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Get Messy

Get Messy

By Caylee Grey

Making art should be easy. But let’s be honest: Art is messy. (Heck, life is messy!)

Together with me, Caylee Grey, we’ll explore what it REALLY means to be an artist. Practically. Warts and all. So that you can be an artist, today, now, even if you work a day job, have a million and one commitments, and own a cat that likes sitting on your art.

No more excuses. Okay? Okay.
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How to Art with Intention with Amy Maricle

Get MessyNov 07, 2019

The mess makes for the BEST art
Mar 04, 202207:00
When you can't create...

When you can't create...

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Connection, Structure and Silliness with Sandra Busby and Tara Roskell

Connection, Structure and Silliness with Sandra Busby and Tara Roskell

You are going to love this episode. I’m chatting with Tara and Sandra from Kick in the Creatives. And if you don’t know them yet, by the end of this episode, you’re going to fall just as in love with them as I have. And good news for you because they’ve got their own podcast and you can binge listen to them and just take in everything that they have.

Kick in the creatives is a place where you can find creative challenges, and they’re all listed by month. They’re all there for you so you never get that FOMO for missing out on a creative challenge. It’s run by Sandra Busby and Tara Roskell.

Sandra is a still life artist and she’s best known for her paintings which are incredible, like you should really check them out. I can’t understand how they are not photographs. But yeah, Sandra mainly does a lot of paintings of glass and other reflective objects. And she didn’t actually mean to get into fine art. It actually happened by accident. We’ll talk a little bit about her story in the episode.

Sandra found a partner in crime with Tara Roskell who took the traditional art college route. She didn’t really know what to do with her art and so she moved into graphic design. She’s been in that industry for over 20 years, and it’s now freelancing. When Sandra’s not designing, she’s scribbling, doodling and taking part in these creative challenges and you should really look at her work too. It’ll give you a good idea of the type of person you’re listening to and the person that I’m chatting to today. You should see her portraits. They are so unique. And they are so inspiring, and they definitely encourage me to hone in on my own style rather than trying someone else’s.

We had a wonderful chat, and I’m really excited for you to listen to it.


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Walking the 5 Paths of Journaling with Rebecca Kochenderfer

Walking the 5 Paths of Journaling with Rebecca Kochenderfer

In this episode, I chat to Rebecca Kochenderfer, the founder of and a lifetime journaler. Rebecca shares her experiences, approach, and tips surrounding the practise for both business and personal life. She walks us through the five paths of journaling, effects on our well-being and methods of journaling.

"It's not selfish to look out for yourself." - Rebecca Kochenderfer


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How to Art with Intention with Amy Maricle
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How I went from lazy and passive to deliberate and goal driven

How I went from lazy and passive to deliberate and goal driven

I used to be what I will graciously call passive.

I had (and have) a really good life. I was born into a self-made wealthy family. Every bit of my life (and the lives of my ancestors) was put together so that I could live an easy life. My parents did this weird thing where they actually loved each other. They loved me too. My sister was amazing. My friends were amazing. None of us did drugs. School came easy to me. Everything came easy to me. Life was easy, and because of this, I just let life do its thing. I allowed the mother of my high school boyfriend to fill in a university application for me and I went there simply because I got in. I didn’t put any thought into what degree I was going to do, it was chosen based on what I didn’t want to do. I found my group of incredible friends within my first week of being in a new city at university because we were the only English speakers in the residence. I even met my future husband while playing around on my computer.

Life was good, and it was certainly good enough.

And then a few things started creeping from the cracks that I had ignored. I grew into the biggest depression of my life. I didn’t fall into it; I wasn’t smacked in the face by it; I allowed myself, little by little, to grow into something simply because I didn’t make an effort not to. I didn’t go to the psychologist, I didn’t force myself out of bed right when the feelings started, I didn’t learn coping strategies. I simply allowed it to consume me. I welcomed it like an old blanket and hid in its cosy fort. In my second year of university, I had a breakdown. I can distinctly remember the exact moment that I curled on the floor in a university residence shower and cried. I can still smell the shampoo.


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May 30, 201915:11
The Get Messy Podcast
May 23, 201901:47