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Girl, Get Your SWAG Back!

Girl, Get Your SWAG Back!

By Dr. DeYonne Parker

Life is like double dutch—if you’re outside the ropes, you need to strategize, find the right timing in the sway, and on a breath and a prayer, hop back in! Ladies, get set to make those leveled up leaps with critically-acclaimed women’s self-help author, life & leadership coach, international speaker and founder of The S.W.A.G. University, DeYonne Parker, PhD. Dr. DeYonne has lived and thrived past the spirals of tragedy, and has the scars to prove it! Join her for real talk on the mic with her spirited, influencing friends, as they help you lift up in this world, to a better you!
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Fearless Fridays on Girl, Get Your Swag Back Podcast

Girl, Get Your SWAG Back!Oct 17, 2023

Fearless Fridays on Girl, Get Your Swag Back Podcast

Fearless Fridays on Girl, Get Your Swag Back Podcast

Dr. Dee promos the Spotify simulcast of her new, motivational YouTube series, Fearless Friday. The Fearless Friday series is inspired by Dr. Dee’s new self-help book/journal & QR-code video companion, From Comfort to Courage (Amazon). Host: Dr. DeYonne Parker (“Dr. Dee”). Follow Dr. Dee: YouTube: @deyonneparker Instagram: @deyonneparker LinkedIn: @DeYonneParkerPhD Facebook: @DeYonneParker Twitter: @drdeyonne Contact Dr. Dee/Book Dr. Dee to Speak:
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