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Happy Path Programming

Happy Path Programming

By Bruce Eckel & James Ward

No-frills discussions between Bruce Eckel and James Ward about programming, what it is, and what it should be.
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#62 Musing About Local-First Sync & CRDTs with Mark McGranaghan

Happy Path ProgrammingMay 27, 2022

#88 Developers Thriving In the Flow with Arty Starr
Oct 20, 202301:15:09
#87 Diving Deeper into Wasm with Zalim Bashorov

#87 Diving Deeper into Wasm with Zalim Bashorov

Zalim Bashorov (@bashorov) works on Kotlin/Wasm at JetBrains and answers our many questions about Wasm, GC, the Component Model, and other future proposals.

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Oct 06, 202301:07:12
#86 The Journey to OCaml with Sabine

#86 The Journey to OCaml with Sabine

Sabine went from acedemia and a PhD in formal methods, to Python, Elm, Haskell, and now OCaml. We chat about this journey and some of the reasons why OCaml is an awesome modern language.

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Sep 29, 202301:10:34
#85 Scala, Rust, and Durable Computing with John De Goes
Sep 15, 202301:19:34
#84 Inevitable Failure with Dormain Drewitz
Sep 06, 202301:09:12
#83 Rust Developer Retreat & Structured Concurrency
Aug 21, 202358:13
#82 The Future of Programming
Jul 07, 202301:12:17
#81 TypeScript & Effects with Michael Arnaldi

#81 TypeScript & Effects with Michael Arnaldi

Michael created Effect, a functional effect system inspired by Scala ZIO, for TypeScript. We chat about Functional Programming, the TypeScript language, and Effects.

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Jun 30, 202301:06:20
#80 Investing in Developer Tools with Renee Shah
May 13, 202345:37
#79 Domain-Driven Design and Moduliths with Oliver Drotbohm

#79 Domain-Driven Design and Moduliths with Oliver Drotbohm

We chat with Oliver Drotbohm about what Domain-Driven Design is and how it might intersect with Microservices, Monoliths, or Moduliths. Mentioned resources:

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May 06, 202301:02:14
#78 Immutability & IDLs for Declarative Services with Jakub Kozłowski
Apr 28, 202301:16:15
#77 Quarkus and Microservices with Holly Cummins
Apr 05, 202301:00:58
#76 WebAssembly (Wasm) "The Web Finds a Way" with Vivek Sekhar
Feb 27, 202301:01:00
#75 Haskell "Not as Scary as You Think" with Kris Jenkins
Feb 18, 202301:07:20
#74 Developer Joy = Developer Productivity with Justin Reock
Jan 13, 202301:07:60
#73 Nix - Functional Programming for Software Packaging with Domen Kožar
Jan 06, 202301:02:13
#72 Pants Makes Developers Happier & More Productive with Benjy Weinberger
Dec 16, 202201:08:03
#71 Functional Programming in Kotlin with Simon Vergauwen (Sorry about the terrible audio)
Dec 01, 202201:03:17
#70 Understanding Software Through Bees & Biology With Grace Jansen
Oct 31, 202201:03:47
#69 Polymorphism Unbound
Sep 30, 202201:07:01
#68 The End of Ivory Tower Architecture with Andrew Harmel-Law

#68 The End of Ivory Tower Architecture with Andrew Harmel-Law

Andrew Harmel-Law shares a better way to make decisions in software teams using the "Advice Process" which he has used in a number of teams resulting in happier, more productive programmers.

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Sep 03, 202201:08:49
#67 Swallowed by a Python with Luciano Ramalho

#67 Swallowed by a Python with Luciano Ramalho

Finally Bruce gets a whole episode about Python with our friend Luciano Ramalho, author of Fluent Python.  In the words of Luciano:

"Thanks James and Bruce for the most enjoyable podcast panel I ever had!"

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Aug 31, 202201:23:29
#66 The Journey to Rust with Christopher Hunt
Aug 13, 202201:20:06
#65 Rod's Gambit - Spring, Scala, TypeScript, and Chess with Rod Johnson
Aug 08, 202201:04:33
#64 Building Build Tools is Hard with Josh Suereth
Jul 22, 202201:03:59
#63 ZIO 2 dot Ohhhhh! with Bill Frasure
Jul 01, 202201:26:18
#62 Musing About Local-First Sync & CRDTs with Mark McGranaghan

#62 Musing About Local-First Sync & CRDTs with Mark McGranaghan

Mark McGranaghan joins us to talk about how the Muse app uses Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) for local-first data synchronization.

More details on Local-first:

Referenced article about hybrid logical clocks:

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May 27, 202201:06:06
#61 Compassionate Communities with Tonya Moore
May 13, 202201:04:52
#60 Kotlin Language Design with Roman Elizarov
Apr 12, 202201:02:60
#59 Goetz's Law, Dhall, and Nix (With Gabriella Gonzalez)
Mar 29, 202259:49
#58 Scala 3: Significant indentation and other things we love (With Martin Odersky)
Mar 20, 202201:08:31
#57 Technology Trade Offs: Python & Kotlin (With Matt Anger)
Mar 15, 202201:00:03
#56 Feedback Loops & Software is Like Surgery (With Daniel Terhorst-North)
Mar 10, 202201:26:43
#55 Apache Kafka - Like Functional Programming but for Data (With Anna McDonald)

#55 Apache Kafka - Like Functional Programming but for Data (With Anna McDonald)

We chat with the Kafka Duchess, Anna McDonald, about Apache Kafka, CQRS, Event Sourcing, and of-course Functional Programming.

Note: There was a bit of echo for a few minutes but we did resolve it around 8 minutes in.

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Mar 03, 202201:08:21
#54 Flix: Designing a principled programming language with Magnus Madsen
Feb 05, 202201:16:54
#53 Open Source: Free as in Hot Dogs (With Donald Fischer)
Jan 21, 202201:01:58
#52 Reveling in Nonsense With Josh Long
Jan 14, 202201:22:20
#51 James' New Kotlin PM Job

#51 James' New Kotlin PM Job

Hope you all have a happy & healthy holiday!

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Dec 24, 202101:03:37
#50 Testcontainers (Like Uber but for Integration Tests) with Sergei Egorov
Dec 17, 202101:05:26
#49 Smart Types (Like Regular Types, Only Smarter) with Jorge Vasquez
Dec 10, 202101:04:01
#48 Composability in Distributed Systems - Because Math! With Heather Miller
Nov 19, 202101:02:12
#47 The Future of Programming Rocs! With Richard Feldman
Nov 17, 202101:00:03
#46 What Problem Does GraalVM Solve? All of them. Featuring Alina Yurenko
Nov 05, 202159:60
#45 ZIO 2 - Better, Faster, Friendlier with Adam Fraser
Oct 29, 202101:01:22
#44 Tired of Getting N+1'd by Your ORM? A Chat With Alexander Ioffe.
Oct 29, 202159:48
#43 Rúnar Bjarnason is Jackhammering the Foundations of Programming
Oct 25, 202101:04:22
#42 The answer to life, the universe, and everything is an abstraction with Viktor Klang
Oct 05, 202101:26:08
#41 "Never gonna give you up" (FP that is) with Wiem Zine Elabidine
Sep 26, 202101:00:03
#40 Poisoned Agile with Barry Hawkins
Sep 17, 202101:16:44
#39 Cracking the Company Culture Conundrum with Sharon Schmidt
Sep 10, 202101:02:11