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Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots

By Heather

Are you trying to connect the dots in your life? Maybe it’s your career, your education, your customers, or your community...whatever it is, we want to help you by sharing stories and practical tips to help you Connect the Dots in your life!
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07: Driving Forces w/Roni Lambrecht

Connect the DotsFeb 10, 2020

S4E7: Unlocking the Value of Learning and Development in Business - Part 1

S4E7: Unlocking the Value of Learning and Development in Business - Part 1

Hello Connect the Dots community!

In our latest episode, titled "Unlocking the Value of Learning and Development in Business," we dive deep into the importance of individual and collective efforts in impacting learning and development within organizations. This is the first of a three part series. Heather highlights key insights and thought-provoking ideas that both leaders and individual contributors can apply to foster a culture of continuous growth and learning.

In this episode, we recap six takeaways from the Training Industry Conference and Expo 2023, including the necessity of personal development to help others succeed, understanding the business and its goals, and being adaptable in various learning modalities. We emphasize the importance of moving from reactive to proactive to predictive leadership to solve problems and avoid unnecessary reactive situations.

We also share insights from Training Industry Inc., an expert resource for learning professionals seeking best practices and innovative approaches in effective training. Their website,, offers a wealth of articles, infographics, and downloadable resources for learning and development professionals.

Learning and development lies at the center of the employee lifecycle, and it is crucial for companies to define what learning and development programs look like for their employees. Being proactive, predictive, flexible, and responsive to changing circumstances and learner needs are key factors in the success of these programs.

Throughout the episode, Heather shares personal experiences. She highlights both the difficulties and the importance of continuously developing their skills to better support others. We also explore how the understanding of the business and its goals is essential for success, regardless of one's position within an organization.

Lastly, we delve into the role of learning and development teams in onboarding and continuous training. We look at how these teams provide support during offboarding, ensuring a smooth transition for departing employees. Their ongoing involvement helps facilitate continued employee development, fostering a sense of retention and growth within the organization.

Join us for this episode of Connect the Dots as we explore the critical role of unlocking the value of learning and development in business. Let's empower ourselves and others to make a lasting impact!

If you want to chat more about this topic, let’s continue this conversation over on Instagram.

Laughter, Love, and Blessings,


Jul 23, 202338:59
S4 E6: Creating Purposeful Connections in Virtual Environments w/Dave Stachowiak

S4 E6: Creating Purposeful Connections in Virtual Environments w/Dave Stachowiak

This episode is a really exciting one because we are welcoming in a guest that has made more of an impact on Heather’s journey than he probably knows or will ever know.

Today we are talking to Dave Stachowiak (STA-HOE-VEE-AAK) the host and founder of Coaching for Leaders, a top-rated management podcast downloaded 30 million times. Coaching for Leaders is #1 search result for management on Apple Podcasts in the United States. With more than 15 years of leadership at Dale Carnegie and a thriving, global leadership academy, Dave helps leaders discover practical wisdom, build meaningful relationships, and create movement for genuine results.

Dave is the founder of the Coaching for Leaders Academy, an exclusive, intensive leadership development cohort. An intimate group of participant leaders work personally with him to develop leadership excellence — and empower each other. His credentials include a doctoral degree in organizational leadership from Pepperdine University, several international business leadership awards from Dale Carnegie, and graduation from Coach U.

Like most people, he’s never had it all figured out. He's been passed up for promotions, failed at launching his first business, and still fights through an occasional fear of speaking to people.

If you want to chat more about this topic, I would love to continue this conversation with you, over on Instagram.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

Laughter, Love, and Blessings,


Jul 23, 202351:06
S4 E5: Embracing Resilience: Conquering Layoffs, Coping with Loss, and Celebrating Life's Blessings

S4 E5: Embracing Resilience: Conquering Layoffs, Coping with Loss, and Celebrating Life's Blessings

Jul 23, 202319:08
S4E4: The Importance of Recognition in and out of the workplace
Jan 25, 202326:44
S4E3: Three Questions
Jan 20, 202320:04
S4E2: No Regrets
Jan 19, 202317:51
S4E1: Open to Work
Jan 18, 202322:31
Just Checking In

Just Checking In

Hey All! I just wanted to check in and let you know what’s been going on since I haven’t released a podcast in the past month. All is well. I’m just working through some things that I committed to. I’ll be back soon. I promise.
Oct 09, 202205:14
S3E17: Wine with Me: Talking Student Loan Forgiveness

S3E17: Wine with Me: Talking Student Loan Forgiveness

Disclaimer: This video/podcast contains explicit language and covers topics that might cause you to use explicit language too. I might hurt some feelings and make folks mad. These are my own thoughts and opinions and do not reflect the views of my employer/previous employers. I am not a financial advisor, certified coach, or medical professional. Just wanted to make sure you knew these things upfront today.

Now to the show...

Today I’m drinking wine and talking through student loan forgiveness. I lay out the basics of what student loans are, the different types of loans, the calculators, etc etc. Then I talk through my journey. Then we cover the Student Loan Forgiveness information that was released on August 24, 2022. I go through some articles and finally...I review some of the posts that made me...fiesty.

This is a 2.5 hour episode so grab your beverage of choice and chill or listen while you the chores you hate. I’m happy to keep you company either way.

Laughter, Love, and Blessings,

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Source Links 

Federal Loan Programs PDF

Prepare for College Checklists

Repayment plans 

USF Cost of Attendance Calculator    

Interest Capitalization

Loan Interest Calculator 

Student Loan Calculator

Student Loan Relief Plan

Stalling Dreams

More Targeted Approach

NPR - Examining 3 arguments

30 of the Best Reactions to Biden Canceling Student Loan Debt

Sep 02, 202202:36:33
S3E16: Do a New Thing w/Christa Hutchins
Aug 18, 202246:59
S3E15: Book Review - How to keep house while drowning by KC Davis, LPC
Aug 15, 202259:33
S3E14: Unscripted Fun - Deep Thoughts on Nothing
Aug 04, 202249:43
S3E13: Talking Creativity w/Martha Arrington
Jul 21, 202201:09:21
S3E12: Masking & ADHD
Jul 14, 202201:00:28
S3E11: Reversing the Rachel Hollis effect (Deconstructing Toxic Positivity - Part 2)

S3E11: Reversing the Rachel Hollis effect (Deconstructing Toxic Positivity - Part 2)

This is part 2 of the “Reversing the Rachel Hollis effect - Deconstructing Toxic Positivity” podcast set. I am sharing a few YouTube videos that help explain the concept more and offer insight on how to overcome it. When it comes to things like this, we have to own the mistakes and wrong doings from our past. This is where we grow. These deep thoughts episodes were a big step in my journey. I hope you have learned and enjoyed them as well.

Here are all the links I mentioned and sourced for today’s episode:

Part 1 of the Series:
Toxic Positivity: The Reality of Suppressing Emotions -
The Reality of Toxic Positivity, Ella Lombardo, Tedx Talk -
How Toxic Positivity Leads to More Suffering -
The Dark Side of Positive Vibes -

Big Thanks to these YouTubers for their insights and willingness to speak on the subject!
Heather the Lawyer:
Relatable AF Podcast:
Keya’s World:
Camelia Cazan:
Savy Writes Books:

Laughter, Love, and Blessings,

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Jul 08, 202226:37
S3E10: Reversing the Rachel Hollis Effect (Deconstructing Toxic Positivity Part 1)
Jul 05, 202201:05:47
S3E9: Finding Harmony with Work & Life
Jun 23, 202240:58
S3E8: The Power of Telling Your Story w/Michael Rix
Jun 16, 202201:05:55
S3E7: Do I have ADHD? My Neurodiversity Journey Update
Jun 09, 202243:44
S3E6: Did Elizabeth Holmes set the clock back for women?

S3E6: Did Elizabeth Holmes set the clock back for women?

Recently I watched “The Dropout” docuseries on Hulu, which is about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. So many questions came to mind as I watched this story. But the one that kept nagging at me was focused on the impact Elizabeth Holmes had for the women that come after her. On today’s podcast I set out to review this story and analyze the impact she had or has in come cases. Then I wanted to make sure we took away some lessons learned from this situation. I hope you enjoy this deep thoughts episode.

Laughter, Love, and Blessings,

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Referenced Links:

Jun 02, 202249:09
S3E5: Badges We Carry: Burnout, Perfectionism, & Workaholism
May 26, 202201:24:50
S3E4: Know Your Worth w/Lori Thorn
May 19, 202251:49
S3E3: Imposter Syndrome w/Tim Thorn
May 17, 202245:36
S3E2: History of Neurodiversity

S3E2: History of Neurodiversity

It’s the second Thursday of the month so we are talking neurodiversity. Since this is the first one, we are going to start with the history of Neurodiversity. In doing the research for this episode, I found some good information but also some missing information. As I continue to learn and understand more about neurodiversity, I’ll share with you in upcoming episodes.

If you haven’t listened to the neurodiversity episodes from the 100 Days of Podcasts, they are linked below.

Laughter, Love, and Blessings,

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