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The Healthcare QualityCast

The Healthcare QualityCast

By Jarvis Gray

The Healthcare QualityCast is an audio podcast spotlighting today's most exciting and inspiring professionals within the healthcare industry. In our podcast we dive into the career journeys of leaders that work daily to improve quality, safety, and service outcomes for patients, their family members, and their communities at large. Our mission is to provide motivation and direction to our listeners, encouraging you all to continue your efforts in improving the overall quality of healthcare.
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The Best of the Healthcare QualityCast: Nigel Brown, DBA

The Healthcare QualityCastMar 22, 2022

Special Announcement - Pause
May 04, 202200:46
Healthcare QualityCast Pilot Episode #0: Chika Odioemene MSN, NP, RN, MS-HQS, CPPS, CPHQ, LSSMBB, FISQu
Apr 26, 202254:30
The Journey of the Healthcare QualityCast with Jarvis Gray, Part 3
Apr 19, 202201:03:16
The Journey of the Healthcare QualityCast with Jarvis Gray, Part 2

The Journey of the Healthcare QualityCast with Jarvis Gray, Part 2

A pleasure to assist this connection - I’ll let you both take it from here.

Apr 12, 202201:01:02
The Journey of the Healthcare QualityCast with Jarvis Gray

The Journey of the Healthcare QualityCast with Jarvis Gray

Quality people, after building this up for the last few weeks we are finally tapping into the last of our new interviews for this segment of the podcast. I'm honored to have had our amazing guests, Dr. Nigel Brown and Evita Payton, Reach out to me at a point where I didn't know what to do with the podcast and how to close it out as I shift and begin the process of launching an entirely new show.

I remember jokingly mentioning 2 Evita over a year ago that I hadn't been a guest on my own podcast and sure enough, she recalled it and not only offered to interview me but also bought in Nigel for the tag team, throwdown, knockout interview of the entire series.

Now if you can imagine I've personally had so many things that I can touch on given the entire genesis of this show that the discussion actually lasted nearly three hours so with that I'm breaking this up into a three-part series before we officially transition back into our best of series to wind the showdown.

So with no further delay let's jump into part one of three and well I guess that I am officially the person in the hot seat… I hope that you all enjoy the first part of this conversation and let me thank you all again for such an amazing journey over the past three years with this podcast.

Apr 05, 202254:54
The Best of the Healthcare QualityCast: Evita Payton, MSHI, MSHA, LSSBB

The Best of the Healthcare QualityCast: Evita Payton, MSHI, MSHA, LSSBB

Evita is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and holds dual master’s degrees in Healthcare Administration and Health Informatics from the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

Here in Episode #48 Evita opens our show with a classic quote to help us avoid the mistakes of rework;

She then walks us through her career story in going from the marines to Disney, and making her way into healthcare…And as part of that story, she shares how a diagnostic error guided here career path;

Evita shares several insights connected to permitting clinical leaders to be more patient-centered within their daily tasks;

And shares an impressive team-building technique where she allows groups to jump right into solutions and reverse engineers the problems;

Evita shares an impressive aha moment that lead to her earning additional credentials in healthcare informatics;

She shares her excitement in the progress being made to foster more patient participation in their own care processes;

Evita gives us powerful examples of how investing in people can have tremendous impacts on the personal and professional make-up of our teams;

And she illustrates a phenomenal story of leading by example gained from her time in service as a US Marine.

Evita, thank you for your service to our country, our healthcare industry, and to our podcast to share your story!

I hope that you find continued success with your teams as you continue move forward and make great strides in your healthcare quality improvement career!

Quality people, I hope that you enjoy todays show with Evita and that you and your teams are all set to continue bringing value to your organizations, your patients, and your communities

Mar 29, 202256:44
The Best of the Healthcare QualityCast: Nigel Brown, DBA

The Best of the Healthcare QualityCast: Nigel Brown, DBA

Hello quality people, healthcare leaders and everyone in between!!!

Welcome! You’re listening to episode #17 of the healthcare qualitycast and I am your host Jarvis Gray with the quality coaching company….And I’m proud to introduce you all to today’s guest, Mr. Nigel Brown.

Nigel is the Executive Director of Performance Excellence and Process Improvement for the UAB Health System, where he promotes and leads a culture of quality and performance improvement through coaching, mentoring, facilitation and education.

Nigel has been recognized for his work in quality and process improvement initiatives through many organizations including most recently by Press Ganey.

Nigel brings to our show over 15 years of experience in deploying lean production systems, he holds a Master’s in Healthcare Quality and Safety, along with an MBA, and is currently pursuing Doctoral studies in Strategy and Innovation.

Now I’ll stop there, because I kid you not Nigel’s bio and professional profile may officially be the longest and most diverse in the short history of our show!...I mean this guest literally teaches Quality and Patient Safety programs in South Africa.

Please trust me when I say that Nigel brown is well qualified to be on the show, but a story that I would love to share is actually connected to the last time that I ran into Nigel.

It was about 3 months ago in San Antonio Texas at the recent SHS conference.

Now as it turns out, my grandmother lives in San Antonio, and she dropped by the conference to sit in on my presentation. And following the presentation as I walked her back to her car, we came across Nigel and his team from UAB…and I kid you not, they chatted my 83 year old grandmother up for every bit of 30 minutes just making her feel like the most important person in the world!

After that, we went to lunch and all she did was talk about Nigel. Every so often when I call her, she’ll ask about Nigel. And when I shared this episode with her, she was so excited because it was Nigel!

Now Nigel, your contributions to our show and quality people are exceptional, but the impact that you and your team had on my grandmother in such a short period of time has been priceless and for that I salute you!

Here in episode #17 Nigel and I talk about his career transitions from manufacturing into the healthcare industry, the power of listening, taking the humble approach to team development, Nigel shares a perspective on how best to lead healthcare teams in their improvement efforts, he geeks out around the future innovations coming in healthcare, our shared vision for increasing the diversity of skillsets among healthcare quality people, and his thoughts on embracing change.

Mar 22, 202240:16
The Best of the Healthcare QualityCast: Don Martin MHA, FACHE

The Best of the Healthcare QualityCast: Don Martin MHA, FACHE

Here in episode #26, Don shares how he keeps a consistent focus on quality improvement with his teams, he shares how he got his lucky start from playing music and selling pianos, to transitioning into the healthcare industry; he highlights his success in growing physician practices, while simultaneously achieving high-quality outcomes; Don reflects on leadership challenges in managing physician practices and offers tips on how he communicates change across his teams; Don shares a success story in helping a new physician practice achieve long-term success and sustainability, and offers his thoughts on the industry moving ever closer towards value-based care. 

There are only a handful of leaders that I aspire to be like and model my career journey after, and Don is 100% on that list. 

In my experiences with Don, I’ve found that he’s always been super cool, calm, and collected…and at the same time given his incredible career path and longevity, I know that he’s probably forgotten more than I’ve ever learned when it comes to executive leadership. 

At this point, being a great leader its likely all reflex and muscle memory because he’s been doing it so well for so long!!!

Don, I appreciate you greatly for the time, knowledge, and the opportunity to reconnect!!!

Quality people, I’d love to know who are the Don Martins of your careers? What leader stands out for you as a future aspiration? 

Shoot me an email or post a comment in our Linked in page…I’d love to hear you!

Enjoy todays show with Don and we’ll be back next week with another quality guest!!!

Send in a voice message:

Mar 15, 202201:01:55
The Best of the Healthcare QualityCast: Bonnie Barnes, CEO at The DAISY Foundation & Stuart Downs, DNP, RN, CENP, CPHQ

The Best of the Healthcare QualityCast: Bonnie Barnes, CEO at The DAISY Foundation & Stuart Downs, DNP, RN, CENP, CPHQ

Bonnie (Baruch) Barnes, FAAN Co-founder, CEO at The DAISY Foundation

Bonnie Barnes was retired from a long career in advertising and marketing and was growing wine grapes in Sonoma Valley when her step-son Patrick died.

You’ll soon hear her story of how she and her husband Mark turned their attention to the profession of nursing and created The DAISY Foundation.

Stuart Downs, DNP, RN, CENP, CPHQ, NEA-BC, FAONL, FACHE Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Stuart Downs is the Chief Operating Officer of WellStar Atlanta Medical Center. In collaboration with an integrated system leadership team, Dr. Downs drives the implementation of policies and standards across the hospital system to ensure evidence of high quality in the provision of patient care across all service lines.

Inducted as an inaugural fellow in the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL), Dr. Downs is a past member of the AONL Board and currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the International Daisy Foundation.

Here in episode #106, Bonnie and Stuart share the spotlight in this unique and incredibly insightful episode;

Bonnie starts our show with 3 mindsets that allow her to lead such a powerfully, influential recognition program;

Stewart add to our kick-off with the mindset that leadership is the goal and not the role;

Bonnie shares insights on Patrick’s journey and how the experience launched the Daisy award;

Stewart shares how his original career plans to be a pilot were rerouted due to the personal impact of a nurse;

Bonnie gives us three vital takeaways for all health care leaders to know about the Daisy Award;

We get the scoop on how the Daisy Award and Cinnabon came into partnership;

Stewart provides us with insights on the impact of the Daisy Award with the front line and additional benefits of the Daisy program on hospital leadership teams;

Bonnie provides details on many of the challenges realized with launching an international program;

Stewart gives us a “day in the life” view as a healthcare senior executive, and his passion around professional career development;

And we highlight staff burnout and mental health as some of the greatest concerns for health care leaders moving into 2021 and beyond.

Connect with Bonnie on LinkedIn

Connect with Stuart on LinkedIn

Mar 08, 202201:04:29
Best of The Healthcare QualityCast: Eddie Pérez-Ruberté, Former Healthcare Transformation Leader

Best of The Healthcare QualityCast: Eddie Pérez-Ruberté, Former Healthcare Transformation Leader

Mar 01, 202247:36
Best of The Healthcare QualityCast: Jennifer Hooks, Performance Improvement Expert

Best of The Healthcare QualityCast: Jennifer Hooks, Performance Improvement Expert

Jennifer is the Manager of the Performance Improvement Department at the Medical University of South Carolina and is a retired Air Force E9 Chief Master Sergeant with 32 years of clinical, administrative and performance improvement experience in hospital, ambulatory care and dental facilities in a variety of settings worldwide.

At MUSC Jennifer and her team of Six Sigma Green and Black Belts supports executive leadership teams in the deployment of Lean Six Sigma throughout the organization by developing and delivering Lean Six Sigma training programs and leading system wide improvement projects.

Jennifer has a MBA in Human Resources, a BS in Occupational Education  and Health Administration, she is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and LEAN Sensei, she is a member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), the Institute of Industrial and System Engineers (IISE), Society of Health Systems (SHS), Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and Project Management Institute (PMI).

Here in episode #32 Jennifer opens the show with a great leadership mindset, she shares her career journey from the Air Force and into her current leadership role, she highlights the value of Demings 14 points of management, and breaks down the cultural differences between military leadership culture and civilian hospital culture, she shares a great tactic for letting teams vent their emotions when launching new projects, she connects a major career aha moment with the tastiest training exercise ever, Jennifer highlights an often overlooked opportunity for healthcare systems to focus on aligning cultures following company mergers, and after reviewing this session I really wish that I had stayed on that topic just a little bit longer. Jennifer then calls on all quality people to become better storytellers and turns our mentor question around and highlights the power of professional sponsorships.

Jennifer you are truly one of a kind! From all of the value that you’re delivering in today’s show to your leadership with the conference and the exceptional team you’ve built there at MUSC. I thank you sincerely for the contributions that you’re bringing to the industry and also for your past service to this country.

Feb 22, 202251:29
Best of the Healthcare QualityCast: Quint Studer, Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Best of the Healthcare QualityCast: Quint Studer, Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Quint Studer is a community volunteer, a visionary, an entrepreneur, a mentor to many, and extremely dedicated to his community. For more than 30 years, he has given his life to designing the building blocks in organizations that will guide them to achieving and sustaining a culture of high performance.

Quint Studer is the founder of Studer Group®, a recipient of the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Studer Group is an outcomes firm that implements Evidence-Based Leadership systems and practices to help organizations achieve, sustain, and accelerate in service, quality, finance, people, and growth. For six consecutive years – the last three being in the top 10 – Studer Group has been named one of the Best Small and Medium Workplaces in the United States by Great Place to Work®. Quint retired from Studer Group in March of 2016 to become a full-time community volunteer to undertake the development, training, and education of the Pensacola Metro Community.

Inc. magazine named Studer it’s Master of Business, making him the only healthcare leader to have ever won this award. Twice Modern Healthcare has chosen him as one of the 100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare for his work on institutional healthcare improvement. Modern Healthcare, along with its sister publication Advertising Age, also honored him with the first Healthcare Marketing Visionary IMPACT award in 2014. Around the same time, Becker’s Hospital Review recognized him as one of the 40 smartest people in healthcare.

Studer has authored ten books, most of them for the healthcare leadership market. His first book, BusinessWeek bestseller Hardwiring Excellence, is one of the most-read leadership books ever written for healthcare. More than 1 million copies are in circulation and is still one of the best-selling books in healthcare. His latest book, The Busy Leader’s Handbook: How To Lead People And Places That Thrive, is packed with proven best practices, tools, tips, and tactics for engaging employees, revitalizing cultures, delighting customers, and building high-performance companies and reach. It reached number five on the Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list.

Here in Episode #88, Quint starts our show with a leadership mindset that if you see it solve it; Quint walks us through his tremendous career spanning the course of 30+ years as a teacher, healthcare administrator, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author; he shares why self-awareness is needed to fine-tune your leadership skills; Quint teaches us that the best leaders are very coachable; he calls out authenticity as a foundation of good leadership; he shares his biggest failure that almost caused him to walk away from healthcare; Quint highlights the power of learning labs for professional development; he shares a tool that will help you level up to becoming a “Straight A Leader”; he delivers a perfect mindset for creating Always experiences; Quint gives great real-life examples of leading with values; and tells us why leadership is an inside job.

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Feb 15, 202201:22:53
Mamba Mentality Meets Healthcare Quality with Brittany Fennell MBA, LSSGB, CPHQ

Mamba Mentality Meets Healthcare Quality with Brittany Fennell MBA, LSSGB, CPHQ

Introducing today's guest, Brittany Fennel who currently serves as the Director of Quality Metrics for MedCura Health with a role focused on establishing processes and infrastructure to continued improvement in healthcare. 

In this episode, Brittany describes her journey into healthcare, highlighting the intentional steps and methods she employed, lessons learned along the way, and her hopes for the future of Healthcare Quality. 

Top Takeaways 

[00:35] A quote that inspires Brittany is Kobe Bryant's 10 rules; "Get better every single day, Prove them wrong, Work on your weaknesses, Execute what you practiced, Learn from greatness, Learn from wins and losses, Practice mindfulness, Be ambitious, Believe in your team, and Learn storytelling". 

[18:35] Best moment of failure: This occurred when Brittany did her very best to prepare and deliver a presentation to clinicians but got a response that was not encouraging. She learned that she had to change her mode of delivery as a non-clinician in a clinical space, by engaging clinicians in one-on-one conversations that build trust and relationships. 

[25:56] Tools for building intimate connections: For starters, people need to know they can freely speak their minds without fear of judgment. Secondly, be yourself; know and be open about your strengths and limitations. Additionally, it's good for people to have the mindset to do their best knowing some days will be better than others. 

[30:20] Best "Aha" moment: This was also when she had the presentation that didn't get the expected response, particularly the realization that it is pivotal to know your audience and adopt the most effective means of communicating with them. 

[36:34] People need to be made to see healthcare as any other business, with several different aspects that would benefit from innovation by healthcare quality professionals while offering various opportunities to them at the same time. 

[39:37] Brittany is most inspired by her interactions with different areas of the business and the different roles they play as it relates to her work, creating the fundamental background for the business to thrive. 

[41:43] Best Career Advice: Everything does not require an immediate response or decision. 

[43:47] A personal habit that contributes to your success? Having a good information management system which includes putting things down meticulously such that they can just be checked up and the mind has space for creativity. 

[45:07] One Note and a handwritten planner. Other very effective tools for planning are Notion and "The Full Focus Planner". 

[48:28] Professional Society and Conference recommendations: National Association of Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) and Vizient. 

[50:34] Book recommendation: "The Price We Pay" by Marty Makary M.D 

[52:17] Brittany's message to herself in the past would be "It's going to be okay". To herself 10 years in the future, she would say "Just do it". 

[53:43] Connect with Brittany on LinkedIn. 

Key Quotes: 

"Beyond the data, beyond the regulatory impact, there's a story to be told" 

"Population health only improves when the outcomes of many individuals improve...and that's what value-based care is working to do" 

"Do everything you want to do, try to do it, if you fail, you know it's not fatal...go for it and believe in yourself along the way" 


LinkedIn – Brittany Fennel

Feb 08, 202256:18
Shouldering the Burden of Care with Roz Jones, CEO

Shouldering the Burden of Care with Roz Jones, CEO