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By Haint N Holler

Southern US Folklore, Ghost Stories, and Superstitions.
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HaintnHollerSep 15, 2021

The Bell Witch part 1

The Bell Witch part 1

The story of the infamous Bell Witch of Tennessee.
Jun 24, 202331:13
Dec 31, 202219:28
Season 2 Trailer
Dec 17, 202201:43
Skinned Tom

Skinned Tom

Settle in this spooky season for the tale of Skinned Tom.

CW: death, murder, torture, adultery.

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Oct 27, 202111:16
The Witch of Putnam County

The Witch of Putnam County

Are witches from the 1800s buried in Putnam County, TN? Listen to today's episode and feel free to share your opinion with us.

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Oct 20, 202122:40
The Tennessee Pigman

The Tennessee Pigman

This evening we are on the search of one of the stranger stories my home state has to offer - the Pigman of Millington, TN.

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Oct 13, 202111:43
Witch Bottles, Bottle Trees, and Haint Blue

Witch Bottles, Bottle Trees, and Haint Blue

Ever find an old glass bottle full of nails and other items buried on your property? You might have come across an old form of protection.

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Oct 06, 202110:41
Devil's Creek Road and Some Advice

Devil's Creek Road and Some Advice

Tonight we’re doing things a little different. You see, I don’t have a story for you. What I do have is a location, rumors, and some advice for those of you who love southern haunts as much as I do and just wanna get some boots on the ground and experience a story of your own.

A small disclaimer before we continue. Here at Haint n Holler, we share information and stories about the paranormal. We do so for entertainment and educational purposes. Our goal is not to evangelize our beliefs in ghosts, cryptis, or other high strangeness nor do we pass judgement on whether or not a location contains any of these therein. Any information you obtain from this podcast, it is entirely up to you what you would like to do with it.

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Yall stay safe out there.

Sep 29, 202116:36
Pine Haven Bullied Boy

Pine Haven Bullied Boy

The Old Pine Haven School in Jamestown, TN has an urban legend that shook us to our core and brought back ever creepy night from our childhood sharing urban legends and looking into mirrors...

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Sep 22, 202113:32


Little men in the mines or ghosts of miners who sacrificed everything to company green? Whichever it is, the miners knew that they weren't alone in the dark heart of the earth.

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Sep 15, 202113:57
Carnal Rain

Carnal Rain

Twice in the history of the south has the sky opened up and rained down blood and meat on the land. The first was in 1841 in Tennessee. The second was in 1876 in Kentucky. Tonight we share that strange bit of history along with some weather omens that you can look out for this fall.

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Sep 08, 202117:34
August 20, 2021

August 20, 2021

Aug 20, 202100:33