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gette into it

gette into it

By Gette Into It

A podcast about everything in-between.

What does that even mean? Well, I like getting into things that may be a bit off the beaten track, things that'll you make you say, "What is that?" or "Huh, I didn't know we have that here-" in my hometown - Kuching. Disclaimer: Sometimes I only got into it because I'm the one who started it. But maybe I can get you into it too.

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one : dungeons & dragons

gette into itSep 02, 2020

three : storium (part 2)
Mar 23, 202351:60
three : storium (part 1)
Sep 23, 202239:10
detour 1 : the parking ticket
Jun 01, 202107:56
two : tarot reading
Sep 16, 202052:02
one : dungeons & dragons
Sep 02, 202024:15


According to my friends, I'm a 'topic of the day' type of person, which may have something to do with my short attention span for any single subject, usually some niche or facet from the big picture. So this is a podcast about all those in-between things that I get into.

This podcast will contain a 4-episode pilot of me experimenting with different topics and trying out different ways of pushing this out the gate. I'm aiming at a bi-weekly release schedule. After that, we'll see if this continues. You're seeing this trailer because, well ... my first episode is nearly ready. Are you?

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Aug 28, 202000:58