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Healing Light Wellness

Healing Light Wellness

By Charlene Smart

In a world full of pain and anguish sometimes we forget that we have the power to change our lives! This podcast is dedicated to encourage you to take back your power and to share ideas on how to do that. We will discuss Energy Psychology Techniques including EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, Body Energy and more.
I truly believe you have to power to change your life!
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Find the Hidden Joy and Reduce Holiday Stress

Healing Light WellnessDec 12, 2022

Find the Hidden Joy and Reduce Holiday Stress
Dec 12, 202212:21
Holiday Overwhelm? Lets Reduce It!
Dec 07, 202210:18
Living Out of the Shadows of Our Past
Sep 22, 202214:09
Take Back Your Control - There is a Different Way to Live
May 20, 202225:13
The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

In this episode we'll explore what gratitude is, the power it holds and how we can harness that power to begin to make changes in our lives. Its a simple, yet so powerful technique!

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Website: Facebook: Healing Light with Char or @yourhealinglightwellness

Links to Harvard Health - Giving Thanks can Make you Happier webpage: :,adversity%2C%20and%20build%20strong%20relationships.

May 09, 202215:24
Women's History Month
Mar 10, 202212:35