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Dyslexically Successful

Dyslexically Successful

By Christine Robenalt

Are you someone who struggles with reading, writing or comprehension or is one of your loved ones struggling right now?

Dyslexically Successful is a podcast where we talk about our experiences and stories of how these challenges have actually set up success in our lives.

There are interviews with professionals, parents, even some children willing to share not only the difficult and uncomfortable times, but also showing their resiliency in the face of the challenges which a company being a dyslexic learner.
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Season 2, Episode 6 - I Can't Read

Dyslexically SuccessfulMar 08, 2020

Season 3, Episode 1 - Creating Connections

Season 3, Episode 1 - Creating Connections

Anna Edwards is a dyslexic learner, but she has made an effort to hide that from her friends and colleagues.  For Anna, there was a stigma surrounding the "D" word. She shares with us in this episode that she felt fearful for what being dyslexic meant for her as a person.  This feeling was reinforced over the years by comments of not being smart enough or people sharing with her how surprised they were that she COULD do so much. 

Now as a pediatric nurse practitioner she uses her skill set to provide empathy and active listening for her clientele. This approach allows her patients to open up in a unique and thoughtful way. Her approach to reinforces a more holistic model in a very scientific field of work combines all types of learning styles to her career as a dyslexic person in a highly educated field. Most importantly, Anna is working through these concepts of self-worth and reclaiming her value, not only for her, but also to prepare the path for her own daughter.

Jan 29, 202150:39
12. More Dyslexically Successful to Come
Jan 29, 202112:47
11. Back to the drawing board to find ageless art
Dec 02, 202001:02:10
40/40/20 - A discussion of a learning style quiz

40/40/20 - A discussion of a learning style quiz

Ryan, a 7th grader, discusses the ways he learns best. Sometimes strengths can be challenges as well. Ryan describes some techniques that helped him. Have you tried any of these strategies to optimize your learning? This episode art was designed by Ryan. This episode’s audio was edited by Ryan.
Sep 04, 202015:39
Season 2, Episode 9 - Gilbert Chavarria Pulling Up in the Short Bus

Season 2, Episode 9 - Gilbert Chavarria Pulling Up in the Short Bus

Gilbert Chavarria is a dyslexic learner and proud of it. It wasn't always like that for him. Especially in public school. As one of the "short-bus" riders, he attended a school within a school from the 6-8th grades. This self-contained classroom was for the slow-learners and trouble-makers. He was not identified as dyslexic until the 10th grade. Elementary school unfortunately did not help him develop strong reading skills, but rather through his experiences he developed a sense of humor, defense mechanisms and resiliency.
In this episode he recalls the stigma of being in this "special program" as well as the disappointment he sensed from his mom when she would yell at him to "just work harder."
Please join Gilbert and I for a heart-felt conversation about dyslexia and how it has become a strength for him.

Aug 20, 202059:46
Season 2, Episode 8 - Wanting to be like everyone else
Jun 21, 202001:11:57
Dyslexically Successful, ep 7 - Don't Call Me Lazy

Dyslexically Successful, ep 7 - Don't Call Me Lazy

Nic Pool is an adult dyslexic learner, but he is also a father, mechanic and student in a physical therapy assistant program.  He may not have had an easy time fitting into the mold of a traditional educational path, but he found his own path to success.  Along this journey, he has learned how to be humbled, and how to keep moving forward, because even though it may be easier to just shut down, it does not allow you to achieve your goals.

Apr 13, 202001:08:18
Season 1, Episode 28 - Tales of a Spoonie

Season 1, Episode 28 - Tales of a Spoonie

Timberly Fabian is a daughter, and wife, and mom and someone who suffers with 2 invisible chronic conditions (Fibromyalgia and Spina Bifida).  She talks with us today about the intense pain and impact her conditions have had on her life and her identity as a person.  This is a very candid interview with someone who you can use as your voice, if you are still trying to find yours.  She wants you to know that you are not alone. She wants you to know that it is ok to love yourself for who you are and what you have right now. Follow more from Timberly on Instagram at empathic_libra

Mar 08, 202054:37
Season 2, Episode 6 - I Can't Read
Mar 08, 202050:20
Dyslexically Successful Episode 5, The Brain is a Cool Thing!
Feb 25, 202001:17:59
Dyslexically Successful, episode 4 - Learn How Your Mind Works
Feb 25, 202045:25
Season 2, Ep 3 - Lessons from an American Ninja Warrior
Feb 02, 202031:27
Episode 2 - Thriving in a Neuro-diverse Workplace

Episode 2 - Thriving in a Neuro-diverse Workplace

Chris Riley is a self proclaimed "tech" guy who loves all things Apple and Legos.  He is also a dyslexic learner who struggled with feelings of being flawed and broken as a child.  He had an a-ha moment about how he was able to leverage his strengths instead of focusing on the things that were personally challenging in his field. And now he sharing this info with other co-workers. In this episode, he hopes to "pique" your interest in how your (or your child's) neuro-diverse brain is actually an asset and should never be viewed as a flaw. Reading League - Tricky Words
Feb 02, 202052:36
Welcome to Season 2 - Getting Started with Dyslexically Successful

Welcome to Season 2 - Getting Started with Dyslexically Successful

Segment 1 - Intro to Christine background and the reason behind this podcast. Segment 2 - Tip of the day involving short vowel sounds and names.
Jan 23, 202024:17
January 22, 2020

January 22, 2020

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Jan 22, 202000:23
Healthcare Advocacy Episode 26 -A BRILLANT paradigm shift for providers and patients

Healthcare Advocacy Episode 26 -A BRILLANT paradigm shift for providers and patients

Irene Diamond, RT, calls herself a “Pain Reliever & Mover-Improver for Businesses & Bodies”! In 1995 she founded San Francisco, California’s very first Wellness Center, Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center.  DWC operates as a Precise Private Practice, enjoying referrals from pain specialists and health care providers across the country. For the last 3 decades practice owners, schools, and organizations have come to Irene as a business strategist and for her clinical education in The Diamond Method, a method where the client is literally an active participant in their therapy. Active Myofascial Therapy has been featured in Advance Magazine for Physical Therapists and is recognized as an effective rehabilitation modality for orthopedic pain and dysfunction, migraine and headache relief, and improving performance and function. Irene’s Dream Practice Mastery Academy is the "secret weapon" behind many of the world’s most successful wellness provider's practice success! Her business-growth strategy and marketing for practice owners fights against the norm, establishing them as an expert specialist who CAN generate terrific financial wealth while helping clients and patients get brilliant clinical results, all while working fewer hours and having more fun. In 2013 she was inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame. Irene is a frequent guest author for professional publications and associations, an in-demand speaker and presenter who shares business-growth strategy and insight never seen before and clinical and technique education of The Diamond Method. **If you're a HealthCare PROVIDER, Request your FREE marketing digital course at ***If you're a HealthCare CONSUMER, Request a FREE 3-minute Pain Relief Video series for Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain at
Dec 26, 201928:46
Healthcare Advocacy Episode 27 - Strategies to Reduce Chronic Pain
Dec 23, 201901:00:30
Episode 24 - Ready, Set Heal with Lauren Bahr, P.T., H.C.
Nov 14, 201945:59
Episode 25 - Magic Hands and Communication
Nov 14, 201901:08:03
Episode 23 - You Must Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate
Nov 09, 201943:47
Episode 21 - The Scar Project
Nov 09, 201932:26
Episode 22 - Be an Educational Advocate for Your Student
Nov 09, 201951:08
Episode 20 - Creating a better legacy
Nov 07, 201945:28
Episode 19 - The Impact of a Pediatric Home Healthcare Agency
Nov 02, 201953:57
A Battle To Remember Everyday

A Battle To Remember Everyday

Loretta is a mom, wife, physical therapist, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 31 years old.  Now at 43, she has some lessons about living she would like to share.

Key points:

Trust your gut Seek Support Ask questions Find a balance in your life adequate sleep is as important as good nutrition

Oct 17, 201944:50
Episode 17 - What choices do I have?
Oct 03, 201944:57
Episode 16 - How can we achieve better than average results?
Sep 28, 201934:57
Episode 15 - Q and A for Families and Kids
Sep 22, 201953:49
Episode 14
Sep 08, 201901:00:29
Dear Dr. Facebook, I think I have Google-itis.
Sep 06, 201925:50
Episode 12 - Providers and Patients Creating an Environment for the Human Experience in Healthcare
Aug 25, 201938:25
Episode 11 - Barriers, challenges and success of a private practice owner
Aug 22, 201932:30
Episode 10 - Letters of Medical Necessity
Aug 05, 201912:40
Episode 7 - Personal Journey From the Passionette Palate

Episode 7 - Personal Journey From the Passionette Palate

Annette Licitra is a health coach and a classically trained chef.  After a 20 year struggle with digestive, skin and urinary issues, she sought a more holistic approach to treating her conditions.  She changed her career and found her passion to really live a life she loves and spread her knowledge with hundreds of people in the Chicagoland area and beyond.

Jul 28, 201939:54
Episode 6 - Pro-Bono Physical Therapy Clinics

Episode 6 - Pro-Bono Physical Therapy Clinics

Dr. Kerstin Palombaro, P.T. DPT, FNCP, discusses how in the spirit of service learning, pro-bono wellness and Physical Therapy clinics can give people  access to needed services as well as teach P.T. students the "real-world" workings of a therapy clinic.

Check out these links for more information about the work Kerstin and her colleagues are doing!

Jul 14, 201928:07
Episode 5 - A story of fertility trials and triumph.
Jul 09, 201932:53
Episode 4 - Katie’s story about advocating for her son in school.
Jul 01, 201920:38
Episode 3 - A mother's story of advocacy and triumph for her son
Jun 29, 201945:49
My struggle of self-advocacy in the primary care setting.
Jun 24, 201910:43
Episode 1 - Welcome to emPOWERme Healthcare Advocacy

Episode 1 - Welcome to emPOWERme Healthcare Advocacy

Learn the “why” behind this podcast.
Mar 06, 201910:13