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By Jackson Palmer

We are living in a time where a JPEG can sell for a million dollars, celebrities openly endorse Ponzi schemes and when what you've invented doesn't matter nearly as much as what you say you've invented. As snake oil increasingly becomes our new currency, regulators and lawmakers are asleep at the wheel while pay-to-play journalists pump out puff pieces from their slurp juice-induced hangovers. Join us as we explore the dizzying, unending roster of these 2020s-era rackets. Welcome to the age of GRIFTONOMICS.
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The Cancel Culture Con (w/ Katelyn Burns)


The Cancel Culture Con (w/ Katelyn Burns)
Aug 29, 202255:34
The Road to Nowhere (w/ Paris Marx)
Aug 22, 202258:07
Life According to Longtermism (w/ Émile P. Torres)
Aug 15, 202256:21
The Reality of Virtual Real Estate (w/ Jathan Sadowski)
Aug 08, 202201:02:34
The "Buy Now, Pay Later" Bubble (w/ Siddharth Venkataramakrishnan of FT)
Jul 04, 202245:06
Mapping The Manosphere (w/ münecat)
Jun 29, 202236:59
Crypto Energy Crisis (w/ Ketan Joshi)
Jun 20, 202201:00:43
Debunking DeFi (w/ Bennett Tomlin of Crypto Critics' Corner)
Jun 13, 202201:02:38
Carbon Credit Cards (w/ Polly Hemming of The Australia Institute)
Jun 07, 202201:00:00
That's So Meta (w/ Maxwell Strachan of Motherboard)
May 30, 202250:33
Selling Free Speech (w/ Eugen Rochko of Mastodon)
May 24, 202246:48
What in the Web3?! (w/ Molly White of "Web3 is going just great")
May 17, 202251:12