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The Goddess & The Medicine Woman

The Goddess & The Medicine Woman

By Melissa McHugh & Sydney Decker

Join Sydney Decker & Melissa McHugh as they sit down and discuss "What is Up" in their Universe right now. Sometimes funny, a little bit heartbreaking and always interesting. They move through this podcast with the goal of bringing in transformational experiences. Talking about things that inspire them like spirituality, energy healing, personal growth and self-care with each other and their guests. Sharing their gifts as light workers through guided meditations & group healings. Shining Light, instilling wisdom & offering guidance for those navigating this sometimes messy human experience.
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Episode 17: A Conversation with Psychic Medium & Author Corbie Mitleid

The Goddess & The Medicine WomanJan 09, 2023

Episode 55: A Conversation with Author of "You Make Your Path By Walking" Suzanne Anderson

Episode 55: A Conversation with Author of "You Make Your Path By Walking" Suzanne Anderson

Suzanne Anderson is the founder of The Mysterial Woman, a psychologist, author, coach, leadership consultant and transformational teacher. Her pioneering work in guiding others to awaken their full Feminine and Masculine strengths combines insights and practices from ancient wisdom, depth psychology and modern neuroscience. Suzanne wisely guides women to awaken to the next level of conciousness and leadership capacity, making the changes in themselves that they want to shape in the world.

Suzanne describes her book and how she came up with her title. She talks about how you are in your life when the past is gone and their is no path ahead. How we are walking forward creating our lives as we move.

Sydney asks deep questions about Suzanne's experience with her husbands suicide and discusses parts of her own journey.

Suzanne talks about diving into the experience of his death and paying attention to the unfolding of it. Talking about how writing was part of her healing. Honoring the experience for herself.

She discusses how her writing turned into a helping manual for others moving through trauma.

They discuss the masculine energy and notice how men can struggle deeply in this world. How we have been in a 5000 year masculine paradigm of wholeness. Evolutions way of moving us forward.

Suzanne talks in depth about her husbands death and what he went through before he died and how it all affected her.

The women discuss how men need support and how the rituals of the past can be brought into the present and future with us as we find new ways of living and integrating our spiritual practices and our lives. Building communities based on communicating from the heart.

Suzanne and Sydney talk about starting out on their spiritual journies and about how trauma can wake us up in a big way. How rawness and vulnerability can take us there and propel us forward. Getting us to start questioning our lives.

Loss, grief and depth of emotion on the soul's journey. Claiming the path that opens up before us.

Come on in and join the conversation!

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Oct 02, 202301:06:57
Episode 54: Diving Into 3-D Reality & Getting Excited About The Change We See

Episode 54: Diving Into 3-D Reality & Getting Excited About The Change We See

In Episode 54 Melissa & Sydney sing a song and talk about their one year anniversary. How when they first started out they had to decide to dedicate themselves to the process and how it has helped them both in so many ways.

They talk about their amazing guests and how these beautiful humans have touched them in their lives in so many ways and how they want to show up for themselves, their guests and listeners every Monday.

They do a shout out to Pod Pros and PodMatch for being so awesome and for helping them find guests and stay focused and in the flow.

Sydney and Melissa discuss the Divine Masculine and the guests who will be coming on to talk about their journies as men. They discuss how difficult it can be to walk the earth in this patriarchal society and how you need to know who you are as a human being in order to have a loving romantic relationship. Noticing that you can also be in that relationship and continue to walk your path and work on your stuff and grow inside of that relationship.

They talk about seeing life as being in a boat and how you can make a conscious choice to fill the boat with tools in case you fall overboard or decide to dive in instead of letting the waves throw you around and batter you. Sydney tells a story of a man lost at sea and how he believes that a shark helped him to get rescued.

They talk about the trees and how humans are waking up to the knowledge that trees and plants are so much smarter and sentient than most people realize. How the trees are connected and can show us how to be in the world. Creating authentic relationships in an energy of abundance.

They discuss fear and how we are moving through life afraid. How excitement and fear can feel the same and that we can pay attention to what is going on with the world and get excited about the change we see taking shape. Knowing that it is up to us to bring joy into this world NOW! Showing up NOW!

We are the ones we've been waiting for!

Come on in and join the conversation.

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Man and Shark Article

Sep 25, 202353:59
Episode 53: A Conversation with Women's Circle Facilitator, Creator of Communities for Moms and Cultivator of Conscious Parenting Michelle DeKeyser

Episode 53: A Conversation with Women's Circle Facilitator, Creator of Communities for Moms and Cultivator of Conscious Parenting Michelle DeKeyser

In this episode Melissa and Sydney have a very interesting conversation with Michelle DeKeyser. Michelle is a wife and mom of three kids who participated in various mom groups, ran a few, even joined some book clubs, but envisioned something different. She found herself looking around, still wondering what it was that She liked to do that didn't involve the kid's activities. As she worked to discover her own passions, she realized that there is no "one size fits all" program, but that the true key to figuring out your passion and making your goals happen is by finding connection in a supportive empowering environment surrounded by grace. She has started spreading this message through YouTube, Instagram and her Blog. Michelle holds an MA in education and spent 8 years dedicated to the classroom before having a family of her own.

Michelle talks about Women's Circles and why she thinks they are so important. Discussing how women creating and participating in circles can change the world. How she realized that her mission was to bring circles into the mainstream. Creating communities of women empowering one another. Working together and coming from a place of lifting one another up instead of living in competition.

Sydney speaks about seeing one another through the lens of the patriarchy. Dumbing women down and creating an energy of discord for so long and the separation that we have created amongst one another.

Michelle talks about how some moms live so separately now and sequestered in their own homes and believing that they have to do everything alone. Moving from house to car trying to be perfect, and describes what that looked like for her. How women begin to make that choice to focus on the kids and how it changed her. Feeling the disconnect in that type of life. Feeling lost and not knowing who she was anymore.

She talks about Women's Circles as a safe space and how it might be easier to start slowly when looking to change with those types of connections. Easing into sharing their feelings and stories with virtual circles and peeling back that onion at their own pace.

They discuss how it can be hard to trust other women because of past trauma and because of how women have been pitted against one another in competition. Learning to begin coming together again and finding that trust that we had in tribal settings.

Michelle talks about how, as she changes herself, that her relationships with her family, and how she looks at parenting, has changed. Allowing herself and her kids to find their own voice and guiding them toward finding their own power instead of trying to force them into a box. Letting them be who they truly are and helping them identify what they need and want. Speaking their truth and finding emotional regulation.

Sydney talks about creating a masculine mask in order to survive. How some of us were told to toughen up and try to fit into society. How that creates a negative view of our femininity. Noticing that women, sitting in circles, will create a certain energy. Doing things in a different way. Shifting ourselves in order to save the world.

Finding your reward in the journey. Noticing that it isn't about the belonging to other people. It's about belonging to yourself.

Come on in and join the conversation!

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Sep 18, 202358:31
Episode 52: The Roles We Play: Giving One Another Permission To Be Who We Are

Episode 52: The Roles We Play: Giving One Another Permission To Be Who We Are

In this episode Melissa and Sydney discuss getting triggered by family obligations and Melissa talks about how she has to watch herself when she is in a management position at work. How she listens to the voices and thoughts in her head and how this has changed for her. How she can notice the old patterns and the tapes that play.

She talks about moving through it all by looking at it, sitting with it and sending it love.

Melissa also discusses her newest endeavor and how everyone involved is looking to shift the paradigm of what a business looks like. Bringing in more feminine energy and looking to heal within the business model. Bringing the heart into it and noticing that we can continue to repeat our cycles in life if we don't pay attention.

Sydney and Melissa talk about masculine and feminine energy and what that means for them. Sydney walks us through what these energies look like for her and describe them as a river. Where there is a flow of water and the banks containing it and how you need both.

Sydney discusses the Barbie movie and gender roles. How we need to get to know who we are before we can come together with another person.

Sydney talks about being able to be a strong and capable woman and still be feminine. How you can have one energy, a center and love of self and still get things done. Giving one another permission to be who we are instead of playing the same old roles.

Melissa talks about shifting from a manager to a facilitator and showing up the same way for the people she is facilitating for as she would her clients.

Working together to cretae balance and being there for one another. Noticing that not everything in this world needs to be completely dismantled but how we can change the system from within. Shifting ourselves internally and bringing joy into it all.

Come on in and join the conversation!

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Sep 11, 202301:08:43
Episode 51: Shining Our Light on Financial Abundance: Making Powerful Choices Around Money

Episode 51: Shining Our Light on Financial Abundance: Making Powerful Choices Around Money

Sydney and Melissa dive into a conversation about financial abundance. How our money, and lack or abundance of it, represents our worth. That instead of a representation of an energy exchange it has turned into something else. More of a judgement of being good enough in our society.

They notice how the major system holds some of us back from having experiences that bring us joy. How the rules are set up and non-negotiable. We have given our power over to unseen entities such as corporations and how so much of our interaction on a daily basis is not human to human.

Sydney decides that she can't set boundries within these systems and that we need to realize that we are allowed to question and to not go along with any of it. Paying attention to the fact that we are giving our power away and getting nothing in return. Changing our perspectives and asking questions brings awareness to the mindset behind these systems and realizing that just because something was created deoesn't mean it can't be changed if it becomes outdated. Asking ourselves if it isn't working why aren't we changing it?

Sydney talks about coming from her heart-space and bringing awareness to the brokenness of the system we live in. Seeing that there is no heart in any of it. Just the profit driven madness we have all created. Money without abundance.

The women talk about what can be done about it and what they have decided to do. Looking at ourselves first and changing our stories and the energy around our abundance or lack mentality. Investigating without judgement. Being real and honest about our own part in it.

Focusing on the possibility of change. Turning our light on and shining it toward the truth of the situation. Accepting it without blame.

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Sep 04, 202355:08
Episode 50: A Conversation with Divine Channel & Scribe of Infinite Knowledge Catherine O'Connor

Episode 50: A Conversation with Divine Channel & Scribe of Infinite Knowledge Catherine O'Connor

In this very special 50th episode Melissa & Sydney interview Divine Channel Catherine O'Connor. Catherine is a Divine Channeler, scribe of infinite knowledge, and divinator of Divine Love Magic. With her guides she co-creates nourishing spaces and evolutionary programs to activate soul alignment and Divine embodiment processes. She works with beings of light to gently awaken deep heart desires and activate multidimentional consciousness to dissolve old ways of being so that individuals may choose and create an aligned life that looks and feels like them. She is here to share her story and knowledge with us and participate in a meaningful conversation. Catherine offers a unique perspective on unlocking one's soul purpose.

Catherine is the founder of The Divine Temple. Within the Divine Temple's innovative Sacred Architecure is a chamber devoted to you. This magical chamber has frequencies, stargates, and activations to awaken codes within your DNA. So you may potently contribute at the level you desire and rock the multiverse with your harmonics.

Catherine begins by discussing The Divine Temple. What it is and where it is and how she created it. Describing how beautiful and calming its affects are and how multi-dimentional it is. She discusses stepping into her role as a practitioner and facilitator while she was in Egypt and how she took the intuitive leap to bring about her dream.

Catherine drops into chnneling as the women ask and answer deep questions. Catherine speaks about being guided to become initiated. She talks about Light-Language as being "sounds in other languages" and what that looks like for her. How these languages are Light & Love frequencies.

Catherine channels Light Language for us and brings in her guides and they speak about Love and The Goddess & The Medicine Woman Podcast conversations and our 50th episode celebration and how meaningful it is for all who are a part of it.

Sydney and Melissa discuss how they felt while Catherine channeled. Sydney talking about her remebrance of the Light Language and also about how ego came in. Pushing her out of the experience. Melissa & Sydney compare notes about how the felt physically during the process.

Melissa asks about the channeling procees and Catherine speaks about the Light Beings always being present no matter what she is doing. Being a part of who she is now.

Sydney asks the guides "What is the point?" And the light beings step in and answer enthusiastically.

Sydney's internet and personal self suffers from a block and pops in and out of the conversation at one point. They keep moving forward anyway and work it all out. Talking about how it is time for human beings to shift. Opening up and understanding what this life can be. Living, Loving and understanding our potential and how we can recognize the Magnificence of who we truly are.

Come on in and join the conversation.

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Aug 28, 202301:03:08
Episode 49: You Are The Candle: Calling Our Energy Home

Episode 49: You Are The Candle: Calling Our Energy Home

In Episode 49 Sydney and Melissa dive into the astrological aspects of what we are feeling right now. How we are opening up to the heart space and noticing our patterns and the emotions that follow us. How we must bring awareness to those feelings.

Melissa talks about her experience during a power outage and how her body has been asking her to rest, but that it took an injury to get her to sit down. Noticing what it meant for her and how it brought up her relationship to the masculine in her life. Becoming aware of the guilt that goes along with taking a break, and how she moved through it during her day.

Sydney talks about having a Soul Purpose and what that looks like for us all. How regular life holds beauty, but that our lives change on a deeper level when we recognize why we are here. Realizing that slowing down and sitting in the heart helps us to wake up to that purpose.

Sydney talks about how "Doing The Work" can also be a distraction and that just being is okay.

Melissa talks about her past addictions and how she still struggles with over-eating. She tells the story of not being able to stop even though she wants to. How the compulsion to over-eat is so strong and seems stronger thatn she is a lot of the time.

Sydney speaks on it and looks at it in an energetic way, and talks about how knowledge and wisdom are different.

Acknowledging that it takes time to change. The wisdom of applying yourself to yourself. Not resisiting but allowing. Finding out what we are searching for within the cravings. Becoming the investigators of our own lives.

Come on in and join the conversation!

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Episode 48: Heal To Be Real: Changing The Energy Behind The Manifestation Process

Episode 48: Heal To Be Real: Changing The Energy Behind The Manifestation Process

In this episode Sydney and Melissa begin with a calming and grounding meditation to help them get settled and drop into the heart space.

Sydney talks to Melissa about picking up other people's energy, and how our energy is so powerful. Talking about how we need to slow down and watch how we show up and what we say. Noticing that our reality shifts quickly now. We have to remember that we are creating our world every moment. Knowing that we tell the stories of our lives and that those stories become our lives. Realizing that getting quiet and sitting with things might be the best route to take.

They talk about allowing the energy of a situation to move through us and our world and noticing that most of the time a situation, and our reaction to it, is much deeper than what is apparent. Paying attention to the deeper meanings and messages will help us evolve. Being open to, and noticing, all of the nuances of our lives. Remembering that all of this is happening For us not To us.

Learning to listen to and trust ourselves enough to no longer need to perpetuate drama or get anyone else's opinion in order to be ok. Noticing that when we do overshare it is because we feel unsafe in the world.

The women talk about the old saying "Fake it till you make it." Discussing how we create the bridge between the reality of our situation and the life we want to manifest. One of Sydney's Spirit Guides passes on a new saying: "Heal To Be Real." or "Be Real To Heal." Changing the way we can look at, and the energy behind, that kind of transformation. Noticing that the energy behind "Fake it" and "Heal" is so much different. That you have to get real with yourself in order to manifest your best life. Realizing that the Universe/Source is asking you to go deep and to move away from the faking it point of view to the getting real and healing action step. Removing all of the shit that is in our way. Becoming real in order to heal.

Sydney talks about how scary it can be when you aren't faking it and putting yourself out there authentically. How you open yourself up to other peoples energy and opinion. Knowing that if she didn't that she would always be living in the fear instead of healing it. Knowing that in order to heal you have to go through the feelings that the situations in your life are triggering. Showing her that she can no longer avoid the feelings of shame and anxiety that living in your truth brings up. Moving through it with as much grace as possible.

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Aug 14, 202348:51
Episode 47: What Can Be Done When Fear Comes Up & Noticing Energy First

Episode 47: What Can Be Done When Fear Comes Up & Noticing Energy First

In Episode 47 Sydney & Melissa weigh in on the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomenon. Noticing how people are reacting to it.

Sydney discusses her first ever podcast guest appearance on The Masters In Creating Podcast which tapes in Pittsburgh, PA. She talks about how she felt about being interviewed and what that brought up for her internally and how triggered she got about her feelings around her body and view of self. Noticing that she felt a little out of control and afraid, and how the mind will try to protect us from change.

The women discuss what can be done when fear shows up. How we can allow these kinds of feelings and emotions to be there instead of resisting them and acknowledging the difference between psychological fear and survival fear, which is only helpful during times of actual danger. How we can see fear as a growing pain and part of the process of life.

Melissa talks about befriending our emotions. Asking for the messages that they are bringing in for us and then allowing the fear to move through us in order to keep our flow state.

Showing up and walking our own path. Being in the world and being an example. Putting ourselves out ther while putting our positive energy out front and first. Showing up authentically so that we can live the life we deserve.

Come on in and join the conversation!

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Episode 46: A Conversation with Narcissistic Abuse Coach, Psychotherapist & Author Chelsey Brooke Cole

Episode 46: A Conversation with Narcissistic Abuse Coach, Psychotherapist & Author Chelsey Brooke Cole

Chelsey Brooke Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, coach and speaker specializing in narcissistic abuse and relational trauma. Chelsey has spoken at HR and counseling conferences, internationally recognized universities and national organizations on narcissism in the workplace, how to communicate with difficult people, emotional intelligence, and effective therapeutic strategies for narcissistic abuse survivors. She is the author of "If Only I'd Known! How To Outsmart Narcissists, Set Guilt-Free Boundries and Create Unshakeable Self-Worth." Chelsey is also a Certified Partner Trauma Therapist and Level 1 Trained Gottman Method Couples Therapist. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in social psychology from Liberty University.

In this episode Chelsey explains what a narcissist is and talks about how it is not a diagnosis, but a description of patterns of behavior over time.

Narcissists are constantly high-conflict and rigid in their thinking. They can be antagonistic and vindictive, entitled and emotionally disregulated. She talks about the full spectrum of narcissistic behavior and that it resides along a broad scale. At the bottom is the know-it-all at the dinner table and up top the malignant narcissist who is cousin to the psychopath.

Chelsey discusses her experiences with narcissistic relationships starting in childhood and continuing into her first marraige. Recognizing how this shaped her throughout her life. How she shut her emotions down for a long time and had to learn to peel back the layers and open up to what happened. Deciding to make a change by looking at her patterns and using that information to heal.

Sydney and Chelsey talk about their own experiences in relationship and Sydney questions the reasons that she might attract narcissists into her life. Chelsey talks about setting boundries within the relationship and and how we can learn to move through these situations over time.

Chelsey discusses how she helps her clients heal from the trauma of being in an abusive relationship. Sharing how survivors are often confused about what happened and unsure about it in so many ways. Looking at her clients like a puzzle and putting the pieces back together one at a time. Finding balance between the information and the action steps one needs to take in order to move forward in life.

Taking it easy on yourself without judgement. Taking the steps that you need to and giving yourself permission to take the time to heal.

Come on in and join the conversation!

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Jul 31, 202359:26
Episode 45: A Conversation with International Author, Medicine Woman & Lightworker Ulrika Karlsson

Episode 45: A Conversation with International Author, Medicine Woman & Lightworker Ulrika Karlsson

For many decades Ulrika Karlsson was depressed and burned out and eventually became suicidal. Her whole life was like an inner struggle with low self-asteem manifesting as many things such as stress, severe sleeping disorders and a deep depression. This ongoing inner struggle affected all aspects of her life.

Today Ulrika works as a Feminine Leadership Coach, International Spiritual Teacher and Author, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, and Soul Coach. She has written 5 books with the purpose of reminding us who we truly are.

In this episode Ulrika talks about heart-based living and what that means for her. How we are living in a world that doesn't come from the heart space and how we can move into the heart by dropping into the feminine energy. Practicing compassion and moving into higher states of conciousness.

Sydney, Melissa & Ulrika talk about recognizing masculine and feminine energies within ourselves. Ulrika points out how we are in the immature stages of those energies now and that society is driven by this.

Sydney talks about how we are moving into a new idea of the masculine and feminine and Ulrika talks about waking up to these ideas and how we also have to do the deep inner and shadow work if we want to truly heal. Choosing to become the best versions of ourselves every day.

Melissa talks about doing the inner work on our own and that we can only get so far alone, but that we also need other people and practitioners at certain points in that journey. Ulrika explains it as people having keys that unlock things in one another and that we are all mirrors for one another. All we need to do is look at the people in our lives in order to see what is going on inside of us.

Ulrika discusses spiritual by-passing and how we need to use the body as a tool during our journey and Sydney discribes an interesting experience she had and the physical sensations that went along with it. Having a reaction in this reality to energies passing through her from another lifetime.

Ulrika talks about past lives and how that energy gets stored in our bodies and our DNA and about our Akashic Records which store the memories of everything we have ever been through as a soul here on earth. She discribes how we need to release this stored energy in order to truly heal. That we need to recognize the scope of the past lives that so many of us have kept within us. That we have frozen emotions which hinder the flow of the energy within.

She talks about her books and how they all were written with the purpose of reminding us who we truly are. Waking up to that knowledge so that we can do what we came here to do. That we are souls having a human experience and how we can use our inner shit as fertilizer in order to grow.

We can all help one another on this journey but it is up to every one of us to make that choice and to do the work ourselves. We can wake up to that power and choose life and notice how life, in turn, chooses us.

Come on in and join the conversation!

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Jul 24, 202301:01:32
Episode 44: A Conversation with Author, Childhood Trauma Survivor & Empathic Healer Susan Gold

Episode 44: A Conversation with Author, Childhood Trauma Survivor & Empathic Healer Susan Gold

Susan Gold grew up in rural Pennsylvania desperate to get to New York City. She left her chaotic family home the morning after High School graduation, made her way to the Big City and started her magical journey which started with working at ICM, a large global talent agency.

Navigating a ferociously challenging upbringing, while bravely moving forward as an adult to face ingrained, outdated, and patriarchal programming head-on, Susan now shares a unique perspective in viewing life challenges as occasions for transformation.

Through her book, Toxic Family: Transforming Childhood Trauma into Adult Freedom, Susan turns the standard paradigm on it's head, courageously leading others through her own journey of abuse, addiction and surviving narcissism, all while creating a distinctly empowering personal and professional life.

In episode 44 Susan talks about her childhood growing up in rural Pennsylvania. Discussing her parents and their addictions and how that affected them and ultimately her. Talking about the abuse she endured because of that toxic environment.

Susan is an empath and was very sensitive as a child but had to shut it down in order to stay safe. Noticing that there was joy as well as fear, but that she had to get away from it as soon as she was able.

She describes the syncronicities that occured after she got to New York City. Even manifesting a relationship with Barbara Walters early on in her career. Talking about how Barbara helped her through a sexual abuse situation in the workplace.

The manifestation continued as she worked her magic on Andy Warhol. Picking up on his emotions and utilizing her superpower as an empath got him to agree to do a commercial, which helped to materialize an amazing career as a TV producer.

The women talk about energy and how it is so important to clear that energy, and about how you can start to pay attention and connect on a deeper level when you use your intuition.

Sydney and Susan talk books and Sydney divulges how she got the inspiration to write hers. Susan talks about "Toxic Family" and how it affected her to write it. Dealing with the emotions and the feelings of the family members still in her life.

Letting us know that it is time to drop the bag of pain and shame and to step into Love. Finding purpose while investigating darkness and trauma. Choosing gratitude while experiencing all aspects of this amazing life.

Come on in and Join The Conversation!

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Jul 17, 202356:42
Episode 43: Heart Based Living: Taking Responsibility For Our Own Peace

Episode 43: Heart Based Living: Taking Responsibility For Our Own Peace

In episode 43 Sydney brings up the subject of Orcas a.k.a. Killer Whales. In 2020 people began noticing a female whale sinking boats off of the coast of Spain. Now they are watching as more whales have joined her. Melissa & Sydney wonder about what it might mean and if the whales are sending a message. They go into the heart-space and feel into this phenomenon and notice how they feel about whales and how most humans view them as majestic creatures. Talking about nature in general and how we can all live together on this earth if we take the time to see all things as one.

They talk about mental vs heart-based living. About how the minds stories get involved and how we can begin to separate from the mind by asking it questions instead of blindly following its advice. How, when we dive into our hearts, we become selfish and selfless at the same time. Becoming self-centered and balanced. Dropping down and seeing it all and seeing the truth. Noticing how the mind tells us the craziest things and that if you aren't in control of it you might take action depending on what the mind decides. How we can learn to separate ourselves from the mind. Deciding for ourselves how we want to be.

Taking responsibility for our own peace. Realizing that it is an internal process. Changing our behaviors and beliefs and cutting things out of our lives that do not fit in with a heart-based life. Recognizing that slowing down and dropping into our hearts and feeling into a situation instead of reacting brings more calm. Pressing pause on the overwhelm and fear.

Melissa & Sydney talk about what we can do to cultivate that calm. Finding grounding practices and meditiations to help create a new way of being. Immersed in peace and joy. Creating a new conciousness. Sydney gives pointers about how to do just that. Helping us to take control of our lives. Recognizing that this is where our true power lies.

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Jul 10, 202341:07
Episode 42: A Conversation with Former World Class Awfulizer & Founder of The Empathic Mastery Academy Jennifer Moore

Episode 42: A Conversation with Former World Class Awfulizer & Founder of The Empathic Mastery Academy Jennifer Moore

In this episode Melissa & Sydney sit down with "Former Hot Mess and World Class Awfulizer" Jennifer Moore. Jennifer is the founder of The Empathic Mastery Academy, has a podcast called The Empathic Mastery Show and wrote a best selling book called "Empathic Mastery". Jen also holds a masters degree in psychology and religion, is an Accredited Master Trainer for EFT International and the creator of two Oracle Decks & the Photographic Healing Tarot! She brings over 30 years of experience to her work where she merges practicality, intuition and skill to offer insight, guidance and emotional freedom to those she serves.

Melissa, Sydney and Jennifer get into a whole lot of interesting and empathic energy in this episode. Jennifer talks about being a World Class Awfulizer and what that looked like for her. She talks about her childhood and how sensitive she was and how she never felt seen or heard. Noticing that sugar became a way to self-soothe.

They discuss empaths and sensitive people and how hard it can be to live in our disconnected culture when we are deeply feeling beings. They get into how nobody ever talked about empaths while Melissa & Jennifer were growing up but how it is more mainstream now.

They dive into what it can be like to be an empath, through Sydney's eyes, and Jennifer gives her advice on how to navigate interactions with other people who might not be emotionally aware. Giving practical steps to deal with difficult people and how to become non-reactive when dealing with them.

Talking about how we can recognize other peoples ability to hold space for us and if it is safe for us to approach them in an emotional way.

They talk about finding our own power and holding space for ourselves. Using our empathic super-powers to sense and perceive and how it can help us to quickly adapt in certain situations. Recognizing our vulnerability and still showing up authentically. Meeting our own needs instead of looking outside of ourselves.

Come on in and join the conversation!

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Jul 03, 202301:09:08
Episode 41: Allowing Ourselves to Have Emotional Human Experiences & Opening Up To Love

Episode 41: Allowing Ourselves to Have Emotional Human Experiences & Opening Up To Love

In this episode Sydney talks about her 30th birthday party and how it was an amazing and profound experience. How she chose to and allowed herself to show up authentically and how her inner work has transformed her outer experience. Noticing how much she has changed in the 10 years that she has been doing that work. She looks back at the experience of her younger self via a journal.

Melissa & Sydney talk about their relationship with the masculine presence in their lives. How the men in the family have become much more open and have grown themselves. Healing the family dynamic in a big way. They discuss how others around us change as we change and how we need to be open to receiving the love we are searching for. We need to decide how we want to show up in the world. Giving ourselves and others permission to change and grow.

They talk about loving yourself and loving others even in our dark times and as fallible human beings. How we can show up for people with grace instead of reacting in anger, frustration or indifference. Remembering how blessed we truly are.

Discussing how hard it can be to allow one another to have emotional experiences without becoming uncomfortable. How we can begin by holding space for others no matter how they show up. Supporting one another on this human journey while realizing that Love is all there truly is.

Come on in and join the conversation!

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Jun 26, 202301:03:12
Episode 40: A Conversation with Adventurer and Best Selling Author of "Wisdom On The Camino" Kathleen Donnelly Israel

Episode 40: A Conversation with Adventurer and Best Selling Author of "Wisdom On The Camino" Kathleen Donnelly Israel

Meet Kathleen Donnelly Israel! Kathleen is an Amazon Best Selling Author and Adventurer. She walked 500 miles across Spain on the El Camino de Compostela, alone. A life-changing Pilgramage. Also known as the Way of St. James, the El Camino is a famous pilgrimage route in Spain that has been walked by countless individuals seeking spiritual growth and a deeper connection with themselves.

Kathleen walked the El Camino twice! In this episode she talks about her experiences on her journey. She tells the stories about the people that she met and the spiritual experiences that she had. She has a way of telling a story so that you feel as if you are walking along with her. Her wonder and joy while re-telling these stories are mesmerizing and awe inspiring. Her sense of humor and laughter are contagious!

Kathleen talks about how she prepared for her journey and even gives tips on how to pack and what to carry. Describing what it felt like along the way and what it was like to sleep in an albergue, or bunk room, with other strangers!

Kathleen also talks about being a Theta Healer and what that looks like for her. Finding the road to God.

Her book "Wisdom On The Camino: A Spiritual Journey Sharing Forgiveness & Possibilities To Inspire The Rest Of Your Life" is a treat!

Kathleen's humor and zest for life shine through her writing and interviews, and I have no doubt that our listeners will be inspired to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and personal growth. Spinning tales and spreading light. Enjoying the journey, embracing the adventure and finding the magic.

Come on in and join the conversation!

If you would like to connect with Kathleen Donnelly Israel go to her website:

Go directly to her book on Amazon!

Jun 19, 202301:12:53
Episode 39: Giving Ourselves Permission To Have Opinions & Tantrums While Learning & Evolving As Human Beings

Episode 39: Giving Ourselves Permission To Have Opinions & Tantrums While Learning & Evolving As Human Beings

What is the difference between complaining and talking about the things that frustrate us while on a spiritual or healing journey? Melissa and Sydney dive into this topic with the help of their "Biggest Fan" Michele Covert in this interesting episode!

They talk about a recent podcast review that got them thinking about this topic and how anger and frustration about things that are going on in this world can be a catalyst for change.

How talking about things and working on stuff or evolving is very different from complaining but doing nothing. How we can take a look at the human condition and then do the work that it takes to change ourselves and the world around us while helping and inspiring others to do the same.

Michele weighs in on the subject and talks about how she sees things and how she has changed along her path. How she allows herself to feel her feelings instead of numbing the pain. Being uncomfortable but coming out of it on the other side feeling so much better. About how this has helped her to kick a major addiction to alcohol during the process of going within.

They talk about how "spiritualty" can be misunderstood as being a bunch of people sitting around chanting and feeling happy and at peace all of the time. Super-human and above all of the mundane human difficulties, but how that is so far from the truth.

Talking the talk and walking the walk.

Thinking, feeling and noticing so much along the way. Changing and evolving by diving in deep.

Come on in and join the conversation!

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Jun 12, 202301:12:06
Episode 38: Changing The Energy Around Connections & Lifting One Another Up
Jun 05, 202344:55
Episode 37: A Conversation with Master Storyteller, Intuitive Healer & Heartlight Women's Wisdom Healing Circles Creator Laurin Wittig

Episode 37: A Conversation with Master Storyteller, Intuitive Healer & Heartlight Women's Wisdom Healing Circles Creator Laurin Wittig

Laurin Wittig is a Master Storyteller and the owner of Heartlight Wellness. Her passion is to help women recognize and unleash their innate and experiential wisdom-emotional, physical and spiritual--so they can bring that wisdom consciously into their lives with confidence and joy. She is an Intuitive Healer, Heartlight Wisdom Women's Circle creator and an award winning novelist. And she has a podcast called Curiously Wise Podcast!

In this episode Melissa & Sydney sit down and have an inspiring and a-ha moment filled conversation. Laurin describes how she began her personal healing journey and how stepping onto her path helped her to deal with the beliefs she held onto that were keeping her safe. She describes how getting curious about why things are happening can help us to discover so much about ourselves and what kinds of stories we have created in our lives that were necessary as children, but now hold us back. She says we can ask our guides to receal what is in this For Us instead of To Us. Letting the answers flow through.

She talks about meeting her own spirit guides and what she experienced in order to open up to her own intuition and guidance. Tuning into her body and seeing patterns that turned out to be messages from her guides and from Spirit and how she teaches her clients how to recognize and validate these messages.

Laurin, Melissa & Sydney discuss getting out of victim mode by consciously creating the stories of our lives. How we can pay attention and frame the stories in a positive light. One that helps create and manifest what we want in our future. They talk about how stories have always been the way we have passed down information through the ages. Sitting around the fire and bringing things into focus in this way. How we can rewrite our relationship stories into a better version of how we can show up for one another, and how to create safe and sacred spaces for this kind of conversation while allowing ourselves and others to be vulnerable and supportive.

Creating conversations that lift the vibration and that create joy. Giving ourselves permission to tell our story authentically. Lifting one another up and creating empowerment in our lives and the lives of others.

Come on in and join the conversation!

Want to connect with Laurin Wittig and get a FREE PDF Download: Laurin's Top 3 Ways to Communicate with Your Guides? CLICK THIS LINK!

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May 29, 202301:03:30
Episode 36: Choosing To See The Gift in the Grief

Episode 36: Choosing To See The Gift in the Grief

Sydney and Melissa start their affilliate program in this episode! They talk about what that will look like and how they want to use it to get information out about products and services that they use and believe in, as well as make some money in order to cover podcast production costs! Sydney shares some info about Banyan's Nasya Oil and how she uses it for seasonal issues. You can find a link in the notes below.

Melissa and Sydney discuss the death of a family pet and how we can show up differently during grief. Noticing the messages that it brings. How we can utilize the tragedies of life and choose to see them as gifts for our evolution. How there is always a positive and a negative aspect to everything that happens in our lives. That there is a teaching present if we are open to it.

They talk about how, as an American society, we push death away. Not wanting to feel that pain, but realizing that there is no escape from it in this reality. How we can use our grief as an excuse not to heal or feel. They talk about how other cultures around the world are taught how to mourn together and to not be afraid of death.

They discuss creation and destruction and how we can sometimes be obsessed with destruction. How there is a duality between the dark and the light and how we are the ones who decide which one to feed. About the numbness so many of us feel and how grief hurts but also makes us feel alive.

They talk about letting yourself feel your feelings and then move on instead of disregarding them and pushing them down. Not allowing ourselves space and time to move through our stuff, and how we must give ourselves the grace to feel and to heal.

Come on in and join the conversation!

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May 22, 202352:44
Episode 35: A Conversation with Ambassador of Divine Lovelight Sarah Balmer

Episode 35: A Conversation with Ambassador of Divine Lovelight Sarah Balmer

Hold the frequency! Sarah Belle is here! Sarah is a mission coded being and an ambassador of divine lovelight on this planet, here to anchor higher frequencies and assist humanity in it's evolution to unity consciousness. As an ascension mentor, crystal energy healer, creative and spiritual entrepreneur, Sarah helps women reclaim their inner light and return to wholeness by guiding them in raising their vibration, embodying energetic sovereignty, activating deep remembering and empowering their authentic expression.

She is the founder of Anchor The Light Academy and Anchor The Light Society and a beautiful soul!

In this episode Melissa & Sydney talk with Sarah and discuss the modalities and tools she uses and how she weaves them into a healing tapestry. Utilizing all of these gifts to help others. Sarah discusses her own journey and what it takes to hold her own frequency so that she can show up for others.

They discuss cacao plant ceremony and what that entails. How you can work with different plants and their energy to open the heart. Creating a clear space of light and finding a gentle path and guidance. Utilizing cacao and crystals to set and move into a specific intention.

Sarah talks about working with other plants and using your intuition to decide whether or not you need plant medicine. To respect the process and not get swept up with the "healing trends" out there. To be in tune with your own body and your self in order to know what you need.

They discuss how being in the body is important and that looking for a quick fix, in any way, is detrimental to healing. How the only way out is through. We need to understand that the healing takes place when we feel our feelings and bring up the emotions. Diving into the darkness and using the tools that we intuitively vibe with.

They talk about alchemizing darkness into light and how necessary that is right now. How the body is a portal for manifestation. How our human lives are the same as our spiritual lives. Recognising that the human and spiritual life is not separate and how we create barriers for ourselves by living in that duality. Being able to integrate and noticing that all experience is spiritual!

Sarah talks about her path and awakening experiences. How she followed her inner knowing and guidance. Talking about her Anchor the Light Academy and how it is a deep journey into self and understanding ourselves as energy. Becoming conscious co-creators of our reality. Anchoring into the heart. She tells us about her pilgramages and coming to an acceptance of self and integrating it all into this human experience.

Come on in and join the conversation!

Connect with Sarah and find out more about her retreats at and find her on Instagram @sarahbellestyle

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May 15, 202301:07:35
Episode 34: Traveling Through Levels of Energy, Love & Light

Episode 34: Traveling Through Levels of Energy, Love & Light

Come ride the wave as Melissa & Sydney move through heavy energy and show up just the way they are. They discuss how hard it can be to live in the society we have all created and the tough manditory situations we have found ourselves in.

They discuss how emotionally stunted most humans are. Noticing that we are all unlearning so much of the shit we have picked up since childhood. How we aren't teaching children how to release emotions and are teaching them that it is a bad thing to have big feelings. How we are all showing up in our trauma and trying to show up for others but not knowing how.

They talk about the distinction between power and control. How real power comes from knowing who you are and how that creates peace. Noticing that someone in a true power position doesn't need to control anyone in any way. That they aren't attached to the outcome of anybody elses situation.

Noticing levels of love and light. Diving into the darkness and trying to get to a place where that light can shine brightly. Consistantly anchored in love. Bringing in love and compassion while standing firm in our own power. Learning to allow the flow of life to move us as we give up the need for control of all the things.

Sydney talks about the book she has written and what people can expect to learn from it. Teaching us about good energy hygiene and practical ways to do it!

Come on in and join the conversation!

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May 08, 202351:42
Episode 33: A Conversation with Soul & Spirit Channel Paul Quinton

Episode 33: A Conversation with Soul & Spirit Channel Paul Quinton

Paul Quinton is a Powerhouse of the Esoteric & The New Earth Energy! If you are looking for information about what is happening in the New Earth energy, this is the episode for you!

Paul grew up in a spiritual/psychic family. He has been involved in the esoteric all of his life, he says, allowing him to fulfill his soul's contract as a healer, teacher, channel and writer. He has a patented new modality which will be accompanied by the release of his channeled books through spirits voice assisting humanity. Helping us to shift into the New Earths Golden Age, as the renaissance of consciousness establishes itself. He assists souls to assist themselves! Transformimg human conditioning.

One of his greatest gifts is being able to channel. Speaking with Spirit via his soul. Through this "downloading" process he has learned much of what he teaches.

In this episode Paul talks about what it was like growing up in a family of channelers, and how he found solace in the mystical as a child. He talks about the fear that came with those things as well and the dark encounters he had and how that changed his perception of "dark things".

Paul discusses channeling and what that is and how messages come through for him and what he has seen for others. How, for him, it is a "knowing", and that he just writes down what comes through. Melissa & Sydney talk to him about their experiences with channeling and what that looks like for them. Talking about the Higher Knowing that they all use with clients.

Paul talks about coming out of the military realizing that he wanted to start helping people to heal themselves and working with the feminine energies. Healing himself of doubt first and asking questions and digging deeper inside of himself in order to help others find their way. Acknowledging the shadow and the process of awakening and how interesting it has been.

Talking about how we can move through this intense, new energy by showing ourselves compassion and love. Utilizing love to clear out our emotional bodies and align with Source Consciousness. Realizing who we truly are and learning how to heal and thrive as a human! Removing the veil and awakening to what is all around us.

Come on in and join the conversation!

You can connect with Paul Quinton and find out more about his amazing Alignment Modality On His Website Here Click on Courses and watch the video!

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May 01, 202356:37
Episode 32: Letting Go Just In Time: Dropping Into The Abyss

Episode 32: Letting Go Just In Time: Dropping Into The Abyss

Episode 32 finds Melissa & Sydney diving in deep! Talking about our evolution and personal growth and how we can move into a place of peace. Learning how to stop hurting one another and focusing on ourselves first.

Sydney talks about becoming her own advocate and how powerful it can be to claim our experience. Not letting anyone or anything else define you or tell you how to be. How she used to come from a place of self-hatred and how she projected her feelings about herself onto other people. Now she questions those thoughts and beliefs and does the deep work that it takes to be able to show up for yourself in a big way. Realizing that the beliefs that she holds about herself must change in order to begin healing.

Melissa & Sydney talk about people who come into this world with intense challenges, and how they must move through the world differently and do really deep work in order to be okay. How they can change their view on their issues and see them as motivators instead of detriments. Changing our belief system into seeing our difficulties as something here FOR us instead of happening TO us. Opening us up to being able to help others with this knowledge.

They talk about how shame forms us and keeps us in the dark and how nobody ever talks about. They talk about how to notice that shame and what we can do to release it.

Sydney discusses "Going Off The Deep End" and how she notices these kinds of things happening in her mind now. How she has been bringing these situations into her concious mind instead of pushing it away or becoming triggered for days. Sitting with it now instead of blowing up her life. Having tools in place to help meet herself where she is. Finding power in the darkness.

They discuss giving ourselves the space, grace and compassion we need to heal. Sitting with our fear long enough to alchemize it into Love.

Come join in the conversation!

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Apr 24, 202359:46
Episode 31: A Conversation with Best Selling Author, Mentor & Real Life Inspiration Chancellor K Jackson

Episode 31: A Conversation with Best Selling Author, Mentor & Real Life Inspiration Chancellor K Jackson

Chancellor Jackson is an author, mentor, and inspirational speaker who has impacted countless lives through his empowering message of resilience, determination, and faith. He is the author of the best-selling book "14 Days in Beijing", which chronicles his journey while being detained in a Chinese prison. He inspires us and takes us through his personal journey from a struggling high school student to an accomplished scholar and successful entrepreneur.

As a mentor and speaker, Chancellor has inspired people from all walks of life to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles through hard work and perseverance. He has spoken at numerous conferences and events, sharing his personal story and offering practical advice on how to achieve success in both personal and professional endeavors.

On this episode of The Goddess & The Medicine Woman Podcast, Chancellor shares his personal journey, discusses the themes in his book "14 Days in Beijing", and offers insights and practical tips on how to overcome adversity and achieve success. Listeners will be inspired by Chancellor's story and motivated to take action towards their own goals and aspirations.

Chancellor talks about his experience in China. Teaching kids and enjoying the culture. He walks us through what it was like to be arrested in a foreign country while knowing nothing about the system and not speaking the language.

Calling on his ancestors and higher power he looks for and accepts the signs he is given along the way. Accepting the reality of his situation he tells his story with finesse!

Chancellor also talks about how he mentors kids and helps them to find their way. Letting them know that they have someone in the world that sees them. Being a mentor for kids and his peers.

He discusses his spirituality and where it came from and how his father showed him that path. Taking a little bit from many different religions and making it his own. Thinking deeply about his ancestors and living an inquisitive life.

Now Chance shines his light for anyone who walks close. Knowing who he is and what he is here to do. Helping others find these things out for themselves. Choosing love, peace and Divine inspiration.

Connect with Chancellor Jackson at

You can find his Book 14 Days In Beijing HERE: & on Amazon

Go Deep with Melissa & Sydney at: The Inner Circle

Apr 17, 202301:15:28
Episode 30: A Conversation with Award-Winning Author & Spiritual Bridge Builder JJ DiGeronimo

Episode 30: A Conversation with Award-Winning Author & Spiritual Bridge Builder JJ DiGeronimo

JJ DiGeronimo is a woman in tech turned award-winning author who shares energy practices and empowering strategies that we all can use to create more impact! With new levels of awareness, JJ shares a more spiritual side of her life that undeniably strengthens her mission to empower women at work and in life.

Conditioned to look outward, JJ juggles a variety of external validations, such as titles, salaries, and relationships intermingled with self-doubt, negative self-talk and demanding schedules. The pressures that lead many women to ask, "Am I enough?", "What am I doing?" or "Is this it?".

With over 20 years in the tech industry, she is now focusing on unleashing leadership and insights from within!

In this conversation JJ tells us about her new book titled "Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts & Align with Your Life's Work" and talks about how it follows her journey as she became more attuned with who she is from the inside out. Noticing that this is the work for all of us. Recognizing our gifts and focusing on why we are here.

She shares the realities of how women are led to believe that they can have it all, but noticing how hard it is to actually do all of it while keeping themselves whole. And how quickly woman can lose themselves in their "Yes's" and how it is so easy to lose yourself in life.

Sydney and JJ talk about showing up in the world as a masculine energy even while trying to show up as feminine, but how systems try to put us in that place. How business, in general, is ruled by a masculine energy and how women trying to fit in are only allowed to bring half of their toolkit but expected to give 120%.

JJ talks about how she uses birth charts and integrates it into her work. Bringing the lightworker into the workplace. Giving people permission to talk about the spiritual in places that you don't usually find such things. Following her own path and trying to normalize spiritual expression in this world. Building bridges and helping people to step into the frequencies that they want to reside in.

Talking about internal evolution and making that an important part of the journey. Starting to do things to raise your frequency. Taking action and trusting that The Universe has your back. Kick-starting our own personal journey one choice at a time.

Connect with JJ DiGeronimo, Access FREE Courses, Learn about her Retreats and Find Her Books at

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Apr 10, 202356:48
Episode 29: A Conversation with Artist, Motivational Speaker & Recovery Advocate Bruce Brackett

Episode 29: A Conversation with Artist, Motivational Speaker & Recovery Advocate Bruce Brackett

Bring on the positivity for this episode! Bruce Brackett is here! Bruce is a self-taught Visual Artist originally from Southwest Montana. BWB moved to NYC at the age of 18 to pursue his dreams of being on Broadway. After many distractions, and making it to Off-Broadway, and after developing several addictions, Meth being a big one, Bruce has found his true calling and his way back to sobriety through his art and by advocating for recovery to his online audience of over 680,000+ followers on TikTok and 560,000 followers on Instagram.

Bruce's following of over 1,200,000 helps to fuel his love, passion and mission to share positivity. He has sold his Artwork and Negativity Be Gone Hand Fans to people in 49 states in the US and in over 10 countries.

BWB (Bruce Wayne Brackett) is a Certified International Motivational Speaker, focusing on overcoming Mental Health and Addiction Diseases. How to Beat Bullying. Solutions in Trauma and so much more.

In this episode Bruce lays it all out there. He talks about his early years as a baby born into addiction. How he survived the hell of his birth family experience and was taken to a beautiful heaven-like foster and forever family. Talking about what it was like being a gay teen in a very rural community and how he discovered art and theater. Helping him to discover who he truly was. Finally finding a place to belong.

He seemed to have it all but still fell into addiction after a mental health crisis as a teen. He ran away and found himself in a deep and dark place. Describing how his family and other resources helped him come back to a place of peace.

He then found himself in New York City following his dream of Broadway, but found, instead, more addiction.

After much hard work and soul searching Bruce has found his true calling and through his Art and Social Media has found his audience. He has built an online family of over 1 million followers who look to him for guidance. He points them in the direction of their own power. Shining his light and helping them to see that they have what it takes to keep moving forward into the life they dream of. Helping them to manifest their hearts desire.

Come join us for this truly inspiring conversation!

If you find yourself in need of help please call 988 or text 741741 There are people who are waiting to help.

Connect with Bruce Brackett on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Clapper @bwb.positivity

Check out his beautiful artwork at

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Apr 03, 202301:05:35
Episode 28: Allowing Our Relationships To Become Catalysts For Change

Episode 28: Allowing Our Relationships To Become Catalysts For Change

In this episode Melissa & Sydney say hello to Spring and talk about how we are moving into a higher vibration on this planet. Talking about utilizing the energy of the newness of the season to bring in what we want for the future and how it's time to pay attention to what is coming up for us and to get honest with ourselves.

How we are being asked to shed the heavy aspects of our lives so that we can move into the new energy and live in love, from the heart. Realizing that we are the ones creating our reality and that we need to choose the peace that we say we want to see in the world.

They talk about the mind-body connection and how when we release trauma we have to do so in our minds and our bodies. Creating a relationship with the body so that we can have the positive experiences that we choose to have in this lifetime.

Sydney and Melissa dive into their relationship and talk about who they are to one another. Looking back on how their relationship started and how it has evolved.

They talk about a disagreement that they recently had and walk through how it looks to decide to grow within that dynamic. Allowing one another the space to be triggered and to work it out alone. Then being able to come back together with compassion and a deeper love and understanding of themselves and one another by embracing the other persons experience and talking it out. No matter how uncomfortable it might be. Coming out the other side of the experience as stronger individuals and choosing to build a bond that lasts through lifetimes.

Observing that we can teach one another how to show up in true relationship. Noticing the parts of ourselves that need to be healed. Allowing our relationships to be catalysts for change by showing one another grace and deepening trust. Trust for ourselves and for one another.

If you find yourself in Crisis or a PTSD reaction you can text HOME to 741741 or text 988 or call your local crisis hotline or call a friend or family member who can dial for you. Don't keep it to yourself. Asking for help is not a weakness. It is human.

Connect with Sydney & Melissa on Patreon! Join them in their community The Inner Circle!

Mar 27, 202301:10:13
Episode 27: A Conversation with Spiritual Teacher & Vedic Astrology Enthusiast Indra Rinzler

Episode 27: A Conversation with Spiritual Teacher & Vedic Astrology Enthusiast Indra Rinzler

In this episode Melissa and Sydney have an enlightened conversation with Spiritual Teacher Indra Rinzler. For 50 years Indra has been involved in Spirituality and Vedic Astrology. He has been studying and sharing Enneagram of Personality since 1999. He uses these modalities in Life Readings designed to help clients wake up to who they really are. Indra is an enthusiastic and generally interesting man who has been a world traveler for over 20 years offering sessions and classes in the US and in Asia.

Indra talks about his spiritual journey beginning in the 1970's and how it was a revelation at that time. Using books as a source of inspiration and as a jumping off point for his path.

Sydney and Indra talk about astrology and the difference between Vedic and Western Astrology. Indra noticing that each have a different vibration. That he uses the Vedic type to help people get clear on who they really are; but that everyone can have their own point of view spiritually.

Indra talks about "Just Being" and how that looks for him. Being in the flow of life continuously and not being attached to any outcomes.

Indra explains The Enneagram of Personality in-depth and how he uses it to help people find out more about themselves. Using the 9 Personality Types he walks us through it and helps Melissa and Sydney find out a whole lot more than they thought they would, or wanted to, during the conversation!

Connect with Indra Rinzler at

Get a FREE Astrology and Enneagram Chart Reading by going to and including your birth date/time/place

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Mar 20, 202301:13:35
Episode 26: Calling Our Energy Back Home

Episode 26: Calling Our Energy Back Home

In this episode Melissa and Sydney talk about technology and how we easily become attached to it. How we become triggered and afraid when someone doesn't answer our calls or texts right away. How it's just another way for us to go within and look at what we need to in order to let go of stuck stuff inside of us. 

They talk about Social Media and that it is always what you create and becomes what you want it to be. How some people view themselves through the lens of Social Media and fall short in their own eyes. But how there is a trend now where people are showing up authentically and vulnerable instead of fake and filtery. Helping one another and fostering connection and using it as a tool to serve.

Sydney talks about going deeply into self-exploration. Asking herself "What is holding me back?" and finding that imposter syndrome is one of the major things she deals with in her life. Moving through the aspects of those feelings, she gives practical steps on how we can sit with what we want to release. How we do that by getting honest about it all and feeling our feelings. Then shining a bright light onto that which isn't serving us. Taking away it's power and calling our own energy back home.

Join us for this compelling conversation!

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Mar 13, 202301:00:57
Episode 25: A Conversation with Spiritual Biologist, Author & Trauma Survivor Danielle Matthews

Episode 25: A Conversation with Spiritual Biologist, Author & Trauma Survivor Danielle Matthews

In this episode Sydney & Melissa sit down and have an enlightening conversation with Danielle Matthews. At the age of 23 Danielle was hit by a drunk driver and sustained a life-altering injury to her brain. The medical world said there was no hope of recovery and told her to accept this life as her "new normal".

Although her body was physically impaired, her spirit was strong and she refused to believe her diagnoses. Her mind was determined to recover...and she did! Through the power of what she refers to as "Mind Control," she attracted the mindset, techniques and exact quantum healing technologies needed to fully recover. She has since built an international business, authored an e-book called "Mind Control" and shares her life-altering experience with countless people around the globe.

Danielle tells the story about her accident and what it felt like for her after that incident. How her mind was so different and how she felt when the doctors said she would never fully recover. Realizing that modern medicine had no way to help her and that she was going to have to figure it out on her own. Looking for and finding alternative healing modalities and medicines that helped start her on her path to healing.

Danielle did not accept the idea that she would never be whole again. She talks about how her "Higher Self" came in and what she went through as she tried to bring back the "old Danielle". The person she was before the accident. She realized that she needed to shift focus to the present moment, and what she was actually cabable of right now, if she was going to move forward. Surrendering to what her new reality was. Noticing that when you are super present that you start to notice all of the crazy thoughts in your head and she learned how to become the observer of those thoughts. A type of forced spiritual practice!

She found Yoga Nidra and meditation to help her sleep and suddenly found herself immersed in that world. Realizing that her experiences had moved her into and through a spiritual awakening without having done an actual practice. Witnessing in her own experience the power of her mind and changing the way she viewed herself and the world around her.

Noticing that she had tapped into Universal Law and had shifted her vibrational state. She shares how this is a possibility for each and every one of us and talks about how you can start your own journey of healing.

Join us for this awe-inspiring conversation.

Looking to connect with Danielle Matthews? Go to HER WEBSITE  You can also find her on Instagram

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Mar 06, 202301:00:08
Episode 24: A Conversation with Clinical Sexologist Hannah Spanke

Episode 24: A Conversation with Clinical Sexologist Hannah Spanke

WARNING: Explicit Material

In this episode Melissa and Sydney sit down and have an intense and emotional conversation with Hannah Spanke. Hannah is a passionate advocate for authentic happiness and sustainable healthy relationships, starting with the one we have with ourselves. She has numerous credentials and styles of training under her belt, from years of study, after nearly a decade in the adult entertainment industry. She is a licensed Authentic Tantra Practitioner, Board Certified Clinical Sexologist and Relationship & Life Coach specializing in helping individuals become their happiest selves through inner and outer work, while learning to understand and relate to their partners and family in the best way possible.

She is a trauma-informed practitioner who works with somatic release techniques designed to get to the root of the issues beyond just a mental approach. She incorporates astrology, human design, Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, along with other spiritual teachings, to ensure the most holistic approach to creating a happy life for herself and her clients.

In Episode 24 Hannah goes into how she started down the path of being a sex worker at the age of 16. Going into detail about what brought her to that decision at such a young age. How she felt powerful in a way, but knew that internally she was not okay. Knowing that she was playing out the disapproval she felt about herself externally in her relationships.

Hannah calls what happened next a breakdown before the breakthrough, which began a massive and painful shift into awakening and healing. 

She talks about how her self-worth, and women's in general, and about how, a lot of the time, it is tied up in men's approval or disapproval of our bodies. About how the "empowerment" of choosing to sell your body is a myth, and how she had to disassociate from the part of her that wasn't okay with any of it.

Sydney talks about the new "dating culture" and how she has noticed that she isn't interested in certain kinds of sexual energy exchange. About her past relationships and how she has begun healing on that journey. 

Hannah talks about where she is now spiritually and what that looks like for her in her life. She talks about Authentic Tantra and how it helps to heal the energy body. How when we come together in union sexually we are actually exchanging life force energy and why we might feel yucky after having sex with someone we are mis-aligned with.

Join them as they look deeply into the sexual issues that we all face in our society and how embeded it is that our sexuality is a comodity, and how that brings shame into our lives, and what it takes to overcome this. Bringing light and truth and shining it on this dark subject.

You can connect with Hannah Spanke on Instagram at

This link goes directly to her Instagram page where she posts free daily content. Helping people with their lives in all areas but mainly love!

Connect in a Deeper Way to Melissa and Sydney in The Goddess & The Medicine Womans Inner Circle on Patreon!

Feb 27, 202301:12:17
Episode 23: The Power of Becoming Your Own Guru: Transforming Darkness Into Light

Episode 23: The Power of Becoming Your Own Guru: Transforming Darkness Into Light

In Episode 23 Sydney and Melissa talk about becoming your own teacher on a spiritual path. Realizing that awakening is an inside job. If you see someone outside of yourself as the Guru you give away your own power and resentments can materialize. You must transform your own darkness into light. A teacher can point the way and give advice based on their experiences and knowledge, but it is always up to you to go in deep and find your demons, to bring them to the surface and let them go. You know you best. Nobody else can do the job better than you. 

They talk about how life is a painful process no matter where you are on your path. When you choose how you move through life it changes everything. You take on responsibility and take back your power. 

They also acknowledge that teachers are extremely helpful. They can walk alongside of you while you gain insight and gather tools as long as you both know that there will be a time when you must walk off alone.

Sydney talks about how she is creating more light in her life and how self-care sometimes shows up in small ways. Like staying home more or taking short walks. Allowing yourself to be in the relief and awe of the present moment.

They talk about how energy is contagious. How one word can transform any experience. Even while in line at the grocery store you can find connection and shift the energy of the moment. By becoming The Guru and creating light by standing in your truth and setting an intention to spread that light, and the love that goes along with it, wherever you go.

Come join us for this eye-opening conversation!

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Episode 22: A Conversation with Amanda Kate: Kinesiologist and Author of "Divine. Messy. Human."

Episode 22: A Conversation with Amanda Kate: Kinesiologist and Author of "Divine. Messy. Human."

In episode 22 Melissa & Sydney have an inspired conversation with Amanda Kate. Amanda is a Kineseologist, Mentor, Archetypal Life Coach, Mom and the Author of: "Divine. Messy. Human. A Spiritual Guide to Prioritizing Internal Truth over External Influence". Amanda is a recovering people-pleaser and self-flagellator, she walks the path straddling the Divine and Messy daily. Always growing, developing, and learning new ways of being to, hopefully, one day leave the Earth better than she found it. She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her twin flame, her children, his children and a dog named Zeus.

Amanda, Melissa and Sydney sit down and have a beautiful and aha-moment filled conversation as they talk about the significance of Groundhog Day and what it means to go beyond the "normal" of self-care. Going deeper into how we can gain clarity by choosing what is in our highest good in this moment. How to retain our own energy for ourselves, and how sometimes what we don't want to do, but what we need to be doing, is true self-care. 

They talk about the word Discipline and how that affects our inner child. About our inner children, including the inner teenager, and how we need our relationship with them to be as a "loving parent" instead of a "disciplinarian". 

Amanda talks archetypes and how we can use the archetypal energy in useful ways. Harnessing the power of our inner children so that we aren't destructive or complacent in our adult lives.

Amanda explains Energetic Kinesiology and how she utilizes it to help people heal using vibrational tools and aromatherapy.

Looking at life through different energies and using tools to create a harmony within. Looking for the beauty and the magic in our lives and in the world.

You can connect with Amanda Kate at

You can connect with Sydney & Melissa in The Inner Circle on Patreon by going to The Goddess & The Medicine Woman on Patreon

Feb 13, 202301:04:36
Episode 21: Finding Clarity By Listening To & Releasing Our Inner Child's Pain
Feb 06, 202348:07
Episode 20: A Conversation with Kundalini Yoga Teacher Amrit Singh

Episode 20: A Conversation with Kundalini Yoga Teacher Amrit Singh

In this episode Sydney and Melissa sit down with Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Mentor Amrit Singh. Amrit Sing has been studying Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years. His foundation was laid in Germany in the early 90's. He then decided to move to India and dedicate his life's work to help build and grow Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar for 20 years. He now lives in Mexico with his wife and two kids. Now focusing on coaching people with a special focus on supporting them to create financial freedom while doing what they love.

Amrit Singh talks to Melissa and Sydney about how his yoga practice helped him to begin his spiritual journey. He talks about using drugs and alcohol and realizing that yoga was just as helpful in getting him "high" and was so much healthier. Deciding to take that path to raise his conciousness. 

Amrit talks about utilizing Kundalini Yoga as a tool and that it is something a person could easily get caught up in, but that by staying present and grounding it is just another way to integrate spirituality into the human experience, and that it is a catalyst for being of service in this world. Helping us to become better versions of ourselves.

Melissa talks about her intense awakening experiences and wonders if it could have been a Kundalini awakening and Amrit shares his experiences as well. Talking about the Kundalini energy and how important it is to move slowly through these energies. Finding a guide or practice that can help to integrate the experience.

Sydney and Amrit talk about their Spiritual Names and the calling to step into a new vibration and new ways of being. About Divine Masculinity and that journey. Talking about the evolution of the human being and the shift of these energies.

Come on in and join the conversation!

Interested in Connecting with Amrit Singh? You can find him at

                                                                                                                 On TikTok @wholeselfrecovery

                                                                                                                  On Instagram @amritsinghreinsch

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Episode 19: Behind The Veil: Conversations with the Inner Circle: Jasmine
Jan 23, 202301:10:44
Episode 18: A Personal Look Into The Power Of Family & Ancestral Healing

Episode 18: A Personal Look Into The Power Of Family & Ancestral Healing

In Episode 18 Melissa and Sydney discuss family dynamics and how we adopt rolls within our families and how we hold people in place while not allowing family members to grow and change. And how in turn we allow ourselves to continuously fall into those rolls and unconsciously play out the same situations over and over, year after year.

They talk about how standing in your own truth and power, without wavering, can be very scary, but can ultimately spark deep change and give other family members permission to heal.

Sydney talks about her personal family struggle and how she decided to stand up for herself and what that looked like for her. She talks about her roll in the family and how she played her part for years. How, when she brought an awareness into it, and refused to act in her old story, things within the family began to change. 

They talk about that healing and how we can begin to interact with everyone, even family, on a human being level and find ways to speak from the heart. Taking all of the conversations we have into a true healing space of compassion and love.

Join them for this deep and inspiring conversation!

Jan 16, 202359:57
Episode 17: A Conversation with Psychic Medium & Author Corbie Mitleid

Episode 17: A Conversation with Psychic Medium & Author Corbie Mitleid

Welcome Back to Season 2 of The Goddess & The Medicine Woman! In their first episode of the new season, Sydney and Melissa have a fun and very interesting conversation with psychic medium and author Corbie Mitleid. Corbie is a Certified Tarot Master, psychic medium, past life specialist and channel. Her career now spans the globe, with clients worldwide. Her talents as an intuitive are featured in bestselling books. Still, her clients treasure her attitude of "I'm not special. You can do what I do."

Corbie has been reading cards since 1973. She has traveled coast to coast and into Canada as a full time intuitive counselor and as an inspirational speaker and facilitator. Corbie's certifications and affiliations include Certified Tarot Master and Certified Professional Tarot Reader; Member of the American Tarot Association and the Tarot Guild; and ordained minister of the Sanctuary of the Beloved. A trained medium and past life specialist, Corbie is a featured channel in Robert Schwartz's breakthrough series, Your Soul's Plan, Your Soul's Gift and Your Soul's Love, and is herself the author of Clean Out Your Lifecloset, The Psychic Yellow Brick Road and You've Got The Magic, Who Needs A Genie?

In this conversation Corbie walks us all through finding "the real deal" when it comes to psychic mediums and how to spot the fakes. And what to expect from a professional psychic.

She talks about her personal spiritual practice and how it helped her learn and grow using "the examined life". How she came through her cancer experience and how she gave herself permission to change and grow.

Corbie also talks about being an "Elder" and knowing how to move into the background for the newer generations, and how we can use our gifts to mentor the up and coming light workers and mystics. And how it is important that they be seen and heard.

The conversation moves into knowing the difference between your ego and your spirit guides. Reminding us that we have free will and that we are always in charge of making the choices about how to move forward on this journey called life.

Join us for this informative conversation!

Connect with Corbie Mitleid:

Find her books HERE

Jan 09, 202345:19
Episode 16: It's A Wrap! Season 1 Wrap-Up & What's Next!
Dec 26, 202218:26
Episode 15: A Conversation With Weird Ash Yankabytch (AKA WAY)

Episode 15: A Conversation With Weird Ash Yankabytch (AKA WAY)

In Episode 15, Sydney and Melissa have a heart to heart with Weird Ash Yankabytch also known as WAY. WAY is a new Pittsburgh artist. Her artistry centers around hosting events, stand-up comedy and Hip-Hop music. She has been on the comedy scene for over a decade under her former moniker Mz. M. Dubb.

WAY is the First Lady of 1403 Ent. Music record label, founded in Pittsburgh by Hip-Hop artist Jay Dix, and has performed at Level Up Studios (featured in a 2022 all female show-case) in addition to hosting the 2022 Creative Playground Halloween Party. WAY has also performed at venues such as Rock 'Til Morning Social Club, Steele City Improv, Younger Brothers Bar and was featured in the Bloom Comedy Showcase at Emerald City Pittsburgh to name just a few!

WAY is hoping to shake the Burgh social & entertainment scene up in a spectacular WAY!

In this episode WAY talks about her life, where she came from and how she got started on her journey. She talks about the correlation between her and Weird Al Yankovic and how she loved him as a kid. She gets into trying to live her passions and moving toward the life of her dreams. Trying to live authentically in this world where authenticity is sometimes seen as weird in the mainstream. She loves bringing people together and works on hosting events that bring all people, no matter their walk of life, into the same space. Finding that connection that we all crave.

Melissa, Sydney and WAY talk about comedy, music and learning how to rap and about where WAY's art form is taking her and about what the New Year looks like for her. She gets into her family dynamic and talks about wishing that she had followed her dreams early on, but knowing that she can now embrace who she is and can do what feels right in her life. And that the best time you can do what you want to do is NOW!

WAY also talks about her experience moving through Covid and how she can see the bright side of what went on during that time. How it brought awareness into her life about compassion and how it softened her heart. 

Join us for this eye opening conversation as we dive deep into life, laughter, authenticity and truth.

Want to find out more about WAY? Look for her on YouTube at 1403 ENT Music DA CRAZIES EP with Jay Dix and on Spotify. And keep an ear out for her on Pittsburgh radio and at any kick-ass events in Pittsburgh!

Connect with Terry Lang and her Bach Flower Essences at

Dec 20, 202201:13:40
Episode 14: Relationships We Walk Away From
Dec 13, 202201:09:09
Episode 13: The Excuses We Make
Dec 06, 202201:00:00
Episode 12: Honoring Our Own Opinion & Creating Authority Within

Episode 12: Honoring Our Own Opinion & Creating Authority Within

In this episode Sydney and Melissa talk about the opinions of others and how we tend to put too much stock in what other people have to say. Thinking about how others come from their own place of fear when they give opinions and how it is sometimes not opinion at all, but judgement. How we need to be able to wade through the perceptions of others and ultimately seek out our own opinion and guidance as the last word. 

Noticing that sometimes we give away our own authority by only listening to other people and not ourselves, and that we can begin to cultivate our confidence and trust in our own opinions, as well as begin to surround ourselves with people who love and value us unconditionally and only want what is best for us even if that means loss for them. Being able to form connections with other people this way brings a sense of safety. Letting each other evolve and learning to just listen. Having faith in the people around us and faith in The Universe as well as in yourself. Knowing that sometimes an outside opinion isn't needed. 

Talking about how it's okay to just show up for someone and listen. Being in connection without judgement or control. Coming from a place of love. Working on the power of our own authority and believing we can figure it out for ourselves. Giving into and allowing our flow and our evolution and continuing to cultivate a sense of peace on our path.

Nov 28, 202254:38
Episode 11: A Conversation with Louann Swogger

Episode 11: A Conversation with Louann Swogger

In this episode Melissa and Sydney have a sit down with Intuitive Yoga & Meditation Teacher Louann Swogger. Louann is a fascinating human being who has studied with some of the most accomplished and cool teachers of our time such as Judith Lasater, Biff Mitheofer and Donna Eden. She has also been mentored by L. A. Finfinger, a Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. Louann has been teaching in the Pittsburgh area as well as in Ohio and West Virginia for the last decade. She is a founding member of The Radiance Sutras School of Meditation and she seeks to uplift humanity through yoga, meditation, art and body-work. 

This conversation takes Melissa and Sydney on a journey that touches on subjects like Shamanism, Yoga, and finding a teacher on the path. We find out how Louann began her spiritual journey and the syncronicities involved in so much of her life. How when we listen to our intuition, the Universe/Source/God, will take us on a sometimes exciting journey as we utilize our manifestation power. Recognizing that when we look for a teacher on the path it can look like many things, and we notice that the ultimate teacher is US! You co-creating with Source and allowing that flow. 

Louann talks abouther struggles with authenticity and how interesting it can be for "spiritual" people to own being human. How we are human beings first, and need to be able to feel our feelings and show up for one another. Reminding each other, continuously of our holy purpose. 

They talk about spiritual bypassing and how we can learn to love the human part of ourselves. Normalizing the shadow aspects of who we are and transforming the dark emotions into light energy. 

Louann talks about her Instinctive Meditation teaching practice and how we can learn to meditate on an individual basis. Finding what works for you and shifting the perception of what meditation is and doing what you need to do to cultivate your own practice. And she talks a bit about how she met her husband, and soul mate, and what it takes to make, and keep, a true soul connection.

Come on in and join us for this beautiful conversation!

Looking to connect with Louann Swogger? You can find her on Instagram @_louannswogger, connect via email at, and find her website at In the Pittsburgh area? Give her a call or text at (412) 330-8581 

Nov 22, 202201:03:13
Episode 10: Trusting Ourselves Enough To No Longer Play Nice

Episode 10: Trusting Ourselves Enough To No Longer Play Nice

In Episode 10 Melissa and Sydney talk about being okay with being uncomfortable while doing the inner work necessary for evolution. Looking at our patterns in our relationships and working out how to move them from old, stuck patterns into new ways of being. Talking about how to create our own inner witness and to stop "Being Nice" and instead speak your truth. Noticing that sometimes "nice" is just manipulation in disguise. How can we start showing up in a kind, compassionate truthful way? Meeting one another as we stand in our truth and authenticity. Learning how to tell one another how we feel and beginning to build strong foundations in our relationships. Re-learning that the word NO doesn't have to be a fatal blow to the ego. We can create boundries while setting ourselves up with self-care opportunities and growth. And noticing that when we allow for these types of relationships, where we are showing up truthfully, we feel safe within ourselves and in our knowledge that the relationships we have with others are healthy and supportive. We can then make decisions based on the energy we want to align with now. Not with the energy of the past. That only helps us on this sometimes rocky journey called life.

                                                                         “Self-trust is the first secret of success.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Looking To Connect with Sydney? Go to

Looking To Connect with Melissa? Go to

Nov 15, 202258:33
Episode 9: The Power of Owning Our Actions & Noticing Our Dark Places

Episode 9: The Power of Owning Our Actions & Noticing Our Dark Places

In Episode 9 Melissa & Sydney talk a little bit more about the eclipse season and how it is affecting us. About how we express our emotions and how we sometimes supress and hold onto what doesn't help us in our life anymore. We look at how this eclipse offers us an opportunity to let go of anything from the past that holds us back and to fill in that gap with something new. Something that supports our evolution and brings us joy. Erasing that deep intense pressure to fit into society and allowing ourselves to show up authentically.

Melissa talks about her struggle with sugar addiction and Sydney helps her figure out where this way of being stems from, by looking into the past and putting the pieces together. Noticing how we try to fulfill our desires by using food, alcohol, etc. while deep down the real thing that we desire is not being looked at or fulfilled. Then Melissa digs into her emotions and allows them to help bring to the surface what it is she has always been craving and with that knowledge realizing she can begin using that to heal. 

They talk about finding our power by owning our actions and noticing our dark places. Giving ourselves space and claiming the right to change. Bringing in the light and letting it shine bright on this emotional journey called life and end it all with a beautiful healing practice with Sydney, helping us to create peace and joy and balance in our experience as we move forward.

                                                         “Now that I no longer desire all, I have it all without desire.”― St. John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul

Come on in and join the conversation!

You can find the Manifestation & Success with The Ayurveda & EFT Connection Course on Teachable HERE!

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Nov 07, 202201:02:30
Episode 8: A Conversation with Wendy Garrido

Episode 8: A Conversation with Wendy Garrido

In this episode Sydney & Melissa get real with Wendy Garrido (pronouns: she/her) a 2-time Gold Medalist in Pickleball, and an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author. She is the creator of the Authentic As Fuuuck Business Braveheart Awards. Wendy identifies as queer, polyamorous and somewhere between a connection queen and a connection whore. In her signature coaching program, Get Souled(tm)! (that's s-o-U-L-E-D) she inspires smart, emotionally intelligent, self-growth-oriented entrepreneurs to evolve their business in directions that feel like freedom. She's known for her brilliant-but-casual, compassionate, and open-hearted, no-BS style.

They dive right in and talk about how when we show up authentically people find value in that and how we can connect from that space. About how showing our vulnerability and humanness can be seen as a strength, not a weakness. 

Wendy describes the sport Pickleball and talks about how she turned something she loves into a thriving business and how doing so is the best way to truly find joy in your work by following your passion and aliveness.

Wendy opens up about her childhood and how her mom taught her how to be authentic at a young age by reading self-help books to her and about how we are raised has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves and our world later on in life. How parents can help their kids by allowing themselves to be flawed humans and showing vulnerability instead of acting like they have it all figured out when they don't. Letting kids know that it is OK to not have all of the answers. 

Getting vulnerable, Wendy talks about being polyamorous and moving through her relationships in an honest and authentic way. Trying to gauge the grey areas of those connections while staying true to herself no matter how tough it gets. Looking at building strong and grounded relationships. Relationships that stand firm because they originate in a place of complete transparency and respect first.

Melissa talks about how Wendy helped her to become her authentic self in her business and how she gave her permission to show up as her beautiful quirky self and how she helps others to translate their offline sparkle into an online successful business. Feeling good about who they are in the process.

Connect with Wendy Garrido at and at and on the Telegram app

Connect with Michele Covert and her Beautiful Crystal and Essential Oil Potions at

Check out Pukka Teas at

Connect with Melissa at

Connect with Sydney at

Nov 01, 202201:14:43
Episode 7: Creating Love From The Unknown
Oct 25, 202201:05:27
Episode 6: Inner Alchemy: Choosing The Light

Episode 6: Inner Alchemy: Choosing The Light

In this episode Melissa and Sydney show how we can choose to use our darkest moments to find our way into the light. How we can allow our failures in order to create our success. Sydney gets real and shares a story about her personal dive into a dark relationship* and how she navigated through it to become a stronger, more loving version of herself. 

She did this by finding a way to integrate the experience into her healing journey. No longer seeing herself as a victim, she found the courage to stand up and say "No, I will not stay down." She realized that she was the one who needed to change on the inside and that it was all up to her to make the choice to either keep herself small or to rise up and shine her light. Standing in her power. Learning to love herself and put herself first in a deep way for the first time in her life. 

Join us for this moving account. Shining a light on the fact that most of us are trapped in cages of our own making. And that if we look deep enough we find that the key to that cage is in our pocket. We just need to look at ourselves in order to find it.

*This episode has content that might bring up strong emotions for some listeners. A Healing Meditation is provided immediately after the story. If you find yourself in an agitated state and cannot move through it, call a trusted friend or family member. If you, or anyone you know, is in a violent relationship, call your local domestic abuse hotline.

Oct 18, 202257:56