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HBOT Conversations

HBOT Conversations

By HBOT News

Join us for interviews with researchers, practitioners, industry experts, and patients to share their stories, successes, and expertise relative to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
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Elena Schertz & Extivita RTP

HBOT ConversationsMar 15, 2023

Elena Schertz & Extivita RTP

Elena Schertz & Extivita RTP

HBOT News podcast host, Edward diGirolamo, talks with guest, Elena Schertz, NP of Extivita-RTP, about how her clinic is actively healing the injured and sick with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), including veterans, sports athletes and COVID long-haulers. She explains the proven benefits of HBOT – what it is, who are candidates for the therapy, and how each session saturates a patient’s blood plasma with oxygen for ultimate healing powers.

Elena reveals their successes treating TBI and PTSD, and why the therapies at Extivita are even leading to the patient’s elimination of suicidal thoughts. Since veterans are at high risk of suicide due to the grave nature of combat, priority is being taken to treat these American heroes with HBOT at low or no cost. North Carolina’s veteran funding is discussed, while Elena expresses her hope that the state will eventually expand funding to include other beneficial therapies.

The topic of treating COVID long-haulers arise, and Elena makes a claim with absolute certainty that 99% of the COVID long-haulers who come through their doors are significantly better after going through HBOT sessions and nutritional IV regiments, with 95% of them eventually returning to their baseline.

Elena ends the podcast interview raving about her experienced clinical staff, explaining how they celebrate every milestone with their patients relishing in the rewards of making a difference and saving lives. They offer a positive environment for healing, and she encourages anyone seeking a better quality of life to come experience Extivita-RTP and the wonder of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Mar 15, 202324:54