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Gregory-Portland ISD CATCast

Gregory-Portland ISD CATCast

By Crystal Matern

CATCast serves to educate, inspire, and empower our G-P community by keeping you informed and entertained through the real-life examples shared by our people -- students, families, staff, and local residents in Gregory and Portland. We're proud to engage our listeners in the rich tradition and pride of G-PISD, a growing public school district in South Texas where every child counts and every moment matters. Tune in and subscribe for your biweekly dose of the G-P CATCast. #goGPwildcats #GPtogether
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Overcoming Adversity as a G-P Wildcat

Gregory-Portland ISD CATCastDec 21, 2022

Celebrating our Seniors: G-P CLASS OF 2023

Celebrating our Seniors: G-P CLASS OF 2023

It's time to CELEBRATE, G-P, as we hear from two of our graduating seniors -- Abigail Becka & Chance Hardwick -- as they weigh in on their upcoming graduation, their plans for the future, how the G-P community has prepared them, their experiences with our teachers, and much more! This episode features our proud Superintendent in the host chair as Dr. Michelle Cavazos makes connections and takes us on a journey with these incredible representatives of the G-P CLASS OF 2023! Don't miss this CATCast -- tune in, and share with one person today. #GPpride #GPtogether



We're honoring our SENIORS via Social Media: Tune in @ as we count down "10 Days of G-P Seniors" with graphic recognition for the entire Class of 2023! Wondering about senior events and schedules? Curious about what families and community are asking leading up to graduation? Check out our web page JUST for seniors and their honored guests to find the details and a running list of FAQs @
May 23, 202330:34
Building G-PISD: Making Decisions about Schools & Facilities
Feb 17, 202332:31
Growing G-PISD: Economic Changes & Rising Student Enrollment

Growing G-PISD: Economic Changes & Rising Student Enrollment

The landscape is changing across the Gregory-Portland area, and with it comes new opportunities and new students attending G-PISD. This school year alone we've seen student enrollment increase from 4,660 students on the first day of school in 2022 to more than 4,900 students as of January 2023 -- and climbing! 

In this episode, Guest Host and G-PHS Senior Skyla Martini interviews Superintendent Dr. Michelle Cavazos and School Board President Tim Flinn as they weigh in on the realized and anticipated growth in our district; the way we are partnering to educate, inspire, and empower through change; and the outcome of a recent Demographic Study performed to determine how much we are expected to grow as a community and district during the next 8-10 years. 

Stay informed, and enjoy this informative and inspirational CATCast! 

Jan 30, 202329:30
Future Focused for College & Career
Jan 14, 202335:13
Overcoming Adversity as a G-P Wildcat

Overcoming Adversity as a G-P Wildcat

This holiday, give yourself the GIFT of hearing two of our outstanding Wildcats -- Brandon Redden and Kendall Ramos -- share what it's been like for them to overcome adversity through incredible personal struggles this past year, as provided by Guest Host Elijah Thamaravelil (also a G-P Wildcat)!  Hear them now, and be sure to like / subscribe / follow for more of the G-P CATCast!

Dec 21, 202223:33
The "High Wealth" District
Dec 10, 202234:48
Kicking Off the CATCast w/ Superintendent Dr. Michelle Cavazos
Nov 18, 202242:27
Show Trailer

Show Trailer

Gregory-Portland ISD is connecting with our incredible community by sharing the voices, stories, questions, and answers from our Wildcats -- students, families, teachers, staff, and community! Every other week, we're releasing something special just for you. Check out our show trailer here, and subscribe to stay informed with the G-P CATCast! #goGPwildcats #GPtogether 

Nov 18, 202201:23