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Happily Ever Slasher

Happily Ever Slasher

By Happily Ever Slasher

Ever watch a rom-com and think to yourself, this is one chainsaw away from being a straight-up horror movie? You’re not alone. Welcome to Happy Ever Slasher.
Every week, your hosts - friends and film nerds Amanda and Brooke - compare horror movies and romantic comedies to find out just how much the two have in common. And they’re learning some valuable lessons in the process.
Like the dangers of meeting people on the internet or why nothing good comes from renting a cabin in the woods (regardless how cute it is). So, tune in, and remember - all’s fair in love and gore.
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The Phantom of the Opera is a horror movie (feat. The Rom Complex)

Happily Ever SlasherAug 11, 2021

The Phantom of the Opera is a horror movie (feat. The Rom Complex)
Aug 11, 202101:04:54
Gigli is a horror movie
Jun 16, 202101:27:35
Josie and the Pussycats and They Live: Think for yourself
May 26, 202101:38:15
I Know What You Did Last Summer is a Rom-Com
May 13, 202101:14:58
While You Were Sleeping is a horror movie
Jan 13, 202101:22:44
Black Christmas and The House Bunny: You can choose your own family
Dec 16, 202001:17:00
Scream is a love story
Dec 02, 202001:41:06
Hocus Pocus and Halloween: Brothers are trouble
Oct 29, 202001:34:06
Practical Magic is a horror movie
Oct 21, 202001:08:39
Would you rather?: Get to know your hosts
Oct 14, 202001:03:04
Camp Nowhere and Lord of the Flies: Growing up is a trap
Aug 12, 202001:46:54
Us and The Parent Trap: The villain can look a lot like the hero
Jul 23, 202001:58:50
Friday the 13th and Wet Hot American Summer: Keep it in your pants
Jul 09, 202001:48:10
But I'm a Cheerleader and Jennifer's Body: Love is love...unless it's a succubus
Jul 01, 202001:42:06
Pretty Woman and Body Double: Life is not a fairytale
May 13, 202002:01:40
Drag Me To Hell and When In Rome: Patriarchy is a curse
May 06, 202001:54:55
Juno and Rosemary's Baby: Her body is nobody's business
Apr 29, 202001:54:30
Miss Congeniality and The Silence of the Lambs: F*ck your boys club
Apr 22, 202001:47:25
The Invisible Man and Ghost: You don't have to see it to believe it
Apr 15, 202001:56:31
Twilight and Fear: If he scares you, run
Apr 08, 202002:23:50
Vertigo and Heartbreakers: Never fall for your mark
Mar 31, 202001:30:32
You've Got Mail and Unfriended: Don't meet people on the internet
Mar 24, 202001:45:47
Sixteen Candles and Valentine: Women don't owe you anything
Mar 18, 202001:43:48
It Follows and Easy A: Honesty is the best policy
Mar 10, 202001:33:37
Introduction: All’s fair in love and gore
Mar 03, 202002:33