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Back to Me - Exploring Wellness Your Way with Heather

Back to Me - Exploring Wellness Your Way with Heather

By Heather Stewart, Real Life Coach

Weekly ideas about what self care is and isn't.
We aren't just talking physical health here! This is a holistic approach to life understanding that there is physical health but there is also work and finances and relationships and all the other things that make up a full life!
Every person is different and you are the only one who will know what you need... every week we explore ideas and a-has so you can make your self care your own.
Every week I chat with an amazing human about what they have found that helps them, how they help others all with the intention that you find something for you!
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E#151 Overcoming Intergenerational Trauma

Back to Me - Exploring Wellness Your Way with HeatherDec 01, 2023

E#151 Overcoming Intergenerational Trauma

E#151 Overcoming Intergenerational Trauma

You might be feeling like trauma is overused these days (some days I definitely do!) - but today I'm talking with Dr. Hina Fatima about what it is exactly.

We also get into why it isn't necessarily something that would cause people to cringe and why it's important to see it in yourself and how it is affecting the way you operate in your life.

The screensaver on my phone says "You are the sole creator of your life - Own that!" So... the best way to own it (in my opinion) is to know where you operate from, why, and how to change it if you want something different.

Have a listen!

Dr. Hina Fatima is an NLP Master Trauma Relief Coach Founder of ‘Be Your Own Hero Project-26 week of Transformation and Healing’

Connect with Hina here...

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Dec 01, 202347:31
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