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The Gestalt Education Show

The Gestalt Education Show

By Gestalt Education

Laid back clinical and case conversations with Brett Winchester + Taylor Premer + Special Guests!
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In The Trenches: Dr. Erica Boland

The Gestalt Education ShowNov 17, 2021

Special Edition: Eliska Urbarova | DNS Fit Kids
Sep 13, 202328:58
Clinical Savant Series: Marcela Safarova, Prague School DPT | Pediatric Rehab
Aug 30, 202354:28
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Greg Doerr | Functional Soft Tissue feat. FAKTR
Aug 16, 202354:53
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. David Graber | Research Meets Clinical Practice
Aug 09, 202352:55
In The Trenches: Danielle Damelio, D.C. | Functional Performance Institute
Aug 02, 202327:28
Special Edition: Dr. Matt Bayes, Bluetail Medical Group | Regenerative Medicine
Jul 26, 202301:03:17
Young Guns: Dr. Matheau Denner | Denner Chiropractic & Performance
Jul 20, 202320:36
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Thomas Michaud | Mitigating Fall Risk In Geriatrics
Jul 13, 202340:19
Top Secrets In Practice: Fixing vs. Managing Cases | Function Is The Answer
Jun 28, 202335:35
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Michael Leahy, Active Release Technique | Nerve Entraptments
Jun 14, 202356:46
Special Edition: Dr. Lindsay Mumma, Author | 'Your Pelvic Floor Sucks'
Jun 07, 202320:46
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Tyler Ideus, International DNS Instructor | Lincoln, NE
May 31, 202357:58
In The Trenches: Dr. Todd Nieder, Nieder Chiropractic & Rehab | Harrisonburg, VA
May 24, 202337:00
Clinical Savant Series: Andrew Hauser | Tools for Longevity In Major League Baseball
May 17, 202301:12:02
Top Secrets in Practice: Current Concepts in Abdominal Wall Function
May 10, 202354:27
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Antonio Stecco | Fascial Manipulation for Nerve Entrapments
May 03, 202336:39
Clinical Savant Series: Michael Rintala, D.C | Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)
Apr 26, 202301:06:39
Top Secrets In Practice: TMJ + Orofacial Dysfunction | A Key Area for Integration
Apr 19, 202334:11
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Greg Rose, Founder | Titleist Performance Institute
Apr 11, 202301:33:33
Clinical Savant Series: Kristine Tohtz, DC, LAc, Cert. MDT | Musculoskeletal Accupunture
Apr 05, 202301:09:31
Clinical Savant Series: Lisa Thomson | Back Body Mind Chiropractic
Mar 22, 202345:27
Clinical Savant Series: Sean Drake, D.C. | Athlete Chiropractic
Mar 16, 202359:50
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Timothy Kremchek | Team Medical Director, Cincinnati Reds
Mar 08, 202356:30
Clinical Savant Series: Ryan DiPanfilo, Head Athletic Trainer | Arizona Diamondbacks
Mar 01, 202301:03:25
In The Trenches: Jason Placeway, D.C. | How To Separate Yourself In Group Practice
Feb 22, 202342:22
Clinical Savant Series: Neil Rampe, ATC | Assistant Athletic Trainer, Chicago Cubs
Feb 15, 202301:08:06
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. David King, Adolescent Hip Pathology
Feb 08, 202344:36
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Kharrazian Institute for Functional Medicine
Feb 01, 202301:11:21
Clinical Savant Series: Tim Hewett, PhD | ACL Prevention and Treatment Part 2 of 2
Jan 25, 202358:11
Clinical Savant Series: Tim Hewett, PhD | ACL Prevention and Treatment Part 1 of 2
Jan 18, 202350:05
Special Edition: Our 100th Episode of The Gestalt Education Show!
Jan 12, 202354:06
Contemporary Practice Management: Dr. Mark King Mt. Lookout Chiropractic
Jan 05, 202342:46
Special Edition: Cory Carlson, Win at Home FIRST!
Dec 28, 202246:22
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. George Paletta, St. Louis Cardinals Head Team Physician
Dec 21, 202259:46
Clinical Savant Series: Mark Scappaticci, D.C.
Dec 14, 202201:15:21
Clinical Savant Series: Prof. Stuart McGill Part 2 of 2
Dec 07, 202201:43:25
Clinical Savant Series: Prof. Stuart McGill Part 1 of 2
Nov 30, 202201:24:50
In The Trenches: Tracy Hayes, MobilityChick
Nov 17, 202249:16
Top Secrets in Practice: Clinical Audit Process
Nov 09, 202246:13
Special Edition: MPI Gait with Dr. Gary Gray + Dr. Tom Michaud
Nov 02, 202201:11:00
Clinical Savant Series: Michael Shacklock, Misconceptions with Neurodynamics

Clinical Savant Series: Michael Shacklock, Misconceptions with Neurodynamics

This is round 2 of our weekend with Michael Shacklock. In today's episode, we dive into some amazing history of neurodynamics. We also dispel some of the most common misconceptions about Neurodynamics and some of the ways we were bastardizing the system. If nothing else, enjoy this episode of clear audio and great visuals(for those on YouTube). Enjoy!

Oct 19, 202248:24
Clinical Quick Fire: Michael Shacklock, Neurodynamic Solutions
Oct 12, 202253:31
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Mark King, Motion Palpation Institute President
Oct 07, 202246:58
Clinical Savant Series: Martina Jezkova, MPT Czech DNS Instructor

Clinical Savant Series: Martina Jezkova, MPT Czech DNS Instructor

In Martina's 17 years of clinical rehabilitation practice at the University hospital, Motol, Martina worked with a broad scope of patients, including babies with cerebral palsy and children with central coordination disturbance, scoliosis, neurological disorder patients, gynecology patients with functional sterility, pelvic floor dysfunction and other pelvic health issues. She also worked with professional and amateur athletes and elderly patients, to develop movement optimization strategies. In 2018 Martina opened her own private physiotherapy practice, outside of Prague. Martina is widely regarded as an expert in the realms of female and pediatric rehabilitation. In today's episode, we hear some insane stories of her time with Dr. Janda and Lewit as well as her experience with the pelvic floor and how she integrates DNS with her yoga practice. Enjoy!

Sep 28, 202201:01:27
Clinical Savant Series: Michael Schneider, D.C., Primary Spine Practitioner Program (UPitt)
Sep 21, 202201:08:08
Clinical Savant Series: Rick Bishop, D.C. Pittsburgh Pirates Team Chiropractor
Sep 14, 202238:20
Clinical Savant Series: Brad Scott, Atlanta Braves Head Performance Coach

Clinical Savant Series: Brad Scott, Atlanta Braves Head Performance Coach

Brad Scott is known in baseball for his ability to manage his players' workload and connect with players on a personal level. Brad Scott, Head Performance Coach for the Atlanta Braves, just completed his 21st year in strength and conditioning and 7th in professional baseball (2016 – 2022). Before assuming his current position, Brad was extensively involved in collegiate sports. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts – Boston in 2001, he gained experience in strength and conditioning first as an Intern Assistant at Northeastern University in Boston 2001 and then as a graduate assistant at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ from 2002-2004. He worked as the Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning at Velocity Sports Performance in Irvine California (2004-2005) before becoming the Director of Strength and Conditioning at California State University Northridge in Los Angeles in 2005. In 2006, he became Director of Strength and Conditioning for Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Volleyball at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. In 2007, he became the Associate Athletics Director / Director of Athletic Performance at the University of Portland, a position he held for 10 years before joining the Braves in 2016.


Sep 08, 202237:24
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Thomas Byrd, Nashville Hip Institute

Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Thomas Byrd, Nashville Hip Institute

We outkicked our coverage again... Dr. Thomas Byrd and Dr. Ashley Campbell of the Nashville Hip Institute.  Dr. Thomas Byrd pioneered many of the surgical techniques for hip arthroscopy commonly employed throughout the orthopedic world and invented numerous instruments that have revolutionized aspects of orthopedic surgery (learn more about the History of Hip Arthroscopy in Nashville). He has been one of the leaders in defining and developing the role of less invasive arthroscopic techniques in and around the hip. He travels the world as a visiting surgeon, invited professor, and lecturer, including stops on all six populated continents. Dr. Byrd has authored three textbooks on hip arthroscopy, edited numerous other textbooks and journals, and has published over 220 scientific papers, technical and review articles and book chapters. We discussed everything from FAI, Labral tears, and the rehab associated with them! Enjoy!

Aug 31, 202201:26:55
Clinical Savant Series: Dr. Tim Bertelsman, ChiroUp + Research that Matters!
Aug 26, 202243:08
Top Secrets in Practice: The Power of Manipulation

Top Secrets in Practice: The Power of Manipulation

Today's episode features some brand new audio equipment (we finally gave into the online haters) and a few fresh faces from the  @Winchester Spine & Sport family. Dr. Peter Roy and Dr. Nate Skare help us break down some of the intricacies of manipulation and the importance of palpation in the clinical setting. We also make a strong case for getting involved with the  @Motion Palpation Institute​, especially if you are a student! See you in Kansas City on Oct. 1-2nd, 2022 for the MPI Adjust-a-thon, the Super Bowl of adjusting seminars.  @The Smart Chiropractor    @The Evidence Based Chiropractor 

Show Notes

Motion Palpation Institute

2022 MPI Adjust-a-thon 

2022 MPI Gait Seminar | Brett Winchester, Gary Gray, Tom Michaud

The PayDay Practice

Aug 18, 202234:39