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GT: Garage Talk

GT: Garage Talk

By Fifteen58 Productions LLC

A discussion about all things automotive. Each month, our award winning podcast dives deeper into the human element of the automotive world. Seeking out individuals who make the automotive landscape what it is. Join the discussion online! Like us Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter: @GTGarageTalk Email us at Visit our website at
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55. Dakar or Bust!

GT: Garage TalkMar 05, 2021

158. Team Nor'Wester Takes on Rebelle
Dec 01, 202301:01:25
157. Team Brute Squad is At It Again!
Nov 10, 202349:47
156. Cruising Woodward in a 1962 Chevy C-10

156. Cruising Woodward in a 1962 Chevy C-10

On this week's episode, Cory brings back a repeat guest in Tim Esterdahl. Tim is the owner of Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk and recently took his 1962 Chevy C-10 to cruise Woodward last August, being pulled by his 2023 Chevy Silverado High Country with the 3.0L Duramax.

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Oct 06, 202351:19
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Jul 18, 202329:27
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May 19, 202351:50
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Apr 14, 202301:10:28
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