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Go Beyond the Game

Go Beyond the Game

By Brian Burke

Brian Burke delivers rock-solid, pioneering insight into dating dynamics for men...and then Goes Beyond, to big-picture topics like health, spirituality, and career success.
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Ep 12 - Texting Tactics That Get You Laid

Go Beyond the GameOct 08, 2018

Ep 12 - Texting Tactics That Get You Laid

Ep 12 - Texting Tactics That Get You Laid

In this final portion of my podcast with David, we go over texting and following up with a girl after you get her number.

Most guys just “wing it” when it comes to texting girls… (they put so much hard work into approaching, flirting, and getting the number, and then ‘throw it all away’ when they text a girl without putting any thought into what they’re saying.) This is one of the worst things you can do with a woman - not only did you waste your time AND her time, but despite all of your effort, you WON’T get laid.

Listen as I explain how easy it is to text a woman the right way so she sees you as ‘the bad boy’ that ‘fills her up’ when she’s ‘in the mood!’

Here’s what you’ll learn:

- The Trojan Horse Tactic that gets you in her pants (even if she says “I’m not looking to hookup).

- A common mistake you need to avoid - or else women will stop talking and texting you (I give you a way to get out of this ‘verbal noose’ if you’ve already succumbed to its temptation.)
Oct 08, 201824:33
Ep 11 - How Approach Anxiety Makes Sex Easy!

Ep 11 - How Approach Anxiety Makes Sex Easy!

David and I discuss approaching tactics that EVERY guy should know.

Common knowledge says that being scared is the worst thing you can be when approaching beautiful women. But we flip this idea on its head and show you exactly HOW you can use your approach anxiety to be the SEXIEST guy she’ll ever meet.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

- How to sleep with women FAST (other guys won’t stand a chance - just by tweaking ONE THING in your conversation.)

- Don’t flirt with another girl until you hear the ‘Power Words’ that unlock every woman’s ‘inner nympho’ (you’ll be the most intriguing, exciting, and sexiest guy she meets tonight.)

- The approach anxiety ‘elixir’ that transforms you into a sexual beast (every woman will crave you because this triggers her hard-wired sex instincts, letting her know that you’re The Guy That Does “The Dirty.”
Oct 01, 201823:12
Ep 10 - How To Be ‘The Man’ That Every Woman Wants to Sleep With

Ep 10 - How To Be ‘The Man’ That Every Woman Wants to Sleep With

David and I continue our mind-blowing conversation...

I breakdown exactly how to ‘overcome’ your fear so you’ll feel more relaxed... and you’ll be a hell of a lot more sexy (she’ll think you’re the most confident guys she’s ever met!)

There are certain types of guys (very few actually) that women LOVE to chase for sex. And it isn’t because of their cologne or bank account. It’s because of specific mistakes they’re NOT making. I lay out my groundbreaking I:PA*CE system from Sexual Supremacy that gives you ‘night vision’ so you can ‘see the target’ and bypass all the common mistakes that make you look spineless, timid, and prevent sex from ever happening!
Sep 24, 201840:36
Ep 9 - The Real Reasons Women Reject You

Ep 9 - The Real Reasons Women Reject You

I coach one of my students, David, on his remarkable journey to meeting, flirting, and sleeping with women that are so beautiful they scare him - using my techniques to overcome his fears.

Every guy - no matter how experienced - has been rejected. But there’s actually a fundamental reason why women will ALWAYS reject you (even if she’s into you! Yes, you can be your own worst enemy.) But, I show you how to 'flip the script' in your favor so that she’s always working to make you like HER! No more time wasted getting shot down. No more frustration. No more guessing.

If you wanna stop getting rejected by beautiful women and watching as some other guy sweeps them off their feet, then you need this!
Sep 17, 201830:10
Ep 8 - ‘Top Secret’ Hacks To Escape The ‘Friend Zone’
Sep 10, 201820:33
Ep 7 - The Rejection-Proof Guide to “Making a Move” On Any Woman

Ep 7 - The Rejection-Proof Guide to “Making a Move” On Any Woman

Adam and I shift our focus to one of the BIGGEST problems guys face: WHEN and HOW to make the first move on a woman. You could have all your ‘ducks in a row’ when it comes to approaching, flirting, texting, and getting her to come over your place, but getting to ‘first base’ is something a lot of guys struggle with, and often creates DEBILITATING anxiety.

Buuuut…. I give you simple tactics to overcome this - so all the thinking, planning, and guessing that you usually do, is taken care of! And the best part is, it frees up your mind to do other stuff….like turning her on!

Here’s what else you’ll learn:

- Do these THREE THINGS and make women light up the moment you make eye contact (and best of all, this will get her imagining what it’s like to have sex with you.)

- How to make foreplay happen in under 5 minutes (you’ll have an amazing night of sex...she’s gonna love this!)


Ultimate Weapon: http;//
Sep 03, 201822:48
Ep 6 - How to Attract The Hottest Women (Part 2)
Aug 27, 201820:16
Ep 5 - How to Attract The Hottest Women (Part 1)
Aug 20, 201827:31
Ep 4 - The Secret to 'Hollywood' Confidence

Ep 4 - The Secret to 'Hollywood' Confidence

In this final portion of our provocative podcast, Chris and I talk about how to attain colossal confidence, the kind of confidence that guys that are naturally good with women have, the kind that women CRAVE, the kind that women want and talk about wanting…

And not the bullshit confidence that’s portrayed in movies by James Bond and other so-called “heros.” In this podcast, we talk about REAL confidence, and how YOU can be your own hero, a unique kind of man with a unique kind of confidence that women go CRAZY for…

The kind of shit that women dream about and read in romance novels...THAT kind of confidence….the kind of confidence that YOU’VE always dreamed about having.

You wanna have the kind of confidence that James Bond has? The kind that sweeps women off their feet by just looking at them?

Well, this is WAY better than that. And, best of all, there’s NOTHING to memorize. It’s all just pure you.
Aug 13, 201836:22
Ep 3 - How to Get Women Chasing You For Sex

Ep 3 - How to Get Women Chasing You For Sex

Here’s what we cover in this portion:

How to screen out psycho chicks. (This strategy is crucial if you want a girlfriend).

Why women flake on meeting up. (and how to get a girl to chase you for a date)

How to set up your place so that sex is the natural outcome of the evening by simply adjusting your furniture. (You’ll be shocked at how easily women will get it on when you make it smooth and easy)
How to never miss an opportunity

Why you need to make yourself the MVP in the relationship once you start dating a girl, and how to make her worship you instead of working overtime to make her happy. (The trick to keeping your girlfriend or wife satisfied is to keep her focused on satisfying YOU!)

How to avoid the “pickup artist trap” where your GAME only gets you women who rank 7/10 at best. (The hottest women can smell weak game like cheap cologne. That’s why my system is so much more effective - there’s no ‘faking’ involved)
Aug 06, 201833:28
Ep 2 - Maximize Your Confidence To Make Women Melt When They Meet You
Jul 30, 201836:42
Ep 1 - How to Know If She Wants Sex Tonight

Ep 1 - How to Know If She Wants Sex Tonight

My old buddy and fellow dating coach, Chris Orleans, breaks down his method for meeting and sleeping with women EXTREMELY FAST… like, within 5 minutes fast.

Most guys think this is impossible to do, unless you happen to get lucky and meet a girl who's begging for it.

BUT… if you know what youre doing, you can consistently pull women from the bar, club or even off the street.

For years, Chris and I have taught men of all ages and backgrounds how to do just that. And over the years Ive seen men make the same mistakes.

Chris breaks down HIS method for making a girl horny, ready, and willing to get it on. The thing is, this guy is REALLY SHORT, small-framed, and not particularly good-looking (sorry Chris) BUT women always tell him hes hot.

That's because he makes THEM feel hot. And he goes deep into how he does it, with tons of wild examples to show you whats possible with women.

(By the way, I think Chris is the only guy who makes women wet with the word dumpster.)
Jul 23, 201845:08
 Ep 0 - GBTG Intro

Ep 0 - GBTG Intro

Hey whats up its Brian Burke here, dating coach for men

Founder of Go Beyond Dating, creator of Pandora’s Box, The Attraction Code, more recently Sexual Supremacy and Dating Dominance.

I finally decided to get a podcast going so that I can reach more men out there who want to improve their lives and their ability to meet and connect with women.

I decided to call it the Go Beyond The Game podcast for a couple reasons.

First you may have heard of the the book “the Game” by Neil Strauss, covering the members of the pickup artist community, and Neil’s own journey as a loser with women, to having “Game” and getting the really hot women he always wanted but couldn’t seem to get.

That book sparked a lot of controversy, but also introduced many men to the idea that you could consciously IMPROVE your skills with women.
Jul 23, 201811:16