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Embrace hosted by Coralyn Jewel

Embrace hosted by Coralyn Jewel

By Coralyn Jewel

Coralyn Jewel is the host of EMBRACE Podcast. A new episode is released every every Monday. Our guests range from ADult performer's, Swing club owners, Sexologists, scientists, priests, doctors, authors and really anyone who has taken a risk and deviated from what society considers the norm. Coralyn's message is simple, live your life for you, be proud of who you are & embrace each moment. Determine your own path & don't be afraid to be who you are. Season 4 kicks of Oct 30th with episode 111 And world renowned Sex Therapist and Yale graduate Dr. Susan Block from the Susan Block Institute.
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Hankie Pankie Podcast - Leana Lovings Interview

Embrace hosted by Coralyn JewelJun 20, 2022

Darius Mills The Holy Man
Dec 04, 202359:09
Michael W Rogers how a radio host, weather man & truck driver found his destiny

Michael W Rogers how a radio host, weather man & truck driver found his destiny

Published, self-taught photographer Michael W. Rogers. His story is captivating and provides motivation for anyone wanting to make a change but petrified to take the risk.

Michael specializes in professional headshots and portraits, fine art landscapes, and boudoir photography.  His studio is in Las Vegas but Michael is able to travel to your location if need be. 

Michael’s strength is his personality, being able to communicate on any level, at any time, with anyone.   Photography sought him, not him seeking photography which makes this story what it is.  The Journey.

Nov 27, 202339:21
Interview with iconic porn star Cindy Crawford

Interview with iconic porn star Cindy Crawford

Adult performer Cindy Crawford ( and yes, that is her real birth name in her identification) joins us today to share how she went from a career goal forensic scientist to a highly successful career as an adult performer.

One car race down Highway 15 on her way to California was all it took for this firecracker to make the career switch.

Don't miss this episode as Cindy is a perfect example of not judging a book the cover. This beautiful tall blonde has brains, beauty, and a heart of gold.

Nov 20, 202338:02
In-studio interview with Veronica Vaughn, Adult industry veteran performer

In-studio interview with Veronica Vaughn, Adult industry veteran performer

Today's guest, adult veteran performer Veronica Vaughn, joins us in the studio to share her story from the mid-west out to California, to a marriage, and accounting career before finding her way into an industry she was curious about and yearned to learn more.

Professional Model, Actress, Nerd, Cosplay Girl, and Burlesque performer. Her fans adore her, she has a heart of gold, and this interview has a very interesting twist.

Also note, that we also now have added a subscription page, donations, or PPV for behind-the-scenes and funny extra clips.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Veronica Vaughn XXX

Nov 13, 202301:05:07
Madame Bella Cummins from Bella Hacienda Brothel in Wells, Nevada

Madame Bella Cummins from Bella Hacienda Brothel in Wells, Nevada

Bella is the owner of Bella's Hacienda Ranch, a licensed brothel in Wells, Nevada. She has owned and operated the brothel for over 30 years and joins EMBRACE to share her story of how she became involved and the challenges she has faced owning and running a legal Brothel over 30 years.

73-year-old Cummins is the longest-serving living female legal brothel owner in the United States. In 1987, she acquired the struggling Hacienda Ranch Brothel in Wells, transforming it into the famed "Bella's Hacienda." Leveraging her business acumen and financial expertise, Cummins successfully turned the establishment into the most prosperous adult entertainment destination in Northeast Nevada.

Throughout her career, Cummins has faced and overcome significant challenges, including successfully navigating the AIDS panic of the 1980s and the COVID shutdowns of the 2020s. During the COVID pandemic, when the legal brothels were shuttered by Nevada’s governor, Cummins creatively obtained an escort license for her business, allowing sex workers to sustain their income by providing non-sexual companionship services.In an era when sex workers were often disparaged and marginalized, Cummins pioneered a revolutionary approach within the industry.

the only legal brothel entirely run by sex workers, Bella’s Hacienda eliminated exploitative elements, creating a female-led workplace culture centered on trust and teamwork. This environment allowed sex workers to find camaraderie, support, and personal growth, challenging stereotypes and fostering a more positive image of women in the adult entertainment sector.

At the forefront of promoting the legalization of prostitution, Cummins founded the Onesta Foundation. Established in 2018 in response to efforts by religious groups to ban legal brothels in certain Nevada counties, the foundation offers a platform for women working in Nevada’s sex industry and facilitates professional development and support for the legal sex work community.

Most recently, Cummins is advocating to change the language on sex worker licenses.

Nov 06, 202301:07:20
Dr. Susan Block Joins us on Embrace

Dr. Susan Block Joins us on Embrace

Susan Marilyn Block, Ph.D. is the founder and director of the Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences.

Being a HUGE MENTOR IN MY LIFE, I felt Dr. Susan Block was the perfect way to open season 4 of Embrace.

magna cum laude graduate with distinction from Yale University who received her doctorate in philosophy with a major in psychology from Pacific Western, as well as an honorary doctorate of the arts from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Dr. Block is a world-renowned sexologist, best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker, talk show host, speaker and commentator as well as a therapist in private practice, serving clients the world over.

Oct 30, 202301:00:42
The Making of a Woman with guest Jewels
Mar 20, 202301:27:19
Don't be so quick to judge: This week we welcome Layla Scott

Don't be so quick to judge: This week we welcome Layla Scott

Every week I am reminded that every single one of us has a story and people are so quick to judge without knowing the whole back end. Once again, another guest shares their story and I continue to realize why I am doing these podcasts and fighting to get my message out. 

I encourage you to listen, share, learn, and understand.   We may all come from different ethnicities, religions, countries, and backgrounds but we all have one thing in common and it often seems to be forgotten, we all bleed the same color.

This week I welcome Layla Scott to Embrace. Layla and I met at the AVN awards in January where Layla was working at one of the vendors' booths.

Layla joins us to share the story of her childhood, her disabilities, and her confusion about growing up as a man, being attracted to women but not sure where her place was or where she fits in. In 2021 she found herself.

It is so important that our youth are taught not everyone is the same and that teasing and bullying can have lifelong effects on someone's mental state.

During our interview, I also learned that Layla, diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy amongst other medical diagnoses,  earned her peers' admiration and respect in 1996 when she represented the United States in the Atlanta summer Paralympics taking home two medals in track and field. 

I introduce you to Layla who is still learning and coming to terms as a member of the Trans community. Layla shows courage, emotion, pain, and happiness throughout this interview.  You can see the pain she has gone through just by looking into her eyes.  I am confident in saying she is one of the most genuine, kindhearted, and caring guests I have met on my journey.  

If you know someone experiencing the same confusion, emotional pain, bullying, and teasing, and unaware of where to turn to for guidance. Start with this week's amazing guest, Layla Scott.

Facebook Layla Scott


Mar 13, 202352:26
Are you a victim of Shame guilt?
Mar 06, 202344:14
Living with Crossdressing & understanding the truth behind it

Living with Crossdressing & understanding the truth behind it

Savannah Hawk

Detroit-born Savannah Hauk is an author, podcaster, advocate, and TEDx Speaker. She lives a confident, visible, and successful male-to-female dual-gender life. Through a lifetime of experience and research, Savannah has come to understand the many reasons men need to express a more feminine persona, the struggles and fears they face, and the weight of the transgender labels they accept but may not truly or fully understand.

Her eLit award-winning "Living with Crossdressing" book series is written to demystify and destigmatize the dual gender experience for both crossdressing men and the people who love them. Savannah also co-hosts the weekly The Fox and the Phoenix Podcast, reinforcing the same positive and inclusive message of diverse gender identity and multiple expressions. She also leads conference workshops and has given two TEDx talks.

When Savannah isn’t working or advocating, she spends her time with the MCU, LEGO, Netflix, and spending time with her girlfriend and their two fur babies.




For the “Living with Crossdressing” books on Amazon (paperback, digital download)



TEDx Talk - “Demystifying the Feminine Crossdressing Experience”

TEDx Talk - 13 Milliseconds: First Impressions of Gender Expression

Feb 27, 202301:11:47
How can a single male be welcomed into the Lifestyle?

How can a single male be welcomed into the Lifestyle?

Today's guest, Jay is a single male who has been in the Lifestyle for around 20 years. He shares with us how to become involved.  What to do and not to do.  How he became involved and suggestions on rules, fitting in, and making the most of your experience. 

The lifestyle should be like a family with love, trust, friendship, and communication.   Some of his words of advice, the Lifestyle should be therapeutic and have no expectations going in. Be yourself, be respectful.

Tune in to listen to his story and how he is one of the only single males welcomed in his city to a Lifestyle club catering 100% to couples.

 Jay can be contacted on his social media @BigJay1 

Feb 20, 202301:08:13
Who is Marty Greco?
Feb 13, 202321:57
From military to Adult Industry Jermaine Lavender shares his journey with us

From military to Adult Industry Jermaine Lavender shares his journey with us

Jermaine Lavender joins us to discuss his journey from serving 8 years in the army for the United States military to being an active participant as a single male in the Swinger Lifestyle community.   His involvement as a Swinger led him to the path of a career in the Adult Industry as an adult performer. With less than 2 years in his new career, he is making quite a name for himself and is proof to others that there is no reason you can't pursue anything you set your mind to and we never know what path we will follow, but there is always a reason.   Follow on Twitter @JLavenderXXX

Feb 06, 202346:48
Content Creator & erotic author Casey Donatello reflects on discovering her sexuality
Jan 30, 202301:03:37
The owner of National Sex day joins us to share exactly what he has planned

The owner of National Sex day joins us to share exactly what he has planned

Rick who grew up in a military family and now calls Texas home is an actor, a DJ and Also the owner of National Sex Day which recently hit 8.2 million hashtags on social media. Rick shares with us how he was lucky enough to now own National Sex Day and the story behind it and what he plans to do with the holiday which happens to be on Jun 9th, yup that’s a coincidence “69”. Visit htps:// to see how you can be involved for the celebration as a speaker, sponsor, vendor or guest.

Jan 23, 202352:10
Dick Dangle joins Coralyn in person for shooting some industry chat

Dick Dangle joins Coralyn in person for shooting some industry chat

This is a great interview!  Dick Dangles, host of the podcast, Dangling after Dark joins me for just some great conversation on the industry, how he became involved and we really just as the saying goes " shoot the shit" in this one. 

Its's fun and a great listen.  

Now sound and screen quality not as good as normal as done from my hotel room at the Exxxotica Expo in DC and my equipment had a melt down.  So, if you are a regular listener you know how I "love" technology. 

 However, as the saying goes, "The show must go on"

Jan 16, 202332:12
Ruby Lynn from Social worker to full time career in Adult Entertainment

Ruby Lynn from Social worker to full time career in Adult Entertainment

Meet Ruby Lynn a mature adult performer who began her career as a part time used lingerie seller and how she went from an 8 to 5 jib as a social worker to a full time career as an adult entertainer. Now hosting the Granny podcast and holding her own in the top 1% on Onlyfans

Jan 09, 202345:34
Owner of AZ Pornstar shares with us the challenges in the industry then and now

Owner of AZ Pornstar shares with us the challenges in the industry then and now

Chris is the owner of AZ  PornStar and has been in the industry (on and off) for the better part of 15 years. He joins us to discuss the challenges the adult industry  faces in regards to ethics, boundaries, kink and everything else that comes with it.   He shares with us from a producers point of vie what is expected of talent and in the industry so that we can all have a safe, positive and profitable experience

Jan 02, 202352:54
How important is it to you to leave your legacy?

How important is it to you to leave your legacy?

Every week I debate what I want to talk about as there is so much happening with the adult industry today.  Legalities changing daily, more rules, more shadow banning. Accounts being removed and merchant processors pulling from platforms and yet when we think we are making progress regarding accepting others for their sexuality, their fetishes, kinks and trying to help people love themselves society keeps putting restrictions.  I then step back and look at my life as we all do and wonder, am I doing what I am supposed to do.  If I die tomorrow will I have made a difference somewhere in someone's life? This episode is my personal discovery of just that, the idea and thought of my legacy? 

My coaching, blogs, tour schedule and updates can be found on and

Nov 12, 202233:41
Live on location Interviews at the 2022 Exxxotica Expo in New Jersey

Live on location Interviews at the 2022 Exxxotica Expo in New Jersey

Join my for my first time doing onsite live interviews with some of the amazing performers at the 2022 Exxxotica Expo in New Jersey.  Here from Danica Danalli, Micky Lynn, SashaBrabuster, Victoria Peaks and Naughty Jojo as they share how the show is going and how you can see more of their work.

Oct 27, 202222:17
Adult Industry Shows & which are fan friendly.

Adult Industry Shows & which are fan friendly.

I am often asked from not only fans but other performers about the shows I attend and if fans can attend and what are the difference  So I decided to break down some of the bigger players in the industry.  I talk about each show, what is offered, which ones I have attended and plan to attend on my tour schedule this year and what I liked about the different shows.  From YNOT Awards to Exxxotica, AVN, XRCO, X-BIZ and more each offering a little twist to make them unique.  Thanks for listening and if you have more questions, comments etc. please find me on social media or just google my name Coralyn Jewel and reach out.  Video this week will not be on YouTube apparently last weeks leaving your legacy topic was too adult or references  my website with no nudity or content was too adult for them so please join for free my channel

 Thanks for your support. 

Oct 10, 202229:58
Host, Coralyn Jewel digs a little deeper into Kink vs Fetish

Host, Coralyn Jewel digs a little deeper into Kink vs Fetish

When I started working in the industry in 2012 as a web cam model and custom content creator I was not familiar with a lot of the terminology or abbreviations for certain fetish requests.  I many times turned to google for assistance.  I also early on in my career was sometimes a bit thrown off, confused and could not quite understand where the turn on was for the request being asked of me.   As I gained more experience, studied more & educated myself, I saw things very differently.  It is someone else's kink, fetish, fantasy and it is not my job to understand their reasoning for this request but instead without judgement to do my job and roleplay out their request to the best of my ability.  Never judge, or Kink shame if its not your thing turn the other direction.  "To each their own".

Sep 26, 202220:43
The solution for content creators has arrived

The solution for content creators has arrived

Ben Ridley, an Australian native and owner of Onlyrooms is our guest on this week's episode.   Ben, who spent some time in the US came up with the idea of using the same format as AirBnB and VRBO ( Vacation Rentals by owner) but for content creators. Not only can these venues be rented by the hour, day, week, or month, but the owners are well aware that their property is being used to film adult content and or other purposes such as a photo shoot, dominatrix session, or a Lifestyle Swingers event. The company name, well. quite fitting of course; Onlyrooms.  OnlyRooms just recently began its operations and by the looks, of the website, they are well on its way to a successful business plan. The platform connects hosts who own unique venues, with the guests that want to rent them. The challenge of finding a venue where the guest can have complete creative freedom to enjoy their hired spaces without fear of repercussions or being banned will soon be an obstacle in the past. Ben says, " we want creators to enjoy these unique venues without anxiety and nerves getting in the way of their talent.  The ability to search, find and book amazing locations anywhere in the world, and experience them with complete freedom." Do you have a venue you feel is a good fit for the platform or are you a Dominatrix, film company, or content creator excited to explore this option? It's easy and affordable. Head on over to and see the current listing or use the contact form to reach out to the company and submit your listing. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Sep 19, 202227:42
A true Story of Survival: Interview with Doug Probst: Sexual Assault Survivor, Musician, Former Model, escort and pornstar

A true Story of Survival: Interview with Doug Probst: Sexual Assault Survivor, Musician, Former Model, escort and pornstar

Interview with Doug Probst also known as Shawn Mayotte.  His story is a brutally honest description of his childhood.  Horrific physical and sexual abuse by his parents, priests, probation officers and others who were authority figures in the LA County Probation System.  He shares with us how it all began, his first memories of child abuse.  He was incarcerated from 12-17, never seeing the outside world. In 1982 was emancipated to the streets and landed in the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic when there was no name for this disease.  Witnessing 30 of his fellow hustlers die of a disease that had no name before he turned 18. 

Luckily, Doug who had a musical talent that enabled him to perform with some talented well known musicians such as, Billy Preston, Neil Young, Dan Hartman, James Ingram and many others.  In addition Doug shares with us how he was able to survive and learn to perfect the hustle of escorting.   He also performed in Adult Films in the 1980s and was a top nude model throughout the decade, gracing the covers and centerfolds of many pornographic publications. This is the true story of a survivor.

Sep 11, 202201:01:07
Coralyn Jewel Introduces next weeks guest and a little history why you should never give up.

Coralyn Jewel Introduces next weeks guest and a little history why you should never give up.

This is not a long episode at only 15 minutes it might be the shortest one I have released, however I felt the need to really emphasize the importance of next weeks guest Episode 88 On Monday September 12th. Doug Probst also known as Shawn Mayotte is an author, Gay community Ally, Drug Counselor, Professional musician, writer, husband, father most importantly a survivor of horrible sexual assault stories that were an every day occurrence as far back as he can remember. 

 I urge you to listen next week and down load his PDF book Just when we think we are having a bad day cause the office coffee machine is down or service department added new breaks to your bill, look at this man, who he is now and what he has become.   He had will power, street smarts, courage and determination to survive and not only does he show us how but he is now helping others today who are suffering as he once did for so many years.

We need to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on the big picture.  This story is just the reminder we all sometimes need.       

Sep 04, 202217:26
CJ Love talks about "Real Life" XXX a new series
Aug 24, 202201:02:42
Are you curious about Swinging? Where should you begin? Coralyn has the answers

Are you curious about Swinging? Where should you begin? Coralyn has the answers

High Profile Life Podcast has just changed the format ever so slightly. Still not just focusing on just interviewing adult entertainers, or working in the industry, but anything adult topic related.  

The two questions that I am constantly confronted with are, Coralyn can you help us get into Swinging, we do not know where or how to start. The 2nd question is I want to be a porn star,  can you help me?  This episode is a simple 30-minute rundown of various more popular platforms to meet other Swingers, how to tell if someone is real, warning signs, etc.  

As we progress weekly I will go into more detail regarding such topics as rules, what not to do, what to bring to a party, and the differences between a Meet & Greet, Hotel Takeover, or nightclub event.

More information on https://highprofile.Life

Aug 22, 202230:60
Filming Fetish during the Golden Era

Filming Fetish during the Golden Era

My guest this week found me on the platform Fetlife and he had quite a few interesting stories to share.   I decided to ask him to be a guest on High Profile Life Podcast.  Bent Carrott was his most common name, but he did have others such as Dick Fitzwell and Claude Ballz.   My guest shares with us how he got into filming Fetish both as a performer and director.  We discuss how the porn industry had its scene and the Fetish had its own scene.   The two did not inner-mingle and we learn about a different side of filming "Smut' during the Golden Era.   

Aug 14, 202201:07:33
What to know if a career in the Adult Industry has sparked your interest

What to know if a career in the Adult Industry has sparked your interest

This episode is for any one considering embarking on a career part or full time in the adult industry, male or female, or behind the scenes crew.

Learn the basics on paperwork, what to bring to set, testing, industry rates, how to find work,  what forms are needed, safety precautions , platforms, online unions, helpful sites and more. Coralyn gives you the lowdown in under 45 minutes.  

Coralyn Jewel is also available for one on one consultation sessions to guide you on your career path and steer you the right direction to avoid costly mistakes.

Aug 08, 202239:52
High Profile Life Podcasts interviews Adult Industry Attorney Corey Silverstein

High Profile Life Podcasts interviews Adult Industry Attorney Corey Silverstein

Aug 01, 202257:02
Hankie Pankie - Sinn Sage Interview

Hankie Pankie - Sinn Sage Interview

This week on The Hankie Pankie Podcast, Coralyn interviews Sinn Sage. Sinn is recognized by critics and fans as one of the top Girl/Girl performers in the adult industry. She's previously won an AVN Award for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene as well as an AVN Award Girl/Girl Performer of the Year.

As an exhibitionist, fetishist, and Queer person, most of Sinn's body of work encompasses passionate, real lesbian scenes. Sinn owns a production studio, with her husband, Drake ManO'War, Sinn Sage Studios ( Together, they produce a variety of boy/girl, lesbian, fetish, and queer content as well as high-quality custom videos. (coming soon) 

Jul 04, 202201:10:11
Hankie Pankie - Michael Ramos Interview

Hankie Pankie - Michael Ramos Interview

Michael Ramos, CEO ASN Entertainment. Michael is a self-made entrepreneur, he started ASN Entertainment, LLC a lifestyle Media company in 2011 and a first of its kind in the lifestyle.   Michael now have a Radio network with more than 3.6 million monthly listeners and a Lifestyle TV Network with some of the hottest content produced for the lifestyle.

Jun 27, 202256:40
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Leana Lovings Interview

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Leana Lovings Interview

Leana Lovings is a beautiful Adult film actress, Model, Streamer/Camgirl, and content creator. Leana is ranked 98 on Pornhub with over 70 million views.  Leana made her acting debut in the second half of 2021 and has worked with prominent production companies such as BFFs, Family Strokes, etc. She has achieved a lot in a very short period. Leana says she has many things planned for her fans.

Jun 20, 202258:25
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Rob Kramer Interview
Jun 14, 202259:53
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Nookie Interview
Jun 05, 202201:06:55
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Tristen & Kicker Interview
May 30, 202250:37
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Jenna Star

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Jenna Star

Jenna Starr is the fiery new content creator that is turning heads in the adult industry. Her stunning beauty, phenomenal physique, delectable booty, and fiery sex drive make it easy to see when fans have fallen for her.

Originally from Sacramento, California, Jenna moved to Austin, Texas where she started her own cosmetology business. The skilled entrepreneur found great success, but when the Covid pandemic hit, she was forced to pivot and establish a new career. Jenna created an account on OnlyFans and showcased her talent, beauty, and body. Almost instantly, Jenna found herself with a growing and ravenous fan base.

Global entity Brazzers contacted the blonde bombshell and by February of 2021, featured Jenna in her first hardcore sex scene. The initial scene made an undeniable impression as views skyrocketed. Brazzers began using Jenna's image in ad campaigns and showcased her in a series of additional videos. Her third scene amassed over 1 million views and is officially the most watched Brazzers scene of 2021. Other industry production companies have already cast Jenna to star in additional scenes.

Jenna has no plans of stopping as fans can't get enough of insatiable love of sex. Get to know Jenna Starr! She is going to be your next favorite content creator!


May 23, 202255:23
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Kasey Storm Interview

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Kasey Storm Interview

Kasey entered the Adult Industry in May 2012 and has filmed for several companies such as Reality Kings, Brazzers, Forbidden Fruits Films, Karups, Score, Devils Films and many others.  

Kasey has been with her partner, the Original Tommy Gunn for over 11 years.  First came to Southern California not in search of a career in the adult industry but as a hired gun for Larry Flynt.

She became the Head of American Mean Girls in June 2012 which she shares with us during our interview.  

Kacey hasI  worked with domestic violence victims for over 25 years. Not on a professional level with a Psychology degree… But as someone who had been in the situation for many many many years and broke free. 

She is also an ordained Minister.

May 16, 202201:21:29
Hanky Pankie Podcast - Tyson Interview

Hanky Pankie Podcast - Tyson Interview

This was a nice surprise. Owning my community since 2012 my members are my friends. Tyson came to me on my website and said if I ever wanted to interview him to share what it is like to be a married man for 10 years in the Lifestyle and then how things changed when he divorced and attended as a single male.   How some turned their back on him and how he had to adapt to the LS and learn things a different way.  He is now in a relationship and still in the LS community. He is also now a guest Co-host with Hankie Pankie and I think you will find his insight very interesting.

May 09, 202201:01:13
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Princess Snow Interview

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Princess Snow Interview

Princess snow is a unique content creator. She is someone young and new  embarking into our industry.  Enjoys being in touch with nature and  doing various outside photo shoots and filming sessions.  

Twitter: @ princesssnow757

May 02, 202201:02:42
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Kieth and David Interview

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Kieth and David Interview

SADLY WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF CATFISHING AND SCAMS.   In this episode Coralyn and her guests discuss what scams are out there, how it is easy to fall for them and what you can do to protect yourself.  Coralyn shows the other side of dating from a man’s point of view.

Keith a retired police officer shares with us the scams he has almost been taken for and David, a regular listener of The Hankie Pankie Podcast, who brought this subject matter to the attention of Coralyn, shares how he was scammed out of over $1000 and how he wishes he knew then what he knows  now.

The stories are very similar and this is a MUST LISTEN FOR EVERYONE.   The scams occur in the adult industry, regular dating world and Lifestyle websites.  Do not believe anything without proof.   I highly suggest if you are going to listen to only one episode this is the one you need to tune in to.  YOUR SAFETY IS NUMBER ONE!

Apr 25, 202250:47
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Danica Danali

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Danica Danali

This week Coralyn interviews Danica Danali, an award winning, multi nominated performer in the adult industry.  Twelve years in the business and no plans on retiring anytime soon. 





Apr 18, 202245:19
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Mac Styles Interview
Apr 11, 202201:12:11
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Jay Crew Interview

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Jay Crew Interview

This week my guest is Jay Crew. Jay crew is a director and adult male performer that has been active in the adult industry since 1984   He began as a camera man and then was a stunt fill in “cock”  for 8 years before face revealing and remains active today working for Brazzers, Reality Kings and Jeff’ Models.  



Nominee: Best Supporting Actor, Sleeping Beauty XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2014)


Nominee: Best Group Sex Scene, Peter Pan XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2015)

Nominee: Best Supporting Actor, Peter Pan XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2015)


Nominee: Best Non-Sex Performance, Unbridled (2017)



Nominee: Male Performer of the Year



Apr 04, 202248:20
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Tyson & Coralyn (Consent)

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Tyson & Coralyn (Consent)

My Podcast which also airs on Full Swap Radio covered a topic this week that is of the utmost importance not just in regard to the Lifestyle but pertains to society as a whole.  Many people do not realize or are unaware of overstepping boundaries and having any respect or regard for consent. This is a topic the owner of FullSwap Radio feels very strongly about as he was a victim of someone having no respect for his boundaries.  He asked if I would do a show on the topic and I felt that having a male and a female hosting together would give my listeners different points of view.  I hope you enjoy the show and learn from it as well.

Mar 31, 202246:55
Hankie Pankie - Nischa Phair Interview
Mar 28, 202249:28
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Girlsamory Interview

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Girlsamory Interview

Luna and Mary Co-founders

Luna and Mary, join us for today’s episode.  Both ladies are co-founders of the company called “Umoia.   This name refers to two things: first, in an ancient language that we learn, it means a philosophy of honour and dignity and, secondly, it is also an all-female village (Umoja Uaso) in Kenya, Africa, founded as a sanctuary for homeless survivors of violence against women and young girls running from forced marriages. These women do not agree with violence and the traditional subordinate position of women. They believe in the values of the sex positive feminism. Along with now around 20 team members, the site launched mid March and is a  unique company where performers can create content at home.  This is not just an adult pornography page, as anything that empower a woman to feel sexy is encouraged to be submitted to the platform.



Twitter @Girlsamory

IG @Girlsamory

Mar 21, 202242:43
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Neil Herrin Interview
Mar 14, 202250:50
Hankie Pankie Alicia Davon Interview
Mar 07, 202229:53
Hankie Pankie Podcast - Alexis Fawx Interview

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Alexis Fawx Interview

In This week's episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Alexis Fawx, early Jan 2022 at the X-Biz Awards show on the Red Carpet and immediately just adored Alexis Fawx.   Adult Industry Star, Business woman, contract star for Brazzers and most recently awarded, Milf Performer of the year at the X-Biz Awards.  In addition she is the  2020 & 2022 AVN Awards MILF of the Year,  2020 AVN awards for Best Star Showcase along with numerous other AVN, XBiz and Night Moves Awards in various categories.   In addition, Alexis has her own coffee brand and 100% of proceeds are donated to frontline responders fund. Alexis served in the Air Force prior to embarking on a career in adult films. She is the host of the High as Fawx Podcast and she continues to challenge herself daily. 


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