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Grow Your Business With Video

Grow Your Business With Video

By Alex Wardle

Join filmmaker Alex Wardle as he and his guests explore the how and why of creating truly "effective" video.
This podcast will help you gain competence both behind and in front of the camera. You'll learn about the technical, hands-on side, but also the fundamental concepts that underpin truly effective video content (and great marketing in general).
It's for marketers in all industries, and owners of businesses that are any size. Because we should all be striving for a deeper, more genuine connection with our audience.
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How to prepare for a homemade video shoot

Grow Your Business With VideoMay 08, 2021

How to prepare for a homemade video shoot

How to prepare for a homemade video shoot

You've probably run into problems when trying to film videos for your business - maybe you ran out of storage on your smartphone, or the sound wasn't great, or you filmed so much content that your phone died halfway through an awesome take! In this episode, Alex shares his tips for how to avoid all these issues, so that next time you go to create some effective video content, you're 100% ready - armed with the equipment and knowledge necessary for a seamless, headache-free video shoot.

May 08, 202124:24
How to create a "wow" experience

How to create a "wow" experience

How do you make your new customers and clients feel like they're truly in safe hands?

In this episode, Alex and Dom Hodgson discuss onboarding - the power of delighting your clients as soon as they choose to do business with you, and how to systemise the process.

Dom has a proven track record in doing exactly this, plus he and Alex share their thoughts on being personal and "real" in your marketing (including where to set your own boundaries) - there's lots to learn in this episode!


00:00 Intro, catch up with Dom

02:38 Dom’s “twin engine” onboarding method 

06:01 Why onboarding is always worth it

07:38 How Dom easily makes “welcome” videos

09:13 How powerful connections with your customers are made

14:08 How personal should your marketing be?

15:20 Separating yourself from the competition

17:09 How to be personal across different social platforms

19:20 Combining self-shot and pro-shot videos

20:47 The danger of the wrong message 

26:48 This all leads to a better, less stressful business!

29:06 Remember: video is just one part of the system 

31:28 Set your own boundaries, but be personal in your marketing 

33:00 Outro 

Apr 30, 202135:49
How and why to focus on your customers' PROBLEMS

How and why to focus on your customers' PROBLEMS

Your customers have problems, but do you really know what they are? And more importantly, are you talking about them in your videos?

Join Alex on a stroll along the banks of my now-local river (we've moved to the countryside since the last episode!), and learn about how and why you should hone-in on the problems, desires, and aspirations of your target market.

You'll also learn about my new favourite "vlogging" setup based around my iPhone, proving that you DON'T need expensive equipment to produce highly-effective videos.

Apr 22, 202121:57
You Pre-Production "Effective Video" Checklist
Jan 09, 202145:00
How to kickstart your video marketing in 2021

How to kickstart your video marketing in 2021

With the new year upon us, now is the perfect time for you to build and maintain a genuine relationship with your prospects and clients using the power of video.

In this episode I’m sharing with you some tips on how to create effective, useful, meaningful content even if you’re just getting started with video marketing (or if you think you're a seasoned pro). You’ll be churning out these kinds of highly-valuable videos in no time, which will allow your audience to get to know, like and trust you.

I also share some updates and inside info from planet Artifact, including two of our favourite projects from last year.

Jan 04, 202129:04
REC The Lockdown
Aug 09, 202028:48
How To Become A Better Performer
Jun 20, 202027:52
'Putting the "You" in YouTube' with Lee Glynn
Jun 06, 202048:58
'Making Marketing Personal' with Dominic Hodgson
May 16, 202044:50
It's not you... (it's your audience)

It's not you... (it's your audience)

Alex and Naomi chew the fat on clickbaity content which serves little-to-no purpose for the viewer - something they both (unfortunately) see business owners and marketers doing often. They offer some alternative strategies to create content which your audience will actually really enjoy, and in turn will help to solidify your positive relationship with them.

May 02, 202025:14
4 Practical Tips for Beautiful Smartphone Videos
Apr 18, 202037:47
'Audience First' with Katie Bulmer-Cooke
Apr 11, 202031:14
'Relentless Consistency' with Luke John Harrison
Apr 03, 202047:09
Creating videos with purpose

Creating videos with purpose

Most people are selfish when it comes to their marketing - they only think about themselves! In this episode, Naomi and Alex discuss why we as marketers always need to put our viewers first. We talk about the difference between ephemeral and evergreen content; how you can (and should) get more comfortable with making videos every day; and how casual, rough-and-ready, imperfect videos are actually incredibly valuable.

Feb 17, 202025:21
Injecting Emotion

Injecting Emotion

In the official first episode of the Grow Your Business With Video podcast, Naomi and Alex discuss the power of emotion in video content - and indeed in all marketing.

Even for "serious" businesses, whose owners may not believe that the use of strong emotions in their marketing is appropriate, planning your video content around what kinds of feelings your viewers will experience is a powerful way to form a deeper connection with your audience. We discuss how to do just that. 

Feb 17, 202026:38
Pilot - How to grow your business with video

Pilot - How to grow your business with video

In the inaugural episode of the Grow Your Business With Video podcast, Alex Wardle and Naomi Watson discuss the challenges facing anyone and everyone responsible for marketing a business, and how they intend to help out.

We talk about what makes an "effective" video, and why you should strive for it - always. We also touch upon confidence on camera, authenticity,  the technical side of producing video and even psychology... All topics which will be discussed and debated in greater detail throughout future episodes of the show.

Feb 10, 202021:24