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Gilmore Sisters

Gilmore Sisters

By Gilmore Sisters

The Phoenix Sisters, Kelly Guentner and Crayle Vanest discuss the TV drama classic, Gilmore Girls, with a similar, rapid-fire dialogue. With the original series gaining new viewers every year, and having a still active original fan-base, now is a better than ever time to get as many Gilmore Girl fans together.

The podcast is family friendly, but discusses heavy topics, just as its subject show did.

So join the Phoenix Sisters in their ranting, and share YOUR opinions on topics ranging from the pop culture references to the family dynamics of the characters in Gilmore Girls.
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Anna Nardini, Drama Robot

Gilmore SistersSep 13, 2023

Anna Nardini, Drama Robot
Sep 13, 202328:09
 Will the Real Dave Rygalski Please Stand Up?
Aug 22, 202312:56
This Episode Was Mandatory
Aug 09, 202341:28
 Friday Night’s Alright For Ranting
Jul 26, 202331:48
Everytime They Touch
Jul 19, 202316:34
 How Not to Rory: Advice for Young Professionals
Jun 30, 202326:02
Mythical, Magical Stars Hollow
Jun 14, 202323:56
The Mysterious Past of Emily Whats-Her-Name
Jun 07, 202322:23
Sleep is for the Under-Caffeinated
May 31, 202321:02
Secrets and Lies
May 18, 202319:52
Paris and Doyle 5-Ever!
May 09, 202321:02
The Money Episode
May 02, 202321:01
The Lindsay Episode
Apr 26, 202317:13


THE CRAPPY MAX PROPOSALS!!!! He proposes over the phone, and then the next season, she accepts over the phone! Why????????? How is that supposed to be romantic??? Of course Lorelai didn’t love him. 

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Apr 17, 202320:01