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Healthy High Achievers

Healthy High Achievers

By Maya Lombarts

Being a high achiever means you want to be doing everything all at once, and your pause button is pretty broken or even non-existent. So how about we shift gears into becoming HEALTHY high achievers? Your host Maya Lombarts is an entrepreneur, a professional singer, a certified health coach, and many other things. She has a Belgian (structured) mind with a Peruvian (flexible) lifestyle. In this podcast, Maya will be interviewing entrepreneurs around the globe about life balance, burnout, chronic disease, and how to keep up in a fast-paced world.
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How Can Human Design Help You To Truly Listen To Your Body & Intuition?

How Can Human Design Help You To Truly Listen To Your Body & Intuition?

Truly listening to your body is hard if you’ve always learned to THINK things through to make the right decisions, or to choose the path of stability instead of happiness (Buy a house, get a 9-to-5 job, save for your pension, …)

Dani Kilpatrick is a Master Energy and Sound Healer from Las Vegas. She’s a teacher of the Human Design System, she’s a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, she gives Reiki sessions, inner child healing, shadow work, and so much more, and she has her own podcast called Beyond The Bliss.

To me, she has found the perfect balance between spiritual practices and science.

Today, Dani is teaching us the Human Design System and how it can help you to pick the right path in life, tune into your body in a way that feels right to you, and actively contribute to your own unique personal growth.

Follow Dani on Instagram and find out more about Dani’s services on her website







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