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Half-Baked Stories

Half-Baked Stories

By Jed, Raine, and Bek

We lock three writers in a room and force them to make a story in 30 minutes or less. For an added twist: each host brings one story ingredient, which we must then combine into a single story.
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Half-Baked StoriesMar 28, 2020



We're coming back! A new season will be releasing soon.

Mar 28, 202000:37
Santa's Lonely Elf
Dec 24, 201937:12
The Rat Race
Dec 08, 201934:43
Curse of the Potato
Dec 01, 201930:08
Big Shoes to Fill
Nov 24, 201930:52
The Pink and the Penny-Farthing
Nov 17, 201937:33
The Most Marvelous Mattress Manufactory
Nov 10, 201937:03
Magic of the Sneezes
Nov 03, 201931:02
Fullmetal Gardener
Oct 27, 201933:15
Across the Ages

Across the Ages

A conspiracy thriller of biblical proportions.

Got a storytelling idea you want us to play with? Send us your ideas at halfbakedstoriespodcast(at) . If we use your idea in a future episode, we'll give you a shout-out on the show!

Oct 27, 201930:47
A Ghostly Revolution
Oct 27, 201934:14
Introducing: Half-Baked Stories - an Improv Storytelling Podcast
Oct 27, 201905:10