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Germantown Voices: The Podcast

Germantown Voices: The Podcast

By Germantown Voices The Podcast

The Germantown Voices Podcast is a collection of various stories from Germantown neighbors in Philadelphia, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our host, Nichole Currie, takes listeners through several stories, while interwinding the similarities between neighbors. You’ll hear stories about unexpected goodbyes, saying hello to new opportunities, and the good’ol days of living in Germantown.

This project and podcast is a collaboration between G’town Radio and the Germantown Info Hub, and is made possible by IPMF and the Knight-Lenfest Institute.
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Germantown Voices: The PodcastSep 18, 2021

For the Love of Germantown

For the Love of Germantown

There’s something special about the Northwest Philadelphia neighborhood Germantown. It’s something about how tight-knit neighbors are, how intentional they are about staying and investing in their neighborhood, and how they are not afraid to lift their voice.

This episode is all about Germantown, and how in love residents are with the neighborhood.

For the Love of Germantown is a collection of stories and experiences in the neighborhood.

Dionne Chambers Douglas Rucker Janice & Mrs. Wadiyah Chantel Carden & Hannah Yoon Sonya Kearney

Produced by Nichole Currie

Sep 20, 202133:28


There's beauty in redefining yourself, or taking a leap of faith in who you want to be. The world was immersed in deep reflection [alt: We found ourselves immersed in deep reflection] as people started new careers, initiatives or hobbies. They realized that if there was ever a time to go after what you want, it was now.

This episode sheds light on the power we all have to be who we want to be.

I Am is a collection of stories about the transitional lives in Germantown.

1. Tomarra Sankara-Kilombo

2. Steven A. Taylor

3. Javack Agni

Produced by Nichole Currie. Edited by Katie Davis. 

Sep 18, 202123:30
The Other Essential

The Other Essential

Non-traditional workers experienced a different pandemic than most. Especially artists. The creation process changed for them, and government funding for the arts dried out overnight. Their work wasn’t viewed as a necessity; essential.

This episode is dedicated to Germantown artists; from how the pandemic affected them to how they fell in love with their craft.

The Other Essential is a collection of local artists' stories during a weird time to create.

1. Miles Butler & Ursula Rucker

2. Karen Smith


Produced by Nichole Currie

Sep 18, 202128:24
Who Knew

Who Knew

Unexpected times bring forth unexpected stories; moments of trials and triumphs. Millions died from the coronavirus. The pandemic itself triggered mounting  everyday stress and uncertainty. It was essential to find the silver lining during the pandemic to survive it, mentally.

This episode is about what happens when the unexpected meets our lives.

Who Knew is a collection of stories when residents were faced with surreal change; good and bad.

1. Kristen Clark

2. Barbara Kigozi

3. Supreme & Dody Dow

4. Christian Watts

Produced by Nichole Currie. Edited by Katie Davis.

Sep 18, 202134:07
Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is

We spent more time than usual in the four walls we call home this past year. People were laid off or confined  to work from home. The amount of time we spent made us rethink home, whether it suited us or hindered us.

This episode is about the idea of home, and the many perspectives Germantown residents share about it.

Where the Heart Is is a collection of stories about where and what home is.

1. Doriana Diaz

2. Morris Rainey

3. Vashti DuBois

Produced by Nichole Currie. Edited by Katie Davis. 

Sep 18, 202138:58