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The 3b1b podcast

The 3b1b podcast

By Grant Sanderson

Interviews about math, outreach, and more. Hosted by Grant Sanderson, the creator of 3blue1brown
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3 - Steven Strogatz: In and out of love with math

The 3b1b podcastAug 07, 2021

5 - Tai-Danae Bradley: Where math meets language

5 - Tai-Danae Bradley: Where math meets language

Tai-Danae Bradley does research applying tools from physics to understanding language models, all under the broader umbrella of category theory. She is also the brilliant mind behind the blog

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Sep 25, 202101:36:05
4 - Dianna Cowern: Dead or Alive

4 - Dianna Cowern: Dead or Alive

Dianna Cowern is the host of Physics Girl:

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0:00 - Intro

0:47 - Ad, Brilliant

2:03 - Relationship with math growing up

9:05 - Thoughts on teaching

16:36 - When students are genuinely curious

22:02 - Physics at MIT

27:53 - Alternate value systems

35:01 - Starting Physics Girl

40:20 - Taking down videos

48:49 - Authenticity on YouTube

53:17 - Advice on documenting learning

59:13 - Giving talks

1:07:51 - Dead or Alive

 1:12:37 - Storytelling in explainer videos

Edited by Ralph Crewe

Aug 31, 202101:24:47
3 - Steven Strogatz: In and out of love with math

3 - Steven Strogatz: In and out of love with math

Steven Strogatz, an applied mathematician at Cornell, is a prominent figure in the field of nonlinear dynamics and chaos, and a widely beloved popularizer of math.

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Brilliant is a great site/app for being more active in learning math.

--- Books by Strogatz which we discussed ---

Chaos and Nonlinear dynamics

Infinite powers

Unpublished appendix about Newton's letters to Leibniz:

--- Other things which came up ---

Strogatz's senior thesis:

His first published paper:

Crick’s paper about linking numbers and nucleosomes with the memorable comment that inspired his experiment with the ribbon:

The 4-dog chase problem and its solution.

For a full solution with calculus, see Strogatz's book "The Calculus of Friendship"

Survey for kids on their desired occupation:


A radical approach to real analysis

Twitter thread on what, morally, a normal subgroup is.

Leibniz formula via patterns from primes

--- Table of contents ---

0:00 - Intro

1:15 - Ad

1:59 - The perfect problem for a high school student

12:43 - Starting the Princeton undergrad

22:52 - The most beautiful proof

26:58 - What makes someone love a problem?

36:05 - Putting lessons online

41:57 - In and out of pre-med

47:05 - The geometry of DNA

58:53 - Using teaching as a means to learn

1:09:47 - Do students like history?

1:18:39 - The truth of Newton and Leibniz

1:23:29 - Archimedes, a true great

1:28:32 - Pitfalls of pure math exposition

1:39:03 - "Morality" in math

1:43:20 - An under-motivated culture

1:51:48 - What's next?

Aug 07, 202101:54:08
2 - Sal Khan: Beyond Khan Academy
Jul 22, 202144:43
1 - Alex Kontorovich: Improving math

1 - Alex Kontorovich: Improving math

Alex Kontorovich is a research mathematician at Rutgers University, a distinguished visiting professor at the MoMath Museum, and Editor-in-Chief of Experimental Mathematics, among other things. 

The tweet referenced at the end:

Jul 09, 202101:24:23