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Gritty Faith

Gritty Faith

By Bianca

This podcast addresses the struggles we all face in our walk with Jesus and offers tools to combat and conquer them in faith and confidence so that we may live a wholehearted life for Him 🙌🏼
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Investing your God-given gifts

Gritty FaithNov 24, 2021

Christ didn’t fight, neither should we

Christ didn’t fight, neither should we

A reflection from Isaiah’s prophecy, quoted in Matthew 12: 19-21. It reminds us how to live in victory, like Christ and in Christ. Please leave a rating and check out for info on our Christian App & Journals ❤️🤩
Jan 19, 202307:39
Get in The Word Girl 🙌🏽
Dec 06, 202110:43
Investing your God-given gifts
Nov 24, 202111:21
Breaking free from sin, finally!
Sep 20, 202120:34
Jesus will meet that need

Jesus will meet that need

In this episode we explore questions that so many of us have — How do you love someone who doesn’t believe what they are doing is wrong? How do you turn away from sin when so much seems to be at stake? What’s on the other side of true repentance (turning to Jesus and following Him)? Does Jesus even know what it’s like to be tempted? How do we help others fall in love with Jesus? Journey with me through these important questions and please do share your thoughts with me on Insta @grittyfaith.
Jul 20, 202121:11
How to know you’re saved
Jun 15, 202123:52
How to live by faith
Apr 22, 202121:29
Being set free from anxiety
Mar 23, 202120:07
He sees me through the eyes of Jesus.
Feb 23, 202135:11
Why I choose to cover my curves.

Why I choose to cover my curves.

In a world where we are constantly told to hate men for their sexual impulses and aggression, it’s hard to see and listen to men in order to understand their experience. But we are called to not think like the world, to follow the ways of God, His higher ways, and to be a blessing and help the men in our lives. This podcast might challenge your thinking because of the lies you hear every day, but take it one step at a time and just ponder on it. May you be such a gift to the men around you. May you help to build them up and may you change the world through your decision to consider how they think and feel.
Feb 15, 202121:06
The day I finally faced the enemy.

The day I finally faced the enemy.

For years I wanted to pursue Jesus with my all but I just couldn’t stay committed and faithful to him. I would keep falling into sin and was in an endless cycle of shame and guilt because of it. Finally God let me up a mountain with an old friend who had been involved in some witchcraft at the time and there I spoke directly to Satan, telling him that Jesus alone was my Lord and I was no longer afraid of Him. Everything changed after that...
Feb 01, 202119:41
When Jesus showed me my rotten core.
Jan 28, 202117:25
When I believed not a single person loved me.

When I believed not a single person loved me.

Let’s talk rejection. This is the realest I’ve ever been about this area of my life. I usually gloss over it because I’m afraid that if I talk about it it will lead to even more rejection. But I know the power of vulnerability and I know now the purpose of my experiences and what Jesus did through them. For those who are struggling with rejection right now, I pray that this brings you hope and makes you feel loved. Because YOU ARE LOVED.
Jan 26, 202119:42
He met me in the middle of my mess.

He met me in the middle of my mess.

For the inaugural episode of the Gritty Faith podcast I wanted to share a major part of my testimony, about the sin that so enraptured me and kept me from pursuing Jesus, and about the incredible ways Jesus continued to pursue me despite my failings. It’s the most raw I’ve ever been about this topic but I want you to know that no matter where you are, Jesus can redeem your life. If you want to chat about it or learn more about Gritty Faith’s resources, find us on Instagram @grittyfaith. If you enjoyed it, subscribe to show support.
Jan 20, 202121:54