than conforming to societal expectations.

An inflection point in Fauzia's leadership journey arose when she assumed the presidency of the Tanzanian chapter, an accomplishment acknowledged by her peers. This experience enriched her self-awareness and business acumen, casting her into challenging situations that tested her resilience.

Fueled by family values, followed by employees, Fauzia's commitment to mentorship and staying attuned to business trends has been instrumental in her success. A pivotal juncture involved restructuring the business, which required her to recalibrate strategies, navigate financial challenges, and garner her father's support for change. This episode underscored the essence of resilience.

Fauzia's narrative also highlights the gender biases women leaders often face, a universal challenge. She ardently advocates disregarding external judgments and embracing one's authentic identity. As a Muslim woman in Africa, Fauzia assumes her unique identity, drawing inspiration from the tenacity of her diligent grandmother, who woke at 4 am daily to tend to her business diligently.

Fauzia draws inspiration from Oprah Winfrey's profound quote, "What I say is what I do and what I believe," and Nike's enduring motto, "Just Do It." Through her experiences, she champions the "doing" leadership concept—a style that Africa needs more of. She envisions leaders with both action and vision, fostering a brighter future for the continent. As Africa works to unleash its full potential, Fauzia embodies the spirit of transformational leadership, leaving an indelible mark on the business landscape and inspiring future generations.

Fauzia is the Managing Director of Tembo Tiles Ltd, the CEO of Super Miles Ltd (Cool Blue), Global Member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and its Tanzania Chapter President between 2017 and 2018. She is a visionary who inspires everyone to achieve her company’s goals and endures to live her company’s values as an inspiration for her employees to reflect the same in their operations. Fauzia focuses on developing efficient programs and mobilizing and implementing robust operational processes. She is also a Member of the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania and the Founder and Director of Baby Tembo Ltd.
Aug 25, 202348:30


In this second part of the episode, Mary Kinyua shares her profound insights on leadership. For her, leadership isn't about being intoxicated by power; it's about authenticity and creating sustainable environments for future generations. Authentic leadership lies in service, where the heart truly connects.

 Reflecting on a daunting moment during COVID-19, Mary recalls how Oserian Flowers were forced to dispose of 1,000,000 stem cells due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this moment exemplified the difficult decisions that leaders must sometimes make. She also shares the challenges she had responding to HR issues during this season and how she found solace in coaching fellow HR colleagues.

 Mary openly shares about fear of rejection and the impostor syndrome struggles of leaders. Her thoughts on impostor syndrome on LinkedIn garnered over 13,000 views and resonated with many, including colleagues. This inspired her to write her first book, "A Guide for Emerging Leaders: How to Beat the Imposter Syndrome.”

 Appreciation beams as Mary speaks about her current employer, Naivas Supermarkets, a success story with 93 stores and ambitious plans to reach 100. With an average employee age of 29, the company is passionate about learning and growth. They're not just rewriting history but shaping the economy and working tirelessly to change from ground zero.

 Mary delves into the evolution of HR, its importance for big and small companies, and why it remains a crucial function at every stage. As a business partner to the leadership, Mary ensures that suitable structures and documentation are in place. She emphasizes that HR isn't just about annual performance but consistent growth, resulting in a more balanced organization. The conversation shifts to HR's influence on a company's success. HR holds the highest honor for Mary in impacting change and reassuring CEOs. She speaks on HR's vital role in advancing sustainable composition and being an essential teammate.

 Mary examines the challenges of Kenya's sizeable young labor market and the talent shortage. She advocates for intelligence through hard work and calls for a movement into the entire talent market by training workers. She believes this is the key to not exploiting the labor force.

 Mary shares that an organization is made of small but vital parts, warning against complacency. She stresses the gap between people and the required talent as a critical issue and laments the lack of feedback in the workplace. 

 Concluding the episode, Mary recounts some of her biggest lessons, emphasizing the importance of feedback and the art of consistent problem-solving. She leaves listeners with a powerful message about the joys of leadership and the profound influence a leader can have.

 Mary Kinyua is the Chief Human Resource Officer of Naivas Ltd, Kenya's largest chain of supermarkets with close to 100 stores spread throughout the country. She was nominated as the Top 40 Under 40 Woman of the Year in 2019 and received the prestigious 2019 HR Director of the Year - 2nd Runner-up award. As an accredited Executive Leadership Coach and a member of the Institute of Human Resource Managers, she continuously seeks personal and professional growth through her education at institutions like Nanyang Business School, Strathmore Business School, and the Centre of Corporate Governance. Mary is pursuing her Doctorate studies in Strategy and HRM at the University of Nairobi. 

Aug 15, 202340:13
Mary Kinyua - Heartfelt Leadership Part 1

Mary Kinyua - Heartfelt Leadership Part 1

Join Mary Kinyua in the first part of the "Heartfelt Leadership" podcast episode as she shares her inspiring professional journey that evolved from legal into HR and the brands she's engaged with over the last 18 years. When she started her career in the legal field, it was not her cup of tea, and she quickly shifted into the HR space. This shift coincided with transitioning from Personnel Management to Human Resource Management. Mary had to google her way in learning her new HR role due to the challenge of having a mentor to guide her. Understanding the "why" of her new role was crucial, and she immersed herself in research to take informed actions.


Believing in the importance of giving back, Mary felt compelled to share her knowledge, making it easier for those who follow in her footsteps. Despite her youth, she faced the challenge with determination, initially hiding her age. Mentorship significantly impacted her growth; working with the various Managing Directors and seniors was always a pleasure.


Mary also revisits her childhood school days, where she took on leadership responsibilities early, serving as a prefect. Another pivotal moment in her leadership journey was her time in the Oserian community, where she felt her impact on multiple fronts, honing her governance skills.


She delves into her groundbreaking achievement as the first black chair of Fairtrade International and the first female chair in the organization. Governance becomes a central aspect of her leadership as she coordinates and aligns various stakeholders, leading to successfully launching a new strategy. In discussing the flower industry's Fair-Trade standards, she highlights the importance of adhering to minimum wage requirements and bringing valuable contributions. The context of the problem is crucial, and she emphasizes that solutions should come from those who own the challenges.


Meeting the Pope during the challenging Covid period was a profound experience for Mary; witnessing his simplicity and passion reinvigorated her sense of purpose. She also shares how her leadership journey was transformed from being a mere manager to a true leader by lobbying people to embrace change and adapt to new situations. Mary also emphasizes the importance of consistency in leadership and continuity even in a leader's absence.


Leadership during the Covid period at Oserian presented unique challenges. Still, Mary's focus on the people element and her involvement in the organizational review process helped her navigate challenging times. One of the highlights at Oserian for Mary was the deep emotional connection of the people to the brand, fostering easy consultation and collaboration. She believes leadership qualities emerge at different times, stressing the significance of being steadfast, excellent, and empathetic. Viewing people as humans rather than mere roles or resources is essential, as well as knowing when to adopt and transition between leadership qualities.


Mary Kinyua is the Chief Human Resource Officer of Naivas Ltd, Kenya's largest chain of supermarkets with close to 100 stores spread throughout the country. She was nominated as the Top 40 Under 40 Woman of the Year in 2019 and received the prestigious 2019 HR Director of the Year - 2nd Runner-up award. As an accredited Executive Leadership Coach and a member of the Institute of Human Resource Managers, she continuously seeks personal and professional growth through her education at institutions like Nanyang Business School, Strathmore Business School, and the Centre of Corporate Governance. Mary is pursuing her Doctorate studies in Strategy and HRM at the University of Nairobi. 

Aug 07, 202333:47
Brian Longwe - Self-Led Leadership Part 2

Brian Longwe - Self-Led Leadership Part 2

This captivating Part 2 episode explores Brian's remarkable leadership journey as an influential African business leader. From his humble beginnings to his success in empowering individuals and communities, Brian's story exemplifies the transformative impact of self-leadership.


The episode begins with Brian's early career at Memory Information Systems and his pioneering venture into selling computer training in Africa. He played a crucial role in establishing one of Kenya's first internet connections, setting the stage for technological advancement in the region.


Brian candidly shares his experiences, including a burn-out season that led him to work with the Mission Aviation Fellowship and later in Gulu, Uganda, where he empowered others to take on his responsibilities. Despite facing challenges, including a ruthless former boss, Brian's resilience fueled his pursuit of success across 21 African countries.


He stresses the essence of leadership in Africa, emphasizing its role in fostering change and development. Brian discusses the need for better oversight and the potential of Pan-Africanism while addressing mental blocks that limit Africans' potential.


Throughout the interview, Brian emphasizes that building businesses is about empowering people and inspiring others. He believes true leaders leave an impact that transcends borders and generations, offering valuable advice to young leaders.


The episode is emotional as Brian confronts his demons, finding healing and leading purposefully. His decision to transition to Malawi reflects his dedication to positively impacting the region and contributing to its development.


Brian's passion for Africa's growth and empowerment resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. His message that impact is the most excellent motivator inspires listeners to reflect on their leadership journeys.


Join us in this powerful episode as we delve into the heart of African leadership, uncovering valuable lessons and insights from one of the continent's influential leaders in the ICT space. Brian's narrative of self-leadership, empowerment, and belief in leadership's transformative power shapes Africa's future. 

Jul 25, 202340:41
Brian Longwe - Self-Led Leadership Part 1

Brian Longwe - Self-Led Leadership Part 1

In this podcast episode, we sit down with Brian Longwe, a remarkable leader based in Malawi. The journey of Brian demonstrates the transformative power of Self-led Leadership and resilience. From his early involvement in Kenya's digital innovation scene to his current role as the President of the Malawi chapter of the Internet Society, Brian shares his experiences and insights that have shaped his path toward success.


Brian reflects on his involvement in Kenya's early innovation scene in the 1990s. During this time, the Kenyan government resisted the licensing framework for cybercafes, and Brian was at the forefront of lobbying for an improved digital environment. He shares stories of the challenges and efforts to translate technology into legal language. Brian celebrates the breakthrough of constructing a submarine fiber-optic cable from Kenya to the Middle East, marking a significant milestone in advancing connectivity.


Brian's leadership journey was born from his troubled childhood, forcing him to find a purpose after high school. Selling grapes and clothes on the streets became his first entrepreneurial endeavor, teaching him self-leadership and dedication to work. Brian's determination ultimately led him to secure his first job as an intern at AMREF, showcasing his self-led efforts. However, faced with family challenges, Brian returned to the streets again to find another opportunity. Brian eventually overcame his family challenges and searched for a job. He applied to numerous companies. Despite numerous rejections, he never gave up and eventually found a job.


Brian emphasizes self-leadership's importance in his personal and professional growth. Even though he didn't have the necessary experience to be accepted, Brian refused to give up and persevered until success. As a result, he recognizes the power of self-leadership in achieving his goals. He defines self-leadership as taking initiative, setting goals, and embracing challenges. Brian's journey exemplifies the importance of resilience in overcoming setbacks and adapting to change. 


Reflecting on his leadership journey, Brian highlights the valuable lessons he has gained. He underscores the pivotal role of self-leadership in building a fulfilling and successful career. Brian's story inspires aspiring leaders, urging them to recognize their potential for self-leadership. Through inspiring anecdotes and personal experiences, he motivates listeners to embrace challenges, learn from failures, and cultivate their self-led leadership style.


Brian, the CEO and Co-Founder of Converged Technology Networks has 26 years of experience in Africa. He has built networks, connected millions of people, and improved lives. His expertise spans broadband, retail and wholesale internet, transit, rural ICT services, and connectivity. Brian has facilitated collaboration between ISPs, established Internet Exchange Points, and set up mobile money operations in five countries. He founded and led ISPs in Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi. Brian is dedicated to expanding his efforts and connecting millions more across Africa, driving the advancement of technology and entrepreneurship in the region.


Join us for this engaging episode as Brian Longwe shares his remarkable self-led leadership journey. From his involvement in Kenya's early innovation scene to his current role in shaping the digital landscape in Malawi, Brian's story exemplifies the power of self-leadership, resilience, and determination. Tune in to gain valuable insights and practical tips to empower you to unleash your potential. You will also become a self-led leader in your endeavors.

Jul 17, 202333:07
Odelia Ntiamoah - Sacrificial Leadership

Odelia Ntiamoah - Sacrificial Leadership

Welcome to this captivating episode featuring Odelia Ntiamoah, a seasoned journalist with an impressive 21-year career in the media industry. Trained by prestigious institutions such as Bloomberg and KPMG, Odelia's expertise has been honed through her work in one of Africa's most prominent media houses. She shares her invaluable insights on leadership, focusing on the challenges and triumphs faced by women leaders across the African continent.

 Odelia's journey has been marked by her unwavering belief in the importance of effective leadership. Drawing from her vast experience, she imparts wisdom in navigating the intricate landscape of the media industry. Confidence takes center stage as she emphasizes its pivotal leadership role, offering practical tips and strategies for aspiring leaders in the media space. Odelia's unique perspective underscores the significance of adopting approaches prioritizing human capital and embracing innovation as catalysts for success.

 With her finger on the pulse of the media industry, Odelia recognizes the critical need for media houses to establish strong connections with the business community. Through insightful analysis, she elucidates the symbiotic relationship between media organizations and businesses, stressing the business community's essential role in the growth and sustainability of media houses. Odelia reflects on her leadership challenges, particularly while maneuvering within the male-dominated media industry, providing a firsthand account of the hurdles she had to overcome.

 Demonstrating her resourcefulness as a leader, Odelia shares an inspiring story of how she negotiated a mutually beneficial arrangement with KPMG. Through her keen negotiation skills, she secured free training from KPMG for her team in exchange for their media services. This remarkable feat showcases her innovative leadership approach and highlights the power of strategic collaborations.

 As Odelia's narrative unfolds, she regales listeners with poignant anecdotes from her leadership journey. She recounts a memorable moment when she collaborated with the prestigious BBC, underscoring her work's global reach and impact. On a more reflective note, Odelia courageously reveals her lowest moment in leadership, shedding light on the challenges and setbacks she encountered along the way.

 Turning her attention to the media landscape in Ghana, Odelia shares her firsthand experiences as a journalist in the country. She offers astute insights into the challenges faced by media houses and provides practical advice on how they can adapt to technological advancements to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

 Odelia's passion for empowering African women takes center stage as she discusses her involvement with the Oxford African Women Leadership Institute. She expounds on her commitment to promoting financial literacy among girls and empowering women to occupy influential positions throughout Africa. Odelia underscores the importance of increasing land ownership by women and advocates for the allocation of capital specifically for women entrepreneurs, recognizing their immense potential as drivers of economic growth.

 In a poignant depiction of her leadership style, Odelia paints a vivid image of an African woman gracefully carrying firewood with two children, symbolizing her leadership as nurturing and empowering, akin to that of a loving mother.

 Odelia Ntiamaoh is the Global Director of the Oxford Africa Women Leadership Institute, a non-profit organization focused on developing sustainable women-led businesses and fostering women leaders. She has served as the head of the SNB Group, overseeing companies such as SNB Cocoa, SNB Petroleum, ON Media, Chamber for Tourism, East Capital, and SNB Construction.

Jul 06, 202346:31
Burak Buyuksarac : Craftfulness Leadership

Burak Buyuksarac : Craftfulness Leadership

Welcome to the captivating podcast episode where we embark on a transformative journey through leadership with Burak Buyuksarac, a prominent figure at BMS Group. Join us as we delve into his inspiring path and gain valuable insights that ignite your leadership potential.

Burak begins by explaining the four companies within the BMS Group, setting the context for our discussion. From there, we dive into his remarkable leadership journey, starting with his experiences in Tanzania and diverse roles, including serving as a board member in several companies. Discover how he empowers, and delegates work to his employees while recognizing and embracing the positive qualities of other leaders.

As our conversation unfolds, Burak emphasizes the significance of networking and engaging with fellow business leaders in Tanzania, sharing strategies to help leaders stay ahead in their endeavors. Maintaining a leading edge is not just an option for Burak—it's an absolute necessity. We explore the challenging decisions he has faced as a CEO and founder, gaining profound insights into the choices that have shaped his journey. We also delve into the advantages of running diversified businesses, contributing to his ability to maintain a competitive edge. 

Transitioning seamlessly, Burak narrates the contrasting dynamics between the corporate world and the cultural landscape of Tanzania and Turkey. Drawing from his firsthand experiences in both countries, he provides a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities each presents. Furthermore, he shares the pivotal decision that led him to relocate from Turkey to Africa and the reactions of his family to this life-changing choice.

In discussing what Africa needs regarding leadership and how to cultivate the desired mindset, Burak shares insights into embracing capitalism in a socially responsible manner. He highlights the importance of empowering, educating, and delegating to others. He also opens up about the challenges he has faced as a foreign entrepreneur in Tanzania and how he has turned these obstacles into sources of motivation.

Burak shares his aspirations of establishing a legacy as a leader, leaving an indelible mark on the Tanzanian business landscape. As we conclude this episode, he reflects on the interview, offering closing thoughts that encapsulate the essence of his remarkable leadership journey. This episode promises to be an enlightening and inspiring exploration of leadership, entrepreneurship, and the transformative power of passion.

Burak Buyuksarac held various middle and high-management positions for a large corporation in multiple offices across different regions, including Turkey, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Europe. In 2010, he moved to Tanzania and became the Managing Director of one of the largest Turkish investment groups in the country. Between 2010 and 2015, Burak successfully managed several companies operating in diverse industries such as mining, metallic minerals trading, food packaging, and cosmetics manufacturing in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

Being a serial entrepreneur, Burak founded SkyPalm Travel & Tours Ltd in 2015, established SkyWorks Trading & Consultancy Ltd in 2016, and co-founded Pasha Food & Beverage Ltd founded MLPCARE Tanzania and Sultan Academics brands in 2018, Maasai Watchers brand in 2019, Maasai Watchers Ltd. in 2020, Fandom Cars brand in 2020, and acquiring Sparkling Boat brand & operation in the same year. Additionally, he co-founded Roundtable Design & Works Ltd. in 2020, founded Tanzania Türkiye Business Forum (TTBF), and co-founded Agama Furniture Brands in 2022.

Join us on this captivating journey as we navigate the intricacies of leadership alongside Burak at BMS Group and beyond.

Jun 27, 202332:52
Mary Wanja Thuo - Inspirational Leader Part 2

Mary Wanja Thuo - Inspirational Leader Part 2

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure with Mary Wanja Thuo in this captivating podcast series exploring the unique path to becoming an inspirational leader. In Part 2, we dive even deeper into Mary's awe-inspiring narrative, uncovering the defining moments that shaped her destiny and transformed her into an unstoppable force in the world of leadership. Buckle up as we transport you to where a breathtaking turning point awaits. Witness the pivotal moment that forever altered the trajectory of Mary's life, setting the stage for a groundbreaking exploration of innovative thinking and breaking free from conventional boundaries. Prepare to be captivated as Mary fearlessly shares the biggest mistake she made while driving, a humbling experience that catalyzed profound growth and wisdom.


A key theme throughout this episode is the unwavering commitment to making tough decisions. Mary's insights illuminate the courageous spirit required of true leaders. Discover how she navigates uncharted territory, effortlessly balancing risks and rewards and instilling unwavering confidence in those who follow in her visionary footsteps. Leaders note that this is a masterclass in embracing adversity, making those pivotal choices, and paving the way for remarkable success. She explores the indomitable spirit of leadership and the burning question: How do you keep that fire alive within you? Mary's infectious passion and unyielding determination will ignite your leadership potential, urging you to push boundaries, overcome challenges, and leave an indelible mark on the world around you. Prepare to unleash your leadership brilliance and be motivated, inspired, and empowered. Drawing on her transformational journey, she shares the profound realization that leadership is not a birthright but a conscious choice. She delves into the stories of influential leaders, including the iconic Wangari Maathai, weaving their wisdom into a tapestry of guidance for aspiring change-makers. Discover the four types of people in leadership, and embrace the clarion call to step up, assert your voice, and boldly forge a path toward a better tomorrow.


But leadership is more than just a title; it is a deeply ingrained mindset. Mary unlocks the three indispensable keys to becoming a transformative leader. Discover the profound impact of surrounding yourself with the right environment, where innovation thrives, and limitless possibilities unfold. This is your invitation to break free from the mundane, cultivate a spirit of adventure, and embrace the magic that comes from daring to dream big. Prepare for a revelation as Mary compares the art of leadership to traveling and reading a book. With every chapter turned and every destination explored, you'll uncover new perspectives, expand your horizons, and challenge the status quo. Dive deep into the importance of moral leadership, standing firm on your values, and championing causes that resonate with your soul. Discover how a cost-driven mindset, coupled with unwavering passion, can revolutionize your approach to leadership.


But a leader without a cause is like a ship adrift. Mary invites you to embark on a profound journey of purpose, urging you to find your north star and channel your energy towards a greater good. She shares the transformative power of mentorship and the invaluable lessons learned. Join us as we embark on a transformative exploration of leadership thinking. Unlock the secret to unlocking the full potential of collaboration and sustainable community initiatives. Discover how to view setbacks as opportunities for growth, harnessing the power of innovation to turn deficits into victories.

Prepare to be moved, inspired, and forever changed as Mary ignites the spark of leadership brilliance within you. So, grab your headphones, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready to embark on an epic journey of personal growth, unwavering resilience, and courageous leadership. Your destiny awaits!

Jun 15, 202329:41
Mary Wanja Thuo : Inspirational Leadership Part 1

Mary Wanja Thuo : Inspirational Leadership Part 1

From the outset, Mary sets the stage by introducing the five P's that define her thriving cleaning services company, all while embracing her role as CEO. She skillfully weaves these elements into the fabric of social, economic, and environmental impact, revealing a leadership philosophy that reaches far beyond the surface. Prepare to be captivated as Mary seamlessly integrates her profound leadership insights into her engaging storytelling, emphasizing the notion that genuine leadership is a concept that blossoms from within, much like the essence of charity in our own homes.

Join Mary as she takes us back to her formative years in high school, where she held esteemed positions such as dining hall prefect and later head girl. These pivotal roles became fertile ground for her to cultivate and showcase her natural leadership abilities. You will discover that her rural upbringing played a crucial role in shaping her unique leadership style, as she unwaveringly emphasizes the profound significance of community involvement in the upbringing of a child, embodying the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the adage, "It takes a village." Brace yourself for tales of audacity and unbridled expression as Mary fearlessly pursued her vision.

Fearlessly embracing vulnerability, Mary opens up about the personal experiences that have shaped her journey. She shares a poignant incident from her primary school days when she faced punishment for struggling with English fluency. Through this heartfelt anecdote, you will witness her incredible resilience and determination as she wholeheartedly affirms that authentic leadership lies not in control but in our profound influence on others. Be prepared to be moved, as Mary passionately emphasizes that inspiration is the pinnacle of effective leadership.

Drawing from the depth of her transformative journey, Mary shines a light on introspection's crucial role in leadership development. She invites you, dear listeners, to embark on a profound self-reflection journey, pondering fundamental questions about your identity, purpose, destiny, and unique abilities. By engaging in this transformative process, Mary firmly believes that aspiring leaders can harness their inner power, becoming unstoppable forces capable of guiding and inspiring others.

In this awe-inspiring podcast episode, Mary Wanja Thuo artfully delves into the intricate tapestry of inspirational leadership. Her distinctive blend of personal experiences, including her remarkable tenure as CEO and her formative high school leadership positions, underscores the significance of embracing boldness and self-expression. Furthermore, she shares invaluable lessons from her rural upbringing and the challenges she has faced, tasks that have shaped her leadership philosophy. Mary's resounding message ultimately underscores the transformative power of influence and inspiration. As she concludes this extraordinary episode, she passionately urges aspiring leaders like yourself to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. Doing so will unlock your full potential, leading you and those who look to you for guidance and inspiration.

As the CEO of Cityscape Trends Services Limited, a social impact enterprise, Mary is at the helm of a company that provides sustainable commercial cleaning and maintenance services for offices and buildings. However, her role goes far beyond mere business operations. A solid commitment to social and environmental impact drives Mary's company. She passionately advocates for decent work and fair wages, championing human rights and economic growth for individuals residing in urban and peri-urban areas. Her dedication to creating positive change has earned her recognition as an award-winning entrepreneur and a prominent voice for the marginalized. Mary's influence extends beyond her business ventures; she serves as a catalyst for change, an author, and a mentor to aspiring leaders.
Jun 05, 202327:16
Sochi Ilomechina : Introverted Leadership

Sochi Ilomechina : Introverted Leadership

During her time at university, initially a shy individual, Sochi reluctantly assumed the role of vice chairperson, preferring to work behind the scenes, shielded by the chairman's presence. However, when circumstances led to the chairperson stepping down, Sochi was thrust into the leadership spotlight. Motivated by a fear of failure and a determination to excel, she embraced this challenge as the beginning of her remarkable leadership journey.


Surpassing the constraints of introversion, Sochi expertly harnesses extroverted tendencies within her professional sphere as a leader of her esteemed professional body and training organization. Key traits such as active listening, empathy, and patience are cornerstones of her leadership approach. Moreover, she fearlessly surrounds herself with individuals who surpass her abilities, unafraid to seek their guidance whenever necessary. Embracing the philosophy that there is no failure, only valuable lessons, has been instrumental in her personal and professional growth.


Sochi celebrates Africa's rich tapestry of talent and passionately advocates for its liberation on the global stage. In her view, Africa urgently requires selfless, collaborative, and people-centered leaders to foster prosperity. 


Her journey hasn't been without its struggles. At one point, she faced the challenge of being misunderstood for not displaying overt niceties toward one of her employees. This experience reminded her that striving for effective leadership does not guarantee universal likability. Hence, she advises emerging leaders against the fallacy of being likable to everyone.


Throughout her journey, Sochi acknowledges the profound influence of her business partner alongside her coaches, reading materials, and thought-provoking documentaries. As a lifelong learner, she encourages budding leaders to remain open to continuous growth, actively seeking feedback and deriving valuable insights from failures. Moreover, she advises aspiring leaders to confront anxiety and cherish every step of the leadership journey.


Sochi's impactful narrative includes her empowering perspective on embracing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, transforming anxiety into a gift that allowed her to identify and seize opportunities, leading to remarkable growth within her business and professional organization.


As an introverted leader, Sochi dispels the misconception that outstanding leadership is contingent upon extroverted tendencies. She advocates for leaders to prioritize their development and that of their teams, liberating them from the fear of being surpassed. By empowering others, leaders alleviate their burdens while creating abundant opportunities for growth and promotion.


Our guest, Sochi, currently holds the esteemed position of Managing Director and Lead Coach at TBA Consults, bringing over 15 years of experience in business development, learning and development, and coaching. Her credentials include being a Team Development Consultant, Internationally Accredited & Certified Professional Coach, and British Psychological Society Psychometric Test Assessor. Additionally, she co-founded the Center for Core Coaching, the first International Coaching Federation Accredited Coach Training Programme in West Africa. Sochi's dedication to the coaching community is evidenced by her role as a founding board member of the Nigeria Chapter of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), where she has served in various capacities, including Membership Director and Education Director. She currently holds the esteemed position of Chapter President.


Join us for this thought-provoking episode as we gain valuable insights into the world of introverted leadership, dispelling stereotypes and embracing authenticity, with the remarkable Sochi as our guide.

May 25, 202338:30
Mutua Mutuku : Called-Out Leadership

Mutua Mutuku : Called-Out Leadership

The academic brilliance and diligence of Mutua Mutuku enabled him to meet the high requirements for studying architecture at the University of Nairobi despite being born, bred, and brought up in a less-privileged area of Nairobi. Notwithstanding his lecturer's doubting his academic qualifications due to his high school background, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excel in his studies that became the foundation of his professional life, eventually leading him to be called out to numerous leadership roles because of his humility and purposefulness.


Through his contemplative leadership style and people management skills, Mutua has equipped and developed others to excel personally and professionally, making him a highly respected leader in the Symbion Consulting Group. To sharpen his leadership skills, he intentionally learns, has periodic coaching, and engages mentors. His leadership story reflects trusting in the process, being content, and demonstrating patience in letting things unfold as one continues to impact those around him positively. His legacy is to change lives and lift one person at a time. 


Mutua discusses the challenges the building industry faces in the current global climate, including digital disruption, globalization, and climate change. He remains optimistic that these challenges can be overcome by shifting mindsets and aligning with necessary modifications. Mutua emphasizes that leaders in the industry must challenge the status quo and adopt innovative approaches to problem-solving. This involves a holistic approach to adapting to the changes in the industry, from incorporating new technologies to adopting new business models that align with the demands of a rapidly changing market.


Mutua's faith in God and his commitment to his family have also played a significant role in his success. His advice to young leaders and professionals is to serve God in everything they do, develop a global mindset, and avoid short-term thinking. He also emphasizes the importance of narrowing the gap between academia and market needs to ensure architects meet their clients' current demands. 


Mutua Mutuku is the Managing Director of Symbion Kenya Limited, of the Symbion Consulting Group, a leading multinational architectural firm with over 100 staff members and over 40 years of heritage that has delivered iconic and award-winning projects in various fields, including commercial, medical, institutional, hotel, and residential developments. It is present in three locations in Eastern and Southern Africa.


Tune in to the Called-Out Leadership podcast to hear Mutua's inspiring story and learn valuable insights into effective leadership.

May 16, 202329:38
Jane Kimemia-Nechi : Turn-Around Leadership

Jane Kimemia-Nechi : Turn-Around Leadership

Jane's leadership journey started in primary school and over the years, she has amassed over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, working in senior leadership positions at major financial institutions such as Barclays Bank of Kenya and Standard Chartered Bank. Her focus as a turn-around leader has been on identifying new opportunities, as well as turning around existing ones to achieve greater impact and profitability. One of the keys to Jane's success as a leader has been her courage, clarity of purpose, and consistent communication. She also candidly discusses the challenges she faces in her current CEO role, including rallying a multi-generational team to understand and represent their brand promise effectively.


Jane emphasizes the importance of leaders being courageous enough to seize uncertain opportunities and being purpose-led in all that they do. She draws inspiration from the Chairman of her firm's board, Kariuki Ngari, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, and her late mother, who have been instrumental in shaping her leadership style. Jane's experiences in the financial sector have prepared her for her current role, and she sees her legacy as one of impacting and shaping lives, both now and into future generations. She advises parents to leave a non-financial inheritance for their children, and her inspiration to stay sharp as a leader is to keep fulfilling her life's purpose in impacting, shaping, and serving as many people as she interacts with. Jane advises people to identify what not to get involved in, boldly seize opportunities, stay true to themselves, and manage themselves better, not just their time. 


Jane is the CEO of Optiva Capital Partners, a wealth management company specializing in investment immigration, investment advisory, and insurance services based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a Pan-African business leader with 23 years of experience in financial services and development finance, specializing in General Management. Jane is skilled in building sustainable business propositions and high-performing teams, fundraising for commercial high-impact projects, and managing partnerships. She is passionate about development and mentorship and founded a not-for-profit organization called the Everlasting Foundation, which supports and mentors young people from Kibera, one of the largest informal settlement areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

May 06, 202342:22
George Mbugua : Progressive Leadership

George Mbugua : Progressive Leadership

In this podcast episode, George Mbugua, the CEO of Davis & Shirtliff Group, shares his leadership journey in great detail. He talks about his surprise appointment as CEO in May 2022 and how he quickly adjusted to the role. George emphasizes the importance of working with and through people, and he believes that providing them with the freedom to excel in their jobs is the most critical skill of a leader. He also shares his experiences in dealing with challenges such as adjusting peer relationships to reporting relationships, competition in the market, and navigating the harsh business environment around the region. He talks about the cyberattack on the company's database and how it was challenging and memorable for him.   Moreover, George talks about his strategies to avoid burnout and how many CEOs suffer. He also shares how Google has influenced his leadership development and the other things he does to develop himself as a leader. He shares how being a leader has helped him understand himself better and continuously develop. His best leadership advice is the golden rule from his chairman and the four habits of the R.A.R.E. leadership book.   His legacy is to see his colleagues fully committed to the company's values and contribute to its footprint in its African expansion. He believes that if we each do small, good things daily, we will have a good life. George has always been passionate about leadership and helping others grow. He sees himself as a sculptor, and he believes that every person has the potential to be the best version of themselves. George is committed to creating an environment that enables his colleagues to thrive, and he takes pride in seeing them reach their full potential.   As CEO of Davis & Shirtliff Group, George Mbugua has a wealth of experience in leadership and management. He has been with the company for 27 years, a testament to his commitment and dedication to the organization. He has held various positions throughout his career, including Finance Director and Chief Accountant. In 2021, he was named CEO of the Year at the East Africa Business Awards, recognizing his outstanding leadership and contribution to the region's economic growth. George holds a Master of Business Administration (Marketing) from the University of Leicester and a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya (CPAK). Through his episode on the podcast, George hopes to inspire and motivate listeners to become progressive leaders who prioritize the well-being of their teams and organizations. His story is a testament to the power of leadership and its positive impact on individuals, groups, and communities.

Apr 25, 202346:53
Dr. Patricia Murugami - Purpose-Aligned Leadership

Dr. Patricia Murugami - Purpose-Aligned Leadership

In this episode of this Podcast episode, Dr. Patricia Murugami shares her journey and insights on leadership, personal growth, purpose, and resilience. Being a firstborn, Dr. Murugami had an early opportunity to lead, eventually leading her to where she is today. She has diverse leadership development experience, from teaching piano to grade 1 children, working as an auditor, consultant, and business controller, and leading the Executive Education team at Strathmore Business School.


Dr. Murugami talks about how she overcame her struggles and pain by turning them into lessons that made her a better person and leader. She believes that to be a great leader, one needs to lead themselves first before getting the title or leadership position. Additionally, this self-leadership happens when a person is transformed from the inside out and not the other way around.


Dr. Murugami elaborates on purpose and how it converges one's pain and passion. She believes that each person is endowed with skills and abilities to be all they can be by enhancing their power to actualize their best version of themselves and share that light with others to do the same. Dr. Murugami shares how her failures have propelled her to where she is today and inspired her to keep forging ahead to the future unknowns. She dispels the myth that she is an overnight success and reiterates that it has taken her blood, tears, and sweat to be where she is today.


To stay fired up for what she does, Dr. Murugami explains that her work aligns with her purpose: to help others shine. She is convinced that she is consciously and unconsciously amplifying the light for herself and others by doing big and small things, thereby building her legacy. She enjoys working with brilliant people who are better than her, having a personal board of directors who are her coaches and advisors, and having a husband who keeps motivating her to go further and better.


Dr. Murugami also discusses the various struggles and challenges she faces as a woman in the corporate world. She has developed a program to help women overcome their professional challenges and struggles. The program aims to create a safe space where women can share their experiences, learn from each other, and support one another.


Dr. Patricia Murugami is the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Leadership Transformation (BLT) Group and the Chief Growth Officer & Global Human Potential Catalyst of Rise School, a global learning platform. She is a lifetime learner and leadership implementer who completed her doctorate from the International School of Management in Paris. Dr. Patricia has completed executive education programs at renowned institutions such as Wharton Business School, Cranfield School of Management, IESE Business School, and Harvard X. She is also an accredited certified executive coach with The Performance Solution UK and ICF.


Throughout the podcast, Dr. Murugami emphasizes the importance of personal growth, resilience, and purpose in leadership. She believes that leaders should lead by example and inspire others to be their best. Dr. Murugami's insights and experiences are valuable for anyone who wants to develop their leadership skills, find their purpose, and grow.

Apr 15, 202341:22
Dr Tim Kiruhi : Value-Based Leadership

Dr Tim Kiruhi : Value-Based Leadership

Join Dr. Tim Kiruhi on his inspiring leadership journey, from his humble beginnings as a choirmaster to his current role as the International Leadership University Vice-Chancellor. Dr. Kiruhi shares his insights into the competencies necessary for effective leadership in the academic world and his experiences overcoming institutional challenges. He describes the key traits that have helped him succeed and how he creatively secured the favor of the County government for a building project.


As a strong advocate for value-based and ethical leadership, Dr. Kiruhi expounds on his involvement with the Ethical Leadership Network (ELNET), which seeks to model lived-out integrity in Kenya and engage leaders of integrity in solving societal problems. Despite the many challenges they face, he discusses the importance and relevance of universities today and highlights the fruit-bearing approach at the center of his legacy. Dr. Kiruhi hopes to raise others to lead, positively impact society, and show care for the planet.


Dr. Kiruhi's impressive credentials include a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership with a Global Leadership emphasis from Regent University (USA), as well as a BSc in Mechanical Engineering (University of Nairobi - First Class Hons.) and an MA in Leadership Studies (Azusa Pacific University, USA). He has published eight academic papers, including a chapter in the 2017 book, 'Leading an African Renaissance.' Dr. Kiruhi has also served on seven boards of non-profit and for-profit firms, chairing three.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from a true leader and ethical and value-based leadership expert. Tune in to Dr. Tim Kiruhi's podcast to inspire and motivate you to positively impact your sphere of influence.

Apr 05, 202332:28
Adoma Owusu : Attuned Leadership

Adoma Owusu : Attuned Leadership

Adoma Onusu: Attuned Leadership

Get ready for an inspiring and insightful conversation about attuned leadership on our latest podcast episode featuring Adoma Owusu, the Country Manager of Visa Ghana. Adoma shares with us how her leadership journey began in her family and the critical leadership abilities she has demonstrated to succeed in her leadership role. Digital leadership, passion, people management, uncompromising integrity, and perseverance are some of the traits that have all been vital to her success in the African financial services industry.

Adoma is open about the challenges she has faced in her role and how she has responded to them. She speaks about how her parents and two teachers influenced her leadership the most and how she keeps her leadership edge sharp. Adoma shares her passion for the leadership needed in Africa to make a difference and how she established the Visa Office in Ghana, earning her the name "Visa Mama."

Throughout the episode, Adoma talks about the two areas of improvement she is focusing on to become a better leader and what she would do differently if she started her leadership journey all over again. She also shares an insightful analogy relating her leadership role to that of a shepherd, what she hopes to leave as her legacy and the crux of her leadership story.

Adoma Owusu is a seasoned Financial Services Professional with over 20 years of experience in high-pressure, multinational, pan-regional, and domestic corporate environments. As Visa Ghana's Country Manager, Adoma oversees all of the company's operations and is responsible for developing and executing strategies for the market. Her leadership has helped Visa achieve significant milestones in Ghana, including launching Visa on mobile and expanding contactless transactions nationwide.

Adoma's passion for digital innovation is evident in her accomplishments and expertise in cultivating close relationships with key decision-makers. She holds an MBA, a post-graduate degree in Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Genetics & Biochemistry. Adoma's extensive experience and education make her a valuable asset to the financial services industry, and her dedication to driving innovation and growth in Ghana is truly inspiring.

Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation about attuned leadership. Tune in to our podcast now and learn about a remarkable leader in Africa!

Mar 25, 202342:18
Kevin Kinusu: Transformational Leadership Part 2

Kevin Kinusu: Transformational Leadership Part 2

In this inspiring episode of Podcast Part 2, Kevin Kinusu shares his insights on leadership and the role of true love in it. He discusses the importance of viewing and using authority as a leader and how his personal journey has taught him the core elements of leadership. Kevin openly shares his experiences of helplessness and failure and how he navigated a problematic transition that included pay cuts and benefit withdrawals. Despite the challenges, Kevin was able to retain the loyalty of his employees, and he explained what made them stay with him during that time.


Kevin's legacy is to safeguard the dignity of communities and empower them to thrive by giving them access to resources and developing entrepreneurial spirits to sustain themselves. He emphasizes the importance of valuing people over possessions and positions in leadership and how this approach can lead to a legacy of empowering communities to thrive. He enjoys mentoring younger leaders to become the best version of themselves. He encourages them to become their own students so that they can self-discover their passions, strengths, and weaknesses.


Kevin serves as the Managing Director for Africa Bioenergy Programs Limited, overseeing Africa's fastest-growing and most extensive domestic biogas program by household adoption rates, which won the Globe Energy Award Kenya in 2019. Through his leadership, over 22,000 rural households have accessed clean and sustainable cooking energy thanks to the adoption of domestic biodigester technologies.

Not only that, but Kevin is also passionate about value-based and impact-driven entrepreneurship. He is working with 172 small and medium-sized enterprises across Kenya to deliver these services, generating over 6,000 full-time equivalent job opportunities nationwide.


To gain valuable insights and learn from Kevin's inspiring experiences, valuable insights and practical advice on leadership, true love, and legacy that will help you develop your leadership skills; tune in to this episode. 

Mar 18, 202335:49
Kevin Kinusu - Transformational Leadership Part 1

Kevin Kinusu - Transformational Leadership Part 1

Welcome to an exciting Once Upon A Leader In Africa Podcast episode, where we enjoy hearing about Kevin Kinusu's inspiring leadership journey. Kevin grew up in a humble neighborhood in Nairobi, where he discovered his passion for leadership at a young age. He learned the importance of accountability and responsibility as a class monitor in grade 4, and this became a defining principle throughout his academic and professional journey.

Although he faced challenges during his university studies and career, Kevin's resilience and determination allowed him to develop his leadership skills further, which he applied to his work. As a champion and advocate for action on climate change, Kevin has played pivotal roles in organizations such as Oxfam GB, Hivos Foundation, and Techfortrade, where he served in leadership positions.

Kevin serves as the Managing Director for Africa Bioenergy Programs Limited, overseeing the fastest-growing and most extensive domestic biogas program in Africa by household adoption rates, which won the Globe Energy Award Kenya in 2019. Through his leadership, over 22,000 rural households have accessed clean and sustainable cooking energy thanks to the adoption of domestic biodigester technologies.

Not only that, but Kevin is also passionate about value-based and impact-driven entrepreneurship. He is working with 172 small and medium-sized enterprises across Kenya to deliver these services, generating over 6,000 full-time equivalent job opportunities nationwide.

Join us as we get to know Kevin Kinusu, a social entrepreneurship strategist, SME coach, and social enterprise builder with over ten years of experience. He is married to Faith, has two children, and is a committed Christian engaged in faith-based initiatives. Get ready to be inspired by Kevin's incredible leadership journey!

Mar 09, 202332:56
Dr. Naike Moshi: Grit-Ful Leadership

Dr. Naike Moshi: Grit-Ful Leadership

Dr. Naike Moshi shares her higher education in the US and her desire to return to Tanzania and impact there. She started her professional career in a US Tax Consulting firm and has since worked on challenging and diverse assignments in the management consultancy area. She narrates her failures and lowest moments as a business leader and how she turned those situations around. Dr. Moshi stresses the need for leaders to continuously learn, unlearn, and relearn to bring about the change and impact they need to have. She passionately speaks about the founding of WIMA during the COVID-19 pandemic and how the organization has grown to impact and influence across Africa. 

Dr. Moshi demonstrates her grit and ability to turn around negative situations into positive ones. She challenges women leaders to change themselves intentionally, mentor the next generation, and be aggressive in taking up leadership positions. Her inspiring story is one of resilience, determination, and leadership.

Dr. Moshi, Country Director of CVPeople Tanzania and founder of Women in Management Africa (WIMA). As Country Director of CVPeople Tanzania, she consults for organizations to help them build female leadership talent pipelines and runs leadership programs for female executives. As the founder and CEO of WIMA, she oversees the association to improve gender balance and diversity on boards and in leadership roles across Africa. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led to notable success as a mentor, coaching and guiding entrepreneurs for the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership, Unreasonable East Africa, and African Entrepreneurship Awards. She has received awards for her personal and professional contributions, including Most Visionary Female CEO at the Merit Awards held in Nigeria and being featured as one of the Top 100 Women CEOs in Africa by Avance Media in Ghana. Recently she was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential CEOs Impacting Business 2023.

Feb 25, 202344:58
Ashok Shah : Happiness-Giving Leadership

Ashok Shah : Happiness-Giving Leadership

Join us on the latest episode of our podcast, "Happiness-Giving Leadership," as we chat with Ashok Shah, a highly experienced leader in the insurance industry. Ashok shares with us his leadership journey, starting as a gang leader for his younger siblings and leading youth and anti-apartheid groups in high school and college. He explains how he was initially attracted to the insurance industry because of the better pay but has since found passion in leadership.

Ashok discusses leadership challenges in the insurance industry and how he overcame them. He shares his advice for younger leaders and stresses the importance of investing in employee training. Ashok also emphasizes the significance of making stakeholders happy and leaving a positive legacy for them. Through our engaging conversation, you will learn about the ups and downs of Ashok's leadership journey as he openly discusses the difficult and joyous moments.

Ashok Shah is the Group CEO of Apollo Investment Limited. With decades of experience in the insurance industry, Ashok has led the Apollo Group to become one of the most impactful financial and insurance service providers in East Africa. In this episode, he shares his leadership challenges while leading the company and how he has overcome them.

As a former chairman of the Association of Kenya Insurers, Ashok is a highly respected industry leader who has earned numerous accolades, including the first Lifetime Achievement award for his significant contributions to the insurance industry. He has also sat on the boards of various organizations such as Barclays/Absa Bank Kenya and Central Depository and Settlement Corporation.

So, join us for an inspiring and insightful discussion on leadership and happiness, and find out what it takes to become a happiness-giving leader. Tune in now to the latest episode of our podcast!

Feb 15, 202334:01
George Wachiuri: Philanthropic Leadership

George Wachiuri: Philanthropic Leadership

George Wachiuri is a leader who has dedicated his life to helping others. From his early days as a leader in his childhood to his university life, George shares his journey and the thrill of watching people grow and succeed. He candidly discusses his leadership drive, the mistakes he's made along the way, and how these experiences have shaped him into the leader he is today. In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, George and his team of leaders learned valuable lessons that helped them weather the storm. He explains how generosity towards those in need is the antidote to a leader's greed. Throughout the episode, George shares his humble beginnings and the challenges he faced to reach where he is today. And he doesn't shy away from discussing the importance of God and prayer in his leadership success.

George Wachiuri is a Kenyan Christian entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and author. He is the CEO of the diversified firm Optiven, which invests in real estate, hospitality, insurance, and recreation. He is also the Chairman and Trustee of the Optiven Foundation, and the proceeds from his three books go toward the foundation. George sits on the board of Kenya Private Sector Alliance and Brook Hurst International School and is a married father of three children.

Tune in to this inspiring episode and be prepared to be motivated and encouraged.

Feb 06, 202336:01
Salome Ayugi: Chameleonic Leadership

Salome Ayugi: Chameleonic Leadership

Salome's leadership journey began early on in her life when she seized opportunities to excel in her primary school class by writing names of noise makers and leading the music club and rugby team in high school. Her approach to leadership is coaching, and she speaks about the positive impact it has had on her team members and the organization. Salome also shares about the importance of adaptability and communication for leaders, and is candid about the mistakes she has made as a leader and the work pressures she has had to overcome and manage.

Salome likens the leadership journey to a roller-coaster with its ups and downs, and says that a chameleon best describes her approach to leadership. This is because she values adaptability and has found it to be incredibly helpful in dealing with the ever-changing context and circumstances when leading Sinapis. Salome also speaks about her personal fears, weaknesses and how best to manage her stakeholders. Additionally, she candidly shares about engaging a leadership coach to help progress in her professional trajectory. Salome shares with us her highs and lows, navigating leadership during unprecedented times, especially during the COVID-19 period, and her desire to grow teams into the best versions of themselves. 

Currently, Salome oversees Kenya office operations as the Kenya Country Manager and the region's marketing efforts as East Africa Communications Lead. This is an impressive feat, especially considering that within 6 years, she speedily progressed from being an intern at the bottom of the food chain at Sinapis to being the Country Manager’s top post in Kenya. 

Salome has also developed her marketing and organizational leadership skills as the founder of PassionBiz Academy's first marketing department. She has held marketing leadership positions in the Heels & Green Network and as an ICT committee member of the global Commonwealth Businesswomen's Network (Kenya Chapter). She is also a graded and studying member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and an alumnus of the Africa Management Institute's Pan-African Management Development Programme. Salome holds a B.A. in Communication and Media Technology with an I.T. focus from Maseno University.

Join us as Salome shares her leadership journey and the gems she's gathered along the way. 

Jan 20, 202353:41
Latifa Ibraimo: Information Sharing Power

Latifa Ibraimo: Information Sharing Power

From Maputo, Mozambique, Latifa Rijal Ibraimo shares the leadership journey that began as an 18 years old French teacher. As a teacher, she found herself having a leadership role towards her students, who were more mature than her. From teaching, she evolved into the natural resources, mining industry, and law. Over the years, she grew up the ranks of her career journey to become a leader with much experience in contract negotiation and drafting of mining, oil, and gas policy and legislation. Latifa gives us a glimpse of leadership adventure and explains her leadership nuggets of team building, and information sharing, among others. She shares her thoughts on what Africa needs to reach its full potential.

Between 1993 and 2003, Latifa was the Head of Licensing and Control Department at the National Directorate of Mines in the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy. After that, she worked as a Senior Contract Manager at Companhia Mocambicana De Hidrocarbonetos (CMH) for 15 years. She acquired a Law Diploma from the University Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo, Mozambique, and holds an LLM degree in Natural Resources Law and Policy from the University of Dundee (Scotland). Latifa is the Treasurer of the National Council of the Mozambican Bar Association and the elected Vice-President of the Advisory Board of the Mozambique Women in Energy Association (MWE). She is also a Member of the International Bar Association (IBA).

Dec 12, 202241:56
Nicanor Sabula: Association Leadership

Nicanor Sabula: Association Leadership

From the time he was in middle primary school to date, Nicanor finds himself thrust into leadership of various social groups because of how he articulates the group's issues. Professionally, he has uniquely made a career in leading professional associations for more than fifteen years. Nicanor candidly reflects on his leadership journey and shares his leadership style and experience in managing associations. He offers excellent insights into the kind of leader an association needs to succeed.

As quasi-political organizations, professional associations need an inimitable leadership approach because their challenges range from managing personalities, casting a clear vision, and enhancing members' trust to mobilizing resources. Drawing from his reservoir of great wisdom, Nicanor sheds light on how to manage school and professional associations effectively.

Nicanor is the Managing Director of the African Association Management Company (AFAMCO), the premier Association Management Company (AMC) in Africa that supports the growth of professional and trade associations and nonprofit organizations. Before leading AFAMCO, he was the Chief Executive Office of the Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA), the East Africa Association of Grantmakers (EAAG), and the Executive Officer of the Association of Professional Societies in East Africa (APSEA). He has also served in the International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM).  Nicanor is married to Vicky and they have three children.

Nov 08, 202242:41
Serah Katusya: Gen-Z Driven Leadership

Serah Katusya: Gen-Z Driven Leadership

As much as it’s unexpected in the advertising industry, Serah has learned to control her character, not reputation, in this ever challenging environment. She believes in people first and states that if leaders invest in building great and diverse teams, their KPIs will be met. These people she believes in and work closely with are Gen-Z! She happily shared how she has a better business leader by learning from this younger generation. Serah challenges older leaders to explore opportunities of improving their competencies by appreciating Gen-Z needs and drawing skills, strategies and solutions to meet them. In this episode, Serah sheds light on her leadership style, and her passion for mentoring and growing women leaders and driving positive behaviour change and why it's important for any leader to be an avid reader. She particularly, believes African leaders cannot succeed if they ignore the needs of over 60% youth population within the continent. Serah is the Managing Director, GroupM East &  Central Africa & SSA Coordination lead. She is a senior strategist and leader with over 16 years of experience in advertising, having worked on some of the biggest brands locally and globally.
Sep 25, 202239:50
Douglas Nyamori - Thrust Into Leadership

Douglas Nyamori - Thrust Into Leadership

As an introvert, Douglas Nyamori did not see himself as a leader throughout his younger years. However, he was good at sports and loved playing soccer, hockey, and rugby in high school. While in college, he played rugby for one of the top teams in Kenya’s national rugby league. His coach saw his potential and exposed him to leadership opportunities within the team. Unfortunately, this opportunity was short-lived due to a shoulder injury that ended his sports participation.

Douglas focused on graduating from the university and moving on to begin his career at Inteteck and continued to be there after twenty years. Over this period, he has climbed the leadership ladder to become its Regional Liaison Officer overseeing Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Douglas faithfully did his work and grew his role within the organization. The organization needed a new boss when the country boss had to return to his country. Without much notice, Douglas was thrust into leading Intetrek after his boss gave him his office and car keys and told him to take him to the airport.

With his background in sports, Douglas likens his leadership role to that of a sports team captain. He espouses peak performance principles in sports in his mode of leadership. He gives us a glimpse of who has had significant influence over his life, the challenges he has encountered, and his love for sports but more, how his parents reflected leadership to him and how his family inspires him to do what he does.

Douglas is the Regional Operations Manager East Africa at Intertek. Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries World Wide. Intertek supports development in Sub-Saharan Africa by providing services that assist customers in improving performance and achieving growth.

Sep 16, 202236:18
Raphael Kiandiko: Quick Adaptability

Raphael Kiandiko: Quick Adaptability

Raphael is not shy to confirm Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote: “Behind every great man is a great woman.” He does this by appreciating his wife's role in his growth and development as a leader, from his humble beginnings to becoming the Regional General Manager and MD at Atlas Copco East & Central Africa. His leadership journey is interwoven with his passion for business development, cross-cultural leadership, mentoring, and faith, among other things.

In this episode, Raphael takes us through his business leadership journey. He confesses the challenges he has experienced as a leader and how he overcame them. He gives us a glimpse into his role, his insights on African leadership, and the steps a next-generation leader can take to become a successful leader. Raphael also points out the progressive approach to his growth as a leader and dispels the myth that leaders are born and made overnight.

Raphael is a business leader with an engineering background interested in the convergence of technology and academia. Having honed his business and leadership skills in East and West African countries, he has become a market leader in his field. He is experienced in compressed air systems, industrial and medical gases, power and water sectors, mining, and construction. In his free time, he likes to keep fit by cycling and running, and he believes in the power of reading for any leader.

Sep 05, 202229:53
Edgar K. Bayani: Reverse Motivation

Edgar K. Bayani: Reverse Motivation

As a high school captain, fellow students beat Edgar because they were unhappy with one of his leadership duties. However, this did not deter him from excelling in his role until the period just before his final examinations. Such an occurrence was rare because the school captain’s tenure ended a year before they sat for the final exams. To motivate Edgar, tell him he cannot do something, and he will prove you wrong. In this episode, Edgar fondly reminisces on his leadership roles over his career and how he became passionate about renewable energy in a social enterprise model, implementing projects, and influencing policy. He also shares the importance of good leadership for the growth of any organization, why we need to understand that leadership is stewardship and how young leaders can grow in their careers as influential people to those they lead. Edgar speaks about the kind of leaders needed in Africa to fully exploit its potential.

Edgar holds MA Int. Dev. from Maynooth University, Ireland, and received energy training from the University of Mzuzu, University of Strathclyde, and RES4Africa Foundation. He is a Commonwealth Fellow in Climate Resilience and Sustainable Energy, a Director of IEEE/Smart Village Development, and the International Village Programme Ambassador. Edgar is the Founder and Director of Community Energy Malawi.

Aug 25, 202235:20
Catherine Musakali: Enablement Kick

Catherine Musakali: Enablement Kick

After the father formed his house cabinet, he asked Catherine to be his executive secretary and to write notes for the cabinet meetings. She was given this role because she was the ninth child of 10 children, hence too young to be a Cabinet minister. Catherine did not only take notes of the home cabinet but also did the same for the meetings the father chaired as a village elder and advisor. This was the beginning of Catherine’s journey to leadership. She shares the influence and impacts her father had on her and her siblings, who still meet monthly with their spouses! Unsurprisingly, she proceeded to study law and evolved to focus on the company secretaryship.

Catherine shares how integrity is her most important value and two things that give her a “kick” – governance and enablement. She is passionate about enabling women to join Boards; hence she co-formed Women On Board Network (WOBN) with three people in 2014. WOBN provides a platform that brings together women from diverse fields and ranks, facilitates those already serving on Boards to carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively, and upskills and prepares for the boardroom of those women who are already in senior leadership roles aspiring to serve on Boards.

Catherine Musakali is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Secretaries of Kenya. She is the Founder of Dorion Associates LLP, a firm specializing in governance matters and commercial legal consultancies. Before founding Dorion Associates, Catherine worked for Kenya Shell Limited as their Company Secretary and Head of Legal for over fifteen (15) years. She is currently the Company Secretary of several Companies and sits on various Boards, including those in the public and private sectors. Catherine has led the development of three landmark codes of Corporate Governance. She has served as the Chairman of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya (ICPSK) and sat on the Council of the Corporate Secretaries International Association, a global body bringing together governance professionals.

Aug 15, 202241:09
Ishmael Macharia: Passion-Led Leadership

Ishmael Macharia: Passion-Led Leadership

Ishmael laughs off the mistakes he made as a youth leader of his church. His leadership was propelled by starting earlier when he was a primary and secondary school prefect. Afterward, Ishmael seized opportunities to serve and exercise his passion for helping the youth. His raw and youthful zeal made him rub off the church elders wrongly; however, their grace enabled him to succeed in growing the group ten-fold.
His wife, Diana, jokingly displays the CEO business cards for the numerous businesses he started that failed. If there a "The most start-ups entrepreneur" trophy, Ishmael would have won it! Notwithstanding this, he had established a successful business by the time he entered youth ministry. With time, he has progressed to becoming a pastor in a thriving church and a regional leader of a Christian NGO.
Ishmael talks about how he discovered his passion and how it drives his leadership. He reveals the need for leaders to be futurists and challenges them on how they can engage in this aspect. He speaks about the challenges and cheers of leading a diverse team from ten countries in East Africa. Leading people from diverse cultures has caused Ishmael to balance his style and the needs of those he leads. His organization has generated a solid culture, which he articulates, that makes him lead successfully.
Ishmael Macharia is the East African Regional Director of OneHope, an international ministry changing lives by sharing Scripture with children and youth worldwide. He is a Pastor at ICC Imara in Nairobi. Before joining OneHope, he served at Life Ministry Kenya. He is married to Diana, and they have four children.
Aug 05, 202242:54
Janet Mawiyoo: Question-Based Leadership

Janet Mawiyoo: Question-Based Leadership

As a pioneer in a new Catholic-based high school, Janet responded to leadership opportunities in the school. These opportunities built her confidence, inspired her as a young leader, and formed a foundation and launching pad for future leadership roles in college and at work.
Having studied social work at the University of Nairobi, Janet began her career as a Government Social Worker. However, she became dissatisfied with the job and decided to transition into the Non-Governmental sector, where she started as a Project Officer. For the next three decades, she progressed up the ranks in the various organizations she served and reached the pinnacle of being the Country Director of ActionAid Tanzania and then the Chief Executive Officer of Kenya Community Foundation.
Janet shares the challenges, learnings, and joy she experienced in her leadership journey. She talks about her unique leadership style of asking questions to learn and lead better. Janet admits that a leader does not know everything, hence their need to learn by asking questions. Janet points out other leadership nuggets and ideas that are worthwhile. She advises on the kind of leadership needed in Africa to help it reach its full potential and decries the current lack of such leadership. Janet shares her new and enjoyable multi-faceted career of being a farmer, golfer, coach, and consultant.
Janet Mawiyoo is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach and an Organizational Development Consultant. For 17 years, she was the Executive Director for the Kenya Community Development Foundation, the leading local foundation in East and Central Africa.
Jul 25, 202241:13
Ruth Njoroge: Flying Carpet Dancing Part 2

Ruth Njoroge: Flying Carpet Dancing Part 2

In Part 2 of her Podcast interview, Ruth continues to elaborate on the complexities of leading various teams of diverse individuals, cultures, and
generations. She shares a great lesson she learned from leading Generation Z members of her team and the legacy she hopes to leave behind.

Ruth discloses her pursuit of advanced training and education for a Master of Science in Business Psychology from Heriot-Watt University and
becoming a certified Coach and NLP Practitioner through Robert Simic Coaching Institute. She trains in Aviation Security and enjoys
empowering others to be their best versions.

Having been in the aviation industry for two decades, Ruth has evolved through the ranks to become an experienced Aviation Leader, Trainer,
and Coach.
Jul 15, 202225:49
Ruth Njoroge: Flying Carpet Dancing Part 1

Ruth Njoroge: Flying Carpet Dancing Part 1

With 20 years in the Aviation industry, Ruth has grown to become an experienced leader in the said industry. Having started her life in humble beginnings, she narrates her journey from growing up in rural Kenya fetching water from the river to flying and dining in Paris. She is candid about her upbringing, oscillating between the rural areas and the city of Nairobi and progressing to the Mid-East, where she works for an international airline.
Ruth describes her leadership role as a Flight Purser or Inflight Manager as dancing on flying carpets because of the different intelligence she has to apply in her unique role and job context. Having to lead various teams of diverse individuals, cultures, and generations, she has learned to inspire and influence her teams to work at their optimal level. Ruth discloses the secret to her success as an Aviation Leader, Trainer, and Coach.
Using her fun-filled and captivating story-telling skills, Ruth dispels the stereotyping of the cabin crew members and elaborates on their unique competencies and critical role in the sky. She also shares her colleagues' challenges and opportunities beyond their current positions.
Above being trained in hospitality by Kenya Utalii College and Aviation Security by Edith Cowan University, Ruth holds a Master of Science in Business Psychology from Heriot-Watt University. She is also a certified Coach and NLP Practitioner by Robert Simic Coaching Institute and trains in Aviation Security.
Jul 05, 202230:57
Carol Wachira-Wanyama: Redefining Leadership

Carol Wachira-Wanyama: Redefining Leadership

For over 20 years, Carol Wachira-Wanyama has been at the epicentre of the 4th Industrial Revolution disruption of the media industry. As the Marketing Director of Kenya’s most prominent media house, she is responsible for Digital Transformation, Content Strategy and Management for Citizen Television, Business Development, and Marketing function of their three TV stations, i.e., Citizen TV, Inooro TV, and Ramogi TV plus fourteen radio stations. Three of the TV stations and eleven of the radio stations use vernacular or local languages.
Carol has been a critical leader in navigating the Royal Media Services Limited from the analogue to digital space and also being at the center of the company's growth. She narrates her leadership journey from her younger years to her current position easily and clearly. She talks about the lowest moment in her career, how she keeps her leadership edge sharp, and many other realistic and inspiring nuggets. Carol shares her desired legacy and the challenge of constantly redefining leadership to excel as a leader.
In 2016 Carol was awarded the prestigious Business Daily Award for the 'Top 40 under 40' women in Kenya. She has served as the Vice-Chairperson of the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) and is a former Member of the Advertising Standards Committee (ASC), whose mandate is to provide governance, solve industry disputes, and support the growth and development of advertising standards across the media industry.
Jun 25, 202228:32
Dr. (Hon) Nelson Kuria: Greater Good Focus

Dr. (Hon) Nelson Kuria: Greater Good Focus

GREATER GOOD FOCUS by Dr. Nelson Kuria
Dr. Nelson Kuria appreciates his new season of reaching a broader constituency after retiring as the CEO of CIC Insurance Company in 2015. He narrates how his leadership journey began in high school as he got involved in extracurricular activities and later as he entered into employment. Due to his diligence and focus on doing things for the greater good, Nelson rose from being a Project Officer to CEO in his career life. After retiring, he continues demonstrating his leadership abilities as a Chairman and Member of several Boards.
Dr. Nelson reveals the influence and impacts his mother had on him and the inspiration for the greater good that drove his leadership journey. He shares the leadership challenges and what he did to overcome them. Nelson discloses how he risked losing his job because of a courageous decision he had to make. That decision propelled him to be at the steering wheel of transforming CIC Insurance Company. He unveils nuggets that made him revolutionize CIC from a very small cooperative insurer to the 3rd biggest insurance group in Kenya by the time he retired in Feb 2015. He is not shy to talk about his humble upbringing, faith, and values that made him who he is today.
Dr. Kuria worked for 36 years in the Financial Services sector and retired after serving 14 years as Group MD/CEO of CIC Insurance Group. He has received two Presidential awards for his contribution to cooperative and insurance development: Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) in 2005 and Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS) in 2011. Nelson has been honored and awarded locally, regionally, and globally for his leadership duties.
Dr. Kuria is Chairman of CIC Group, the Governing Council of Africa International University, SMEP Microfinance Bank, Kenya National Entrepreneurs Savings Trust, Trustee of CITAM, and Kenya Bible Translation Trust. Also, he is Chairperson of the National Co- operative Policy Operationalization Task Force. Dr. Kuria is a regular speaker/trainer in local and international conferences and seminars in insurance, cooperatives, leadership, governance, and retirement planning.
Jun 15, 202246:19
Rina Hicks: Benefit Of Every Heartache

Rina Hicks: Benefit Of Every Heartache

At the age of 27 years, Rina Hicks was appointed by the President of Kenya and other individuals to lead and establish a national organization to revolutionize entrepreneurship among the youth. Being her first leadership role at a national level, she was excited to give her very best to serve her country. All was going well until hell broke loose when Rina rightly responded to her call of duty. This was her first leadership heartache, among many others she encountered along her leadership journey. Instead of allowing these difficult moments put her down, she has learned to turn them into seasons of growth and progress.
Rina shares her leadership journey and takes us through the various positions she has held, what they have meant to her, and how they have shaped her leadership competencies. She describes her calling and how it has guided her leadership, parenthood, impact, and legacy.
Rina is the Operations Director of Faida Investment Bank and a Board Member of the Kenya Association of Stockbrokers and Investment Banks (KASIB). She was one of the founding board directors of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund in Kenya and served Enablis East Africa, an organization that supports entrepreneurs. She is a financial and investment coach who hosts “Money Wise with Rina Hicks” on YouTube. There are over 400 episodes of this program. She is also an author of Money Wise and loves going to the gym.
Jun 05, 202243:21
Gerald Kimiya Maleya: In Your Hand

Gerald Kimiya Maleya: In Your Hand

As Procurement Officer in an aviation company, Gerald Kimiya Mayela saw a gap in their company's courier services after their messenger stole and absconded work. Seeing the business opportunity, he was inspired to look at what was in his hand to venture into the courier services industry. In his hands was a motorbike, and so with that, he humbly established Harakisha Couriers in 2012. Being the Founder and CEO of Harakisha Courier & Logistics Ltd, Gerald, and Esther, his wife, have endeavored to build their business through the challenges and victories they have experienced. The challenges range from one of their rider stealing a client's items to another using Harakisha resources to do their side hustle. The successes have been increasing the number of employees and staying focused despite the challenges. Eavesdrop on Gerald's story as he shares his journey of entrepreneurship, how he formed his company, the challenges encountered, the wins enjoyed in his business leadership journey, and the hopes and aspirations for the future of Harakisha Courier & Logistics Limited.
Apr 15, 202239:30
Teresa Njoroge: Possibilitarian Leadership Part 2

Teresa Njoroge: Possibilitarian Leadership Part 2

What do you do to turn around the effects of being malicious prosecuted? How do you rebuild the destroyed plan of your life and career? Teresa Njoroge had to answer these questions after her successful banking career ended due to being falsely accused of a fraudulent transaction and imprisonment. While in prison and from the pain point of view, she birthed a vision to restore dignity and hope to women and children impacted by the Kenyan criminal justice system and help them successfully integrate into society after leaving prison.
When Teresa left prison, she founded Clean Start to actualize the vision. As the CEO of this social enterprise, she shares her leadership approach to bringing change in the punitive criminal justice system and making it serve people better. Teresa is an enthusiastic, innovative, self-driven, systematic change and social entrepreneur with over 15 years of progressive experience in economic and social justice work. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families, whom she loves dearly.
Apr 05, 202231:57
Teresa Njoroge: Possibilitarian Leadership Part 1

Teresa Njoroge: Possibilitarian Leadership Part 1

What do you do to turn around the effects of being malicious prosecuted? How do you rebuild the destroyed plan of your life and career? Teresa Njoroge had to answer these questions after her successful banking career ended due to being falsely accused of a fraudulent transaction and imprisonment. While in prison and from the pain point of view, she birthed a vision to restore dignity and hope to women and children impacted by the Kenyan criminal justice system and help them successfully integrate into society after leaving prison.
When Teresa left prison, she founded Clean Start to actualize the vision. As the CEO of this social enterprise, she shares her leadership approach to bringing change in the punitive criminal justice system and making it serve people better. Teresa is an enthusiastic, innovative, self-driven, systematic change and social entrepreneur with over 15 years of progressive experience in economic and social justice work. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families, whom she loves dearly.
Mar 25, 202227:11
Joseph Choge: Reciprocal Care

Joseph Choge: Reciprocal Care

It is rare to see a guard of honor by factory workers lined up celebrating, dancing, crying, and carrying their CEO shoulder high on his last day of work. That happened to Joseph Choge as he bid farewell to his Premier Food Industries Ltd colleagues before starting his new job as the Group MD of Unga Group PLC. Joseph believes that if you take care and care for your employees, they will take care and care for you, resulting in the high performance of everyone. At the center of his leadership is the drive to put people first.
Joseph gives us a front-row seat of his leadership journey from childhood to becoming the CEO of a public-listed company on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. He desires to care deeply for people and candidly shares his lowest leadership moment, self-care, overcoming stress, and maintaining a sharp leadership edge. Joseph admonishes leaders not to abuse their authority but to use it to influence and impact others. Get to hear how he uses his empathetic nature to grow those he leads as an Enabler who believes, "People are the secret sauce that creates a culture that makes a company great!"
Joseph has served as the General Manager of Telecoms Industrial Promotion Services (IPS), Uganda, and Airtel Gabon before taking over Premier Foods. He was on the Business Daily's 2018 Top 40 Under 40 and is a member of the Young Presidents Organization. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Brenda (the Rock of his family), and children away from the corporate world, plus riding his 1000cc BMW motorbike.
Mar 15, 202240:52