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Go Mountain Goats

Go Mountain Goats

By Finlay Wild

Scottish hill runner and mountaineer Finlay Wild has some questions for the mountain community...
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Episode 25 - Martin Moran Round with Robin Downie

Go Mountain GoatsFeb 02, 2023

Episode 30 - Ring of Stirling with Natalie Hawkrigg

Episode 30 - Ring of Stirling with Natalie Hawkrigg

I talk to Natalie Hawkrigg about a number of Swim - Run challenges she has completed. Based in the North Lakes, Natalie is the female record holder for the Frog Graham Round, a 40 mile run with four lake swims around the Lake District. She was also the first female to complete the Frog Graham in winter, and went on to do the Welsh Puddle Buckley challenge as well. In May 2023, Natalie became the second ever finisher of The Ring of Stirling, a 35 mile round starting and finishing in Shieldaig, Torridon, which includes 5 swims (one of which is tidal), 10 summits and traverses some remote and beautiful corners of Torridon. The round was conceived by Chris Waters as a tribute to his late friend Chris Stirling who loved the hills of Torridon and has won the Celtman triathlon previously. For her Stirling Round, Natalie had one failed attempt which finished at the frigid waters of Loch Coire Mhic Fhearchair (Beinn Eighe) but then returned the very next weekend to complete her round in 26 hours and 28 minutes. She talks through the process and gives her insights into this fascinating merger of hill running and open water swimming. In the introduction I mention the "It's Up to Us" campaign, a joint venture from Mountaineering Scotland and the Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland which launched earlier this year and aims to raise awareness of the need for investment in the repair and maintenance of Scottish upland paths. Go to ⁠⁠ for more info and to donate. For details of the Ring of Stirling go to: ⁠⁠ And the Frog Graham info is at: ⁠ FrogMan (Full Bob Graham run plus swims): Futher info/ corrections: 1. Lancaster bomber crash on Beinn Eighe 1951 - further info here: (my grandfather John Hinde was not involved in this RAF mountain rescue search, I got the stories muddled) 2. Biodiversity precautions on the Frog Graham Round: In recent years, the threat posed by Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) has increased hugely and sadly, Bassenthwaite and Derwentwater have been compromised for some time, completely upsetting the lakes’ delicate ecology and causing significant problems for lake users.  Crummock Water has also succumbed and is now infected with NZ pygmyweed. Only Buttermere remains untouched and the park authorities and WCRT are making strenuous efforts to ensure it remains that way. The Frog Graham Round Club is committed to supporting their initiatives. Please read the details on the biosecurity section of the Frog Graham website before attempting the round.

3. Natalie realised she got a fact wrong at the end of the chat: "I said that Chris Waters had not completed the Ring Of Stirling - that is not true. He has completed it in time of 22hrs 42, it was the Puddle Buckley he has not completed - he devised the Puddle and recced it but never did the final version."  4. Finlay says Ring of Steall when he means Ring of Stirling, near the end

Aug 24, 202301:14:35
Episode 29 - Scottish Islands Peaks Race with Joe Symonds

Episode 29 - Scottish Islands Peaks Race with Joe Symonds

I recorded this episode with Joe Symonds while racing on the boat Opportune in the 2023 Scottish Islands Peaks Race. Joe is a veteran of this race, having competed 12 times, and previously setting the records for the running legs on Mull and Arran. Joe is a Paediatric Neurologist living near Glasgow and has ranked highly in diverse running styles - from a 2:20 marathon to 4th in the World Mountain Running Champs; from British Champ to Yorkshire 3 peaks winner (twice).

The Scottish Islands Peaks Race started in 1983 and involves teams of 5 (2 runners and 3 sailors) sailing over 160 nautical miles between Oban, Mull, Jura, Arran and Troon. The runners race a combined total of 60 miles across 3 big runs, one on each island. There is also an allrounders category where all 5 are involved in portions of the sailing and running elements.

The event starts at noon on Friday and frequently takes 48hrs to complete. Wind, tide and sea conditions play a massive part as well as boat specifications and sailing tactics. The runners have 3 x 3+ hr rough hill runs to complete, frequently in suboptimal weather and often in the dark. Resting and refueling is obviously more difficult while aboard a racing yacht.

This year the wind was very light, which made the sailing slow and difficult for the sailors who often resorted to rowing methods to make progress. On the plus side, the runners generally experienced gentler seas and more rest than in a typical year, and we also watched a minke whale showing off while anchored against a strong tide which our boat couldn't row against.

We recorded the episode while sailing on Opportune with our sailors Gordon, Iain and Alan who looked after us amazingly on their lovely boat.
Jun 05, 202301:27:01
Episode 28 - Elite OMM Winners with Victoria Thompson and Janie Oates

Episode 28 - Elite OMM Winners with Victoria Thompson and Janie Oates

In October 2022 Victoria Thompson and Janie Oates came First in the Female category of the Elite OMM, and were the only female team to finish in this category since 2016. The OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) is a 2 day test of navigation and mountain craft held in late October each year, typically in harsh weather conditions. It was first held in 1968 and occurs in a different geographic area each year, with competitors having to carry all food and equipment such as tent and stove, navigating through a series of checkpoints to a midway camp, then doing it all again on Day 2 after a suboptimal sleep. There are various distance courses (Elite, A, B), as well as Score courses (3 distances - these courses are about choosing checkpoints to collect in a given time).

We talk about what made them want to take on this challenge, the preparation and the wet event weekend itself, as well as getting into some of the potential barriers to women in this type of event, and hill running in general.

This chat was inspired by an interview of Janie and Victoria at Kendal Mountain Festival 2022 by Becky Vale.

May 11, 202301:11:05
Episode 27 - Cape Wrath Trail Record Unsupported with Pawel Cymbalista
Apr 21, 202301:19:02
Episode 26 - Speedy Tours with Ben Bardsley and Jon Morgan

Episode 26 - Speedy Tours with Ben Bardsley and Jon Morgan

On Day 5 of the sixth year of our week-a-year ski traverse of the Grand Alpine Arc (Mediterranean to Vienna) we found ourselves stopping a bit earlier than planned, at the almost full Warnsdorfer hütte winter room. I took the opportunity to sit down with Ben Bardsley and Jon Morgan to discuss our ‘Speedy Tours’ project. Started in 2016 at Menton on the Med coast, the three of us plus fourth member Es Tresidder set out on our journey. The project has been incredibly engaging, taking us through varied terrain and weather conditions, with every type of snow. Long days in new places have made for very memorable trips which build with each year. We talk about the ethos, equipment and practicalities of the project. (Not the best audio I’m afraid on this episode as just done on a phone in the back of a busy hut)
Mar 24, 202345:23
Episode 25 - Martin Moran Round with Robin Downie
Feb 02, 202301:02:24
Episode 24 - Winter Running Thoughts with Ben Gibson
Nov 29, 202201:23:44
Episode 23 - North West Climbing with Murdoch Jamieson

Episode 23 - North West Climbing with Murdoch Jamieson

I caught up with Dingwall-based climber Murdoch Jamieson to hear about everything North West climbing. A true allrounder, Murdoch has made first ascents and repeats of hard routes on some of the most inspiring cliffs in the region. From Carnmore to Beinn Eighe, Beinn Bhan and An Teallach we hear about why these big, remote and imposing mountains have and continue to inspire him. 

We delve into a bit more detail on some specific climbs such as:

'One Hundred Years of Solitude', Carnmore Crag - first ascent team, led directly after Iain Small - E8 6c (2014)

'Root of All Evil', Beinn Eighe - first winter ascent with John Orr - IX, 8 (2014)

'Godzilla', Beinn Bhan - second ascent with Iain Small and Andy Inglis - IX, 8 (2015)

Godzilla was first climbed by Guy Robertson, Pete Benson and Nick Bullock (2011) and is a direct start to The Godfather

Photo credit: Uisdean Hawthorn. Murdoch on 'Heavy Flak', Beinn Eighe - first winter ascent - VIII, 8 (2019)

Oct 28, 202201:12:39
Episode 22 - Pacific Crest Trail with Olly Stephenson
Oct 09, 202201:36:25
Episode 21 - Tranter's Round Record with Jack Kuenzle
Jul 30, 202201:26:09
Episode 20 - From the Jura Hotel with Jasmin Paris

Episode 20 - From the Jura Hotel with Jasmin Paris

I finally caught up with Jasmin Paris on the Isle of Jura the day before the eponymous race to chat about some of her more recent achievements. We start off with the iconic Isle of Jura Fell Race and what it means to her, before moving on to talk about The Green Runners. This is a new group set up with the aim of connecting runners concerned about the Climate Crisis, and helping to give them a united voice to try and foster change within running culture (in terms of reducing personal footprints of travel, kit and food) and the wider world (by speaking out and political change).  

Jasmin's running CV has a depth to rival the deepest Jura bogs (!) so I've tried to focus on a few of her more recent feats, namely The Spine Race and the Barkley Marathons. The Spine Race crosses a humungous 268 miles along the Pennine Way in mid winter, and in 2019 Jasmin bagged the overall record of just over 83 hours. There was rightly a massive media interest in this globally, celebrating Jasmin the mum as well as Jasmin the ultrarunner. I try to get into her process a bit; what gives her the grit and determination that she clearly has in bundles. We also discuss what it means to be a top woman in sport and how she balances running with family life. We finish by talking though some of the highs and lows of the Barkley Marathons ultra that Jasmin completed the 'Fun Run' 3 lap version of in March this year. This event has developed a reputation as a gruelling and esoteric 100mile+ event that only 15 people have every completed the full 5 laps version of in its 27 year history. With bush wacking in the dark, snowstorms and difficult navigation it's a full psychological assault, and we examine what resilience tools and tricks Jasmin employed. 

Photo by Howie Stern / inov-8 (taken at the Barkley)

Jun 02, 202201:07:07
Episode 19 - Paddy Buckley Round Record, Finlay Wild interviewed by Keri Wallace
May 08, 202201:03:54
Episode 18 - Chamonix to Zermatt Haute Route Female Record with Hillary Gerardi
Mar 11, 202201:08:55
Episode 17 - Highland Stalwart with Alec Keith

Episode 17 - Highland Stalwart with Alec Keith

I caught up with Inverness-based Alec Keith who has been a prominent figure in Scottish hill running over the past 30 years. One-time holder of records for the Cairngorm 4000s, Cairngorm Big Six and Mullardoch Round, Alec revels in good long days out in the mountains, often alone, and he was quietly doing what he loves in the hills long before most of us were eating hot dinners! Over the years Alec has made the top few places in rough, rugged races such as Glamaig, Glenshee 9 and Jura Fell Race. We talk through some of his top hill memories, touching on the Hebridean Challenge and Scottish Islands Peaks races as well as hearing about the best way not to carry 22 bananas on a 60 mile run...
Dec 23, 202101:12:33
Episode 16 - Sub 13hr Bob Graham Round, Finlay Wild interviewed by Martin Stone

Episode 16 - Sub 13hr Bob Graham Round, Finlay Wild interviewed by Martin Stone

On 28th August I completed the second fastest Bob Graham Round ever, touching the steps of the Moot Hall in Keswick in just under 13 hours - less than 7 minutes slower than record holder and all round megastar Kilian Jornet's time. I had an incredible support team who helped me to push myself further than ever before, forging memories that will last a lifetime. I'm delighted that endurance running godfather Martin Stone offered to interview me about my run.

Sep 13, 202101:18:39
Episode 15 - 24hr Munro Record with Kim Collison
Aug 25, 202101:20:42
Episode 14 - Lakes Classic Rock Round with Josh Jardine

Episode 14 - Lakes Classic Rock Round with Josh Jardine

I saw from Strava that Lakes-based runner Josh Jardine was up in Scotland on a climbing trip. He came round for a cuppa and four hours later still wouldn't accept a second! We chatted about his running and climbing projects, in particular hearing about the Lakes Classic Rock Round which he completed in September 2019 with fellow Helm Hill runner Pete Rigby in a then pairs record of 18hrs 59mins. The route involves climbing the 15 Lake District routes from Ken Wilson's revered book Classic Rock in a continuous 40 mile quest around some of the Lakes' best rock climbs.
Jun 17, 202101:04:18
Episode 13 - Cuillin Ridge Traverse Female Record with Kelli Roberts
May 09, 202150:48
Episode 12 - Munro Round Record with Donnie Campbell and Stephen Pyke

Episode 12 - Munro Round Record with Donnie Campbell and Stephen Pyke

On 2nd September 2020 Donnie Campbell completed his human-powered Munro Round in a record time of 31 days, 23 hours and 2 minutes. He completed all 282 Munros by running, biking and kayaking between them, starting on Ben More on Mull and finishing atop Ben Hope in the Far North. This improved on Stephen Pyke's 2010 record of 39 days, 9 hours and 6 minutes which itself knocked a significant chunk off the previous record before it.

I talk to Donnie and Stephen (Spyke) about all things Munro Round on a Zoom call for the Fort William Mountain Festival. I found it really interesting to get into the scale of the challenge, logistics, and highs and lows with these two - who both clearly had incredibly memorable experiences on these journeys.

Mar 14, 202101:11:16
Episode 11 - Scottish Haute Route with Roger Wild

Episode 11 - Scottish Haute Route with Roger Wild

In this episode I speak to Roger Wild - my father - about (some of) the history of ski touring in Scotland before moving on to describe our 2010 'Scottish Haute Route'. This 7 day journey from Ben Nevis to Gairnshiel near Ballater was around 155km in length with 10,000m of ascent. We pre-placed food caches, stayed in bothies, and skied on Nordic free-heel skis carrying our overnight gear with us. The route linked up the high ground through Lochaber to the Cairngorms, ascending numerous Munros and Corbetts along the way. 

Roger is a retired British Mountain Guide and a former Royal Marines Commando. 


1. We talk about grip wax which goes on the ski under your foot on nordic skis to allow grip when that foot is weighted - not to be confused with the wax used to improve glide on downhill skis (and tips/tails of nordic skis)

2. Dr Adam Watson (1930-2019) was 85 when we met him near Banchory in 2016

3. For some reason I said I was a student in Aberdeen in 2010 - I'm not that young and was in fact a junior doctor then

4. We mention skimo race skis a lot but don’t acknowledge that of course modern standard touring setups have gotten way lighter too - most people seem to like something in the ‘light standard‘ range rather than full race skis - which are harder to ski in some conditions, less stable, more expensive and less durable. For long journeys obviously low weight is key.

Feb 21, 202101:34:48
Episode 10 - Solo Unsupported Midwinter Bob Graham Round 1987 with Martin Stone
Jan 03, 202101:17:54
Episode 9 - Faster and Further with Robbie Simpson

Episode 9 - Faster and Further with Robbie Simpson

I talk to Robbie Simpson about his progression from junior hill runner through some European highlights such as Sierre-Zinal and Jungfrau Marathon, to road marathon and his 2018 Commonwealth Games bronze medal. We talk about having season goals and specific training, as well as his entry onto the ultra racing scene in recent years. Bringing it back to the Scottish mountains, we touch on the Lairig Ghru race (which  he won in 2020) and Cairngorms running.

Robbie is sponsored by Adidas Terrex

Nov 29, 202001:30:08
Episode 8 - Glencoe Skyline with Georgia Tindley
Nov 10, 202001:30:44
Episode 7 - Winter Greater Cuillin Traverse with Will Rowland

Episode 7 - Winter Greater Cuillin Traverse with Will Rowland

Last winter Will Rowland pulled off an incredible traverse of the Black and Red Cuillin in a two day journey starting and finishing at Sligachan. Based on a summer linkup his father Clive Rowland pioneered almost 40yrs ago, we believe this is the first winter completion. It was a pleasure to chat to Will about his experience, as well as talking generally about the Cuillin and the history of the various traverses and 'records'.

I apologise for the mic 'buzz' - I couldn't fix it for this episode but will do shortly...

Corrections and clarifications:
I said Garbh-bheinn once when I meant Bla Bheinn.
For those without a map in front of them, Gars-bheinn is at the southern end of the main Cuillin ridge, Bla Bheinn is the 12th Cuillin munro which stands away from the main ridge across Glen Sligachan (and includes the sub summit Clach Glas), and Garbh-bheinn is a lower summit between the Black and Red Cuillin (which is included in the Greater and the Greater Greater Traverses!).
Also, when I say myself and Tim Gomersall carried 'one good axe each' - we had one tech axe and one light axe each, so for the TD gap I could lead with both tech axes.
Since this chat I have discovered that Harry Holmes did the Ben Nevis 5 Ridges Winter linkup in 2014, perhaps other climbs will let us know too for the leader board!

Traverses we talk about:
Main Cuillin Traverse
Greater Cuillin Traverse (main + Clach Glas- Bla Bheinn traverse - also usually includes lower peaks Garbh-bheinn and Sgurr na h-Uamha)
Greater Greater Cuillin Traverse "Sligachan Horseshoe" (main + Bla Bheinn - Clach Glas + all Red Cuillin) [FA: Clive Rowland summer. Will Rowland Winter]
Extended Greater Greater Traverse! "Cuillin Round" (main + Bla Bheinn - Clach Glas + all Red Cuillin + most other 'tops' along the way eg Sgurr na Stri) [FA: Rob Woodall summer]
Greater Greater Greater Traverse - mythical holy grail proposed by Ali Rose = all the above plus kayak to Rum to do Rum Cuillin too!!

For more info on the different records, please see:
SMC 'Skye Scrambles' guidebook
Scottish Hill Runners 'Long Distance Records' tab
Go Far website for Rob Woodall's write up and notes, including a link to PDF 'Long Days in the Cuillin' which gives a detailed history with dates of the different Cuillin extensions.
'The Black Cuillin' book by Gordon Stainforth, 1994
Andy Hyslop's Rockfax guide to the main Cuillin Ridge
Oct 27, 202001:34:17
Episode 6 - Ramsay's Round with Finlay Wild, interviewed by Es Tresidder

Episode 6 - Ramsay's Round with Finlay Wild, interviewed by Es Tresidder

On 31st August I ran Charlie Ramsay's Round in 14hrs 42mins to break Es Tresidder's 2019 record. 

This run was the culmination of my 2020 season and has been a goal for many years. I ran solo and unsupported and enjoyed a tough but incredibly memorable mountain experience.

Es interviews me about the process of breaking the record - from my buildup through shorter distance records earlier this year, through planning and prep, to conditions and tactics on the day. 

Sep 13, 202001:18:41
Episode 5 - Arran Mountain Time with Kirstie Smith
Aug 30, 202001:02:05
Episode 4 - Running the Mamores with Sarah MacDonald

Episode 4 - Running the Mamores with Sarah MacDonald

I talk to Sarah MacDonald of Lochaber Athletic Club and Glencoe about her recent FKT on the Mamores Round. She ran the 35km (+/-) loop in just under 8hrs - a strong run, especially considering the overall record stood at over 7hrs until 2017. We talk about the freedom of long solo hill runs, overcoming the barriers to 'just doing it', and generally enjoy an appreciation of the high ridges.

SHR Long Distance Records - go here and click on the dropdown tab 'Tour of the Mamores' for details and history.

Sarah is @sarahcaber on Instagram and also works periodically as a guide for Girls on Hills trail running.
Aug 08, 202001:11:44
Episode 3 - Cairngorm Classic Rock Link-up with Ali Rose and Mark Chambers
Jul 25, 202001:30:03
Episode 2 - Six Ridges of the Buachaille with Keri Wallace

Episode 2 - Six Ridges of the Buachaille with Keri Wallace

I talk to Keri Wallace of Girls on Hills Trail Running about the Glencoe scene in general and her new climbing linkup with husband Ben of the 'Six Ridges of the Buachaille'.  We also chat about her journey from PHD to climbing instructor to running guide and some of her most memorable mountain days. 

Find more details at:, or

Six Ridges of Buachaille Etive Mor:

Stats: 5hrs 30mins. 1642m of ascent over 15km. 

Route: Lagangarbh Buttress (up), Great Gully Buttress (down), Broad Buttress (up), [Great Gully Buttress (down again)], North Buttress (up), Curved Ridge (down), Crowberry Ridge and Tower (up), Bag summit, Return via Coire na Tulaich

Jul 11, 202001:07:43
Episode 1 - Skimo Ramsay Round attempt with Es Tresidder
Jun 28, 202001:26:52