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The Global Lithium Podcast

The Global Lithium Podcast

By Joe Lowry

Joe Lowry (@globallithium on X aka Twitter & IG) and known as "Mr Lithium" is a 30 plus year industry veteran and founder of the advisory firm Global Lithium LLC. Joe hosts the original lithium podcast featuring high level guests from the lithium chemicals industry, battery, cathode, and related areas. The Global Lithium Podcast remains the 'go to' offering in this space and has been downloaded in 181 countries.
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E70: Nano One

The Global Lithium Podcast Jun 26, 2020

Episode 174: Update from Asia & Beyond

Episode 174: Update from Asia & Beyond

A solo episode where I discuss my recent trip to Korea & Japan, price & index worries, and offer a lithium history less.


Korean worries about the IRA

Japan: the land of the "setting sun"?

How many legacy OEMs survive?

Price - what's next?

Concern about the usefulness of indexes




Argentina elections

Nov 27, 202326:23
Episode 173: Team Money of Mine (Part 2)

Episode 173: Team Money of Mine (Part 2)

Part 2 with the Money of Mine podcast team: Matt Michael, Travis Ricciardo, and Jonas “JD” Dorling. The Money of Mine Podcast began in April of this year when Matt, Travis and JD quit their day jobs to begin building a “media empire.” I met them on a trip to Australia in September and was invited to be a guest on their show. I am now a regular listener.

You can access their daily content via YouTube and all major podcast platforms. On X (aka Twitter) @moneyofminepod


Piedmont Lithium



The “Donald Trump” of Oz

North & South America “field trip”

Lithium or “midstream” chemicals?

Price bifurcation

Investing $5 million in ASX lithium stocks

Common mistakes made by retail investors

Podcast – lessons learned

Interacting with the fan base

Canaccord’s “Mr. October”

Rapid fire

Nov 01, 202351:35
Episode 172: Team Money of Mine (part 1)

Episode 172: Team Money of Mine (part 1)

My guests are the Money of Mine podcast team: Matt Michael, Travis Ricciardo and Jonas "JD" Dorling. The Money of Mine Podcast began in April of this year when Matt, Travis and JD quit their day jobs to begin building their "media empire".

I met them on a trip to Australia in September when they invited me to be a guest on their show – a link to that episode on YouTube is here.

You can get their daily content via YouTube and all major podcast platforms. On X, they are @moneyofminepod


The Money of Mine origin story

The endgame

Liontown drama

Announcing: “Chrisgina”

Australia’s lithium future

SQM’s next moves

Wesfarmer’s future

Mineral Resources – where to from here?

The Aussie lithium diaspora


You will have to wait for part 2 for rapid fire

Other social media links

Instagram: - LinkedIn: - Facebook: Personal Twitter accounts you can follow too: - Matty: - JD: - Travis:

Oct 26, 202301:00:53
Episode 171: Tu Le - Vol II

Episode 171: Tu Le - Vol II

Tu Le is the Founder and Managing Director of Sino Auto Insights. He is also co-host of the China EVs & More Podcast. @SinoAutoInsight on X


The UAW Strike

The future of the "Big 3" US automakers

Tesla's huge EV lead in the US

Modifying IRA rules

The long road to NA/EU battery competitiveness

The German auto retreat in China

EV = battery & software

The China EV market

The India EV market

China market misinformation

LFP in North America

Rapid fire

Oct 22, 202359:52
Episode 170: Iggy Tan

Episode 170: Iggy Tan

Iggy Tan is the Non-Executive Chairman of Lithium Universe (ASX: LU7) and the Managing Director of Altech Chemicals. He was formerly the CEO of Galaxy Lithium.


The Backstory

At Greenbushes in the 1990s

Trying to make carbonate in Oz in the 1990s

Iggy’s time at Galaxy

Mt Cattlin and Zhangjiagang

China’s first “western” lithium plant

Building Galaxy’s lithium portfolio

Time away from lithium

Creating a “Lithium Universe”

The team

The business model for Canada

The industry’s biggest mistake

Design considerations

Iggy the author

Rapid fire

Sep 22, 202353:38
Episode 169: "Down Under"

Episode 169: "Down Under"

A summary of my recent 12 day trip to Australia.

Sep 18, 202326:51
Episode 168: Tony Ottaviano

Episode 168: Tony Ottaviano

Tony Ottaviano is the CEO of Liontown resources. This episode was recorded at Liontown's offices in Perth, Australia the day after I visited their Kathleen Valley project.


Building a culture


The onboarding experience

Relationship with the Tjiwarl

The Dragonfly camp design

Using renewable energy


Documentation & control

Operational readiness

Supply contracts / customer visits

The Albemarle deal

Going downstream?


Where to next?

Peak Australia LCE production

Rapid fire

Sep 12, 202358:39
Episode 167: Lithium Argentina

Episode 167: Lithium Argentina

Lithium Americas will separate into two entities in the fourth quarter of 2023. LAC’s South American assets will become Lithium Argentina (@Lithium_ARG on X aka Twitter). I spent a few days with the team last week in Buenos Aires and Salta, Argentina.

Recording a podcast seemed like a natural thing to do. John Kanellitsas, Franco Mignacco, Ignacio Celorrio, Carlos Galli and Tom Benson joined me with a cameo appearance by Kelly O’Brien.


The journey to becoming Argentina’s third lithium chemical producer

The importance of finding and retaining the right people

Combining cultures in the Minera Exar JV

The Lithium Americas separation

Politics in Argentina

The growing significance  of lithium to Argentina

Why it is too soon for Argentina should focus on making batteries

Doing lithium “differently”

The 500,000 ton goal for Argentina

Leveraging talent from other industries

Bringing new technology to exploration

Pastos Grandes

Talent wars

“The Signal and the Noise”

The five year vision for Lithium Argentina

Aug 13, 202301:04:01
Episode 166: Listener Q&A

Episode 166: Listener Q&A

On this episode I enlist the help of Rene LeBlanc & Tara Berrie to help me answer listener questions that cover a broad cross section of interests from how to evaluate lithium projects to the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act to where price may be heading. Shout outs to Daniel Jimenez and Chris Berry.

Jul 13, 202353:21
Episode 165: Denis Geoffroy

Episode 165: Denis Geoffroy

Denis Geoffroy is the Chief Commercialization Officer at Nano One. Denis has spent a quarter of a century in the lithium ion battery space and was responsible for the only commercial North American LFP operation in Candiac, Quebec.

We discuss his journey in LFP and how Nano One’s “One Pot” technology will enable a resurgence of LFP production in North America.


LFP – born in Texas and the early days in Quebec

LFP’s recent resurgence in the market

How China came to dominate the market

The current state of LFP supply

Nano One: “Changing How the World Makes Battery Materials”

LFP – the “mass market” EV cathode

The original “million mile” battery

Bringing LFP production back to North America

Nano One partnerships

Recycling LFP

Learning from cathode “OG” Dr Yuan Gao

Rapid fire

Jul 04, 202355:33
Episode 164: Chris Gale

Episode 164: Chris Gale

Chris Gale is the founder and MD of Latin Resources. / @LatinRes on Twitter


Backstory – the long, winding road to lithium

Raising capital

Going to South America

How a lithium explorer survives

Why Brazil?

The long odds against explorers becoming producers

Upgrading the resource

Learning from Sigma’s experience

What is a tier 1 lithium deposit?

First steps in developing a project

The Team

The importance of getting a lithium legend on the BOD

Potential off-takers

Rapid fire

Rest in peace Dr John Goodenough

Jun 26, 202353:50
Episode 163: Tu Le

Episode 163: Tu Le

Tu Le is the founder & Managing Director of Sino Auto Insights (@SinoAutoInsight on Twitter) and a Co-Host of the China EVs & More Podcast.

Tu had significant experience with at Ford, GM and Apple before making his way to China and the EV world.


China's current & future position in the global EV market

Average battery sizes

The return of EV incentives in China ?

EV price cuts

Tu Le: "BYD is what Tesla wants to be"

Why is GM's CEO saying they can't build a profitable EV in the $30-40K price range in this decade

China EV plans for North America

The coming consolidation of EV producers in China

Why legacy OEMs are on the decline in China

E-Mobility "smartification" & ACES

Why software leads the way in EV development

North American & EU decoupling from China - easier said than done

Changing the US driving mindset

E- Mobility growth in India

The critical metals angst of OEMs

Sodium Ion battery impact on EVs

ONE - Our Next Energy

The top five global EV/Mobility companies in 2030

Rapid Fire

Jun 15, 202301:05:54
Episode 162: Ron Mitchell

Episode 162: Ron Mitchell

Ron Mitchell is the Managing Director of Global Lithium Resources (ASX GL1) and a veteran of the lithium industry with more than a decade of prior experience at Talison and Tianqi.


Ron’s backstory

Early days doing business in China

Building relationships

Negotiating in China

How does the industry 10X supply?

Ron’s spodumene price “crystal ball”

Global Lithium Resources' two projects

Building the team at GL1



Going downstream?

Doing mining differently


A question for Ron from Tara Berrie

Rapid fire from me as well as Alex Cheeseman

Closing comments on China's "interesting" price narrative

Jun 03, 202301:10:41
Episode 161: John Worth

Episode 161: John Worth

John Worth is the CEO and MD of geo40 a technology company based in New Zealand engaged in low carbon recovery of minerals from geothermal fluids. They currently produce colloidal silica at commercial scale from geothermal streams in New Zealand and are leveraging that technology to provide direct lithium extraction (DLE) to a variety of asset types containing low levels of lithium (50 ppm & up). After successfully piloting DLE technology they now plan to move to the demo level with a target of commercialization in North America by 2025 and later in other jurisdictions.


  • The need to add DLE to the lithium supply portfolio
  • What makes a great DLE project
  • Why it makes sense to pursue low ppm level lithium streams in North America
  • Where DLE fits in on the cost curve
  • Tailwinds from the "new normal" of lithium prices
  • The need for multiple DLE players
  • Why geo40 is leaving the Salton Sea to others
  • My comments on what is happening in price
May 18, 202343:36
E160: 3 Listeners / Livent & Allkem

E160: 3 Listeners / Livent & Allkem

I speak with three podcast listeners who are also keen lithium investors - Nathan Wolyniec from Brisbane Australia; John McElroy, a Green Beret with more than 1,000 parachute jumps originally from Syracuse, NY and David Cebalo a retired investor from Indiana. We discuss what drew them to investing in lithium stocks, how they research companies and make decisions. I end the episode with some thoughts on the Livent - Allkem merger announced earlier this week.

May 13, 202359:09
Episode 159: Chile/Argentina/Price
Apr 29, 202347:02
Episode 158: The Lithium Decade

Episode 158: The Lithium Decade

I presented "The Lithium Decade" in Singapore last week at the Future Facing Commodities conference. Select slides from the presentation will be available on the Global Lithium website.

Apr 10, 202341:31
Episode 157: Peter Hannah

Episode 157: Peter Hannah

Peter Hannah (@PHmetals on Twitter) is a senior manager at Fastmarkets. This is Peter's second appearance. His first appearance in June, 2022 was in the top ten of all episodes to date.

We discuss the current pricing situation: the volatility in China with spot price dropping vs rising contract prices elsewhere, supply and demand, the future of lepidolite, the perceived threat of sodium ion batteries and much more.

Mar 25, 202359:33
Episode 156: Daniel Jimenez

Episode 156: Daniel Jimenez

Daniel Jimenez is the MD of iLi Markets and a director of Galan Lithium. He has deep experience in lithium after spending almost three decades at SQM before starting his own firm. This is Daniel's fourth appearance on the podcast.

In this episode we have a detailed discussion on current and future supply by region in the face of unprecedented demand growth. 

We discuss the currently volatile price situation in China, examine the reasons for it and try to put it in context with pricing in the markets outside of China.

Daniel can be found on twitter at @D_Jimenez_Sch

The iLi Markets website is

Mar 17, 202301:02:25
Episode 155: Jigar Shah

Episode 155: Jigar Shah

Jigar Shah (@JigarShahDC on Twitter) is the director of the Loan Programs Office at the Department of Energy. Mr. Shah was formerly the co-founder and President at Generate Capital, where he focused on helping entrepreneurs accelerate decarbonization solutions through the use of low-cost infrastructure-as-a service financing. Jigar also has the best laugh of any prior guest on the podcast and celebrated his two year anniversary at the DOE on March 3rd – the day we recorded.


The mandate of the Loan Programs Office

The calculus of leaving the private sector for the DOE

The “alphabet soup” of government programs focused on the Energy Transition

The laziness of big companies

LPO loans – by invitation only

Inspiring action where action wouldn’t otherwise happen

Why Jigar can’t comment on a loan application to LAC for Thacker Pass

Downstream battery investment vs upstream

The contribution of recyclers

Jigar Shah – the “long term lithium bull”

“Friend-shoring” challenges


What defines a “friend” of the US

Supply chain risk management

Rapid fire

Closing comments on the BMO conference and lithium price

Mar 04, 202353:15
Episode 154: Emilie Bodoin

Episode 154: Emilie Bodoin

Emilie Bodoin is the CEO of Pure Lithium

Pure Lithium is on a mission to change the way batteries are made.


The current state of lithium metal technology

Brine direct to lithium metal - the ultimate DLE?

Lithium ion batteries: a successful compromise

Making lithium metal batteries a reality

Mentors: Dr Donald Sadoway & Robert Friedland

The first big win

Building a team

Learning from mistakes

Scale and cost

Reality check

A "not so loaded' question

The DOE "disconnect"

Lithium Metal Iron Phosphate

Rapid Fire

My thoughts on recent happenings in the industry

Feb 25, 202301:06:50
Episode 153: LAC - GM, The Thacker Pass Decision, & "Patriot Games"

Episode 153: LAC - GM, The Thacker Pass Decision, & "Patriot Games"

This is a solo episode where I discuss:

The recent General Motors investment in Lithium Americas 

The Thacker Pass decision

Rumors regarding Mineral Resources interest in Patriot Battery Metals

Another round of bad lithium analysis from a large bank.

And a shout out to Seth Goldstein at Morningstar

Feb 08, 202315:51
Episode 152: Sigma Lithium - Ana Cabral

Episode 152: Sigma Lithium - Ana Cabral

My guest is Ana Cabral the Co-CEO of  Sigma Lithium 

Sigma is in the process of starting up the most significant hard rock project in South America


Commissioning and start-up

Sigma’s value proposition for the battery industry

Spodumene to lithium chemicals conversion ratios


The market for tailings

The team

Becoming a 100K MT LCE producer

Upstream disruption

Boarder adjustments

The “next guardian” of Sigma

Ana’s view on the past failures of miners


The upward moving cost curve


The Inflation Reduction Act

Ana's respect for Pilbara & WA spodumene producers

My comments on the upcoming Thacker Pass decision

Thoughts (not advice) on lithium investments

Rapid fire

Jan 08, 202301:13:30
Episode 151: Lithium 2023 - "Great Expectations"

Episode 151: Lithium 2023 - "Great Expectations"

This short solo episode takes a look at the lithium year that just ended but more importantly what to expect in 2023.

Brought to you by brinefield services company Zelandez.

DYOR - the Global Lithium Podcast does not present ANY investment advice.

Jan 02, 202331:46
Episode 150: Chris Berry & Listener Questions

Episode 150: Chris Berry & Listener Questions

Chris Berry (@cberry1 on Twitter) is the founder of Mountain House Partners, a Washington DC based advisory firm.  He is also a sought after commentator on the lithium ion battery metals space.

Nothing said on the podcast should be considered investment advice. DYOR - do your own research.

Topics in this episode:

The biggest lithium surprise of 2022

Price – where to from here?

The Inflation Reduction Act

Supply and demand

Canada, Argentina, and Brazil

Redwood Materials recent announcement

Recycling “black mass” at scale

DLE – when will it have an impact on supply?

Lepidolite – how much? how soon? quality?

An “essential question” for Chris from Simon Moores

The “Dragon Armor” LFP battery

Sodium Ion – much ado about nothing?

Battery pack size trends

The “paradox of green growth”

China – where to from here?

Does a “green premium” exist?

Lithium company valuations

Rapid fire

Dec 17, 202201:16:13
Episode 149: Peter Oliver

Episode 149: Peter Oliver

Peter Oliver has been one of the most influential people in the lithium industry over the past two decades. He spent 18 years at Talison – 12 years as CEO/Managing Director and later was a Non-Executive Director. 

Peter guided Talison through the acquisition by Tianqi Lithium in 2013 and then served as an advisor to Tianqi when they sold 49% of Talison to Rockwood (now Albemarle) and later acquired 24% of SQM. He was a founding director of Tianqi Lithium Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tianqi that was established to build the first hydroxide conversion facility in Australia. Peter remained a director until June 2021.

Few have the breadth of experience and understanding of the global lithium markets. Peter has recently returned to the lithium world as a Non-Executive Director of Latin Resources.


The history of Greenbushes and the transition from tantalum producer to dominant hard rock lithium mine.

The lithium industry before the lithium ion battery

China’s rise as a lithium chemical converter based on Greenbushes spodumene.

Competing with brine based lithium in China

Lithium industry structure and why it needs to evolve to supply the energy transition

The reason China continues to lead the world in lithium chemicals production

Lithium geopolitics

Developing talent

Lepidolite – why development has been limited and its potential in the future

Staying under the radar

Coming back to the industry / joining the Latin Resources board

The lithium opportunity in Brazil


Rapid fire

Nov 26, 202246:02
Episode 148: Cam Henry & John Young

Episode 148: Cam Henry & John Young

John Young is the Non-Executive Chairman of Green Technology Metals (ASX: GT1) and a Co-Founder of leading lithium producer Pilbara Minerals. Cam Henry is the Founder and CEO of Primero, an EPC company that serves many industries but stands alone as the leading company serving the hard rock lithium space. He is also a Non-Executive Director of Green Technology Metals.

In this episode we cover the current state of the hard rock universe from what is happening in Western Australia to developments in Canada, Brazil, and Africa.

After a macro discussion of the hard rock world we get into specifics of what attracted these two Aussie lithium pioneers to get involved with Green Technology Metals and why developing lithium in Canada will be critical to the future of battery supply chain development in North America and the EU. 

We also discuss the GT1 partnership with Lithium Americas and why that is important to the future development of the company. 

Towards the end of the podcast, Cam turns the tables and asks me some questions. We end with rapid fire.

Nov 19, 202201:01:33
Episode 147: JP Vargas

Episode 147: JP Vargas

JP Vargas is the Managing Director of Galan Lithium


Galan's Hombre Muerto West resource in Argentina


The chloride strategy

The Team

The most significant project challenges

Relationship with the Catamarca Government

Rapid Fire

Nov 10, 202237:15
Episode 146: Lithium & Travel Update - Chile, Reno, Camino & Oz

Episode 146: Lithium & Travel Update - Chile, Reno, Camino & Oz

This is a short episode with a focus on my recent trip to Chile as well as my time on the Camino in Portugal & Spain, a short visit to Reno and upcoming trip to Australia.

If you want to skip the brief comments on the Camino trek I recently completed, fast forward to minute three:

Mentions: Summit Nanotech, SQM, Albemarle, LAC, CORFO, Daniel Jimenez & iLi Markets

Oct 30, 202223:22
Episode 145: Henry Sanderson

Episode 145: Henry Sanderson

Henry Sanderson (@hjesanderson on Twitter) is an author and executive editor at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence. He was previously with the Financial Times. His recently published book Volt Rush is a must reader for anyone interested in EVs, critical metals and the energy transition.


Henry’s reason for writing Volt Rush

The rags to riches stories of Chinese “clean energy barons” now billionaires

Avoiding the "oligarch syndrome"

What Xi Jinping wants

Jack Ma becomes a verb

A Wuling vs a Tesla - is EV penetration a meaningful metric?

EVs: “democratized” in China but not in the west?

The challenge of developing “China free” supply chains

Messy geopolitics

The Inflation Reduction Act

Do US OEMs have the right EV strategy?

The resurgence of LFP

Western Australia’s growing lithium influence

China’s raw material vulnerability

Africa’s future role in critical metals

The changing lithium landscape in South America

The future of China’s domestic lithium resources

Lithium in the UK?

Who are the “losers” in the race to go green?

Rapid fire

Sep 17, 202201:08:56
Episode 144: Austin Devaney

Episode 144: Austin Devaney

Austin Devaney (AustinDevaney on Twitter) is the Chief Commercial Officer at Piedmont Lithium and a former executive at Albemarle Topics: Austin’s early days in the lithium world How customer needs have evolved Lithium quality requirements for EVs SQM’s curious & value destroying “20% price decrease letter” from several years ago Why high prices aren’t able to quickly fix high prices in the lithium space The legacy of late lithium projects Shout out to Eric Norris OEMs – slow to understand lithium The Inflation Reduction Act What Elon Musk doesn’t understand about the lithium industry Lithium in North Carolina: “Back to the Future” Piedmont’s permitting issues Brine vs hard rock Lepidolite – the new high cost umbrella? Why prices will stay high for years Rapid Fire
Sep 10, 202201:04:51
Episode 143: Listener Questions

Episode 143: Listener Questions

In this episode I briefly speak about why I believe the "Big Banks" have, for the most part, gotten their recent price forecasts wrong.

The rest of the episode is answering listener questions:


The Inflation Reduction Act


DOE Loan Program


Canada's future in lithium

The EU vs North America in battery supply chain development

Companies mentioned: SQM, Albemarle, Ganfeng, Tianqi, Lithium Americas, Pilbara Minerals, Mineral Resources, Rio Tinto, Green Technology Metals, Tesla, Galan Lithium, Livent, Allkem, Wesfarmers, Frontier, Critical Elements, E3 and several more

Aug 28, 202257:37
Episode 142 Anand Sheth & Roland Chavasse

Episode 142 Anand Sheth & Roland Chavasse

I interview the co-founders of the International Lithium Association (ILiA). Anand, known as “The Lithium Raj,” has deep lithium experience. Roland has experience running other major industry associations.

We start off discussing Anand’s experience as a lithium pioneer marketing spodumene from Australia (Greenbushes) before discussing the International Lithium Association’s reason for being.

Follow them on Twitter: @ILiA_lithium & Linked In

The ILiA website:


The early days & growth of the lithium market in China

Building relationships & negotiating in China

The early days of Tianqi & Ganfeng.

The transition from spodumene use in glass & ceramics to chemical conversion

How China competed with low cost brine imports from South America

China’s rise in battery

Moving from Talison to Galaxy & later Pilbara Minerals

The thinking behind the creation of the International Lithium Association

Attracting the major lithium players as members

The Association’s areas of focus and challenges

Serving members & the general public

What does ILiA look like in 2027?

Rapid fire with the first "do over" in GLP history

Aug 18, 202201:12:17
Episode 141: Ken Brinsden

Episode 141: Ken Brinsden

As CEO of Pilbara Minerals for over six and a half years Ken Brinsden (@KenBPilbara on Twitter) had a long list of accomplishments. We discuss the past, present, and future in this episode.


Lithium: unreasonable expectations on an immature industry

The new price paradigm

The creation and future of the Battery Metals Exchange (BMX)

“Rearranging” margins in the supply chain

End user naivete

The significance of the Altura acquisition

The importance of the team

Newcomers with mid-stream production aspirations

Innovation in mining is inevitable

Why the future for Pilbara isn’t spodumene

Staying motivated


Lepidolite and the Goldman Sachs “Report”

Grooming a successor

What’s next?

Rapid fire

Aug 10, 202259:36
Episode 140: Mid Year Update / Listener Questions

Episode 140: Mid Year Update / Listener Questions

This is a solo episode where I discuss learnings from recent travel to the Benchmark and Fastmarkets conferences, my visit to the new Lithium Americas Technical Development Center in Reno, thoughts on the "speed" of the DOE loan office and recent announcements by Ford and GM. The episode closes with a Q&A session where I take questions and rapid fire from a long time podcast listener.

Jul 24, 202237:20
Episode 139: Tony Ottaviano

Episode 139: Tony Ottaviano

Tony Ottaviano is the CEO of Liontown Resources and an experienced mining executive.


The move from the “Big End of Town” to the world of lithium

The Kathleen Valley project

Going underground

Hiring criteria

The team

Building vs operating

The most significant challenges Tony faces

The offtake deals – Tesla, LG, and Ford


Core values

The market

Going downstream

Rapid fire

Jul 13, 202243:42
Episode 138: Peter Hannah

Episode 138: Peter Hannah

Peter Hannah is the Senior Price Development Manager at Fastmarkets and one of the best young commentators in the battery metals space. 

We discuss: 

Lithium supply and demand dynamics 

The meaning and importance of the spot price Ponder when lithium will mature as an industry 

Why supply will define demand over the next few years Discuss the future of hedging lithium 

And why we agree $16/kg lithium carbonate won’t happen anytime soon 

I close this episode with thoughts on recent analyst reports, Argentina’s latest move to secure fair export prices and BYD’s foray into Africa

Jun 04, 202201:02:35
Episode 137: David Guerrero

Episode 137: David Guerrero

David Guerrero is currently an independent consultant and advisor with a long history in the Argentina lithium industry beginning with Lithium One before becoming the President of Galaxy Resources - Argentina. David is sought after by parties from around the world that draw on his deep knowledge when considering investments in South American lithium brine assets.


The current state of the lithium industry in Argentina

Which new projects have the best chance of producing by 2025 & 2030

The most significant barriers to success for brine projects

Infrastructure challenges

The potential for export of “liquid spodumene” aka lithium chloride brine

The role of Federal and Provincial governments in the lithium industry

Argentina vs Chilean royalty policy

Lithium geopolitics



Rapid fire

May 28, 202252:21
Episode 136: WeChat Lithium Night

Episode 136: WeChat Lithium Night

My Q&A session with a WeChat Group featuring some of the brightest young minds in the lithium/battery/EV ecosystem.


The Rise and Future of Ganfeng

Global Supply Chain Issues

BYD & CATL's Future Outside of China

Tesla's Lithium Positioning

The Lithium Decade

Why Didn't Western Lithium Companies Prepare for the EV Boom?

Do Any Legacy OEMs have a Meaningful Lithium Strategy?

The Best Barometer of Lithium Price

Chile's Lithium Future

How Much Influence will China have in Argentina's Lithium Future?


Geopolitics and the Battery Space


May 14, 202201:21:17
Episode 135: Dr. Rene LeBlanc

Episode 135: Dr. Rene LeBlanc

Rene LeBlanc is the Chief Technical Officer at Lithium Americas. Rene has also worked for Tesla and FMC Lithium (now Livent).


How much lithium is needed in the production of a lithium ion battery pack?

Update on Cauchari

Ramping up a greenfield lithium project

Cycle times

Seasonality in brine production

Update on Thacker Pass

LAC's new Technical Center in Reno




Cauchari's water use vs currently used DLE

Talent acquisition 

Rapid fire

Apr 24, 202245:33
Episode 134: Rio Tinto (Marnie Finlayson & Grant Donald)

Episode 134: Rio Tinto (Marnie Finlayson & Grant Donald)

My guests from Rio Tinto are Marnie Finlayson, MD of Battery Materials, and Grant Donald, GM of Strategic Marketing, Minerals.


RT’s battery materials strategy

Being a leader in the green economy

Producing lithium from mine waste in California

The Rincon project in Argentina

The battle for lithium talent

Supporting local communities

Development timelines

Keeping up with technological change

RT’s view of the market going forward

RT’s thoughts on where their lithium will go

The status of the Jadar project in Serbia


Being a leading force in the energy transition

How does RT’s battery business look in five years?

Rapid Fire

In my closing remarks I discuss Elon Musk’s tweet about getting in to lithium production. Lithium remains Elon and Tesla’s Achilles’ heel

Apr 09, 202201:00:59
Episode 133: Simon Moores

Episode 133: Simon Moores


The Benchmark vision & business model 

Limiting factors to the growth of the “lithium ion economy” 

The “great battery raw material disconnect”  

The LME nickel fiasco 

Is President Biden invoking the Defense Production Act significant? 

Tesla compared with legacy OEMs 

The emerging US Battery Supply chain compared with the EU – rhetoric vs reality 

Vertical Integration in the battery/EV space 

Why the lithium shortage is understated – the battery scrap conundrum 

Where is Benchmark in five years? 

The impact of geopolitics on the lithium ion battery world 

Rapid Fire

Apr 03, 202257:57
Episode 132: "March Madness"

Episode 132: "March Madness"

A solo episode covering the following topics:

Lithium prices - why SQM, Albemarle and Livent have very different prices per kg

The price of lithium stocks  

The false narrative of Chinese lithium dominance

Is GM the "Don Quixote" of the EV world?

Energy Secretary Granholm playing politics in West Virginia

Lithium training for media types

Geothermal lithium - not ready for prime time?

Mar 26, 202219:35
Episode 131: Seth Goldstein

Episode 131: Seth Goldstein

Seth Goldstein is an analyst at Morningstar - an industry leader providing independent research and analysis on a global basis. In his role at Morningstar, Seth covers Tesla, Albemarle, SQM, Livent and Lithium Americas.


The EV market from a regional perspective

An update on Tesla’s new plants in Texas and Germany

Lithium supply and demand - how long will the shortage last?

Was Albemarle’s new lithium demand estimate for 2030 a meaningless theoretical exercise?

Why lithium is different than other resource markets

The Mineral Resources / Albemarle lithium JV - who has the upper hand in WA?

Livent: Too little, too late with a flawed strategy? Or a strong niche player?

Cathode – which “flavor” wins?

SQM – will they outperform Albemarle on price again in this market cycle?

Will SQM finally meet one of their volume predictions?

The “Spot” vs contract pricing gap – how much? For how long?

How will OEMs adjust their strategy to lithium limitations in this decade?

Seth’s thoughts on Lithium Americas – Cauchari and Thacker Pass

Product qualification in a market shortage

Rapid Fire

Feb 27, 202256:11
Episode 130: Chris Reed

Episode 130: Chris Reed

Chris Reed is the CEO of Neometals

Topics include:

First lithium success – the development of Mt Marion and a profitable exit

Battery recycling plans – Europe, North America, Asia

Feedstock – scrap & end of life batteries, timing

EVs “dirty little secret” – minimizing the current five years it takes the average EV to recoup the carbon footprint deficit with ICEs

The contribution recycling can make to lithium supply by 2030 and 2040

“Peak Spodumene”: What total LCE volume? When?

Electrolytic Lithium aka “Eli”– the process and potential

Changing the cost curve

Neometals upcoming London Listing

Supply and demand imbalance

Doomsday scenarios

Rapid fire

Feb 20, 202251:32
Episode 129: "Live from El Dorado" with Standard Lithium & Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Episode 129: "Live from El Dorado" with Standard Lithium & Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

A double episode for Super Bowl weekend. 

Part One is with Standard Lithium's Dr Andy Robinson and Will Smith. Andy is COO. Will is Engineering Manager. We discuss the Standard Lithium project with partner Lanxess in El Dorado, Arkansas. Part Two features Andrew Miller the COO of Benchmark Mineral intelligence. We discuss lithium price, supply and demand and several other topics.

Feb 12, 202201:02:38
Episode 128: Simon Hay

Episode 128: Simon Hay

Simon Hay is the CEO of Leo Lithium and the former CEO of Galaxy Resources. Leo Lithium has a 50/50 JV with Ganfeng Lithium to develop the Goulamina Project in Mali. 

Topics include:

Africa's history in lithium

Project details: resource/reserves, grade, flowsheet, utilities, etc

Timing of stage 1 and stage 2

The Team


Benefits of having Ganfeng as a partner


Price formula

The lithium market - what is "different this time"

Feb 04, 202244:27
Episode 127: Sigma Lithium

Episode 127: Sigma Lithium

My guests are Co-CEOs Ana Cabral-Gardner and Calvyn Gardner

A lively discussion that was originally 72 minutes edited down to 47 minutes.


Construction update and challenges

Ramping up

Covid and other obstacles 


BlackRock’s Investment

ESG Investing

Social License

Battery Quality spodumene – reality or myth?

Partners that matter

Lifting up the local community

Lithium: “The Limiting Factor” to EV Growth?

How long is the “short term”?

Twitter @SigmaLithium

Dec 28, 202147:43
Episode 126: Henrique Ribeiro
Dec 18, 202156:05
Episode 125: Daniel Jimenez

Episode 125: Daniel Jimenez

My guest is Daniel Jimenez ex SQM and currently running his own advisory firm, iLi Markets ( Recorded less than two weeks before the Chilean Presidential election runoff - described as the most divisive in the country's history. We discuss potential impacts of the election on the lithium industry depending on whether the winner is from the right or the left.

At minute 14, we begin a discussion of the Atacama & the current & future production of both SQM & Albemarle from the world's premier brine asset. We we also review the reasons for SQM lagging the pricing results of most competitors. Spoiler alert – we both expect that situation to change.

We also ponder Albemarle’s long & winding road in ramping up production from expansions in Chile.

We move on to a discussion of global supply & demand. Daniel’s 2021 & 2022 total demand numbers are higher than mine but not drastically so.

Daniel provides his thoughts on the potential for new lithium projects in Chile as well as DLE before moving on to the potential & challenges for the EU & North America to supply a significant percentage of their future lithium demand.

We cover the recent rise of Chinese investment in South American lithium projects.

Will recycling contribute significantly to lithium supply before 2030?

Solid state batteries & the potential impact on what lithium raw material requirements.

Rapid fire.

Daniel can be found on Twitter @D_Jimenez_Sch

Dec 10, 202154:02