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Girls L.E.A.P. Podcast

Girls L.E.A.P. Podcast

By Gloria Ward

Girls L.E.A.P. is where women LEARN | EARN | ADVANCE | PROFIT. Our podcast is where every female entrepreneur will find the resources to start a business and grow it exponentially. Our guests are high-performing leaders who have been through it all and who will give tips to take your business to the next level.

Our host is our founder Gloria Ward, a seasoned entrepreneur, published author, business coach, and the force behind the I'm Loving Me Project.

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20. Schenika Quattlebaum on identifying your passion and taking the leap to follow your dreams

Girls L.E.A.P. PodcastOct 27, 2021

20. Schenika Quattlebaum on identifying your passion and taking the leap to follow your dreams

20. Schenika Quattlebaum on identifying your passion and taking the leap to follow your dreams

Schenika Quattlebaum CEO and Founder of Natalia Me-gan Hair & Beauty. In 2018 she established, Natalia Me-gan Hair & Beauty. It's a female minority-owned beauty indie brand. The brand offers a wide variety of cruelty-free hydrating luxury matte lipsticks, lip glosses, and 3D mink faux voluminous lashes, all under $15.

Most recently, Walmart has welcomed Natalia Me-gan Hair & Beauty to their family! Her products are now available online via In 2021 she achieved another impressive feat, her company displayed a billboard in the heart of Times Square!

In this episode, our founder Gloria Ward and Schenika Quattlebaum talk about taking risks while acknowledging that only a handful of people are willing to take them. For most of us, taking that life-changing leap in our life and business is not easy to do. Some of us may be too afraid to believe in ourselves, or we think we will fail. Others worry they will end up in a worse position than when they started.

This episode will be transformational for those who are ready to improve their personal and business life. Schenika shares tips on how you can confidently take the necessary steps to take the leap that will change your life.

Go and see their beautiful products on:



Oct 27, 202116:16
19. Pauleanna Reid on the importance of making investments in yourself and your business

19. Pauleanna Reid on the importance of making investments in yourself and your business

Oct 19, 202115:47
18. MJ Callaway on the importance of connecting in order to make a sale

18. MJ Callaway on the importance of connecting in order to make a sale

MJ Callaway is an award-winning author of 11 books and a survivor of domestic violence and twice from cancer. She's a certified sales professional, certified virtual presenter, and past president of the National Speakers Association in Pittsburgh.  Her newly released book, Bounce-Up: Outpower Adversity, Boost Resilience, Rebound Higher, has been endorsed by Renee Thompson, the CEO of the Healthy Workforce Institute.  She shares her trademarked strategy-driven techniques with organizations so that they can overcome challenges to boost employees' resilience, maximize team results, and increase revenue.

In this episode, Gloria Ward and MJ start the conversation about the beauty of how everyone is a salesperson because it comes naturally to all and why it is important. MJ motivates us to acknowledge we can do anything by first creating a support team, building relationships, and making your connections sincere, which can translate to sales.  This episode is full of great tips that will help anyone with their career because she emphasizes how important it is always to express yourself while in meetings and interviews.  She explains that connecting with our surroundings and our clients allows us to ask questions.  And how saying "WE" makes clients think you are part of the team and not a freelancer.

To learn more about Mj Callaway, you can follow on:

Oct 11, 202127:60
17. Sonia Lewis on how to be a contributing member to society without student loan debt

17. Sonia Lewis on how to be a contributing member to society without student loan debt

Sonia Lewis is considered the people’s expert for all matters related to student loan debt repayment.  She is a 3-time self-published author and has over nine years of practical higher education and financial aid experience.  Her company, The Student Loan Doctor LLC, is the first African-American and women-owned student loan repayment company in the United States.  Its mission is to educate others about their student loan debt and provide assistance in making an achievable repayment plan.  Most recently, the City of Philadelphia recognized Lewis’ contribution and impact on the Philadelphia community.

Sonia is an expert speaker across all audiences regardless of age. She has been invited to share her expertise at different platforms such as The White House  Briefing on Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color, Black Enterprise,  and Money Magazine. In addition, she has been a contributor and been featured in Essence Magazine, Forbes, KYW  News Radio 1060 AM, Fox 29, The BET Network, RT America. Additionally, she hosts educational workshops across the nation.

In today’s episode, Gloria Ward and Sonia talk about helping others get to their next stage in their life by addressing their student loans, no matter the amount.  They also discuss the difficulty first-time homebuyers have because of their student loans.  She answers the question many Millenials and Gen Z asks themselves, should they choose between obtaining a master’s degree versus the possibilities of job opportunities.  The conversation’s turning point is when Sonia expresses the importance of educating our children on avoiding mortgage-style debt caused by attending college.  Sonia reiterates that it is never too late to learn how to manage our student loans, share tips on educating ourselves and others financially to avoid financial ruin and provide steps to fix it.

To learn more about, The Student Loan Doctor LLC, visit them at

Oct 05, 202129:30
16. Myree Morsi on finding your spiritual journey through awakeing and healing

16. Myree Morsi on finding your spiritual journey through awakeing and healing

Myree Morsi is a soul guide and transformational therapist who has supported people for over 20+ years.  She guides those who are navigating their awakening, healing, and spiritual journeys.   She is a licensed therapist, a conflict resolution and trauma specialist, a leadership and self-development coach.  At birth, she was also given the gift of being a spiritual seer and healer.

A survivor of trauma who experienced a painful spiritual awakening, Myree knows firsthand what it's like to have your world rocked by circumstances. Myree’s mission is to teach others how to alchemize their pain into finding their purpose.  Together with her clients, they do a profoundly spiritual exploration to awaken their gifts in savvy, resourceful, and sustainable ways while navigating their pressurized lives.

In this episode, our host Gloria Ward and Myree discuss how to reach and navigate a spiritual and psychological awakening.   They talk about how our stagnant energy can be turned on by particular situations or exercises like yoga. They chat about getting comfortable with the idea of shame, struggle, acceptance, being vulnerable, and self-love.

As a result, listeners of this episode will find the doorway that will push them to move towards the things that make them happy, encouraging them to look and move towards their divine purpose.  Let’s get more comfortable finding ourselves and practicing self-care to develop our inner power.

The website with freebies, blog, private coaching info & more:

Online & in-person courses:




Sep 21, 202138:06
15. Andrea Holland on how to network in 2021

15. Andrea Holland on how to network in 2021

Andrea Holland is a public relations entrepreneur, CEO, published author, and an instructor for the leading online education site LinkedIn Learning.  She has managed public relation’s teams at Intuit, PayPal and Visa while traveling the world supporting international startups in Asia, Europe and Africa.  As the founder and the chief job connector at, she created a public relations job search subscription for those looking for PR, social media, and marketing jobs in the tech industry and those that are remote.

In this episode, Gloria and Andrea talk about loving what you do and how to create opportunities for others.  After traveling the world and gaining so much knowledge, it motivated and pushed her to make decisions that have flourished today into a successful business. They talk about public relations and what it takes to leave corporate America to pursue the entrepreneurial dream.  Other topics they speak about are how to acknowledge rejection, the importance of  networking, how to take risks, and more.

Sep 14, 202120:50
14. Precious L. Williams the Killer Pitch Master
Aug 26, 202129:34
13. Victoria Velazquez Walker an Attorney with a Purpose
Aug 19, 202127:26
12. Nicola Peters on Going from Overwhelmed to Organized

12. Nicola Peters on Going from Overwhelmed to Organized

Nicola Peters is a self-confessed systems geek and is affectionately known as the Dubsado Queen!  While running a wedding stationery business for 5 years alongside her 9 to 5, Nicola learned about the correlation between setting up structured systems and the success of her business.  Since closing her wedding stationery business in 2019, Nicola has redirected her attention to serve struggling service providers go from overwhelmed to organized. She specializes in setting up systems and processes as well as organizing internal service workflows for her clients.  By using online business management tools, such as Dubsado, she creates processes to automate tasks like following up with prospective new clients, onboarding new clients, project management, offboarding clients, and more.

In today's episode, our founder and host Gloria Ward and Nicola Peters discuss the importance of optimizing, automating, and creating workflows that generate a profit for your business.  You will learn how to establish a client’s value proposition.  How to develop a buyer’s journey by asking the consumer the right questions by showing interest.  During their conversation, they agree that when starting a business, owners focus on their business plan; however, they forget that the longevity of their company lies in systems and processes.  Listen to a great conversation that we as business owners and entrepreneurs might not think of as a priority until we get overwhelmed.

Visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

Aug 11, 202122:06
11.  Mike Michalowicz on Finding the essence to make a small business successful.

11. Mike Michalowicz on Finding the essence to make a small business successful.

Mike Michalowicz has devoted his life to the research and delivery of innovative and impactful entrepreneurial strategies.  He is the author and creator of Profit First, which is used as a guide to drive profit by companies across the globe. In Clockwork, he guides entrepreneurs through a powerful method to make any business run automatic. And in his most recently published book, Fix This Next, Mike details strategies businesses can use to determine what to do and in what order to ensure healthy, fast, permanent growth while avoiding debilitating distractions.

As a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and business makeover specialist on MSNBC, Mike is a popular main-stage keynote speaker on innovative entrepreneurial topics.  Today, Mike leads two multi-million dollar ventures, as he tests his latest business research for his books.

In today’s episode, our host Gloria Ward talks with Mike about the best practices on how to support small businesses. They discuss the importance of finding the right pricing that would bring value to the product or services you sell. But most importantly how to help the good guys and small business owners win in a saturated corporate world.

To learn more about Mike

Jul 14, 202121:53
10. Isabella Rusike from a passion to making it a successful business even through a Pandemic

10. Isabella Rusike from a passion to making it a successful business even through a Pandemic

“I have to look at the venues that can accommodate that, that have the Conference Centers and the capabilities based on your needs.  And then we can be like, hey Gloria, Vegas is opening up from June 5th.  We can book your events. There they have an auditorium that seats 5,000 people.”

  • Isabella Rusike on creating events for her clients during the Pandemic

Isabella Rusike is the President & Founder of Bella Global Group.  They assist companies and organizations with all their travel and event-related needs, such as but not limited to trade shows and product launches. They plan, execute, and manage offsite meetings and events for 10 people or more.  They cater to businesses in the United States and abroad.

Isabella is an avid world traveler with executive-level experience in the hospitality, travel, and incentive industry on three continents. She manages day-to-day hotel management operations, sales, event coordination, multi-million dollar hotel openings, and renovations. She has worked with American Express Centurion Travel, Coca-Cola, Hilton Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group - IHG, and many others. Isabella is also a licensed REALTOR in the state of Georgia   When she is not traveling or working, you will find her volunteering her time mentoring young ladies who recently joined the workforce and gives advice to women who want to move up the corporate ladder.

In today’s episode, your host Gloria Ward discusses with Isabella what motivated her to leave corporate America to create a successful business that she’s passionate about.  Isabella goes into detail about how COVID-19 forced her and her business to adapt.  Now she has to educate her potential and existing clients on who they can safely start creating new events.  You will discover what our guest and host have in common,  they agree that from failure comes growth,  and that lesson(s) should motivate you to keep pushing through.

If you wish to speak to Isabella about how she can organize and plan your corporate event or have real estate needs in the state of Georgia, please contact her directly at:

LinkedIn Profile

Bella Global Group website

Jul 08, 202123:31
9. Jamisa McIvor on how she went from earning $6.50/ph to owning $1.7 million in properties

9. Jamisa McIvor on how she went from earning $6.50/ph to owning $1.7 million in properties

Jamisa McIvor is a trailblazer with an inspiring testimony. She’s a millennial and a mother who offers her services to single mothers by teaching them different options for improving their financial status by themselves.

In her early twenties, Jamisa started out as a novice investor.  While mastering her craft, the young CEO of Rosebud’s Investments has become very popular amongst new and established investors. She mentors and advises individuals who want to become investors but don’t know where to start. With her innovative spirit, Jamisa created a strategy that makes real estate investing seamless and affordable.

In today’s episode, our host Gloria Ward discusses with Jamisa how she became the owner and deed holder of 16 properties by self-financing the purchases. Three crucial tips Jamisa shares with Gloria: how when following your instinct can lead you to amazing opportunities, being consistent, and the importance of building your capital to start investing in real estate. They also talk about understanding how time needs to be considered as a currency.

You can reach Jamisa by visiting:

Jun 29, 202126:39
8. Marguerita 'Rita' Cheng on how it is never to late to start your financial planning.

8. Marguerita 'Rita' Cheng on how it is never to late to start your financial planning.

“So many people spend their health to gain wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health” (A.J. Reb Materi), that's our next guest’s mantra.

Marguerita ‘Rita’ Cheng, is the chief executive officer of the financial advisory firm, Blue Ocean Global Wealth.  Rita and her team help people meet their life goals through the proper management of their financial resources.  This week she joins Gloria as our guest.

She is a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) professional, a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and a Retirement Income Certified Professional.  Rita is not a psychologist, however, her passion drives her to help others navigate through some of life’s most difficult issues, like divorce, death, career changes, or caring for aging relatives.  Her support provides her clients with the confidence necessary to help them regain control of their finances.  Her proudest moments are the ones when she is able to use her abilities to make a difference in people’s lives, by helping them to prepare financially for when times get tough.  Clients are left with clarity, empowerment, and a sense of security.

On today’s podcast Rita and Gloria, discuss the importance of creating a financial plan, the importance of building a brand, how decisions from the past impact your future, why networking will help you make it, and how taking the time to look at yourself and your surroundings will improve your personal life.

Marguerita is a regular columnist for Investopedia and Kiplinger, and a past spokesperson for the AARP Financial Freedom Campaign.  She serves as a Women’s Initiative (WIN) Advocate and a member of the Diversity Advisory Group (DAG) for the CFP Board.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in finance, literature, and East Asian Language from the University of Maryland, College Park. She's a recipient of the prestigious Japanese Monbukagakusho Scholarship.

Throughout her exemplary career she has earned several accolades.  In 2019, she was named the #5 Most Influential Financial Advisor in the Investopedia Top 100 and one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women. In 2017, she was named the #3 Most Influential Financial Advisor in the Investopedia Top 100  and a Woman to Watch by InvestmentNews.

Rita also volunteers her time as a SoleMate for Girls on the Run, a charity dedicated to help young girls' confidence through running and by raising money for participants to win scholarships.

You can reach Rita by visiting her website

Jun 17, 202128:58
7. Narmin Jarrous on how health issues propelled her into the cannabis industry.

7. Narmin Jarrous on how health issues propelled her into the cannabis industry.

Whoever said age impedes achieving great goals has not met today's guest, Narmin Jarrous.

Narmin is the youngest Chief Development Officer at Exclusive, the first cannabis dispensary in the state of Michigan.  About 10 years ago Narmin was diagnosed with Endometriosis and found that cannabis has helped her to minimize the complications of the disease. With all the knowledge she gained about cannabis she took it upon herself to educate others and created a cannabis lifestyle and wellness brand called Neno's Naturals.

In this episode, our host and founder Gloria and Narmin have a conversation about how cannabis has helped Narmin deal with endometriosis and how she dedicates her time to educate others about the health and wellness benefits of cannabis.  They also discuss owning your brand, taking risks, and more.

Don't miss the exciting story of how Narmin took a leap of faith into the entrepreneurship world that has led her to launch a new cannabis lifestyle and wellness product line called Neno's Naturals. Enjoy!


· Exclusive Brands Website:

· Nenos Naturals Website:

· Instagram:

· LinkedIn:

May 13, 202118:25
6. Betty Hines and her million dollar advice for the new CEO

6. Betty Hines and her million dollar advice for the new CEO

In this episode, we have the fantastic Betty Hines, a Strategic Business Consultant who specializes in evaluating business capital structures.  She works primarily with Fortune 500 C.E.O.s and their executive management teams to meet their financial goals.   With her expertise and knowledge, she provides her clients with a diagnosis of where capital is needed, facilitates access to venture capital funding, and oversees its distribution to maximize operations.

Betty is the founder of Women Elevating Woman. She specializes in working with female business owners who generate more than $500,000 in revenues who want to scale and exponentially elevate their businesses and professions.

Betty and our host, Girls L.E.A.P. founder, Glory Ward, discuss the benefits of creating a business strategy and the importance of women elevating women.  During this episode, she explains the importance of having a vision statement that matches your life and business purpose.  They talk about the importance of your duties as a C.E.O., your image, and why you should separate your personal identity from your business's identity.  The takeaway of this episode is how Betty explains why creating a community or joining one is essential.  And also, why sharing your knowledge with other women will not only make your business successful; but how it will empower you to elevate other women.

You can follow Betty on 






May 05, 202135:44
5. Shelley Brander on how she LEAPed into entrepreneurship after years in corporate America

5. Shelley Brander on how she LEAPed into entrepreneurship after years in corporate America

The Wall Street Journal best-seller author Shelley Brander takes time to talk to our founder Gloria Ward about how she took the LEAP from corporate life to entrepreneur by monetizing her passion. During her conversation with Gloria, Shelley discusses that it takes having difficult conversations with partners and family to LEAP from a stable corporate job with clients such as AT&T to become an entrepreneur. She touches on how being surrounded by supportive people lifts your spirits when entrepreneurship kicks you down. Finally also discusses the importance of sending "the elevator back down" to other women who dream of following their entrepreneurial dreams.

Shelley shares her story of how she followed her passion and started an improbable "side hustle"—she opened a local yarn store, Loops Love. She and her Loops Troops team have since grown Loops into a global brand at the forefront of the modern maker movement, including,, and Knit Stars, a global online learning adventure. She's on a mission to Knit the World Together.

In her second book, Move the Needle, and in our podcast, she teaches us how to "Harness the power of Can't" to make your big, impossible dreams a reality. Because she has experienced becoming a creative entrepreneur who has been able to turn her quirky passion into a global force, she invites the reader to embrace their passion. She encourages them to holds space for their seemingly improbable (but possible) goals, dreams, and purpose.

Want to learn more about Shelley?

Check out her book >

Follow her on Instagram >

To learn about Loops Love, visit >

Mar 10, 202132:42
4. Tanzy Ward on preserving history and following your passion

4. Tanzy Ward on preserving history and following your passion

Girls L.E.A.P. Podcast has another episode!  In Episode 4, our founder Gloria Ward speaks with Tanzy Ward, an antique dealer, a historic preservationist, author, and the owner of @zanathia_antiques.

She discusses the need to preserve history and Black history through jewelry, photos, and artifacts.  She speaks about her book Hidden Legacies and the perils of not focusing on what led you to become a business owner, YOUR PASSION.

To learn more about Tanzy's antique shop visit

To get Tanzy's book Hidden Legacies: African Presence in European Antiques visit

To learn more about Girls L.E.A.P. visit our website

To learn about our coaches and courses visit

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Feb 17, 202127:37
3. Andrena Phillips on Mindset and the Power of Mentorship
Feb 12, 202120:45
2. Sequena Luckett on creating a digital stratey for your business
Feb 03, 202120:40
1. Crystal Khalil on Networking with Purpose

1. Crystal Khalil on Networking with Purpose

Welcome to our first podcast!  In our first episode, our guest, Best Selling Author and Co-CEO of Sister Dimonds LLC Crystal Khalil, shares with us amazing information on the difference between sponsor and mentor, explains why mentorship works, defines what it takes to be a leader, and much more.  

Jan 21, 202129:27