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Health By Heather Hirsch

Health By Heather Hirsch

By Heather Hirsch

Confused about what to expect in midlife? Wondering how to treat mysterious symptoms like night sweats or stubborn weight gain? I got you. Welcome to my podcast, where I give you the straight tea on everything from painful sex to heart health. I’m Dr. Heather Hirsch, a board-certified internist, accredited menopause specialist, founder of the menopause clinic at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and former faculty at Harvard Medical School. Currently, I am the CEO and Founder of Health by Heather Hirsch and run a private telemedicine practice, and wrote the book "Unlock Your Menopause Type"
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15. Three tips for handling stress, with Dr. Cenell Boch.

Health By Heather HirschAug 24, 2019

190. Hormone stacking 101
Nov 29, 202326:05
189. Gratitude for the White House Research Initiative
Nov 23, 202329:23
187. PCOS, Perimenopause, and 'Endocrine Dominance' walk into a bar
Nov 09, 202329:31
186. Women have been seriously harmed in the name of "Evidence-Based Medicine"
Nov 02, 202329:33
185. Reflections ...
Oct 25, 202331:31
184. When menopause is a surprise, with Dr. Corinne Menn
Oct 18, 202337:47
183. Jenn Trepeck on why you should eat breakfast, and have a side of fries!
Oct 04, 202348:20
182. What's on the menu at the annual menopause meeting?
Sep 20, 202334:14
181. Why I check lab work in perimenopause and menopause.
Sep 13, 202335:28
180. Dr. Adrienne Youdim asks us, "What are we really hungry for?"
Sep 06, 202347:13
179. Am I out of the window for hormone therapy?
Aug 23, 202334:09
178. Should menopause be considered a "Hormone Deficiency?"
Aug 17, 202334:10
177. Andrea Donsky, TikTok's Menopause educator, on what questions women are asking in midlife.
Aug 09, 202339:30
176. The supplements you need in menopause, with Elizabeth Ward RD
Jul 28, 202333:34
175. How long can I stay on HRT?
Jul 19, 202325:48
174. Disparities in midlife care, with Dr. Sameena Rahman
Jul 07, 202334:44
173. The Menopause Expert Vs. The Menopause Guru ... Who Wins?
Jun 22, 202325:57
172. Dr. Lisiane Miotti Joins me for a discussion on the safety of FDA approved hormone replacement therapy

172. Dr. Lisiane Miotti Joins me for a discussion on the safety of FDA approved hormone replacement therapy

Dr. Lisiane Miotti Joins me for a discussion on the safety of FDA-approved hormone replacement therapy // Join us on our latest podcast episode as we delve into the topic of FDA-approved hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and its safety. Hormone replacement therapy has been widely used to address various health concerns, such as menopause symptoms, hormonal imbalances, and osteoporosis. In this episode, we'll explore the approval process that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employs to ensure the safety and efficacy of HRT. We'll also discuss the potential benefits and risks associated with FDA-approved HRT, providing insights from medical experts and studies conducted in recent years. Whether you're considering HRT or simply interested in understanding its safety profile, this episode will provide you with valuable information to make informed decisions about your health. Tune in to learn more about the science, regulations, and ongoing research surrounding FDA-approved hormone replacement therapy.

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Jun 16, 202334:34
171. How To Hack Your Doctor's Visit To Get Hormone Replacement Therapy

171. How To Hack Your Doctor's Visit To Get Hormone Replacement Therapy

How To Hack Your Visit To Get Hormone Replacement Therapy From Your Doctor // With a little bit of psychology and some background on menopause, I give you my best tips and tricks to get the most from your doctor's visit - especially when you think you are a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy.

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Jun 09, 202327:06
170. Unlock Your Menopause Type!
Jun 01, 202326:16
169. Psychologist Samara Irumé discusses some actionable steps to improve your headspace
May 25, 202335:12
168. Mind Over Menopause, With Pahla Bowers Weight loss coach
May 18, 202334:52
167. The Breast Cancer and HRT myth COMPLETLEY debunked!
May 10, 202330:55
166. Men-o-Pause; Can We Partner Together?
May 05, 202323:41
165. Recording my audiobook, starting my private medical practice, and my tips on thriving in life!
Apr 19, 202327:07
164. Kate Muir, UK author and menopause journalist, and I discuss the "state" of menopause.
Apr 19, 202345:25
163. Duavee, Oprah, and My New Telemedicine Private Practice, Oh My!
Mar 30, 202329:43
162. "I can hear you, can you hear me?" Why I love telemedicine
Mar 22, 202323:13
161. Squatty potties and vulvar models, with Melissa Gallow DNP
Mar 15, 202325:57
160. Dr. Rachel Rubin LIVE from the annual ISSWSH conference!
Mar 09, 202325:56
159. What's on the menu at the upcoming ISSWSH annual meeting?
Mar 01, 202328:44
158. Heart palpitations in midlife ..Dr. Dara Lee Lewis explains it all!
Feb 23, 202328:44
157. The menopause medication that made it to the super bowl
Feb 16, 202326:17
156. Give your vagina estrogen girl!
Feb 09, 202324:52
155. How women are misled to mismanage their health; with Susan Salenger
Feb 02, 202335:16
154. Why no one seemingly gives a sh$t about midlife and menopause
Feb 02, 202323:06
153. Progesterone, friend or foe?
Jan 19, 202329:30
152. Let's treat those bothersome perimenopause symptoms
Jan 12, 202325:33
151. Welcome to 2023, Perimenopause!
Jan 05, 202328:14
150. How to have a sexy holiday season...or, not.
Dec 21, 202237:33
149. Sexuality and cultural differences with Dr. Sameena Rahman
Dec 14, 202237:33
148. The A-B-C's of transgender medicine with Dr. Juliana Kling
Dec 07, 202231:54
147. A love letter to you
Nov 23, 202221:17
146. Joanna Strober, Midi Health CEO, shares her passion for creating the best virtual platform for women's health.
Nov 17, 202224:36
145. U..T..I OH MY! With Dr. Elizabeth Ferry Hall
Nov 09, 202232:03
144. CEO Julie Chamberlain of SweetSpot Labs talks intimate skincare

144. CEO Julie Chamberlain of SweetSpot Labs talks intimate skincare

CEO Julie Chamberlain of SweetSpot Labs talks about intimate skincare // The lady in charge joins me to discuss what makes vulvar skin so different, and together we discuss the birth of Sweetstpots labs in 2003. Join us for a fun, open, and honest conversation about what the health and beauty industry has been ignoring for decades. 

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