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Create A Life You Adore Podcast

Create A Life You Adore Podcast

By Gerri Mana McMahon

Welcome to the Create a Life You Adore Podcast! Join Gerri Mana as she empowers entrepreneurs & professional women to find inner peace, infuse their lives with sparkle, and manifest their dreams. Explore challenges as catalysts for growth, embrace mindset power, and engage in captivating conversations with authors, thought leaders, and inspiring entrepreneurs. Subscribe for inspiration, insights, and a transformative journey of self-discovery. New episodes dropped every Monday. Let's create a magical, wonderful new Earth together! Much love, Gerri x
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#16 How Your Sacred Duty & Creating Your Dream Life Are Connected

Create A Life You Adore PodcastSep 25, 2023

#16 How Your Sacred Duty & Creating Your Dream Life Are Connected

#16 How Your Sacred Duty & Creating Your Dream Life Are Connected

Create a life I adore in THESE times?!?!?

Is wanting to design your ideal life selfish, especially amidst global chaos? Sleep coach and intuitive guide Gerri dives into why manifesting your dreams is not only your right, but your responsibility. 

Learn why putting yourself first from a place of abundance allows you to better serve others. Discover how to move from victimhood into empowered creation using steps like clarifying your vision, assessing reality, and taking aligned action. 


🧘‍♀️ The first step in creation is gaining clarity on what you would truly love

🧠 Move your focus from problems to possibilities to strengthen neural pathways 

😜 "Chaos always comes before creation" - uncertainty is part of the process

😩 💝 Structural tension between your vision and reality drives change

💪 Flexibility and learning from setbacks leads to growth 

👶 Take small aligned actions even if the path forward feels unclear

🥳 Observe challenges like a play - what's the plot or lesson?

😎 It's your duty to live your best life - self care benefits all 

💰 When you put yourself first from abundance, your cup overflows 

🪫 The opposite of creator is victim - which role do you play?

Join Gerri Mana for this episode to get you back on track, creating a wonderful world, and YOUR wonderful life.

Sep 25, 202321:60
#15 Your Future Store - Tickling Your Mind & Heart To Create Your BIG Dreams

#15 Your Future Store - Tickling Your Mind & Heart To Create Your BIG Dreams

🏖️  Join Sleep Coach & intuitive guide Gerri Mana on an uplifting episode talking about visualisation and taking a journey to your "Future Store" where you can explore possibilities for your ideal life 10, 20, or even 30+ years from now!



🖇️  Visit different "departments" which could represent different areas of your life - home, what country you’d like to live in, or visit, work and business, hobbies, relationships.

What possibilities call to you?


🥹 This is a great opportunity to notice any resistance or limiting beliefs that arise around dreams you want but don't think you "can" have

Notice what’s there that you could have, but choose not to. For instance,countries, or states, or counties that you could live in, but choose not to. Or what relationships, or pastimes are there, but you choose to pass them by.

What are you choosing to have less of?


🏖️  How good are you at visualisation? Even if you feel you're "not good at it" - we can all visualise and Gerri helps you to learn how to visualise (having failed to do so for the first 30 years of her life).


🥇  Observing without attachment - you don't have to take everything you see back to today, what’s there that you’ll leave there, and what would you love NOW?

When you recognise these desires you didn't know you had, can help to expand your vision

🎉 Enjoy gently playing with potential futures from a space of openness, curiosity and FUN!


😇 Learn to allow your future, highest self to reveal the dreams that you've kept hidden


🥳 This uplifting episode will open your mind and heart to hopes and wishes you didn't even know were there. Visualising your Future Store plants seeds - who knows what may bloom!

Reach out to optimise your sleep and create a life YOU adore - go here and answer the questions

Show notes here -, opportunity to have a one hour "Deep Sleep Discovery" Session


Sep 19, 202320:44
#14 The Hidden Reason Your Dreams Aren't Coming True (and How to Change That)

#14 The Hidden Reason Your Dreams Aren't Coming True (and How to Change That)

There's a hidden reason your dreams aren't becoming reality - but the good news is you can change that! 

- Why an inner "trembling" arises right before any great metamorphosis

- How to recognise and push past this insidious force 

- Break through self-sabotage and take courageous first steps despite fear 

- Start manifesting your extraordinary potential  

- Tips to push past limiting beliefs and self-sabotage

- Taking the first step even when everything inside says it's impossible

- Breaking through fear and stepping into faith to live your potential

Sep 13, 202318:29
#13 The Secret Mindset Shift Billionaires Don't Want You to Know

#13 The Secret Mindset Shift Billionaires Don't Want You to Know

In episode 13 of the Create a Life You Adore podcast, host Gerri Mana dives into the transformative 5-step MM Method she uses to help clients optimise sleep and design their dream lives.

Gerri emphasises focusing on desires rather than problems. She explains how identifying unconscious beliefs can reveal resistance that sabotages success. 

Learn the process of “creating what you love” through gaining clarity, releasing resistance, and taking aligned action. 

Gerri stresses the importance of quality sleep as the foundation for wellbeing, productivity, and achieving goals. By overcoming sleep obstacles first, her clients create space for the lives they desire.

Additional insights include:

- How beliefs shape our perceptions, choices, behaviours and experiences

- Turning limiting beliefs into empowering ones 

- The role of “hanging with tension” in manifestation

- Sovereign relating and abundance mindsets for a thriving world

Gerri leaves us questioning which beliefs we can flip to positively shape our realities. Tune in for inspiration and practical steps to transform through optimised sleep and evolved mindset.

Aug 29, 202329:29
#12 Heather Markel From Desk To Destiny, How I Transformed My Life From Full Time Job To Full Time Travel

#12 Heather Markel From Desk To Destiny, How I Transformed My Life From Full Time Job To Full Time Travel

It's coming

Aug 21, 202331:33
#11 Devorah Spilman - Intuition, Tribe & Empowerment

#11 Devorah Spilman - Intuition, Tribe & Empowerment

Welcome to the Create a Life You Adore Podcast. In today's uplifting episode, host Gerri Mana speaks with intuitive coach Devorah Spilman about accessing your inner wisdom to shift out of struggle and into your most authentic, fulfilling life purpose.  

Listen in for:

🥰 A guided visualisation to tap into your intuition and receive inner guidance 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Tips on finding your tribe, accessing and sharing your unique gifts for big rewards for you and others.

🌻 Inner wisdom nudges to help choose empowering stories (rather than victimhood).  

🌏 Tools to "shift out of the spin cycle" of negative thoughts (and create a life you adore).

💜 Inspiration for women over 50 so that you can bravely step into your soul's calling


Devorah stresses the importance of community and finding your tribe to elevate yourself and your gifts. Even listening to this podcast ensures you’re surrounded with inspiration and  positivity. She explains why the voice of our inner critic often convinces us our talents lack value. 

The conversation leaves us with inspiration about the gifts women over 50 can offer the world by bravely stepping into their soul's calling.

Now settle in, take a deep breath, and enjoy this insightful and uplifting episode with the wonderful Devorah Spilman.

Show notes including Devorah’s AMAZING free gift as well as links for the option to watch this on Youtube go here

Aug 11, 202334:54
#10 How can YOU make Mid Life Marvelous?
Jul 16, 202331:57
#9 Sleep Unveiled: The 7 Secrets to Successful Slumber and Nighttime Mastery

#9 Sleep Unveiled: The 7 Secrets to Successful Slumber and Nighttime Mastery

Welcome to Episode 9 of "Deep Sleep: Unlocking the Secrets to Restful Nights." 

In this final installment of our captivating three part series, we delve into the essential keys to achieving successful sleep and explore evening and nighttime best practices to optimise your slumber.

Hosted by Gerri Mana, this podcast offers a comprehensive guide to help you understand and implement the 7 secrets that will transform your sleep quality. 

Whether you struggle with insomnia, restless nights, or simply wish to optimise your sleep, this episode is for you.

Throughout the episode, we will unlock the secrets to successful sleep one by one, providing insightful tips and actionable steps to incorporate into your nightly routine. From creating the ideal sleep environment to mastering relaxation techniques, you'll gain invaluable knowledge that will revolutionize your rest.

But that's not all! We go beyond the secrets themselves and delve into the realm of evening and nighttime best practices. Discover how to wind down effectively, establish a pre-sleep routine, and create habits that promote optimal sleep quality. You'll learn about the optimal ingredients and power of a bedtime ritual, and much more.

By the end of this episode, you'll be equipped with a treasure trove of sleep wisdom that will empower you to seize the day, the night and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Wave bye bye to sleepless nights and ALOHA to restorative slumber.

Tune in to "Deep Sleep: Unlocking the Secrets to Restful Nights" as we reveal the final secrets and explore evening and nighttime best practices. Join Gerri Mana on this transformative journey towards mastering the art of sleep.

Sweet dreams to you!

Jul 10, 202317:53
#8 Attention! 2 Afternoon Tips To Ensure Fantastic Sleep

#8 Attention! 2 Afternoon Tips To Ensure Fantastic Sleep

2 of 3 in the 'Deep Sleep' Series

What if ONE THING held the key to everything you want: happiness, health, harmony, and beyond? 

The impact of insufficient sleep on our well-being, both mentally and physically, is profound. 

It can contribute to various health issues such as cancer, dementia, weakened immune system, cardiovascular problems, stroke, and diabetes. 

Fortunately, scientists have made a remarkable discovery - something that is not only enjoyable but can also have transformative effects on our lives. 

This "ONE THING" not only helps us live longer but also enhances our creativity and cognitive abilities.

But that's not all - this magic lies in the ability to make us more attractive, achieve our desired body, prevent anxiety and depression, and ultimately make us happier. 

Are you curious to learn more?


Gerri McMahon is here to unlock the secrets of sleep, guiding you on how to achieve quality sleep, avoid common pitfalls, and make the most out of the one-third of our lives that we spend asleep.

Today we look at what you can do in the afternoon to ensure a fantastic night’s sleep, wonderful days, and nights thereafter.

Jul 04, 202328:57
Episode 7 - Seven Secrets To Sleep Success (Morning 1 of 3)...

Episode 7 - Seven Secrets To Sleep Success (Morning 1 of 3)...

This is the first of a three part series on accomplishing FANTASTIC sleep, so that you have a life you adore.

Sleeping well affects our mental health, our physical health, it enhances our immune system, regulates cognitive functions, our skin, our appearance and performance of all kinds.

If you sleep kinda well, this episode is for you.

If you have insomnia, sleep apnea, or other sleep problems, this episode is DEFINITELY for you. Inspired by peer reviewed research in journals, combined with ancient wisdom, you will discover three toosl to create a fantastic morning routine so that you have a great day, and an even better, restful night's sleep.

Jun 25, 202342:05
Reclaim Your Energy: The MM Method's Guide to Supercharging Female Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Reclaim Your Energy: The MM Method's Guide to Supercharging Female Entrepreneurs & Professionals

The MM Method: Unlocking Fantastic Sleep Every Night

In this episode of the "Create a Life You Adore" podcast, host Gerri Mana McMahon introduces the powerful MM Method for achieving a restful night's sleep and creating a life you love. 

Through her personal journey and extensive qualifications as a coach and sleep consultant, Gerri discovered the key elements to help overcome insomnia and experience deep, rejuvenating sleep. 

Join her as she shares the 5 steps of the MM Method and explores the myths and beliefs that may hinder restful sleep. Prepare to transform your nights and embrace a life filled with energy, vitality, and joy.


💤 Dive into the five essential steps that will guide you towards achieving a wonderful night's sleep consistently.

🌏 Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs: Uncover the myths and misconceptions that may be blocking your path to restful sleep and learn how to release them.

🌺 Harness the Power of the Unconscious Mind: Understand why focusing solely on the conscious mind isn't enough and how tapping into the unconscious mind can transform your sleep quality.

🛌 The Path of Least Resistance: Learn how to align your emotions with what you truly desire and leverage the natural tension between your current reality and your ideal sleep to manifest positive change.

💖 Embodying Love and Oneness: Explore the transformative power of embracing love and being one with your desired outcomes, enabling you to create a deep connection with restful sleep.

⚕️ Neuroscience and Miracles: Discover how ancient wisdom aligns with scientific research, as Gerri shares her experiences witnessing miracles and the profound impact on her clients' sleep patterns.

🧙‍♀️ Rewiring Your Brain: Delve into the fascinating work of Dr. Gary Flint & Dr. Joe Dispenza and the method for rewiring the brain, allowing you to drop resistance, overcome trauma, and create the sleep and life you desire.

🙇‍♀️ Directing Your Superconscious: Learn how to communicate with your superconscious mind to let go of what no longer serves you and instruct it to create the experiences you truly want.

Jun 18, 202348:33
Episode 5 Wild Witchy Wisdom with HeatherAsh Amara

Episode 5 Wild Witchy Wisdom with HeatherAsh Amara

In the interview, HeatherAsh shares her journey of creating a life she adores and inspiring others.

She emphasizes the importance of community and how it has been a significant part of her healing and spiritual path.

🧡 HeatherAsh encourages people to be creative in crafting community connections, both in physical proximity and online. She mentions the need for unconditional support, celebration, and growth within a community.

⚕️ HeatherAsh discusses the resurgence of the matriarchy and the embracing of Earth-based spirituality. She believes that women are waking up and recognizing that societal expectations and rules don't lead to true happiness. She emphasizes the importance of connecting with the earth, honoring both the light and the dark, and embracing life's unpredictability.

💜 When asked about the future, HeatherAsh expresses the need for flexibility, creativity, and groundedness in whatever comes our way. She mentions learning from indigenous elders who have faced hardships but still find joy and resilience. HeatherAsh encourages individuals to start small and discover what brings them joy and fulfillment in the present moment.

🥰 Regarding the question of whether a tough childhood affects one's ability to create a life they adore, HeatherAsh acknowledges the challenges but also recognizes that overcoming difficulties can lead to strength and personal growth. She mentions the danger of taking things for granted and emphasizes the importance of using challenges to open the heart and cultivate a sense of fulfillment.

🏖️ Finally, when asked about her definition of a life she adores, HeatherAsh describes it as a feeling of internal fulfillment regardless of external circumstances. She shares her experiences of stewarding land and building a retreat center, as well as the challenges she faced when wildfires devastated the land. Despite setbacks, she remains grateful and committed to her purpose.


Jun 11, 202331:50
Episode 4 The Path to a Life You Adore: Insights from John Lee Dumas, the Master of Entrepreneurs

Episode 4 The Path to a Life You Adore: Insights from John Lee Dumas, the Master of Entrepreneurs

Check out the show notes and John's free gift - a fantastic course on creating a podcast here (

Join us for an incredible interview with the legendary John Lee Dumas, the mastermind behind the award-winning podcast "Entrepreneurs on Fire."
In this captivating conversation, John's wealth of knowledge and wisdom shines through, making it feel like you're speaking with a seasoned entrepreneur and a wise Buddhist monk combined.
Prepare to be inspired as he generously shares the insights and magic he has gathered from interviewing nearly 5,000 successful entrepreneurs.

💗 Discover the transformative power of the three crucial steps to uncover your inner spark and ignite your true potential.

💚 If you're feeling dissatisfied with your current life, John offers practical advice on how to navigate and improve your circumstances.

💞 He also delves into the topic of handling disappointments when the things we desire don't meet our expectations.

💗 Listen closely as John opens up about his personal journey with PTSD, sharing his experiences from his time in the army and at war. You'll gain a deeper understanding of his resilience and determination.

And that's not all!

💞 Find out the one essential element that can help you create a life you truly adore.

💚 John's favorite quotation serves as a guiding light, potentially holding the key to overcoming challenges, making decisions, and conquering difficulties.

Special appearance by John's beloved dog, Augustus McCray (@Guspoodumas), adding an extra touch of warmth and charm to this extraordinary episode.

Tune in to this remarkable interview and prepare to be inspired by the wisdom and insights shared by the incredible John Lee Dumas.
Jun 04, 202322:27
Episode 3 - What you must NEVER do if you have insomnia...
May 28, 202332:48
Create A Life You Adore Podcast Episode 2 With Robert Fritz
May 28, 202337:18
Create A Life You Adore Podcast Episode 1

Create A Life You Adore Podcast Episode 1

A welcome introduction from me, what to expect, and when to expect it ;)

May 28, 202308:36