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In The Box

In The Box

By England Football

In The Box is the England Football podcast.

Join your hosts Tom Lee and Charlotte Richardson every month for the lowdown on everything football in England. From grassroots pitches to the hallowed turf of Wembley we cover it all, literally!

We're shining a light on the incredible people, clubs and leagues that make football special across the country.

We've got the top tips, amazing stories and behind the scenes news that you need.

All this and more, In The Box!
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S4 EP7 | Scoring Hat-Tricks: engaging players & communities

In The BoxMay 19, 2023

S4 EP7 | Scoring Hat-Tricks: engaging players & communities
May 19, 202330:09
S4 Ep6 | Creating a Winning Club Identity

S4 Ep6 | Creating a Winning Club Identity

@IntheBox Series 4, Episode 6 What an inspiring new #InTheBox podcast we have for you this month! Discover how your club’s identity is so more than your name and logo. See how a strong club identity: • inspires and attracts players, volunteers, and fans • creates that vital sense of belonging and a feeling of family • builds the pride and passion that drives success, on and off the pitch #InTheBox has it all in the next 30 minutes! Host Tom visits the home of Horsforth St Margaret’s FC in Leeds. As a club with a 100+ year history, and now the UK’s largest community club, it certainly knows a thing or two about the value of having a strong club identity. And the best news is Media Officer Gary and Development Officer Jordan happily share their knowledge and experience with you – all with a cameo from Marcelo Bielsa! Their insights are a sure fire way to help your club create a winning club identity, one that gets results in all the right places. Let’s get going…#InTheBox! Look out for our upcoming Extra:Time webinars and sign up at

Apr 28, 202329:56
EXTRA TIME | The Biggest Ever Football Session

EXTRA TIME | The Biggest Ever Football Session

Charlotte Richardson, Sarah Cummings & Tom Lee, continue the conversation with teachers, coaches and girls taking part in The Biggest Ever Football Session in London and Manchester, discussing why there should be equal access for girls to play football and their love of the beautiful game.

Apr 05, 202328:39
S4 Ep5 | The Biggest Ever Football Session
Mar 20, 202328:40
S4 Ep4 | Facilities: Improve from the ground up
Feb 14, 202332:39
S4 Ep3 | Saving Goals: Managing finances for a sustainable club
Jan 23, 202324:57
S4 Ep2 | Teamwork in the Community

S4 Ep2 | Teamwork in the Community

Welcome to the last In The Box episode of 2022, during which we consider the remarkable value of community to your club. 

Join us as we travel to Kent’s  Guru Nanak Gravesend FC  where host Charlotte Richardson hears how this award-winning community club is bringing people together in inspirational ways.

See how the club is breaking down social and race barriers, supporting its community in amazing ways, and providing a welcoming football experience.

Hear how its deep-rooted philosophy of equality, inclusivity and diversity is paying dividends for club and community alike. 

All this and more In The Box! 

You can find out more about Club House here :

Dec 05, 202227:60
S4 Ep1 | Positivity in the game

S4 Ep1 | Positivity in the game

Welcome to your first In The Box of Season 4. Our host, Charlotte Richardson, travels to  @Costessey Sports Football Club  in Norfolk to find out more about positive football. 

We learn how they’ve tackled poor behaviour in their club and turned it around to make their club a safe and positive space off and on the pitch. 

They successfully listened to their young people, giving them a voice and opportunities to create their own videos and messages to share around their club. 

All this and more, In The Box!  Our next Extra:Time webinar is coming up on 14th November 2022, so keep your eyes out for that. 

To find out more about the Respect campaign : 

Plus watch the fantastic videos created by Costessey:

We only do positive -

Play your role -

Oct 31, 202224:45
S3 Ep5 | Building body confidence in the girls' game

S3 Ep5 | Building body confidence in the girls' game

Have you ever thought about the barriers that can prevent girls and women playing football and enjoying it?  

Ever considered the importance of body confidence or wondered how we can help girls overcome these obstacles?  

Nike certainly have, Which is why on this extra special In The Box Tom and Charlotte are visiting Nike’s Sports Bra Roadshow at Liverpool FC and  @Harborough Town FC .  

In our women’s game-focused podcast, we hear inspiring stories from female players, get fascinating insights from the experts, and discover how innovations in sports bra science are giving girls the confidence to play, perform, and enjoy football more than ever.   

Charlotte and Tom are joined by leading players, coaches and fantastic role models like Kelly Smith, Mollie Kmita and Missy Bo Kearns as we look at improving inclusivity, confidence and participation in the women’s game.  

All this and more, In The Box!  

Body confidence is an important topic so be sure to engage parents/carers ahead of starting this conversation as a club with your players. 

To download the Nike Sports Bra Playbook visit - 

To listen to Charlotte's conversation with Kelly Simmons - Click here

Want to get in touch with a great story we should be covering?  Drop us an email to:   

To sign up to the in-depth knowledge to make you league and club built to last visit:

Jun 29, 202227:45
S3 Ep4 | A Winning Mentality

S3 Ep4 | A Winning Mentality

A Winning Mentality is important in football right?

Of course, but it's so much more than what happens after kick-off.

Charlotte invited us down to Bromley FC , her local club, to find out how they've made winning part of everything they do.

From the Chairman and First Team coach all the way through to the junior teams and community work, winning is about so much more than the result at full time.

Find out how Bromley FC are standing on the brink of the Football League and silverware whilst maintaining a focus on being built to last.

All this and more, In The Box!

Want to get in touch with a great story we should be covering?  Drop us an email to:

To sign up to the in-depth knowledge to make you league and club built to last visit:

May 16, 202228:03
S3 Ep3 | England's Greatest XI ?
Apr 11, 202226:54
S3 Ep2 | A League of our own
Mar 14, 202233:28
S3 Ep1 | Life's a pitch
Feb 28, 202225:33
EP 12 | The best bits of Season 2
Jan 28, 202215:32
Mini Series | England Football Accredited | Creating Hashtag United with Spencer Owen
Dec 10, 202136:10
EP 11 | Hashtag Volunteers

EP 11 | Hashtag Volunteers

Tom's back on the road and for #NationalVolunteersDay he took his job literally; so he's at Hashtag United  to meet some incredible volunteers. 

Truly the lifeblood of football - it's the volunteers who make sure everyone can play in our leagues and clubs.

Tom is joined by volunteers who range from the new recruits through to the 30 year veterans.

All that and more from one of the fastest growing clubs in the country, Hashtag United .

You'll find it all, In The Box.

Get in touch -

Book on to our upcoming webinars -

Dec 03, 202116:19
Mini Series | Women and Girls Football | Part 2: A lifetime of changing the game with Sue Campbell
Nov 19, 202134:18
Mini Series | Women and Girls Football | Part 1: Making more opportunities with Kelly Simmons
Nov 12, 202120:58
EP 10 | #LetGirlsPlay
Oct 29, 202138:05
EP 9 | Unpacking the Football Leadership Diversity Code
Oct 21, 202113:46
Mini Series | England Football Accredited – Part One
Oct 14, 202108:32
EP8 | Behind the scenes at the England Football & McDonalds Grassroots Football awards
Aug 20, 202138:06
EP7 | Technology supporting your game
Aug 06, 202127:32
EP6 | A football community 30 years in the making
Jul 02, 202114:16
EP5 | The Beating Heart of football
May 27, 202141:45
EP4 | Survive, Revive, Thrive. Your grassroots football strategy explained
Apr 29, 202137:53
Extra Time | Return to Football
Apr 01, 202155:47
EP3 | Growing your grassroots football family
Mar 26, 202153:47
Extra Time | Becoming a CASC, Fundraising to Gift Aid
Mar 24, 202159:09
EP2 | The FA Charter Standard. What, How & Why?
Feb 26, 202149:24
Extra Time | Making the most of what you have
Feb 24, 202158:03
Extra Time | Get Fit For Funding
Feb 12, 202101:00:40
EP1 | Funding, Marketing & Covid 19 for grassroots football
Jan 29, 202136:52
Trailer - Inside The Box

Trailer - Inside The Box

In the Box – the all-new FA Grassroots Podcast!

It’s all In the Box: everything you need to put your grassroots club or league to the very top of their game!

Every month, your hosts Tom Lee (FA National Club Services Manager) and Charlotte Richardson (FA National Club Services Consultant) bring you the latest news and views from across the grassroots game in England.

It’s packed with everything you need to know; from how to manage club finances, through to how to ensure your grassroots league survives lockdown and is ready for the re-start.

Get exclusive expertise, inspirational tips and advice, plus all the important news.

It’s for you, your club and your league.

It’s In the Box!

Jan 22, 202100:54