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Growing As Grown-Ups

Growing As Grown-Ups

By Growing As Grown Ups

Just because you’re a grown-up, it doesn’t mean you’re done growing. We want to demystify the ways we keep growing as grown-ups by sharing with you what both science and experience has taught us.
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Episode 38: Understanding Emotional Intelligence with Kedren Crosby

Growing As Grown-UpsFeb 15, 2022

Episode 38: Understanding Emotional Intelligence with Kedren Crosby

Episode 38: Understanding Emotional Intelligence with Kedren Crosby

Emotions are information that help us learn something about ourselves – what is going on inside of us, and what we feel really matters. ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is thrown around a lot but few people know what it means or why it really matters in the workplace.

In today’s episode, Sara sits down with Kedren Crosby, President at Work Wisdom and co-host of The Behaviorist podcast, to talk about Emotional Intelligence. Kedren’s focus is on conflict resolution, burnout, work-life integration, authentic leadership, organizational culture, conflict management, all with a bent toward positive psychology and positive emotional behavior.

Kedren holds a Master's degree in Policy Science from The University of Maryland Baltimore County, graduate-level certificates in Nonprofit Studies from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Conflict Resolution at Notre Dame, and has completed graduate coursework in Organizational Behavior at Harvard University.  Kedren is also a certified practitioner of Emotional Intelligence and formerly served as adjunct graduate school faculty at Elizabethtown College.  Professionally, her 25 years of experience in all three sectors (for-profit, non-profit, government) fuel both her empathy and her ability to see quickly into your specific scenario.

Watch the full episode or download the show notes here:

Keep up with Kedren at and her work at:
- Work Wisdom LLC -
- The Behaviorist Podcast -
- LinkedIn -
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- Instagram -
- YouTube -

Feb 15, 202250:41
Episode 37: The Hard Work of Equity and Belonging with Duane Reynolds
Feb 01, 202253:21
Episode 36: Growing Up is Serious Business with Ambassador Andrew Young
Jan 18, 202253:55
Episode 35: Growing (our Faith) as Grown-Ups with Andy Stanley

Episode 35: Growing (our Faith) as Grown-Ups with Andy Stanley

If you’ve been with us for any amount of time, you may know that one of our taglines here at The Leaders Lyceum and the work we do is ‘developing the whole person’. We talk a lot about leadership, family, parenting, what to do with your direct reports, friend groups, etc but rarely do we talk about faith.

In this episode, Andy Stanley, Founder and Senior Pastor of North Point Ministries sits down with Keith to discuss what it means to have faith as an anchor (when it grows and matures with us), and how difficult circumstances, tragedies, and even doubt itself, can cause us to grow when we choose to embrace the challenge.

Jan 04, 202201:05:32
Episode 34: Vertical Development in Review

Episode 34: Vertical Development in Review

Hi friends!

Vertical Development, if you’re willing to live into it, gives you insight into the world around you AND insight into yourself.

In today’s episode, we are not only wrapping up 2021 (say what?!), but also our current series on Vertical Development. Dr. Sara Musgrove, Dr. Keith Eigel, and guest, Dr. Karl Kuhnert sit down to discuss their thoughts on the last few episodes, their take on vertical development, and how the curriculum for our growth is all around us in every-day life.

Dec 21, 202101:02:03
Episode 33: Everyone’s Experience Matters with Dr. Nancy Popp

Episode 33: Everyone’s Experience Matters with Dr. Nancy Popp

Do the people around you know that their experience matters to you? Do they feel known, seen, and understood by you? This is the value of understand the developmental road map and learning how to identify where you and others are on the journey.

While there is a great deal of commonality among all people, the way each person makes sense of our world is fundamentally different.  When we recognize that we are more effective in influencing others when we meet them where they are, and not trying to get them to meet us where we are, we can come alongside them and help them take their next step.

In this episode, Sara invites Dr. Nancy Popp dives even deeper into the conversation on vertical development. Focusing more on the real-life application of the model, Nancy shares strategies for how to get a better sense of where people are in their development. She also issues some wise words of warning about how to not use this information in unhelpful ways.  

Nancy Popp earned her EdD. in adult developmental psychology from Harvard University Graduate School of Education, where she worked with Robert Kegan. Her initial work on psychological boundaries has expanded over the years to include issues of identity, conflict, and consciousness. Nancy is one of the foremost experts in the Subject-Object Interview and Constructive-developmental psychology. She uses both extensively in her work as a developmental coach, mentor, trainer, consultant, teacher, writer and researcher.

Nancy’s research led her to write The Self in Conflict: The Evolution of Mediation, co-authored with Dr. Richard McGuigan, which expands on how we can “can better understand the meaning-making that underlies the behaviors that disputants exhibit in conflict, thereby allowing interveners to help the disputants expand their understanding of the conflict situation and find new pathways to its resolution”.

Don't miss this great episode!

Connect with Dr. Nancy Popp at 
Halgren Coaching

Dec 07, 202101:06:12
Episode 32: Finding Your Center of Gravity with Dr. Nancy Popp
Nov 23, 202159:24
Episode 31: The Evolving Self with Dr. Robert Kegan

Episode 31: The Evolving Self with Dr. Robert Kegan

n this episode, Dr. Robert Kegan shares wisdom and personal stories drawn from his more than forty years of research and writing on adult development.  From caterpillars to poker to faith, Robert addresses the gift of our potential to grow, and ultimately our endeavor not to die.

Dr. Kegan is the William and Miriam Meehan Research Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.  The recipient of numerous honorary degrees and awards, his research and writing on adult development have influenced the practice of leadership development, executive coaching, and culture change throughout the world.  His impact on Keith's personal journey has been profound and, in turn, foundational in the work we do here at The Leaders Lyceum.

Join Dr. Kegan & Keith as they deep dive into what it means to cultivate a developmental culture for yourself, and for those around you.I

Nov 09, 202101:13:21
Episode 30: Success Mindsets w. Dr. Ryan Gottfredson

Episode 30: Success Mindsets w. Dr. Ryan Gottfredson

You've no doubt asked the question (or at least thought about it!) - what do leaders need to do to be effective? The thing is, leadership isn't just about doing the right thing, it's also being someone people want to follow.

So how do we successfully tap into the 'being' side of leadership?

In this episode, Dr. Ryan Gottfredson shares his work in the realm of mindsets, neuroscience, and vertical development. His Success Mindsets help us grow beyond a self-protective mindset and move into a more cognitively and emotionally sophisticated way to make sense of the world. He believes that by growing ourselves in this way we are actually healing ourselves.

Join Sara and Ryan as they “geek out” over these ideas.

Oct 26, 202101:01:09
Episode 29: Work-Life Balance with Dr. Julie Wayne

Episode 29: Work-Life Balance with Dr. Julie Wayne

When it comes to work-life balance - do you think of ‘balance’ as a noun or a verb?

In this episode, our guest, Dr. Julie Wayne shares wisdom on what a healthy work-life balance looks like, and offers practical ways to actually achieve it.

Dr. Julie Holliday Wayne earned her undergraduate degree in psychology at Furman University in 1993 and her Masters and PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Georgia. In her research, she studies sexual harassment, work-life balance, and workgroup diversity and has published in top management journals and her work has been highlighted in ForbesFox News, the Chicago TimesParent Magazine, and others.

Sep 28, 202152:46
Episode 28: Living a Productive (& Soul-Focused) Life with Theresa Ward
Sep 14, 202148:60
Episode 27: Fuel for Growth: Values
Aug 31, 202154:42
Episode 26: Fuel for Growth: Responsibility
Aug 17, 202143:55
Episode 25: Fuel for Growth: Feedback

Episode 25: Fuel for Growth: Feedback

In today's episode, the second in our ‘Fuel for Growth’ summer series, Keith & Sara focus on how we can introduce challenge and contradiction into our development equation by actively seeking out and embracing...*cue scary music*...Feedback!

No one likes to receive criticism, or be told what their perceived weaknesses are, but if your goal is to keep growing, why would you not want to learn how you can continue to improve?

The value of embracing (and encouraging!) feedback can’t be overstated. To help you engage in what can often be difficult conversations, we are offering three GREAT resources!

1.  Download our Self on the Shelf guide for FREE! Get your copy at

2.  Register for a FREE webinar to walk you through the Shelf on the Shelf process on August 20.

3.  Enroll in our new mini-course, Listening to Lead, designed to help you become a better leader by becoming a better listener. Listeners of the podcast can sign up for an introductory price of $49 (that’s almost 50% off!) now through September 30.

Stay with us over the summer as we continue to focus on the foundational elements of growth and what it really looks like to keep on growing as grown-ups!

We would love to hear your feedback on any ways we can improve! If there is anything that “you like…”, “you wish…”, or “you wonder…” about our content, our guests, our hosts(!), please reach out via

Aug 03, 202152:30
Episode 24: Fuel for Growth: Personality

Episode 24: Fuel for Growth: Personality

In this episode, Keith & Sara pick up where we left off with Dr. John Golden to dig deeper into understanding our own personality and explore utilizing personality assessments can fuel our growth.

Keith & Sara have been helping people become better versions of themselves for over 50 years (combined) and have found the impact of understanding both how you are like other people and how you are different to be a powerful element of continued growth.

Jul 20, 202158:08
Episode 23: Understanding Personality (and why we're all a little bit weird!) with John Golden
Jul 06, 202151:34
Episode 22: Defy Drift with Todd Sandel

Episode 22: Defy Drift with Todd Sandel

If we are not careful, we can easily become victims of drift- the unintentional disconnect between who you are and how you live. Many leaders find themselves sacrificing physical and relational health in order to achieve the highest levels of professional success, waking up one day to realize that this is not who they want to be.

In today’s episode, executive coach and marriage and family therapist, Todd Sandel, joins us to share how to defy drift.
Todd is the Founder and CEO of The SouthCity Group, a small boutique executive coaching and leadership consultancy firm that addresses leadership change and development from both the clinical and leadership sides of psychology.

Jun 22, 202153:20
Episode 21: Innovating yourself with Dr. Sara Musgrove

Episode 21: Innovating yourself with Dr. Sara Musgrove

In Pt 2 of our Leadership & Design Thinking series, Dr. Keith Eigel interviews our own Dr. Sara Musgrove, to discuss Innovation and Design Thinking, and further unpack the idea that leadership isn't just about having the right answer, but knowing how to get to the right answer.

Sara received her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology at the University of Georgia. In addition to her studies in I-O Psychology, Sara also has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her experience listening to clients and taking into consideration surrounding factors has uniquely prepared her to collaboratively help clients find the best solution to their problems.

Jun 08, 202139:48
Episode 20: Leading Innovation with Scott Sanchez

Episode 20: Leading Innovation with Scott Sanchez

What does innovation have to do with leadership?

In this episode, Dr. Sara Musgrove and our guest, Scott Sanchez, unpack how the key methods and mindsets of innovation can transform your leadership. The secret - keep people at the center. If you're a leader, spouse, parent, human - this episode is for you!

Scott is a human-driven product innovation leader, with expertise in innovation, product management and design, and a history of turning deep human insights into simple, yet impactful, products and experiences that delight customers.

May 25, 202159:16
Episode 19: The Volunteer Effect with Jason Young
May 11, 202152:31
Episode 18: Living & Leading with Purpose with John Ramstead

Episode 18: Living & Leading with Purpose with John Ramstead

Do you want to live a life more fully alive? What does it mean to live on purpose, with purpose? In this episode our guest, John Ramstead, shares wisdom on how to discover your core values, clarify your mission and leave a Legacy you will be proud of.

John is an author, podcaster, speaker, and leadership expert with an approach to leadership that creates measurable results and is a catalyst for creating significance and success.

Apr 27, 202150:53
Episode 17: Leading Remotely with Kevin Eikenberry
Apr 13, 202151:42
Episode 16: Growing Well Pt. 2

Episode 16: Growing Well Pt. 2

Leadership maturity isn't the natural byproduct of aging. It requires wisdom, courage, and effort. Having influence requires us to grow into - and take ownership of - who we are and what we stand for.   In this episode, Dr. Keith Eigel explains the levels of development, and shares how we can take control of our growth to accelerate progress in leadership, life, and legacy.

Download our Growth Gap Tool:

Mar 30, 202158:39
Episode 15: Growing Well.

Episode 15: Growing Well.

What are the best practices of those who have grown well?  Keith and Sara unpack the themes that came up over and over again in their conversations with amazing leaders.

All of us can employ these practices to accelerate growth to have the influence we desire in areas that matter to us. We just have to learn to lean in.

Download our Growth Gap Tool:

Mar 16, 202144:52
Episode 14: Follow-Centered Leadership with Kevin Riley

Episode 14: Follow-Centered Leadership with Kevin Riley

As the editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kevin Riley knows what it’s like to have all eyes on him, and yet he recognizes that leaders need to pay careful attention to their followers and work for their betterment. Through moving memories of his father and learning the importance of tough feedback, Kevin's story helps us remember to focus on what’s most important in work and life.

Download our Growth Gap Tool:

Mar 02, 202151:59
Episode 13: It’s Worth It with Dr. Stuart Rayfield

Episode 13: It’s Worth It with Dr. Stuart Rayfield

Life is often a series of unexpected challenges, both big and small. Today’s guest encourages us that when we keep our eyes focused on what really matters, the rollercoaster of life is worth it. Through a series of identity shaking challenges in college, to being tasked with leading the COVID response for the entire University System of George, Dr. Stuart Rayfield has learned the importance of being a perpetual student, being vulnerable, and pushing through the struggle.

Feb 16, 202156:31
Episode 12: The Power of Perseverance with Bill Renje

Episode 12: The Power of Perseverance with Bill Renje

Former Paralympic gold medalist, Bill Renje, shares his story of how a crippling gunshot at 18 turned his world upside down and possibly saved his life. Through the power of perseverance, a positive attitude and a grounding faith, Bill has become an inspirational leader committed to investing in the lives of others.

Download our Growth Gap Tool:

Learn more about the Leaders Lyceum:

Feb 02, 202152:56
Episode 11: Growing Ourselves to Grow Others with Dr. Kyle Marrero

Episode 11: Growing Ourselves to Grow Others with Dr. Kyle Marrero

The leadership lessons that can be learned from this opera singer turned university president are so powerful that we don’t want anyone to miss them. Dr. Kyle Marrero from Georgia Southern University shares stories of facing challenges that taught him the importance of always leading from your values, being willing to try and fail, and investing in others becoming the best versions of themselves.

Download our Growth Gap Tool:

Jan 19, 202101:07:30
Episode 10: Making the Most of the New Year with Keith Eigel and Sara Musgrove

Episode 10: Making the Most of the New Year with Keith Eigel and Sara Musgrove

At the start of any new year, many people take the time to reflect on where they’ve been and what they’d like to be different. Sadly, too often these goals and resolutions fail, often after just a few days. Today, your hosts share what they’ve learned about how to make transformative life changes more effectively. Our hope for you is that you will continue to grow into the person you want to be over this coming year and beyond.

Download the Growth Gap Tool:

Sign up for Challenge to Change:

Jan 05, 202134:56
Episode 09: Don’t Run from the Crucible of Suffering with Dale Jones

Episode 09: Don’t Run from the Crucible of Suffering with Dale Jones

If anyone knows anything about leadership, it’s today’s guest. Dale Jones is the CEO of Diversified Search Group, one of the best executive search firms in the world. Dale shares his story of building resilience and finding purpose from an early age and how even today he continues to confront challenges, both internal and external, in order to keep making the difference he wants to make. Stay with us through the end. His concluding exhortation to listeners is absolutely invaluable.

Dec 15, 202046:02
Episode 08: Living a Life of Purpose with C.J. Stewart

Episode 08: Living a Life of Purpose with C.J. Stewart

From a young age, CJ Stewart knew he wanted to play baseball for the Chicago Cubs. Against all odds, growing up in poverty in Atlanta, CJ’s dream came true. Now, baseball has moved beyond his profession to become the pathway to fulfill his purpose— rescuing the counted-out boys of Atlanta and teaching them that they are significant. Join us for this week’s podcast as CJ shares his story of growing into himself and living a life grounded in purpose.

Follow C.J. on social media:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

Download our Growth Gap Tool:

Dec 01, 202053:37
Episode 07: Listen, Learn and Lead with Mike Lauderdale

Episode 07: Listen, Learn and Lead with Mike Lauderdale

Where’s the balance between confident and humility? How do you lead with confidence without missing out on the obvious because of your arrogance? 

Mike Lauderdale brings a new perspective as our first guest working in a large corporation. Mike is a VP of Human Resources for FedEx and is someone we have come to know as a leader that is truly respected and admired by those around him. Throughout this conversation, you’ll hear stories that demonstrate a maturity of perspective from someone who has learned to take ownership over his personality rather than letting it have ownership over him. Mike’s wish for us all is also our wish for you in this episode: find the happy!

Download our Growth Gap Tool:

Purchase our online course, "Challenge to Change":

Nov 17, 202050:34
Episode 06: Finding Commonality in a Divided Country with Dr. Karl Kuhnert
Nov 03, 202056:34
Episode 05: Know what you’re FOR with Jeff Henderson
Oct 20, 202053:05
Episode 04: Leading as Your Authentic Self with Christi Gordy
Oct 06, 202050:26
Episode 03: Leading through Three Global Pandemics– with Dr. Stuart Gulley
Sep 22, 202001:07:56
Episode 02: Rising Above Your Circumstances with Mohamed Massaquoi
Sep 22, 202058:54
Episode 01: Growing As Grown-Ups
Sep 21, 202034:56