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HEARTY (formerly Writing Threads)

HEARTY (formerly Writing Threads)

By HEARTY (formerly Writing Threads)

This podcast is about strength; the heart of us. It's also about living with your own unraveling and the truths that make us. We are Stephanie Wilson and Heather Westberg King. This podcast is a conversation about how it feels to come apart, accept yourself, and live well with the strong soul that stays. With candid conversation and brave readings of well-written essays, we plan to shine a light on the sameness of all of our fellow humans. This is a podcast for people that love the power of story. Join us.
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Ep: 31 - A Conversation with Maggie Ginsberg On Writing, Alcoholism, & When It's Time to NOT Be Honest

HEARTY (formerly Writing Threads) Oct 10, 2022

Ep. 48 - JESSICA ASHLEY: On Thriving (not just surviving) Divorce, Always Building Muscle, & Claiming Our Power

Ep. 48 - JESSICA ASHLEY: On Thriving (not just surviving) Divorce, Always Building Muscle, & Claiming Our Power

If you or someone you know has been divorced, is going through a divorce or even thinking about one, please give a listen to Heather and Steph's conversation with Jessica Ashley and her signature powerful insights. Steph, Heather, and Jessica keep it very real and go deep in this episode about finding our way through divorce, including personal stories of what happened, and what it's like now and fears we can reframe. With class and grace, Jessica reminds us that we have been working a muscle that we will need, and all we have to do when the next heavy thing comes is remember to use it. She also gives us some powerful tools for communicating how it's going with our kids, and stands firm in the truth that "ultimately, for some us, it (divorce) is about saving our own lives." You don't want to miss this one!

Sidenote: this episode is only marked "explicit" due to our ability to cuss.

Jessica Ashley is rewriting the narrative of divorce. She is the Divorce Coach for Moms, a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, and helps women thrive through transitions with grace, creativity, and maybe some cussing. On TikTok and Instagram (@divorcecoachformoms), Jessica is a mom's best girlfriend in divorce, posting two videos daily to a rapidly growing audience of women seeking community and clarity. She's the author of The Blended Family Q&A: 400 Questions to Spark Fun and Thought-Provoking Conversations (Rockridge Press, 2021) and three self-published books for divorcing women. Jessica is an award-winning content creator and writer, and teaches a graduate communication class at Northwestern. Tune in to her as a speaker and guest expert on TV, radio and podcasts, including Oprah's Super Soul Sunday Life Class, Martha Stewart Radio, Listen to Your Mother, and Northern Trust. Jessica wears inappropriately high heels to cheer from the sidelines at her children's track meets, soccer matches and gymnastics competitions. She (reluctantly and instinctively) responds to both Jessica and Ashley.

Show notes:

Jessica Ashley

⁠Divorce Coach For Moms⁠

⁠Stefania Pomponi⁠

Apr 03, 202301:01:08
Ep: 48 - We're Back! Celebrating One Year With Meaningful Conversation
Mar 30, 202301:03:54
Ep. 46 - But Really, What IS Your Story?
Feb 27, 202333:39
Ep: 45 - Glimmers Of Joy
Feb 21, 202333:17
Ep. 44: On Leaving Memory Care, The Mother's Mind, & Things to Watch & Read
Feb 13, 202322:54
Ep. 43 - Alzheimer's Disease & The First Days of Memory Care

Ep. 43 - Alzheimer's Disease & The First Days of Memory Care

Trigger Warning: If you are in an extra vulnerable place, especially as a caregiver or if you are grieving, please skip this one. We want to be careful with your heart. 

In this episode, Heather talks to Steph like she's reading her a letter, updating her on moving her mom to a memory care facility. It's raw, friends. If you or someone you know is walking the Alzheimer's/dementia road (boy it's long), please know you are not alone. If you know someone that is a caregiver or family member or loved one of a person with dementia, please pass this on to them. That is not a request for more listeners, but a request to help people feel less alone. Thank you for being here. 

#dementia #alzheimers #caregiver #memorycare #grief

Feb 06, 202322:36
Ep 42: Steph & Heather On Loss, Pain, & Letting Go

Ep 42: Steph & Heather On Loss, Pain, & Letting Go

As it turns out, this episode has a lot of crying in it. It is being left just as it is. It's real and raw and true, all the things the Hearty podcast is about. Steph and Heather are hurting and their recordings to each other are all about the insides; the pain and struggle in the midst of it all. To say it out loud to each other is healing and powerful and an example of breaking free from darkness through connection. May this episode be just as healing for you. 


Tig and Cheryl - True Story Podcast 

Netflix - The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker 

Jan 26, 202353:45
Ep. 41: Kristen Mei Chase on Writing, Divorce, and OG Blogging
Jan 18, 202346:30
Ep: 40 - You Can't Chase The Light If It's Not There - On Depression & Acceptance
Jan 03, 202356:15
Ep. 39: The Holidays With ADHD, Cults (of course) & More!
Dec 12, 202201:04:37
Ep. 38: Funny Stories & Funny People To Follow
Nov 29, 202256:32
Ep. 37: *Trigger Warning* PTSD Triggers & How Different Traumas Are Connected
Nov 21, 202201:33:44
Ep. 36: Like Pen Pals - On Setting The Bar Too High
Nov 16, 202232:11
Ep. 35: On Knowing (& Not Knowing) When To Be A Trouble-Responder
Nov 07, 202201:12:21
Ep. 34 - Like Letters To Each Other, With Hard Truths & Hope
Nov 02, 202250:22
Ep. 33: A Conversation With Adrienne Jones On Tragedy & Trauma, Grief & Writing

Ep. 33: A Conversation With Adrienne Jones On Tragedy & Trauma, Grief & Writing

***TRIGGER WARNING** (suicide, suicidal ideation, death, grief, Alzheimer's, chronic mental illness, addiction) 

This episode is holds a lot of sensitive information. Please skip this episode if you are struggling in any way, especially with your mental health or are grieving. If you choose to listen be sure you are supported and have a plan for who to call if you feel vulnerable or alone. Thank you. 

Adrienne Jones joins Steph and Heather for one of their deepest dives yet. Striving to hold Adrienne's heart and words in a safe place, Heather and Steph dive into the tragedies Adrienne has experienced, including the loss of her mother to Alzheimer's disease and her husband to debilitation life-stealing deep depression, after years of being his primary caregiver. Adrienne writes profoundly and exquisitely about her life as she is experiencing it, and links to where to find her can be seen below. Thank you for holding space for Adrienne, and for showing up to learn and grow. Peace to each of you. We love you. 

Adrienne Elizabeth Jones lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She believes in the difference between 'truth' and 'fact', the healing capacity of canine friends, and the life-changing power of story. Her writing has appeared in Brain, Child Magazine, The Mennonite, Jezebel, and elsewhere. Find her at or on most social media platforms as @nopoints4style.

Adrienne's blog, No Points for Style

Adrienne on Insta 

Adrienne on Facebook

Writing Threads on Facebook 

Writing Threads on Insta 

Oct 24, 202259:25
Dear Heather, Dear Steph: Alcoholism, Burning Up, And A New View On Rest
Oct 19, 202251:20
Ep: 31 - A Conversation with Maggie Ginsberg On Writing, Alcoholism, & When It's Time to NOT Be Honest

Ep: 31 - A Conversation with Maggie Ginsberg On Writing, Alcoholism, & When It's Time to NOT Be Honest

This episode is a conversation with the talented award-winning writer, Maggie Ginsberg. Heather and Maggie have known each other for years, and happen to share a sobriety date because of a blog post Heather wrote in the wee hours when she decided to quit drinking. Listen as Maggie and Heather share the details of how that came to be and how Maggie and Heather have now been sober together for almost thirteen years. The story of alcoholism is told in Maggie's new gripping and powerful novel, Still True, so of course Maggie and Heather dive deeper into the burdens the characters carry, their secrets, and much more; like when is it time to NOT share the truth? And when is it time to come clean? Where are the boundaries? And lastly, Maggie and Heather discuss what they're NOT watching, and why, AND Maggie recommends two of her favorite authors and their books. Get those. But first, go RIGHT NOW and get Still True. It will stay with you. It will make you think. It will make you believe the characters are real, living in Wisconsin, and maybe you'll get to go see them one day. That's good writing. Thank you, Maggie. 

Maggie Ginsberg is a senior editor at Madison Magazine and a longtime award-winning contributor to city, regional and national magazines. She lives in Wisconsin with her family. Still True is her first novel.

Some old school bloggers from back in the day may know her as Maggie, dammit, from the blog Okay, fine, dammit, and as the founder of Violence UnSilenced, which was an online community and platform for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence to speak out. You can find Maggie on Facebook

Mentioned in this Episode:

Dahmer (no thank you) on Netflix
Luis Alberto Urrea
Nicklaus Butler - Shotgun Lovesongs
Susan Henderson - The Flicker of Old Dreams
Breaking Bad

Oct 10, 202201:19:21
Ep: 30 - Bad Snacks, Overwhelm, & Spiritual Trauma
Oct 04, 202221:47
Ep 29: Truth-telling, Writing in the Chaos, & Being Unabashadly Unashamed with Rebecca Woolf

Ep 29: Truth-telling, Writing in the Chaos, & Being Unabashadly Unashamed with Rebecca Woolf

In this episode, Steph and Heather welcome lifelong writer, blogger, and author Rebecca Woolf, to talk about her new memoir on death and desire, All of This. This conversation dives deep into what it means to be a person that expresses the whole truth about the human experience in writing, for the world to see.  Heather, Steph, and Rebecca talk about normalizing telling the whole truth, how healing it is, and how it helps others. They also talk about writing in the midst of chaos as an accepted "practice" for getting your words on the page, and then they continue to talk about grief, motherhood, and being unapologetically unashamed. Don't miss this one!  About the book:  “Beautifully written, complex, provocative, painful, unforgettable memoir.”—ROXANE GAY “Wonderfully lyrical and uncomfortably honest in a way that is so rare, yet so needed.”—JENNY LAWSON “Disturbing and profound, this intimate book also reveals the sometimes-labyrinthine nature of the bonds that unite people in love...A provocative and memorable work.”—Kirkus Reviews About Rebecca:  As well as launching her own successful blog, Woolf has contributed dozens of personal essays to publications both on and offline including Refinery29, Huffington Post, Parenting, and Romper and in 2012 hosted Childstyle, a web series on She has appeared on CNN and NPR and has been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine and New York Mag. In 2008, Woolf authored her first memoir, Rockabye: From Wild to Child (Seal Press) and was one of three bloggers (STRAIGHT FROM THE BOTTLE with Rebecca Woolf) to launch parenting destination, later acquired by Disney. Woolf also authored a weekly (feminist!) parenting column on called I hear ya, sister and was responsible for designing multiple award-winning branding campaigns including Maddie Ziegler’s “Wear What Moves You” ad-campaign as a copywriter.  Woolf also served as a panelist on the hit web series, Momversation, has consulted for major corporations, including Disney, and has contributed essays to anthologies including The Moment: Wild, Poignant, Life-Changing Stories from 125 Writers and Artists Famous & Obscure (Harper Perennial, 2012) and Crush: 26 Real-life Tales of First Love (Mira, 2011) edited by Andrea N. Richesin. Woolf’s first short film WARPAINT FOR THE TEENAGE SOUL made its theatrical debut at the Bend Film Festival (2019) and is currently in development as a feature film (PANS). Woolf’s second book, ALL OF THIS (Harper One) hits shelves May 2022. She lives in Los Angeles with her son and three daughters. Mentioned in this episode: 
Sep 26, 202201:07:51
Ep 28: Lifelong Friendship with Steph and Jen Kanable
Sep 21, 202201:11:09
Ep. 27 - Like Pen Pals: Wildfires and Millstones
Sep 12, 202230:25
Ep. 26: Parenting Older Kids & Letting Go

Ep. 26: Parenting Older Kids & Letting Go

Heather and Steph talk about having older kids now, and launching them; what they may regret and how to let go and be less hard on themselves. They aren't experts, but love to talk openly and honestly about how all of this feels. Also, for is Steph's house so peaceful? (She answers this and Heather continues to be in awe.) And of course, stay tuned for an update on what Steph and Heather are reading, watching, and listening to. 

Mentioned in this show: 

Ann Imig - For Us, Folks With A Kid About To Launch

Molly Shannon's book, Hello, Molly! 

White Magic

Depresh Mode with Jamie Lee Curtis, Episode 71

Tig and Cheryl

Crime Beat

Simply Vanished podcast

A Mother's Day Message from Anna Quindlen

Quotes from the show: 

"I'm grieving how it could have been if I had let go earlier." - Heather

"There's no finish line, because your love is never going to stop." - Steph

"If you let go, you will get closer." - Steph

"Perfection simply cannot be the family standard, so every time we get it wrong, we let our kids off the hook a little." - Ann Imig

Sep 06, 202249:18
Ep: 25 - The Five? Love Languages, Communication, & Parenting Kids with ADD/ADHD
Aug 29, 202258:04
Ep 24: Pamela Dayton is back! A Conversation On The Spirit Life, Religion, & More
Aug 22, 202201:06:05
Ep. 23: Last Week's Internet Drama & Why It Matters To Respond
Aug 15, 202201:08:26
Ep: 22 - Team Keep Transgender Kids Alive with Pamela Dayton

Ep: 22 - Team Keep Transgender Kids Alive with Pamela Dayton

Our guest Pamela Dayton and co-host Stephanie both have transgender kids, and in this episode they speak openly about their experience, knowledge, and love for their kids exactly as they are. Come along and learn how to love better, more fully, and with more grace. If you haven't had the opportunity to know a transgender person and feel you know very little about what "transgender" even means, this is an amazing opportunity to come to a place of better understanding. When we know more, we do better. (This episode also includes conversation about doing divorce as well as possible and why we don't have to call our marriages "failed" if we're divorced.) Thank you for being here. 

Pamela Dayton has had a decade of transformational experiences. And that is not to say that the first 30-something years of her life were lacking, but the past 10 really showed out. In 2013, Pamela traveled to Beirut, Lebanon, to work alongside Lebanese NGO “Heart for Lebanon.” She was part of a medical clinic team that visited Syrian refugee camps, and her role was to make portraits of refugees and document life in refugee camps. This trip ignited an awareness and passion for social justice.

Since that time, Pamela earned a Master of Arts in Social Justice and Theology in 2015, and a Master of Divinity in 2019. Pamela and three friends founded Free Hugs ROC, based on the Free Mom Hugs groups popping up around the country. In 2020 she served as a member of the Emotional Support Team that accompanied the racial justice protests in Rochester, New York, that began after Daniel Prude was murdered by the Rochester Police Department.

Currently Pamela is completing a one-year chaplain residency at the University of Rochester Medical center, and is looking for some sort of gainful employment. She is also working on a series of personal essays; when she is not typing, her fingers are crossed that they will evolve into book form and be published.

Pamela gave birth to four babies: Oliver, Jack, Henry, and Elliott, who are now the most amazing teenagers on the planet. She and their dad also picked up a bonus kid during the pandemic, and he fits their family perfectly. Pamela lives in Rochester with her partner, Scott, and their four cats. For fun, she knits, converses with her houseplants, and paints pictures of photos her friends post on social media. Pamela loves coffee, cheese, and naps.

You can find Pamela at:

Mentioned in this show (and helpful resources): 

The Trevor Project 2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health
Guide to Being an Ally to Transgender and Nonbinary Youth

The Transgender Teenby Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper

The Transgender Child by Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper

They/Them movie on Peacock

The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende

Simply Vanished







Aug 09, 202201:17:13
Ep: 21 - Author Deb Rogers! On Writing Florida Woman, The Good Ol' Blogging Days, & Believing You Can Do The Thing

Ep: 21 - Author Deb Rogers! On Writing Florida Woman, The Good Ol' Blogging Days, & Believing You Can Do The Thing

Author Deb Rogers talks to Steph and Heather about her new book Florida Woman, the writing and publishing process and creativity in midlife and beyond. Heather and Steph have known Deb since the start of the good ol' blogging days and find her to be one of the smartest, funniest, and gentle souls on all the planets. Her book leaves the reader begging to find out what is happening under the surface at this strange animal sanctuary where the main character goes to work, instead of doing jail time. THE SUSPENSE. And then the twists? Go read Florida Woman! 

As a freelancer and consultant, Deb Rogers has worked on a number of popular communications projects including serving as Pop Culture editor of BlogHer and on the national expansion team for the Listen to Your Mother Show. This summer Hanover Square Press published her first novel, FLORIDA WOMAN, which has been called a "bewitching debut" by Publishers Weekly and was a Fantastic Strangelings Book Club selection. Follow her at @debontherocks

Mentioned in this episode: 

The Net Beneath Us by Carol Dunbar

Jenny Lawson The Bloggess

In Her Boots KJ del Antonia

White Magic by Elissa Washuta

The Bear on Hulu

Florida Woman by Deb Rogers

The Resort on Peacock

“How to Love Your Body Now” We Can Do Hard Things episode 117

Joe Exotic

Aug 05, 202201:19:58
Ep: 20 - Riley, Heather, Lifelong Friendship & Hilarity
Aug 01, 202201:14:07
Ep: 19 - When You Can't Take Care Of Yourself (a conversation on "self care" versus simply living)
Jul 25, 202201:17:03
Bonus! A Short Ditty with Elsie Jane

Bonus! A Short Ditty with Elsie Jane

Heather's eleven year old daughter, Elsie, joins in for a fun conversation with her mom and Steph, mostly about animals. This is a short one; light-hearted and happy. Just what we all need at the moment. (Don't miss the podcast closing in which Elsie HANDLES IT all on her own.) Disclaimer: At one point Elsie says that our guinea pig Vanny is a "rascal" but it sounds exactly like she says a**hole, which is hilarious. 

Jul 18, 202208:55
Ep 17: A Conversation on Grief and Healing with Taya Dunn Johnson

Ep 17: A Conversation on Grief and Healing with Taya Dunn Johnson

This beautiful conversation with death scholar and advocate for death education, Taya Dunn Johnson, can't be missed. We are all affected by the depths of grief in our lifetimes. Come along as Taya walks us through why we feel the way we do, what can help, and much more. 

Taya Dunn Johnson is an author, autism advocate, producer and director.  In 2012, Taya was widowed with a small child at age 35 when her husband died, then 2 years later she lost her father. Taya has become a death scholar and advocate for death education. Her new podcast I Can’t Imagine: Conversations on Death, Grief, and Trauma just launched and she will be having conversations about generational trauma, mental illness, and non-death losses are important, too, and Taya will be talking openly about all of those things.

Quotes from this episode:
On death due to addiction: "You are heartbroken and hurt so much more because you couldn't save him. No one can save someone else." - Taya Dunn Johnson

"The depth of pain relates back to the efforts to save, and that's part of the problem." - Taya Dunn Johnson

"Guilt serves no one. You have to unravel it." - Taya Dunn Johnson 

"The pain associated (with grief) is directly proportionate to the amount of love for that person." - Taya Dunn Johnson

"Grief comes in many different forms, and it looks different on every person." - Taya Dunn Johnson

Mentioned in this episode:
We Can Do Hard Things (
Episode on Grief)
Simone Biles
Grief Talk Book

Where to find Taya Dunn Johnson:
Podcast:  I Can’t Imagine: Conversations on Death, Grief, and Trauma

Jul 11, 202201:04:03
Ep: Messy Messy Beautiful Life and Death
Jul 04, 202241:46
Ep: 15 - Restoring Reserves, Hilarious Stories, and What's Entertaining Us Now
Jun 20, 202201:15:28
Ep 14: What Makes a Cult, and How Does It Feel?
Jun 13, 202201:10:01
Ep. 13: Lyme disease, perspective, cults, what we're reading, and more!
Jun 07, 202201:11:17
Ep. 12: Getting Out of Our Heads (and back into our lives) with ANN IMIG
May 29, 202201:00:18
Ep 11: Real Talk with Casey Coombs - On Addiction, Mental Illness, and Getting Help (Trigger Warning in episode description)

Ep 11: Real Talk with Casey Coombs - On Addiction, Mental Illness, and Getting Help (Trigger Warning in episode description)

Trigger Warning: #suicide #mentalillness #rape #sexualassault #suicidalideation #suicidalthinking 

In this episode, Heather and Steph talk with their friend Casey Coombs about her decision to abandon shame and stigma in exchange for treatment and telling the whole truth. Casey leaves on Tuesday, and she recorded with us on Saturday afternoon. This is her second treatment, or "sad camp" as she calls it, and her courage and candor is a balm for those who struggle with their own mental health and and/or addiction, or know someone who does. 

#majordepression #generalizedanxietydisorder #addiction #BPD #CognitiveBehavioralTherapy #DialecticalBehaviorTherapy #alcoholism #shame #resilience #higherpower #recovery #stigma 

Quotes from this episode: 

“If this is part of my story, I’m going to be all in on it.” - Casey Coombs

"I did what felt good, or made me not feel what I didn't want to feel." - Casey Coombs

"I ended up exactly where I needed to be." - Casey Coombs

"Take any kind of mental health diagnosis and any kind of addictive personality and it's fuel on a fire." - Casey Coombs

"It's very important for me to say that addiction is not just pills, needles, alcohol..." - Casey Coombs

"I felt like I had been filled up on enough skills and coping to survive, and I just ran out of it. I ran out of it. I'm out of it. It was being depleted faster than I could restore it." - Casey Coombs 

"There are so many sown out there that feel like this, and think this is just how you're meant to feel, and it isn't." - Casey Coombs

"I think we all know the feeling when we are absolutely running on fumes. If you stand still it just absolutely washes over you how tired you are." -Casey Coombs 

"There's a reason they use the word surrender in recovery programs. It's because you do. Because I can't do this anymore. And I need help." - Casey Coombs 

Mentioned in this episode: 

Hold Me Tight Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Dr. Sue Johnson EdDDr

Codependent No More by Melody Beattie

Resources for Mental Illness and Addiction (DRUG AND ALCOHOL AND SEX AND LOVE ADDICTION): 

Alcoholics Anonymous

Al-Anon groups

SLAA groups

NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

May 23, 202201:41:46
Ep: 10 - On Not Knowing How To Be An Adult and Telling the Hardest Truths

Ep: 10 - On Not Knowing How To Be An Adult and Telling the Hardest Truths

In this episode, Heather tells Steph (and you) about the day's beautiful and hard truth-telling with her daughter. But before that, Steph and Heather discuss what it feels like to be a grown-up that doesn't feel "successful" in many ways. This is an episode about our hearts and minds, our pure and true struggle, and the ways we come through to the other side. Thank you for being here with us, friends. 

#divorce #childrenofdivorce #truth #coparenting #parenting #motherhood #wcdht #lizgilbert #debrogers #floridawoman #betterthings #dateline #thestaircase #underthebannerofheaven #fundamentalism #maliburising #chanelmiller 

Mentioned in this show: 

We Can Do Hard Things with Chanel Miller We Are Never Stuck

We Can Do Hard Things with Liz Gilbert Liz Gilbert Shares The Whole Story For the First Time

Florida Woman by Deb Rogers (PRE ORDER THIS BOOK!) :)

The Undoing (dateline podcast episode) “from there Matt folded faster than the overnight crew at the Gap.” LOLOL best line ever

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

What we've been watching:
The Staircase
Better Things
Grace and Frankie
Our Father
Under the Banner of Heaven

Quotes from the show: 

On messages of self-care: "It's like telling someone to take deep breaths when they're having a panic attack." - Heather

"Everything I thought about growing up and being an adult meant nothing." - Steph

"We're hard on ourselves until we're not." - Heather

"It's why it's so important to me for my passion to not be my work." - Steph 

"No matter how ugly the truth is, it's the truth. And you can't really heal or move forward until you put that somewhere." - Heather 

On parenting: "I think you just follow their lead. They tell you, if you're listening." - Steph 

May 15, 202201:29:28
Ep: 9 Self-Love vs. Self-Care, Spiritual Fitness, and Uncertainty
May 02, 202201:13:15
Ep. 8: Mothering When Your Kids Are Not Okay
Apr 25, 202201:05:00
Ep: 7 - Divorce, Single Motherhood, Survivor's Guilt, and Bread Crumbs
Apr 19, 202201:08:31
Ep 6: Stuck In Hard Mode

Ep 6: Stuck In Hard Mode

Heather and Steph talk about motherhood, things that work and don't work with teens, with their usual candid and honest flair. On everything from Mario Kart and Monster drinks, to big failures and coming back from them. Steph shares more about being a mother to a transgender child/teen and what happened on the night she was told her daughter's truth. 

"I think it's time to lower my pain tolerance." - Stephanie Wilson

"Maybe this week feeling hard is a result of my being more mindful of that...of lowering my pain tolerance." - Stephanie 

"As a mom, I'm an over-seer of your life." - Stephanie to Luna

"The most important thing you can do when you're being human and making mistakes is to talk to someone about it. It's not really even about whether or not you did the thing, it's about whether or not you have held it inside, because that doesn't turn out so great." - Heather Westberg King 

"If you want them to keep coming to you and you want them to keep the communication open and you want to be aware of what they're actually doing, you can't freak out." - Stephanie 

"I want them to know my door is open and they can enter it and leave freely...without fear." - Steph

"I need to give them me, and not a version of me that I think I should be." - Steph

"The more I'm open and the more honest and vulnerable, the more open and honest they are with me." - Steph

"I am becoming all the time, I often change my mind about big and small things, about things I think and things I want to do. That used to really bother me, that I'm showing my kids I'm not even really sure of who I am or what I want to do and I'm just showing my kids how to flounder, or something. But now I'm like, no, I'm showing them how to live. This is how life is and we don't ever stop evolving and changing and growing." - Heather 

Steph shared a piece of writing from Kate Baer

“It’s never done. If I had a chance now with every book I wrote, every page would be a little different. Commas would be moved, words. And I think that’s beautiful, actually. That’s a good thing. It reminds us that the artist and the mind and the poem still grow. The poem is like a tree, and the book is a photograph of the tree. You take a photograph of the tree, but the next day, the tree has new cells. The next year, it has new branches. We have to make peace with the fact that a book is actually just a photo album, and that the organic psychic life of the poem is already growing somewhere else, somewhere inside you. And we pin it down."

#divorce #motherhood #parentingtranskids #katebaer #depression #anxiety 

Apr 13, 202259:09
Episode 5: What We Loved This Week

Episode 5: What We Loved This Week

Heather and Steph share what resonated with each of them this past week and why. They cover the world of podcasts, movies, books, and more. Listen as Heather and Steph discuss their favorites, and then uncover that most everything they're sharing has some common threads, like deep human connection and how it happens, even with someone who has Alzheimer's (Heather's mom). Thank you for listening! 

Mentioned in this episode: 

Melisa Wells writing at with a quote from grief author Shelby Forsythia 

Academy Award winning movie, CODA

Heather's piece on Medium, Going Home

We Can Do Hard Things with Hannah Gadsby 

Hannah Gadsby's Netflix specials Nanette and Douglas

(Steph asked if Douglas is both a Netflix special and a book. In researching, we could not find a Douglas book) 

We Can Do Hard Things with Brene Brown (Atlas of the Heart

Psychologist Dr. Susan David

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast

Hannah Gadsby's book Ten Steps to Nanette 

Somebody's Daughter by Ashley C. Ford 

Ashley C Ford's interview with Clint Smith is at the end of Somebody's Daughter on Audible

Jared Carmichael comedy special on HBO Max 

Dana at The Kitchen Witch 

Meagan Francis on Facebook 

Heather's ol' blog post, Maybe Not Now and Possibly Never

#Alzheimers #CODA #Grief #writing #alcoholism #addiction #neurodiversity #parentingtransgenderkids #transgender #comingout #divorce #truthtelling 

Apr 04, 202201:20:09
Episode 4: Who is Heather?

Episode 4: Who is Heather?

This week we're making it a little lighter around here. It's Heather's turn to talk as Steph asks some fun questions like "What did you want to be when you grew up?" and "Who were you in high school?" Both Heather & Steph share a church mini skirt story. And so much more! 

Shout outs to Jenny and Kelly this week. You know who you are. 

Mentioned in this episode: 

Meagan Francis, our friend from all the blogging years. Meagan Francis is a published author, content marketer, and podcast personality. She lives in Southwest Michigan with her five kids (ages 9-20). After a decade of magazine writing and professional blogging, Meagan created the Life, Listened podcast network in 2015 to bring together shows and hosts around the theme of living a life you love. Find out more about Meagan’s work at her website or follow her personal moments on Twitter and Instagram. Meagan is a well-known podcaster at The Mom Hour.

Flyleaf Book Shops, Heather's bookstores in rural Minnesota. 

We Can Do Hard Things (the podcast) 

The other Heather King - A Heather King we don't know, with the same name as our Heather Westberg King (hence Heather using her maiden name to decipher the difference between the two, both in recovery and both writers. 

Your hosts: 

Stephanie Wilson, now blogging at and on Instagram (@babysteph), Twitter (@babysteph) and Facebook, Stephanie Wilson. 

Heather Westberg King, now writing on Medium as HeatherJKing. And on Instagram (@heather_westberg_king) and on Facebook as Heather Westberg King. 

Find Writing Threads! Visit our Facebook page, find us on Instagram (@writingthreadspodcast) and join or private Facebook group, A Procrastination of Writers (and those that love them). Email us at writingthreadspodcast (at) gmail (dot) com. 

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Episode 3: This Is How It Was - Fundamentalism and Freedom

Episode 3: This Is How It Was - Fundamentalism and Freedom

In this episode, Steph shares more about her history with fundamentalism and how it shaped her. Both Steph and Heather admit that talking about their experiences within religion brings up a lot of fear and anxiety to this day, but they are telling their stories anyway. Steph's bravery and honesty in this episode is central to the "why" of doing this podcast. These are the threads. These are the true stories that make us, sewn into the fabric of our souls. Please join us with open hearts. Bear witness to the pain of staying stuck, and the freedom of letting go. We are pulling at some threads here, unraveling, and it is good. 

Mar 22, 202201:10:48
FIRST GUEST: ANN IMIG! Listen To Your Mother & Listen Life Coaching

FIRST GUEST: ANN IMIG! Listen To Your Mother & Listen Life Coaching

Heather and Stephanie sit down with long-time friend Ann Imig, the creator of Listen To Your Mother, the national show and book. Ann is also the owner of Listen Life Coaching, and in this episode she walks us all through a short beautiful guided meditation that then triggers a flurry of GUESS WHATS from Heather and Steph. This deep dive conversation covers how the Listen To Your Mother Show prepared Steph for learning that her child is trans. We also get to hear what being Jewish means to Ann, what stories mean to Ann, and what she's learned from opening her heart to every person's story. What are her strengths? What's this Listen Life Coaching thing all about? Come along as three old writer friends laugh, talk smart-ish, and sometimes choke back tears. It's a ride! Join us... For more about the content of the show, see the below links mentioned in the episode.  Cupcake '10 Listen To Your Mother National Team: Taya Dunn Johnson Ann Imig Deb Rogers Melisa Wells Stephanie Wilson Breathe by Becky Hemsley VIA Character test We Can Do Hard Things podcast Listen To Your Mother videos featuring Transgender stories ALOK and be sure to follow them on instagram Jennifer Rosen Heinz, Use Your Outside Voice Anna Whiston Donaldson, Rare Bird Karen Maezen Miller Resources for affirming families & parenting transgender kids: Camp Wild Heart  Steph's blog, instagram Heather's blog, instagram
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Hello & Welcome! This Is Why We're Here

Hello & Welcome! This Is Why We're Here

The first episode of Writing Threads with Stephanie Wilson and Heather Westberg King is a candid conversation covering old misguided beliefs, what they've been through, and what it's like now. Stephanie and Heather share what this podcast hopes to be and why it took shape and became real. This honest conversation covers marriage and divorce, the old days when blogging and being recognized for it was central to their lives, motherhood, alcoholism, identity, their current struggle, being free and yes also suffocating, and more.
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March 5, 2022

March 5, 2022

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