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Self-Improvement and Spirituality in Practice

Self-Improvement and Spirituality in Practice

By Greicy Hoo

I've been a Therapist + Spiritual Teacher since 2002, Astrologer with 35 yrs. of studies, and independent spiritualist from BR. This podcast is to help you deal better with yourself, others, and life.

If you want to change the effect, you need to work on the cause; and the cause of everything you attract and create in your life is in yourself.

Here my approach is dynamic, practical, sensible, realistic, and simple, without a therapeutic or spiritualist blablabla. The more you reconnect with your soul the more your life will have meaning and fulfillment.

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BGH #012 - Our powerful unconscious forces

Self-Improvement and Spirituality in PracticeOct 04, 2020

BGH #043 - Depression

BGH #043 - Depression

          In this episode, I share my point of view on depression as a therapist with great spiritual baggage. Because, in my view, it is a spiritual disease, not a physical one, although the depressive person presents physical symptoms.

          What is the feeling of inner emptiness if not the lack of an important part of the person? A part of their soul responsible for the joy of living or purpose.

          A meaningless life, in a dull black-and-white routine, has affected millions of people around the world. Especially with the prolonged pandemic and its economic, mental, and emotional consequences.

          There is a lot of financial interest from certain groups in keeping the population dependent on medicines, without offering a cure for certain diseases. And it's one thing to treat the symptoms, another very different thing is to work on the cause to eliminate the effects.

          I present two main causes of depression and how I deal with it in my work to obtain a cure without the use of medication and long months of treatment. Those who suffer are in a hurry and want a solution, not comfort.

Jul 10, 202129:41
BGH #042 - Different levels of self-sabotage

BGH #042 - Different levels of self-sabotage

          Self-sabotage is very common and doesn't necessarily originate in childhood or trauma. And it has to do with not accepting reality as it is. Not knowing how to deal with yourself, others, and life.

          You can't change effects if you don't identify the cause and work on it. So if you're feeling stuck and are not getting the results you want so much, it's because you're not working on the cause.

          And there is probably an unconscious resistance that is keeping you from getting there. This inner block may be on a more superficial or deeper level of your psyche.

          As long as you don't look and accept your real reasons for not getting what you want consciously, you will keep trying and failing.

          So come listen to this episode, where I explain how I identify unconscious sabotages, before your accumulated frustration turns to anger or depression.

Jun 25, 202142:38
BGH #041 - Being responsible for yourself and your life

BGH #041 - Being responsible for yourself and your life

          There are no victims, each one is responsible for creating the situations they experience, whether or not they are aware of how they do it. And Life doesn't spoil or give anything for free to anyone.

          Everything you experience is the result of causes you have created and set in motion yourself. Until you understand this, you will never take the reins of your own destiny in your hands, assuming the power granted to you with your free will.

          And since our inner conditions generate our outer ones ― we create and attract circumstances according to what we generate energetically ― there is no escaping personal responsibility for our lives.

          If you believe that you are a victim, a poor and wronged person, subject to the sadism and cruelty of vengeful forces, your psychological and spiritual health is compromised.

          And you feel powerless, weak, guilty, and wrong. Then all you have to do is sit and cry because there's nothing you can do to change your situation. Unless you change your point of view listening to this episode!

Jun 12, 202140:07
BGH #040 - Conflict between subpersonalities

BGH #040 - Conflict between subpersonalities

          You try to get control of your life, you struggle to get certain results, and you can't. Over time, you accumulate more and more frustration, disappointment, demotivation, and perhaps even anger.

          And hidden in your unconscious are your subpersonalities also fighting for dominance. It's a war where you are the weakest part.

          Because the forces and intelligences of the unconscious create our reality, attracting or repelling people and situations.

          The most common thing is for you to support a sub that you consider socially correct, that is better accepted and even admired by other people.

          The other subs, which cause you embarrassment and shame, are denied and repressed. And with that they rebel, creating acts of sabotage in your life to get revenge on you.

          In this episode, I describe two examples of conflicts between subs. Especially a very common one between a good sub, whom I call Sister of Charity, against a bad one, whom I call Maleficent or Cruella.

          Have you seen the movies? If so, you can get an idea of ​​how much trouble it is to have her as an enemy. Never underestimate a sub and its sabotage power.

Jun 05, 202135:41
BGH #039 - What is God for you?

BGH #039 - What is God for you?

          Many accept without resistance the idea that God is watching us all the time as if He had nothing else to do in the universe. In addition to writing down each step to punish us for mistakes afterward.

          This speech works very well in childhood to keep us under control. As if He were an evil nanny in the service of our parents.

          And this psychological terrorism can mark someone deeply. How many adults are not afraid to displease this harsh and vengeful God, and to be punished in life, or to end up in the fires of hell?

          Beliefs can and should be analyzed for the effects they cause. And discarded if there is more suffering than wellness.

          It is essential to know how to separate religious conveniences from true spirituality. So as not to waste time and energy praying for an illusory image without any power.

May 28, 202144:28
BGH #038 - Choose well who you listen to

BGH #038 - Choose well who you listen to

          If you are not 100% sure of a decision, 100% confident in yourself, you will tend to talk to other people to try to get their support and encouragement.

          And they may not agree with your plan, especially if it is audacious. Even with the best intention, they can try to discourage you and make you change your mind.

          Pay attention, as it's quite possible that, unconsciously, it is their fear speaking. Perhaps because they wouldn't have the courage to take the same step!

          The best guide you can have is your soul. Also because no one evolves by listening to their ego. Or the ego of others, equally full of illusions, fears, and pessimistic fantasies.

          The more you listen to your soul, the less you listen to your ego. But how to get in contact with her to receive the best guidance? I explain two ways in this episode, and one of them is through soul retrieval.

May 21, 202137:10
BGH #037 - Live interview

BGH #037 - Live interview

          Special episode with an interview I gave covering several themes: my trajectory, my work as a therapist, astrology, and how I use the birth chart as a diagnostic tool.

          I also talked about free will, our unconscious forces that create our reality, sabotaging subpersonalities, soul retrieval, and how it speaks to us.

          How we are conditioned to think and act playing characters, changes in life, victimism, and even karma!

          Almost a seminar to help you expand your consciousness.

May 14, 202155:04
BGH #036 - Unconscious resistances

BGH #036 - Unconscious resistances

          Do you know that situation or aspect in your life that just doesn't work? You do the best you know and don't get the result you want so badly?

          The cause may be an unconscious resistance based on fear, or a secret convenience or advantage in not getting it.

          Yes, you can have a "no" side within you working against your conscious will.

          And in a conflict between the conscious and the unconscious, guess who wins! The most powerful side, which creates your reality by attracting or repelling people and situations.

          How to identify an unconscious resistance? How to get rid of it? What is the difference in relation to a Sabotaging Subpersonality?

          This is another episode to surprise you and expand your consciousness.

Apr 30, 202134:34
BGH #035 - Everything is a matter of point of view

BGH #035 - Everything is a matter of point of view

          There is a magic key that makes all the difference in life whatever the situation: changing the point of view.

          What seems too difficult for one person may be very easy for another.

          Your way of seeing reflects your personality. It also shows the type of beliefs that you have nurtured inside and, by extension, the type of life that you have created for yourself.

          The more negativity you project on a person or situation, the worse they or it gets for you.

          When you change the way you see, you also change the way you deal with a person or situation, even more so if they are challenging. This alters your energy, which causes a change in the effects in your life.

Apr 23, 202137:19
BGH #034 - Guilt and punishment

BGH #034 - Guilt and punishment

          What is the difference between guilt and remorse?

          How does the authoritarian and intolerant ego control us through guilt?

          Those who feel guilt trigger an internal mechanism of need for punishment to compensate and give relief. And this provides conditions to attract punitive situations in life, in addition to causing low self-esteem and negative energy.

          And believing that the other is guilty triggers a sense of internal justice that has more to do with revenge and brings out our worst.

          Whoever believes in guilt and punishment is only redeemed by pain and suffering. Learn to deal with guilt and eliminate it to suffer less in life.

Apr 16, 202139:29
BGH #033 - What to know before trying to help someone

BGH #033 - What to know before trying to help someone

          There are people who don't want to leave rock bottom; they just want you to go down there to keep them company. Those are professional victims and energy vampires.

          There are those who like to help out of the vanity of being good. They don't know how to say no and are always taking responsibility for the welfare of others.

          Energy has no distance. If you feel pity for someone, you will connect with their negative energy. And end up badly, maybe even sick and with losses in your life.

          And if you meddle in the test or lesson that someone needs to go through to evolve, Life can find a way to get you out of the way. A lot of people get in trouble for intruding where they shouldn't.

          To help, empathy and goodwill are not enough. Above all, it's necessary to have intelligence and common sense to not hinder and not be harmed.

Apr 10, 202138:50
BGH #032 - Attitude and energy - beyond the Law of Attraction

BGH #032 - Attitude and energy - beyond the Law of Attraction

          The Law of Attraction is a cosmic, universal law. A lot of people read about it, saw the movie "The Secret", and tried to put the principles into practice but with no success.

          Why? Is there a secret behind "The Secret" that no one has told?

          After decades of studying how life works, I have come to some conclusions that I share with you in this episode.

          What defines our energy and how does it attract people and situations in our life in practice?

          We are much more affected by energies than we imagine, whether they come from the environment or other people ― incarnated or not.

          Negative energy weighs, bothers, puts pressure, causes imbalances, and even pain in the physical body.

          How do we get negative energy from others? How does the phenomenon of magnetic attraction between people occur? How are we influenced by the collective unconscious?

Apr 04, 202150:32
BGH #031 - When others mirror what you repress

BGH #031 - When others mirror what you repress

          Everything you ignore or deny in yourself, repressing, will inevitably come to you when you least expect it.

          Your best and your worst will be unconsciously projected on someone or some situation. And you will be forced to see yourself reflected in a magnifying mirror.

          In practice, two types of situations can occur: irritation, when we project something of our own that we deny because we consider it ugly, unpleasant, bad ― a weak point.

          Or passion, when we see in the other some quality or skill that is equally repressed, unknown, neglected, or still underdeveloped ― a strong point.

          What to do to get rid of the irritating person or situation, changing reality? How to cure a passion to avoid disappointment and suffering?

Mar 27, 202140:34
BGH #030 - Your dark side that you reject

BGH #030 - Your dark side that you reject

          Your dark side contains characteristics that you consider bad, ugly, unpleasant, inadequate, shameful.

          They are not necessarily bad, but you've made them negative with evilness, considering them defects. I prefer to call them weak points.

          And because you don't like these aspects in yourself, you tend to deny and repress them in a corner of the unconscious, pretending that they don't exist.

          But Life will force you to face everything you don't want to see in you. How? Bringing mirrors with magnifying glasses, in the form of unpleasant people and situations that will reflect your dark side.

          Negative and repressed content can also surface like an erupting volcano. With a force that dominates the person and can cause panic/anger/crying attacks, manias, neurosis, compulsions, and even outbreaks.

          Nobody runs away from themselves, because Life wants and needs you to evolve. Self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-improvement are fundamental.

Mar 20, 202143:49
BGH #029 - Suffering for love with a sick romanticism

BGH #029 - Suffering for love with a sick romanticism

          As incredible as it may seem, some people like to suffer for love. They find it beautiful, romantic, noble! But no suffering is beautiful, especially if it is due to an impossible or unrequited love.

          There are those who love to be in love. Or who fall much more in love with the idea of ​​being in love than with the target of their passion.

          For them, love is like a drug. They are addicted to "romantic opiates", the idea of ​​the love dream. And they relate to an ideal partner that they created in their imagination and exists only there.

          Incurable romantics live a perfect story in their fantasy. Some even distort reality so much that they completely lose common sense.

          For many people who suffer for love, the case is much more an ophthalmological issue than a cardiac one. And it's not easy for them to give up the pink lens with which they like to see everything.

          How to cure a love pain? How to cure a passion that causes suffering?

Mar 13, 202135:00
BGH #028 - Everything in life has a function

BGH #028 - Everything in life has a function

          Everything has a function in the Universe, even suffering. Everything and everyone can serve as instruments of Life to teach a lesson, help or be a companion, or temporary enjoyment.

          Conflicts with other people are opportunities for you to develop and exercise certain skills.

          The keyword is functionality. What is more functional for a person to learn a lesson and thus evolve in their consciousness?

          There is no chance, accident, coincidence, luck, or bad luck. Everything follows an order in the Universe, there is no chaos, mess, and disorder. There are effects or consequences of causes put into action, in addition to meaning, purpose, and function.

          In the face of any challenging, uncomfortable, or painful situation, a good question is: what does Life want you to learn with that?

Mar 05, 202142:35
BGH #027 - What have you been doing with your life?

BGH #027 - What have you been doing with your life?

          Your life is yours, it was given to you as a gift. It's an opportunity to grow and evolve as a human being.

          What have you been doing with it? Are you wasting your existence with secondary and transitory things? Are you living to please others and be accepted by the world? Are you working to pay the bills only?

          Life without pleasure is meaningless, the question is what kind of pleasure is sought: the illusory, sold by the media and society, or the real one, yearned by the soul to rejoice with the experiences in this world.

          A well-lived life is one that fulfills the spirit, the rest is mental and egoic masturbation. Focus on your self-improvement, as remorse is the worst thing a being can experience when they reach the other side of life.

Feb 26, 202128:55
BGH #026 - The most important lesson for everyone

BGH #026 - The most important lesson for everyone

          The most difficult thing for human beings to learn is to take possession of themselves. All the tests and challenges in life are related to this and nobody, absolutely nobody, escapes this lesson.

          Learning takes time, is often particularly arduous for the neglectful but it's essential. And what does it mean, in practice, to have self-possession?

          An individual with self-possession is aware of their own power, has the force of self-mastery not to be impressed and led by the drama of others and the world.

          They don't allow themselves to be led by other wills or external influences and, as a result, they become masters of themselves and their own destiny. They cease to be a pawn that moves in a zigzag through life.

          Nor do they allow themselves to be shaken or hurt by anything, remaining in an inner state of serenity and neutrality, just observing what goes on outside themselves.

          They live better, suffer much less, and their lives don't follow the flow of struggles and obstacles of most people.

Feb 19, 202150:47
BGH #025 - How to get to know someone in fact

BGH #025 - How to get to know someone in fact

          People, in general, interpret a type to please. They interpret a character learned, developed, and designed to be well seen, accepted, appreciated, and even loved.

          Do you really want to get to know a person? In this episode, I share my observations based on years of study, analysis, and practice.

          Not only as a Therapist and Astrologer but also as someone who has trained the sensitivity to identify the signals that people unconsciously give. That's how I became a profiler, someone who makes behavioral profiles.

          When you learn to recognize and read the signs, you begin to see people's truth, camouflaged under layers of social varnish and made up with seduction and personal marketing strategies.

          It's possible to obtain valuable information about someone without having to live intimately with them. In this way, one can avoid illusions, disappointments, and even losses. And that is priceless!

Feb 05, 202141:52
BGH #024 - Have filters in your ears

BGH #024 - Have filters in your ears

          The other has the right to think and say what they want. You have the obligation to select what enters your ears and echoes in your mind.

          Whether or not to give importance to what comes from outside is a choice. And a very high price is paid for accepting destructive criticism: damage to self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence.

          Who's in there? Do you think on your own, with discernment, or have you learned to think with others?

          Are there other people's voices in there thinking for you? Putting you down, criticizing, humiliating, demanding, not giving you peace, and sabotaging your life?

          Having what I call filters in the ears and self-possession is critical if you care about your mental and emotional health.

Jan 31, 202144:11
BGH #023 - Envy - how to identify and cope

BGH #023 - Envy - how to identify and cope

          Nobody likes to admit that is envious, but it's something natural: the other has something that you don't have and would like to have.

          The question is what is done with this feeling. Whether the person uses it as an inspiration in life or dives into frustration that, when accumulated, can become anger and revolt.

          In my view, because envy causes a sensation in the chest, it's a way for the soul to communicate with us. That is how it awakens us, through examples, to the awareness that we can be better and have the best in life.

          However, many people don't have a positive mindset and produce a type of poison that intoxicates them and damages their relationships.

          How does envy arise? How does it evolve? What to do when you feel envy? How to recognize an envious person? How to deal with them?

          The enemy may be (and usually is) closer than you think.

Jan 23, 202143:12
BGH #022 - 31 Signs of loss or disconnection with the soul

BGH #022 - 31 Signs of loss or disconnection with the soul

          The soul has several parts responsible for specific aspects of our constitution as a spiritual being. It's common to lose more than one in a lifetime.

          Just as it's possible to reincarnate without a part of the soul that was lost in a past existence.

          When the loss occurs, the person experiences a feeling of inner emptiness or lack of some specific virtue. In that case, the soul is somewhere unknown in the spiritual world.

          Each case is unique and requires a specific approach and negotiation to carry out the retrieval. There is no way for me to know, in advance, the conditions that I will encounter.

          There are also behaviors that disconnect the person from their soul. And without that connection with the Higher Self, which is wise and capable of performing miracles, life doesn't flow as well as it could.

          In this episode, I have listed several signs to help you identify where your relationship with your best part is.

Jan 17, 202101:03:02
BGH #021 - Detach not to suffer

BGH #021 - Detach not to suffer

          New year, new life? Do you continue to suffer in the present what happened in the past?

          Time passes, people change, and not always for the better. There are people who stick to the idea of ​​"forever" and don't let go of people and situations that hurt them. Or that no longer have to do with them.

          The immature and insecure person always clings to an emotional or psychological crutch. But Life, sooner or later, will remove that crutch to force the person to walk with their own legs and strength.

          It's important to learn to say goodbye with elegance. Know how to recognize when things have already given what they had to give and Life is asking you to move on to another phase.

          Because everything is just temporary and impermanent usufruct. Everything will pass, the others will follow their path one day, and only you will be with yourself for eternity.

          Emotional independence and detachment are liberating. And they avoid a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Jan 09, 202145:49
BGH #020 - Is suffering optional? Its role in life

BGH #020 - Is suffering optional? Its role in life

          Tell me how and with what you suffer, and I'll tell you how ignorant or evolved you are.

          Suffering occurs when Life wants us to go one way, and we insist on going the other, usually feeding illusions that deny reality. In such cases, the pain only ceases with the use of intelligence, goodwill, and common sense.

          It's not pain and suffering that teach; it's the person, tired of suffering, who gives in to Life, becomes humble, and is willing to learn how to do better.

          The person with more emotional and spiritual intelligence suffers less. While the stubborn, proud, immature, neurotic, controlling, and, mainly, dramatic suffers much more.

          However, life is eternal, so someday we'll all learn to get smarter to suffer less and less.

Dec 20, 202030:36
BGH #019 - Anxiety and fear

BGH #019 - Anxiety and fear

          In my view, anxiety and fear go together in practice and have in common the fact that they're based on negative thoughts about future events. That is, nothing is going on in the present, but the person's imagination is already expecting the worst.

          It's a fact that there is an increase in anxiety and fear in countless people in the world today, because of the prolonged pandemic and with no predicted end. And in many cases, it has reached its peak in panic crisis and attacks that, if repeated, configure the panic syndrome.

          What are the effects of continued anxiety and fear on the physical body, even if to a lesser intensity? How to deal with them? What to do to get rid of them? Especially if the person doesn't want to take medication to control the symptoms. Because these are just the effects of an inner cause.

          Without identifying the real cause to work on it, there is no way to change and even eliminate the effects, obtaining a real cure. And the root of the issue may be at the unconscious level, in something denied and repressed by the person.

Dec 11, 202036:20
BGH #018: The opportunity offered by the pandemic

BGH #018: The opportunity offered by the pandemic

          With this pandemic, this endless quarantine, everyone is being forced to stay with themselves without the distractions of the external world (work, courses, leisure...). And, among so many challenges, there is a greater awareness of yourself, of your weaknesses, vulnerabilities, fears, inabilities, inner needs, emotional needs.

          Everyone is being forced to face themselves as human beings with flaws. And those who don't live alone still have to deal with other people, whose hidden and repressed internal content is also coming to the fore. Masks are falling, relationships are in crisis. What was once tolerated became unbearable in many cases.

          How have you dealt with all this? Have you taken the opportunity to expand your awareness with useful new knowledge, or have you been distracted by just nonsense? Have you invested in your spiritual (non-religious) education, or are you still afraid of dying?

          How are you now and how will you be when this pandemic is over?

          How is your mental health now and how will it be when all this is over?

Dec 06, 202025:40
BGH #017 - Energetic vampirism and parasitism

BGH #017 - Energetic vampirism and parasitism

          Do you know how to recognize an energetic vampire or parasite? Don't you even act like one now and then, without realizing it?

          How to identify a situation of attempted or lost energy? How can you avoid letting yourself be vampirized or draining someone else's energy who may be even worse than you?

          The matter is serious and important especially in times of pandemic with so many needy people on social networks. Yes, because there is a type of modern vampire who lives on the internet in search of victims.

          The vast majority of people are not even aware that these energetic phenomena exist, so they act in a totally unconscious way. Sucking and letting themselves suck in an even intense exchange with strangers. And then you don't know why you are always tired and discouraged...

          Without vital energy your life doesn't move, your business goes wrong, your relationships deteriorate, and you are unmotivated even for the simplest things. Wake up and learn to defend yourself!

Nov 28, 202056:34
BGH #016 - I have a gift for you!

BGH #016 - I have a gift for you!

          There are situations in your life that have already become a pattern, so much that they are repeated. Perhaps it is a difficulty in dealing with yourself (insecurity, devaluation, self-sabotage...), with others (always the same type of person and relationship to bother), or even with life (misfortunes, delays, failures, accidents... ).

          Everyone has specific challenges and lessons they came to learn here in this world. And until you do your part to evolve and overcome them, you will continue to face the same frustrating and even painful situations.

          Life is yours to do what you want, but there is only one way to change an effect: to work on the cause. Are you tired enough to want to change now, or can you still endure a few more years of struggle and frustration? How much longer before you surrender and decide to go for intelligence instead of pain?

          I am an instrument of life offering a chance for you to at least understand why you have been experiencing certain constant difficulties. It is not bad karma, bad luck, or the envy of others; they are just your evolutionary challenges.

Nov 14, 202038:55
BGH #015 - When you are not yourself

BGH #015 - When you are not yourself

          Not everything you feel is really yours. We are much more susceptible to "invisible" external influences than we think, so it is important to be attentive to identify when you are not acting up to your habit.

          Energy has no distance and we can, yes, copy other people's feelings and behavior without realizing it. That is how, suddenly and for no apparent reason, we move from a positive state to another irritable, impatient, unmotivated, depressed, sad, anxious, afraid...

          Sometimes you may not even recognize yourself acting or reacting in a different, strange way. Or someone who knows you well can give the warning: "what's going on? I'm not recognizing you".

          How can you know if what you feel is really yours? How to get rid of this negative interference that causes discomfort, suffering, or even damages in your life?

          This episode is to clarify these issues and shed light on your conscience. Wake up, get smart, and take possession of yourself. Don't be a powerless and ignorant victim.

Nov 01, 202038:21
BGH #014 - Love relationships

BGH #014 - Love relationships

          This must be the most complicated area of ​​life for everyone. How much suffering, how much drama ― and even tragedy ― is not experienced worldwide.

          Complaining about your partner and continuing with them is not ok nor fair with both of you. What makes someone stay in a relationship if it is so bad that they are always complaining?

          The truth is that people stay together and even get married for "n" reasons; love is not always the main thing, although they like to believe so.

          It's not because a person says that they love you, that they really do ― although they believe or want to believe that they do. The question is: what do their actions say? How do they actually behave with you?

          Something curious to note is that the chemistry you have with one person will never be repeated just the same with another one.

          In the end, what matters most is that you exercise your affectivity. Each person with whom you relate emotionally is a different experience that will move you in a way and challenge you like no other.

Oct 18, 202050:07
BGH #013 - Don't blame the stars - A mature view of Astrology

BGH #013 - Don't blame the stars - A mature view of Astrology

          Forget everything you think you know about Astrology, especially if you don't know much.

          In this episode, I present a much more mature view of this ancient science and art. And I show how I use the birth chart as a powerful diagnostic tool in a therapy process.

          With the information I get from it, I go straight to the point and don't need multiple sessions to probe my clients and their lives.

          I can immediately identify the main challenges and lessons to be learned in their current life, as well as the Sabotaging Subpersonalities, to work on the cause and thus change the effects.

Oct 11, 202030:05
BGH #012 - Our powerful unconscious forces

BGH #012 - Our powerful unconscious forces

          You have intelligent forces in your unconscious that regulate the functioning of various aspects of your life (finances, work, relationships...), creating obstacles or facilities, depending on your relationship with them. And I'm not talking about limiting beliefs or internal saboteurs.

          You also have an instinctive intelligence responsible for the integrity of your physical and psychic system. Any imbalance in the functioning of the body, for example, comes from a conflict relationship with these internal forces.

          Everything in your life that you cannot control with your conscious mind is under the control of these unconscious intelligences. Therefore, recognizing them, getting in touch with them, and maintaining a good relationship is essential.

          Especially because, in a dispute between your conscious will and your unconscious forces, they are the ones that always win.

          By mastering your inner powers, you can not only transform your reality and your life but also make a positive difference in the world.

Oct 04, 202038:49
BGH #011 - Examples of transforming reality cases

BGH #011 - Examples of transforming reality cases

          The first case I report is about how a Sabotaging Subpersonality created a series of failures in a client's professional life, to the point that she thought about changing her profession. She thought she was out of luck, until she discovered a powerful force within her, working behind the scenes of the unconscious, to take revenge on her mother.

          The second and third cases are examples of how it is possible to use the forces of the unconscious to establish limits with inconvenient people, without having to talk or do anything on the outside that could cause troubles in relationships.

          We are much more powerful than we think and we can consciously transform our reality. We just need to know how. Do you want to learn? Come talk to me.

Sep 26, 202041:38
BGH #010 - How I became my own guru and changed my reality

BGH #010 - How I became my own guru and changed my reality

          Aren't you tired of feeling stuck in situations you can't change?

          What would it be like if you could transform your reality and create a fulfilled and purposeful life?

          In this episode, I tell my journey as a restless seeker until I could master my inner powers, have direct contact with my Higher Self, and transform my reality for the better.

          If I did it, you can too!

Sep 13, 202036:28
BGH #009 - How free is your will

BGH #009 - How free is your will

          To what extent are the choices you make 100% conscious or have you been conditioned to choose in certain ways, according to beliefs, points of view, and attitudes that you have absorbed from outside, from other people, and the world?

          Habits and conditioning, especially negative ones, are prisons that greatly limit the power of choice or will, since the tendency is for people to function on autopilot, without thinking and questioning.

          The truly free person is one who does not follow procedure manuals to please and be accepted, is authentic, and takes responsibility for their conscious decisions.

          You have the right to do what you want in your life, but to give your power of choice to other people or the collective is to be... powerless. Not choosing is also a choice. Sowing is free, but harvesting is mandatory, and to each one is given according to their merits.

Sep 07, 202049:12
BGH #008 - When and where your will is not free and does not work

BGH #008 - When and where your will is not free and does not work

          This free will... in fact, it is not as free as we like to believe. There are areas where it has no power to act; and there are conditions in which we have no choice but to show a willingness to learn how to deal with them or suffer in revolt.

          Another episode with an in-depth approach, to make you reflect and expand your counsciousness. However, the conversation is light and relaxed.

Aug 30, 202043:15
BGH #007 - Unnecessary sufferings you can avoid

BGH #007 - Unnecessary sufferings you can avoid

          If you haven't learned anything with a suffering, then you have suffered for nothing. And you will probably continue to suffer with the same type of situation until you get tired, maybe at rock bottom, and decide to go for intelligence.

          Common sense, detachment and changing the point of view make all the difference. And you can stop many painful processes when you want, after all only you have the power to put order within yourself with inner discipline. Unless you like to suffer because you think it is noble and purifies your spirit. Each one with their own dose of masochism.

          This episode is to help you reflect on how you are dealing with yourself, with others and with life. If you are hurting yourself unnecessarily with things you can manage better with a good head. There are several examples of harmful attitudes that many people have without realizing it.

Aug 22, 202041:29
BGH #006 - How your reality is created

BGH #006 - How your reality is created

          Is our destiny already set? Is everything already written or can we choose? How free is our will? What can interfere in our life to the point of changing its course? To what extent are we subject to external factors, or can we consciously create our reality?

          The cause of everything in your life is in yourself. Being aware of this, as well as trying to understand how your reality is created, makes all the difference to take charge of your existence. Or do you prefer to remain in the illusory position of an impotent and even revolted victim, because you can't change what you don't like?

          No more groping in the darkness of doubt. This episode is to shed light on your consciousness, and help you to awaken to your inner power. The power to consciously choose where your life goes. And in what way.

Aug 15, 202037:09
BGH #005 - Some words you should avoid using

BGH #005 - Some words you should avoid using

Not only do words have power, they also trigger certain instinctive reactions in us, due to the emotional and psychological baggage they carry with use in specific situations. And some can put us down without us realizing it, so I avoid them and prefer to use more positive ones instead.

Aug 08, 202022:20
BGH #004 - Examples of sabotaging subpersonalities (part 2)

BGH #004 - Examples of sabotaging subpersonalities (part 2)

          A few more examples of subs. This time I describe the ones I call Warrior, Troublemaker, Maleficent/Wicked/or Perverse, Perfectionist, General, Dramatic and Sister of Charity.

          Perhaps you have some of them sabotaging your life. Or maybe you can identify some acting on people you know. Come find out more by listening to the episode.

Aug 01, 202045:50
BGH #003 - Examples of sabotaging subpersonalities (part 1)

BGH #003 - Examples of sabotaging subpersonalities (part 1)

          In this episode, I describe some subs that I have identified over the years in my work as a Therapist: Executioner Judge, Poor him/her (Victim), Workaholic, Rebel, Hero, Mother Superior and Punisher.

          Perhaps you have one (or more than one!) of them in there, working behind the scenes of your unconscious to sabotage your life. Come listen to know more.

Jul 25, 202048:41
BGH #002 - Sabotaging Subpersonalities

BGH #002 - Sabotaging Subpersonalities

          Do you work hard in one or more areas of ​​your life and they just don't go forward? Or they do, but not in the way and at the speed you would like? Are you tired of so much frustration, unable to find a solution?

          The real cause of certain misfortunes in your life may be what I call a sabotaging subpersonality. Yes, the enemy may be hiding inside you, acting behind the scenes to create frustrating and unsuccessful situations in your life.

          And since it's an intelligent force acting in your unconscious, it has the power to create your reality. In this episode, I explain what these subs are, how they are created and how they work in an individual's life. And how I deal with them in my work, making them stop acting against someone and start playing on the person's team, as powerful allies to create better realities.

          Knowing this unconscious inner dynamic better will make all the difference in the way you look at life! And you will finally understand why there is so much difficulty and suffering in anyone's life.

Jul 18, 202051:48
BGH #001 - Loss and retrieval of parts of the soul

BGH #001 - Loss and retrieval of parts of the soul

          Feeling of inner emptiness and meaninglessness in life? It can be loss of the soul. The subject is very serious and is happening more and more, as shown by the accelerated increase in cases of depression in the world. Even more with the pandemic, isolation and the dramatic loss of loved ones.

          Shamanism is an ancient tradition that deals with this: loss and retrieval of the soul. However, the rituals performed in person have become impractical with quarantine. Anticipating this critical moment in the world, the spiritual plane provided more modern and dynamic techniques to reestablish the individual's connection with their essence, soul or Higher Self.

          In one session and REMOTELY, it's possible to identify the lost part of the soul, rescue it and reintegrate it to the person, who consciously participates in the process and already feels the difference at the same time. And in the following days, of course.

          I received this teaching from the Higher Spirituality a few years ago and I have been applying it successfully. In this episode, I explain how the loss of a part of the soul occurs, what symptoms the person may experience and how, in general, the retrieval is done.

          Now, more than ever, humanity is in need of mental and spiritual help.

Jul 11, 202001:07:39
BGH #000 - Trailer

BGH #000 - Trailer

Who I am and how is my work as a Therapist.

Jul 09, 202002:50