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The Healthy Kansas City Podcast

The Healthy Kansas City Podcast

By Restore/Thrive

What is health? And where in Kansas City do you go to get the straight dope on how to grow strong and age gracefully?

Dr. Tim Cummings, PT, DPT and his wife, Dr. Jessica Cummings, PT, DPT will take you on a journey to learn from experts in the fields of medicine, athletics, nutrition, relationships, longevity, and all things related to helping you be the best version of yourself.

We're all about helping you operate at the peak of your human potential. Listen now!
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Episode 41: Jack Sernett Will Get Your Mind Right

The Healthy Kansas City PodcastMay 17, 2022

Episode 45: Jessica Williams of Feel More Gooder
Jul 11, 202252:34
Episode 44: The Crew

Episode 44: The Crew

Season 2, Episode 44 of The Healthy Kansas City Podcast is here!

The Restore/Thrive Crew, 2 Men, and a Lady, are here to give you the straight dope on why when it comes to sports medicine, physical therapy, athletic training, and strength and conditioning for sport and for life, nobody does it quite like us!

Jun 28, 202257:17
Episode 43: Fast & Fit Coaching w/ Mike Thomson
Jun 13, 202250:12
Episode 42: Jesse Kepka of Elevate Fitness KC
May 31, 202249:27
Episode 41: Jack Sernett Will Get Your Mind Right
May 17, 202255:44
Episode 40: Dan Zimmerman brings Power Racing to the People
May 02, 202244:22
Episode 39: Gavin Poulton of Restore Hope Oils
Sep 21, 202139:38
Episode 38: Dr. Tereza Hubkova Talks Integrative Medicine & Genetics
Jul 27, 202152:06
Episode 37: Pelvic Floor PT with Dr. Kelsey Beach, DPT of enCORE Therapy
Jun 29, 202151:57
Episode 36: A PT Walks Into A CrossFit Box, with Dr. Patrick Chandler

Episode 36: A PT Walks Into A CrossFit Box, with Dr. Patrick Chandler

Dr. Patrick Chandler takes some time out of a full coaching and PT schedule to stop by and chat with Dr. J and Dr. T.

It’s still a rare thing to find a doctor of physical therapy operating out of a gym of any sort. Dr. P’s home gym @ks_athletic_club had the vision to hire him as a coach and utilize his PT background to help deliver a level of coaching and performance-based PT that is truly rare. We dive deep into fact vs. fiction in the world of #CrossFit and discuss what makes for a sustainable training practice that helps you train and move well for a lifetime.


Dr. Patrick on Instagram: @chandlerpt_kc

Dr. Patrick on Facebook:

Jun 15, 202151:13
Episode 35: Functional Nutrition with Rachel Sandoval

Episode 35: Functional Nutrition with Rachel Sandoval

Rachel Sandoval of Rachel Sandoval Integrative & Functional Nutrition joins Dr. Tim and Dr. Jess to jam on nutrition, recovery, exercise, nutrition fads (juice cleanse, anyone?), and more!

You’ll learn how Rachel is using the best practices in nutrition and functional medicine to help her clients feel stronger, more creative, and well. Rachel is an open book, sharing how she integrates her knowledge into her own health practices and how she does the same for her clients.

And always, if you love the pod, make sure to subscribe and leave a 5-Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review!



Instagram: @rachelsandovalrdn


Jun 01, 202101:08:25
Episode 34: Dr. Julian Giles of True Vitality KC
May 18, 202153:21
Episode 33: Get to Know Dr. Zach Jaskinia
May 04, 202148:60
Episode 32: Straightening Up with Joanie Nicholas
Apr 20, 202101:00:32
Episode 31: Dr. Bethany Klug is Back!

Episode 31: Dr. Bethany Klug is Back!

If you don't know or are new to the pod, veteran guest Dr. Bethany Klug, owner of Healthspan in Prairie Village, Kansas joins us again to talk shop. What's on deck? We catch up what's new in the 6 months that passed since our last convo. You'll get super-practical advice on how to distil the basics of health and fitness during what is still one of the most strange and stressful times in human existence. Plus, we'll talk more about one of our favorite topics, women's health and HRT facts and fiction.
Apr 06, 202101:05:24
Episode 30: Zach Allen, Co-Founder of Hemp Haus
Mar 23, 202155:50
Episode 29: Getting Our Minds Right with Amber Reed
Mar 09, 202146:60
Episode 28: Dr. Jess Loveless of ImmunityKC
Feb 23, 202153:56
Episode 27: Austin Jarchow of Austin Jarchow Golf & Fitness
Feb 09, 202149:09
Episode 26: Randy Evans is Back!
Jan 26, 202101:07:16
Episode 25: A Deep Dive Into Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Adam Boender

Episode 25: A Deep Dive Into Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Adam Boender

The first podcast of 2021 is here! We sit down with Dr. Adam Boender, DC of Regenerative Treatment Centers of Leawood.

Dr. Boender is prominent in Kansas City’s health and wellness community and is a pioneer in the progression of Regenerative medicine. He is a former college athlete turned personal trainer, who has always had a passion to bring health and life to those around him. Dr. Adam is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Regenerative Treatment Centers of Leawood. He is known as one of Kansas City's leading authorities when it comes to Regenerative Medicine. Before entering the Regenerative Medicine field full-time, Dr. Adam was co-owner of a successful multidisciplinary health and wellness facility in Leawood, KS.

Dr. Boender spends his time working as a patient advocate in the office ensuring patients have the BEST experience possible, as well as educating the local community on the wonders of Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Boender also advises physicians across the country on how to implement regenerative therapies into their clinics. Dr. Boender has been featured as the co-host on one of KC's fastest growing Health & Wellness radio show on KMBZ, as a published author in magazines, and was showcased on Action 41 news here in Kansas City to speak on the topic of Regenerative Medicine.

If you love the pod, make sure to subscribe and leave a 5-Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review!⁠


Regenerative Treatment Centers on the web:

Regenerative Treatment Centers on Facebook:

Regenerative Treatment Centers on Instagram: @regenerative_treatmentkc

Jan 12, 202101:09:45
Episode 24: Randy Evans Talks Nutrition for Performance & Longevity
Dec 15, 202001:02:23
Episode 23: Shelley Winkler is Here to Clean Up your Makeup
Dec 08, 202050:38
Episode 22: Learn About Feng Shui with Robyn Stevens
Dec 01, 202047:49
Episode 21: Holistic Dentistry with Dr. John Humphrey
Nov 24, 202059:35
Episode 20: AMA #2 with the Restore/Thrive Crew

Episode 20: AMA #2 with the Restore/Thrive Crew

Episode 20 of The Healthy Kansas City Podcast is here!
Dr. Tim, Dr. Michael, and Dr. Patrick sit down to discuss a wide variety of topics on this week's episode.
In the second episode of our AMA series, the guys dive deep into carb cycling for weight loss, the long road from injury to performance, why every runner needs a strength training program, and the origin story of Handsome Patrick.
Tune in, get educated, and go on about your day.
Dr. Tim on Instagram: @thegaragegympt
Dr. Mike on Instagram: @_michaelhauber
Dr. Pat on Instagram: @chandlerpt_kc
Nov 17, 202047:35
Episode 19: Going Deep with Samantha Lane
Nov 10, 202055:41
Episode 18: EmpowHERing Your Health with Dr. Anna Esparham

Episode 18: EmpowHERing Your Health with Dr. Anna Esparham

Dr. Anna Esparham joins us to discuss all things pediatrics, headaches, and women's health 

You'll get the inside story on how Dr. Anna overcame her own health challenges and took those lessons and her skills as a top-notch physician to treat her patients with a level of care that has made her one of the most sought after integrative medicine and medical acupuncture specialists. 

And just to top it off, you'll learn about the newest chapter of Dr. Anna's professional journey, Health is PowHer, and how you can get connected to her tribe.


Health is PowHER:

Health is Power on Instagram: @health_is_powher

Dr. Anna on Instagram:

Nov 03, 202044:05
Episode 17: Sleep Dentistry with Dr. Nancy Addy
Oct 27, 202054:57
Episode 16: AMA #1 with Dennis Dolan

Episode 16: AMA #1 with Dennis Dolan

Dr. Tim, along with his friend and fellow Power Athlete Block One Coach Dennis Dolan, join forces to answer a few listener questions and discuss the past, present, and future of sports medicine and strength and conditioning.

Oct 20, 202052:10
Episode 15: Making Fitness Fun Again with Dawn Rattan of EverFit
Oct 13, 202001:00:40
Episode 14: 21st Century Primary Care with Dr. Damon Heybrock
Oct 06, 202001:02:03
Episode 13: Dr. Bethany Klug, Founder of HealthSpan
Sep 29, 202001:04:34
Episode 12: Getting You Back in the Game with Dennis Dolan
Sep 22, 202001:02:22
Episode 11: Nick Reyes & TJ Kiblen of Kansas Athletic Club
Sep 15, 202047:25
Episode 10: Improve Your Vision Performance with Dr. John Metzger
Sep 08, 202059:39
Episode 9: From Elite Athlete to Super-Coach with Luke Denney

Episode 9: From Elite Athlete to Super-Coach with Luke Denney

We've got our friend, Cornhusker, coach, and owner of CrossFit Diem, Luke Denney on the pod this week to talk training and life.

You'll hear all about how Luke made it to D1 football and college soccer without specializing in either sport and how he parlayed his love of sport into a coaching career in which he's worked with the best and the brightest coaches to create his own coaching philosophy.

Are you a fall sport athlete or stay-at-homer who’s itching to get out and compete? Our best advice is to listen to this week’s pod and learn how to do it right

Give us a listen, subscribe, and feel free to leave us a 5-Star review  (for you iTunes listeners out there) so other folks can find our show!


CrossFit Diem on Facebook

CrossFit Diem on Instagram

Sep 01, 202059:48
Episode 8: Miriam Kaseff & How to Live a Well Life
Aug 25, 202001:02:13
Episode 7: Dr. Frank & Regina Merritt of Vitality Pro

Episode 7: Dr. Frank & Regina Merritt of Vitality Pro

Give us a listen here, subscribe, and feel free to leave us a 5-Star review (for you iTunes listeners out there) so other folks can find our show! We are honored to introduce our friends and first-class medical providers, Dr. Frank & Regina Merritt!

Frank and Regina Merritt founded VitalityPro ( in 2015, a research and development company dedicated to improving health and athletic performance through innovative modalities.  The company draws on her expertise as a physical therapist and his experience in emergency medicine and research to create functional and integrative solutions.

Throughout their careers, the Merritts have been recognized and selected to work with many elite athletes/celebrities.  In 2018 they released “The 17 Hour Fast” (  which outlines one of VitalityPro’s fasting protocols.

They greatly enjoy time with their family and can often be found playing sports on the VitalityPro training field or in the ocean surfing, swimming or fishing.

As part of a special collaboration with Vitality Pro, Restore/Thrive will be offering a special discount and prize package for anyone who signs up for our 2 for 1 Vitality Pro Assessment Offer. This offer is good for the next 2 weeks. You can click here--->( get all the details on this special deal.





Aug 18, 202001:13:28
Episode 6: Dr. Bradley Dyer Fights Back Against Type 2 Diabetes
Aug 15, 202058:20
Episode 5: Brooke Seiz Rescues Wired & Tired Women
Aug 04, 202001:10:03
Episode 4: Chad Austin Has Heard Your Excuses
Jul 28, 202001:03:35
Episode 3: Functional Nutrition for a Lifetime with Dr. Leigh Wagner
Jul 21, 202055:59
Episode 2: Dr. Carissa Stanton-Pediatrics the Right Way
Jul 14, 202054:02
Episode #1: Lifelong Fitness and Preparing Youth Athletes to Win at the Game of Life with Karen Hughey of Team Cura
Jul 06, 202001:00:20