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By Danielle Mills Walden

Each week our goal is to motivate you, inspire you, and get you to take action in your life.

If you are feeling stuck or stagnant where you are, or aren't where you want to be we’ll give you a Headstart to reaching your fullest potential.

Each week we see different guests come on to the show to share how Mindset has impacted their success.

Learn from Pro Athletes, Business Owners, Entrepreneur's, Executives, Artists, and Entertainers that leave an impactful message every week.

With mindset anything is possible.

We are Unlocking your Champions Mindset ™ One Episode at a time
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#40 : Derek Hosey : Danielle Mills Walden : Headstrong Podcast

The HEADSTRONG PodcastAug 07, 2023

#40 : Derek Hosey : Danielle Mills Walden : Headstrong Podcast
Aug 07, 202337:10
How Women of Color Can Navigate & Win - Mita Mallick

How Women of Color Can Navigate & Win - Mita Mallick

Season 3 of The Headstrong Podcast is starting off on the highest note with our special guest Mita Mallick.

Mita is a corporate change maker and is currently The Head of Inclusion, Equity & Impact at Carta. 

She is Linkedin Top Voice winner of 2020. She Co-hosts The Brown Table Talk Podcast with Dee Marshall where they discuss an array of issues that happen every day to women of color in the workplace. 

As a skilled contributer her work has been seen in Harvard Business Review, Adweek & Entrepeneur Magazine. 

My Husband was actually the person who showed me the posts Mita was doing on Linkedin and encouraged me to reach out to get her on the show. Im so happy we connected and I know this discussion will help so many people!

Connect with Mita 

Linkedin -

Twitter - @MitaMallick2

Brown Table Talk -

Jun 27, 202245:54
Never Stop Going After your Visions - Ciara Brown

Never Stop Going After your Visions - Ciara Brown

Ciara Brown is the award winning founder of The Diamond Hanger, a designer vintage clothing retailer.

Ciara has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 10, she was selling pencils and erasers to the neighborhood kids out of her garage. 10 years later, she was a Division l athlete and full-time student at San Diego State University. During this time, she was determined to build a sustainable business from her college bedroom, so that when she graduated she would be able to support herself, her family and eventually hire other young women and men employees.

While the bedroom of an athlete was an unusual place to start, Ciara was determined to build an enterprise to address fashion, impact the environment and create jobs: All things that would make the world a better place for herself and future generations.

Ciara Brown was awarded Ebay’s SHINE Young Entrepreneur and has also been featured on The Today Show.

The Diamond Hanger's customers include some of the largest fast-fashion retail companies who's designers' use vintage fashion for modern day design inspiration. Items can also be seen in TV Shows such as Narcos, Music Videos and in various Fashion Magazines including Off the Rails, Sticks & Stones, & Sheen Magazine.

Now, her online business is poised to take its next steps to becoming a virtual and physical shopping destination.

Ciara has the drive, passion and business acumen to make her vision a reality with an omni-channel presence. She describes the future of The Diamond Hanger as the “ultimate destination” for customers looking to shop, purchase or rent a large selection of unique, high-quality vintage fashions.

Follow Ciara

IG - @ciara__brown & @thediamondhanger

FB -

Linkedin -

Website -

May 16, 202243:55
How to Address Past Trauma - Asante Cleveland

How to Address Past Trauma - Asante Cleveland

Asante is an author, podcast host, and ad tech professional from Sacramento, California. Prior to those careers, he spent four years in the NFL playing for the 49ers, Patriots, and Chargers. As he transitioned away from football, he began a journey of self discovery where he had to address his past traumas of child abuse and began writing his first book Working Through the Dark.

Realizing how tough the transition is, he and his co host created the The Next Season Podcast, where they focus on how to play the game of change. They have interviewed professional athletes, olympians, and high performing business professionals helping shed light on how to best navigate transitions.

Asante also helps other athletes make the transition from professional sports. He helps them address their mental health, find a new creative outlet, and new purpose.

Connect with Asante 

IG - @asantecleveland


Website -

May 02, 202247:08
Ready for a SWOT Analysis? - Danielle Mills Walden

Ready for a SWOT Analysis? - Danielle Mills Walden

Have you heard of a SWOT Analysis before?

Basically its analysing your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats. 

This is something a team could do as an exercise, a business owner, or any individual could complete themselves. 

I recommend it every quarter. By laying it all out there you now have a plan of action of what you will need to focus on and do to make improvments. 

This Episode is sponsored by Jluxlabel

Use my code HEADSTRONG for 20% off your next order

This Episode is sponsored by Clientele Beauty

Use my Code HEADSTRONG10 for 10% off your next order

Connect with Danielle 

IG- @headstrongllc & @danielle_mills_walden

Twitter @daniellemwalden

Linkedin -

Apr 18, 202206:03
Getting Awareness of How Your Mind Works - Will Allen
Apr 04, 202254:37
The Power of Making Valuable Connections - Durran Cage
Mar 28, 202243:20
Make Time to Hang out with your Rich Friends - King Hoodie

Make Time to Hang out with your Rich Friends - King Hoodie

King Hoodie (born Jean Raymond Jean-Philippe) is an American recording artist, label owner, NFT creator, actor, model and songwriter from North Miami Beach, FL. An insightful storyteller, King Hoodie’s lyrics and melodies embody the soul of the inner city entangled with strands of multi-cultural expression. Being of Haitian and Puerto Rican decent, his consistently impactful message pierces through his nostalgic yet, homegrown style and gritty tone. Often drawing comparisons to dynamic lyricists such as J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar & Chance the Rapper, King Hoodie creates a lane of his own and cements his place as a leader in this new generation of multi-genre hip-hop.

Raymond made his music industry debut with his 18-track mixtape, "Under The Bridge" released in 2015. As the founder and co-

owner of his indie record label imprint, House Of Pain Entertainment (a.k.a, H.O.P.E) , Hoodie has organically grown a loyal fan base through carefully curated experiences and masterful content. Releasing subsequent projects such as; "T.R.I.P", "Playgrounds Ep" and his 2019 mixtape "Figuring Out How To Drop Music." Hoodie is gearing up to release the next layer of his growing catalog with his highly anticipated “The Kid Is Unfinished” album set to be released later this year.

King Hoodie has been featured on Sway In The Morning, NPR’s Tiny Desk, Vibe Magazine, WEDR-FM 99Jamz, 1AMFest, SunFest, Getty Images and other highly notable platforms.

@KingHoodieRaps on all social media

Mar 21, 202256:13
Why You Always Needed a Personal Brand - Melanie Borden
Mar 07, 202257:23
Its a Great Day to Be Great - Danielle Mills Walden
Feb 28, 202222:44
Using Food as Fuel to Achieve your Personal & Professional Goals - Kathy A Davis

Using Food as Fuel to Achieve your Personal & Professional Goals - Kathy A Davis

Kathy Davis is a plant-based accountability and empowerment coach, the CEO of VegInspired, and the author of three

cookbooks: The 30-Minute Whole-Food Plant-Based Cookbook, The Super Easy Plant-Based Cookbook, and The

Budget-Friendly Plant-Based Diet Cookbook. Kathy empowers high achieving professionals to elevate their energy by

adopting healthy living habits so they can step into their genius and crush their ambitions!

Kathy has been eating and creating vegan meals for more than seven years. Over the past two years, she shifted her daily

habits to follow a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. She experienced amazing results: renewed energy, a newfound sense

of joy, and a healthier mind and body! Kathy’s brand, Veginspired, is dedicated to providing high-achieving professionals

and entrepreneurs with the resources to make a similar transformation. She is eager to guide others on their journey to

step into their genius and crush their dreams!

Fun fact: Kathy and her husband, John, are living their plant-based dream while simultaneously traveling the United States in

an RV with their cats. They’ve been to 26 states and 19 national parks so far, and have a goal to visit all the US national parks!

Things we discuss

· Using food as fuel to achieve your

personal and professional goals

· Simple, healthy, creative meal-planning

strategies to maximize your free time

· 3 high-energy and easy recipe ideas

for busy people

· How what’s on your plate can help you

achieve your next goal

· Plant-based and on-the-go: what life

in an RV has taught me

Connect with Kathy:

Linkedin /in/kathyallendavis/

IG - Veginspired/

Twitter - veginspired/

Facevook - veginspired

Email -

Feb 21, 202242:11
Probability & Repetition with The Walden's

Probability & Repetition with The Walden's

The newlyweds are back and ready for a jam packed episode. 


Javier & Danielle talk about their recent marriage, moving across the country, gender roles in relationships, and how to be a power couple. 

The Walden's posted on social media to ask what questions did people want to hear them answer. 

You don't want to miss this discussion as they have never shared many of these details publicly before. 

Connect with Us 

IG - @danielle_mills_walden @tycoonjah @headstrongllc

Linkedin - &

Feb 13, 202243:14
"Fear is just the GPS of where your heart really wants to go" - Dre Evans

"Fear is just the GPS of where your heart really wants to go" - Dre Evans

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Dre Evans joined a gang on the South Side of Chicago at the age of 12.

But one terrifying moment, with bullets flying past his head in an attempt to kill him, he had to decide: was his desire to belong and find reputation in the streets worth dying for? Just a few days prior, a man he considered his enemy spoke to him about the opportunity of a lifetime. After years of violence through fights, drive-by shootings, and other actions, Andre decided to pursue a better path in life. What happened next shocked the city of Chicago and made history.

In 2016 Dre graduated from the U.S Naval Academy at the top of his class with a degree in Engineering and became an MIT Fellow and Truman Scholar.

Dre’s journey into real estate started when he bought his first $2 million-dollar 4-unit property in the Pacific Beach, San Diego. Today, Andre owns 98 apartment unit doors, co-hosts the #1 real estate meetup in San Diego called” Opportunity Knocks” (450+ members), and is the host of the “Multifamily by the Slice” real estate podcast. He is also an expert on the San Diego rental market and was featured on KUSI News San Diego to talk about the economic outlook of real estate trends, housing, and rent growth within San Diego.

He is an author, motivational speaker, and the Founder and CEO of “That’s My Property”, a firm that specializes in purchasing apartment real estate that not only provides investors with lucrative, stable returns to achieve financial freedom, but that provides financial education and outreach to young adults and youth in underserved communities.

He is an experienced Naval Officer. Where he has been responsible in leadership roles for hundreds of people in high-stress environments and is experienced in accounting, sales, and the management of over $3.8 million in high value military assets.

Dre lives in San Diego and enjoys working out, reading, art, movies, traveling, and the beach.

Connect with Dre

IG - @drmultifamily 


Website -

Podcast - Multifamily By the Slice Podcast

Feb 07, 202201:04:09
"Marinade in the Crock Pot of Your Growth" - Macy Jahoda aka MACE
Jan 29, 202233:17
Who Needs an Alexa When you can Have a Virtual Victoria - Victoria Rose
Jan 23, 202245:09
End of 2021 Wrap Up | Ep 3 | Danielle Mills Walden

End of 2021 Wrap Up | Ep 3 | Danielle Mills Walden

Hey Guys!

Super excited for us to wrap up 2021 with a Bang. 

On this episode I talk about my Wedding, My Promotion, and ways to end the year better than ever!!!!

Have a Happy Holiday!!!

Don't forget to leave a review & Follow the podcast so you can be alerted every-time there is a new episode. 

IG - @danielle_mills_walden

Twitter @daniela_boricua

Linkedin -

tik tok - @danielle_mills_walden

FB -

Dec 19, 202123:20
Brian Kramer - Pioneering the World of Automotive Retail
Dec 09, 202141:03
Never Let Fear Win with Guest Patrice Hoffman

Never Let Fear Win with Guest Patrice Hoffman

Season 2 of the Headstrong Podcast starts off with a BANG as Danielle Sits down with Patrice Hoffman. 

Patrice is consistently a Million Dollar Producing Real Estate Powerhouse. 

She is also soon to be family of mine.

I learned she has so many exciting things up her sleeve. 

Throughout their discussion we hit on some very critical points around:

Being a Working Mom

How to Balance it all

The Importance of a Morning Routine

Not Letting Fear Win

As you are listening try to think about how you can use the amazing tips she gave in your own lives. 

Bio - 

Patrice Hoffman offers all her clients the highest level of service. 

Patrice has dedicated herself to provide and educate our US Military Veterans with all the benefits that are available to them.

Being a Wife and Daughter of a Veteran she is personally vested to seeing that all our Veterans and their families are taken care of. 

Patrice prides herself in always putting honesty and integrity before all else.

With a certification in Life Coaching Patrice has great communication skills.

 She has the ability to help client's navigate between making life altering decisions. 

Patrice is dedicated to meeting all your Real Estate needs such as, selling your home and purchasing another, also working with first time homebuyers. 

Her focus is to make your Real Estate experience as pleasurable as possible by getting to know each of my clients needs.

When Patrice is not selling Real Estate, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 very active children. 

She also enjoys volunteering as a Sunday school teacher where she attends Church.

Connect/work with Patrice

Patrice Hoffman

HomeSmart PV & Associates

P: (209) 404-5474

Social Media

Oct 30, 202135:47
From Olympian to Real Estate Investor | Sunitha Rao & Danielle Mills

From Olympian to Real Estate Investor | Sunitha Rao & Danielle Mills

Sunitha Rao is a former professional tennis player and Olympian, turned corporate finance professional and residential real estate investor. Although currently based in Indianapolis, Sunitha started investing in the Midwest while still living in Boston, before moving to Indianapolis in 2019 to more quickly grow her business. She has built a nine door portfolio over the last two and a half years while working a full time job in Financial Planning and Analysis at a global biopharmaceutical company and completing Villanova’s MBA program, despite having only sixth grade education.

Throughout our conversation we discuss how our unconventional upbringings have really shaped our drive & success. 

Sunitha's story is truly remarkable. She has inspired me and hopefully all of you to look into being a Real estate investor!

Connect with Sunitha 

Linkedin -

IG - @griffixpropertygroup & @suni_rao

Website -

Nov 17, 202038:26
Fall in Love with the Process

Fall in Love with the Process

Katie Sonier is an American personal fitness Coach, who is famed across social media for her tall, lean, sculpted physique and intense training methods. She is famous for her Handstands and how she incorporates them into her workouts. 

 She has her own business called Train with Katy where she works with thousands of people across the world & Her own Gym Katie Sonier Gym in Miami Florida. 

Her social media continues to grow every day. She had over 420k followers and her videos constantly go viral because she is lifting such heavy weight, and making it look easy. 

 Throughout our conversation we speak about 

Overcoming insecurities

Gaining confidence, and

Inspiring others.

Connect with Katie

IG- @katiesonier & @katiesonierfitness

Oct 26, 202027:44
Where does my Mindset Come from? - Danielle Mills
Oct 03, 202019:10
HEADSTRONG Podcast | The Power of Mindset in Sales with Morgan J Ingram & Danielle Mills
Sep 21, 202043:01
 Unleashing Your Purpose Through Storytelling with Guest Tamika Bickham & Danielle Mills
Sep 14, 202037:42
No Gym No Problem with Guest Starr Hawkins AKA Babymommafit & Danielle Mills

No Gym No Problem with Guest Starr Hawkins AKA Babymommafit & Danielle Mills

Starr Hawkins AKA Babymommafit is taking the fitness world by a storm. 

I was first introduced to her & her extremely challenging workouts about 2 years ago in Miami FL. Over the years I have followed her & her journey and have been so impressed by how much her audience has grown. 

She specializes in workouts that target your Butt & abs.  Being called the Booty Queen.  She also has designed clothing that you can see both of us wearing in the episode. 

Throughout the episode we talk about how Covid-19 has impacted her business, but more so for the better since now through zoom & Onlyfans she is able to reach a worldwide audience versus just Miami. 

Starr has overcame a bunch of obstacles & she talks about how her Mindset has helped her push through. 

After this episode you are going to want to start dancing and getting active. 

Connect/Follow Starr

IG- @babymommafit

Aug 31, 202036:27
HEADSTRONG Podcast | Building your Rich Girl Business with Guest Danielle Murrell & Danielle Mills

HEADSTRONG Podcast | Building your Rich Girl Business with Guest Danielle Murrell & Danielle Mills

In today's episode if you aren't already inspired to start your own business you will be after we are done. 

Danielle Murrell is a Multiple Six Figure  Women's Online Branding & Business Coach who works with women all over the world. She teaches serviced based women entrepreneurs how to leverage a client attractive brand and high income business model to work less and make more.

Danielle shares with consultants, experts, authors, speakers, coaches and serviced based women entrepreneurs how to package, price, position, promote and profit from a high valued offer so they can work with fewer, more ideal clients to hit their desired monthly income goals. 

Her proven system can allow women to live a life they have only dreamed up & be able to balance their home life & be a powerful entrepreneurs.

I had the opportunity of working with Danielle a few years back, and the teachings she has instilled in me have absolutely transformed my business & mindset.  She was the 1st Business coach I ever invested in. 

So many women have limiting beliefs, and something that Danielle talks about in the show is that so many women have their own businesses but very few are actually making more than $20k a year. On top of that most women are under charging for their services. 

Sit back relax and soak in the knowledge that Danielle is dropping. 

She is absolutely somebody you want to be connected to!

Connect with Danielle Murrell

IG @richgirlbusiness

Facebook -

Danielle's Podcast

Aug 24, 202039:02
HEADSTRONG Podcast | Champion's Mindset with Guest Professional Tennis Player Donald Young & Danielle Mills
Aug 20, 202029:06
Leading with Confidence with 3 Master Sergeants in the US Air Force
Aug 17, 202001:14:13
How to Become a Model with Guest Kamla-Kay
Aug 10, 202030:07
Fit and Fabulous at Any Age- with Guest Gail Gensler
Jul 20, 202022:22
Creating your own Destiny by Living a Life of Gratitude with guest Sharon Mills
Jul 06, 202029:52
Stay Curious & Reach your Champions Mindset with Sarah Stone
Jun 30, 202049:27
Tearing Apart Tennis Misconceptions with Pro- Tennis Player Tara Moore

Tearing Apart Tennis Misconceptions with Pro- Tennis Player Tara Moore

Today's discussion will really allow you to understand the behinds the scenes of being a Professional Tennis Player. It is not all glamorous, and its definitely a grind for the hundreds of women and men who make a living playing professional tennis. 

Tara Moore is a Hong Kong Born British Tennis Player.  I have known her since we were 10 and 11 years old. We had the opportunity to go to the world renown prodigy producing Bolliettieri Tennis Academy (IMG Academies). 

We talk about what it was like to train 8/9 hours a day, and wake up for 6 am practices. 

Connect with Tara on Social Media 

Twitter - @Taramoore92

Instagram - @Taramoore92

Jun 15, 202040:36
Breaking Down Barriers with Guest Q The Rebel
Jun 08, 202050:08
Life Planning & Law of Attraction with Guest Rebecca Hamilton

Life Planning & Law of Attraction with Guest Rebecca Hamilton

We learned so much on this episode from Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Life Coach Rebecca Hamilton.  She told us all about how she overcame numerous examples of Adversity and setbacks, but by having the right Mindset & truly being able to study the Law of Attraction she has reached so many huge accomplishments, and helped so many women become "Unoffendable."

She also talked to us about Homeschooling/Unschooling and the misconceptions about them because she did this with her son. I know I was super intrigued because I have considered that route with my kids down the line.

To Connect and Follow Rebecca

Youtube Link  -

Instagram -

Facebook –

LinkedIn -

Website – Blog –

Connect with Danielle:

IG: @daniela_boricua @headstrongllc


May 26, 202045:27
Attacking Adversity with Former NFL Tight End Asante Cleveland

Attacking Adversity with Former NFL Tight End Asante Cleveland

If you have experienced a set back, or are dealing with an obstacle this episode is for you!

We are talking with Former NFL Tight End Asante Cleveland. He is dropping major Keys around Adversity, Dealing with injuries, being resilient, and how to Push through! 

He now Co-Hosts The White Tiger Podcast with former Police Detective Craig Casaletto where they talk with so many Professional athletes, and really cool people. 

Follow Asante on IG & Twitter- @asantecleveland

Follow his Podcast - @thewhitetigerpodcast

May 17, 202035:29
Mother's Day Edition | Traveling around the World with my Mom
May 11, 202020:31
How to have the Right Mindset During a Pandemic with Javier Walden

How to have the Right Mindset During a Pandemic with Javier Walden

This is a special episode because our special guest is my Boyfriend Javier Walden. Learn his take on having the right Mindset during a Pandemic & leadership tips. 

Follow us on IG




To purchase Danielle's Book

May 03, 202016:52
Creating Confidence & Navigating through Female Stereotypes with Lara Ashley
Apr 27, 202039:28
Anticipating the Unknown Amid Covid-19 with Guest Jennifer Magley
Apr 20, 202034:18
Why me? Why Now? Getting to know Founder Danielle Mills

Why me? Why Now? Getting to know Founder Danielle Mills

This is the first episode of the Headstrong Podcast. 

We learn all about how Danielle Mills got to where she is today, and why she created The Headstrong Podcast.  From humble beginnings in Rochester NY where she first learned to play tennis, to traveling all over the world to compete at the highest levels we see how Danielle evolved over time. 

Stay tuned for next week's Episode where we talk to Former Professional Tennis Player & Keynote Speaker Jennifer Magley.

For Danielle's Book Click Here :

Apr 13, 202025:16