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By Heaven Charniece

"HeavieTalk Podcast" is hosted by Heaven Charniece, the founder of HeavieTalk Media. Heaven Charniece is an HBCU grad and an all-around creative with a passion for history, literature, and culture. Tune in for some HEAVIE discussions about mental health, sports, entertainment, and politics, plus interviews featuring impactful guests. This podcast is powered by HeavieTalk Media.
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Episode 43: This Isn’t A Coincidence

HeavieTalkSep 15, 2023

Episode 43: This Isn’t A Coincidence
Sep 15, 202334:44
Episode 42: Hot ASF
Sep 11, 202341:25
Episode 41: Sorry Not Sorry
Sep 05, 202343:02
Episode 40: Ain’t No Way

Episode 40: Ain’t No Way

Heavie starts the episode with the weekly Word of Motivation. Next, Heave dives into the latest environmental crises with California's simultaneous tropical storm warning and earthquake and new developments about the Hawaii wildfire. Did you know India just became the first country to land a spacecraft near the south pole of the Moon? Heavie discusses this and recent news that Russia crashed a spacecraft into the moon. Classes are back in session! Heavie wishes a happy FDOC to students, teachers, and faculty. The Little Rock Nine have denounced the AP African American Studies restriction made by the Arkansas Department of Education. Heavie discusses the significance of the Little Rock Nine speaking out against the restriction. Sha’Carri Richardson won the 100m at the 2023 World Athletics Championships. Heave discusses recent comments made by Sha’Carri after her semifinal win and public disagreements between Stephen A. Smith-Lonzo Ball and Tua Tagovailoa-Ryan Clark. Heavie ends the episode with her favorite segment ‘Things That Had Me Like WTF.’

Aug 25, 202343:51
Episode 39: The Grass Ain’t Greener
Aug 19, 202335:30
Episode 38: It’s Time To Wake Up
Aug 12, 202328:47
Episode 37: Do Your Part
Aug 04, 202343:08
Episode 36: Environmental Crisis
Jul 28, 202345:56
Episode 35: No More Legacies
Jul 21, 202331:15
Episode 34: CEO Sh*t
Jul 07, 202328:26
Episode 33: With Haste
Jun 30, 202332:33
Episode 32: No Gimmicks
Jun 24, 202341:56
Episode 31: Own Your Sh*t
Jun 17, 202339:52
Episode 30: History Repeats
Jun 10, 202346:17
Episode 29: Guess Who
Jun 04, 202330:40
Episode 28: Keeping It Light

Episode 28: Keeping It Light

Heavie starts the episode with the weekly Word of Motivation and pays tribute to George Floyd and Tina Turner. Next, Heavie recaps news from the week: Florida Gov. DeSantis' presidential launch meltdown on Twitter, Amanda Gorman's inauguration poem banned in some Florida classrooms,  NAACP officially issued a Travel Advisory for Florida and Morehouse’s first Journalism graduate in its 156-year history. Heavie provides an update on a past 'WTF' story about a baseball announcer who said the n-word while referencing the Negro League Museum. Heavie ends the episode with her favorite segment ‘Things That Had Me Like WTF.’

May 26, 202337:33
Episode 27: Don't Get Ready Stay Ready
May 20, 202346:12
Episode 26: Focused on the Wrong Sh*t
May 12, 202333:55
Episode 25: What's Really Going On
May 06, 202326:39
Episode 24: The Math Ain't Mathing
Apr 29, 202327:57
Episode 23: IKYFL
Apr 21, 202318:59
Episode 22: Heavie on the Wellness
Apr 14, 202310:23
Episode 21: Set Your Pace
Apr 07, 202323:27
Episode 20: Catching Up
Mar 31, 202332:03
Episode 19: Life After COVID-19
Jul 02, 202137:26
Episode 18: Sports Heavy
Jun 26, 202132:52
Episode 17: Back At It
Jun 18, 202131:03
Episode 16: New Year Same BS
Jan 16, 202122:45
Episode 15: The Social Media Age
Oct 24, 202027:44
Episode 14: More Money More Problems
Oct 16, 202017:32
Episode 13: Cuffing Season

Episode 13: Cuffing Season

When the temperature drops, cuffing season starts. 

Oct 09, 202024:26
Episode 12: Thirst Traps

Episode 12: Thirst Traps

What's a thirst trap?

Sep 12, 202047:19
Episode 11: Being Black in America
Sep 04, 202057:30
Episode 10: Weekend Recap: Vol. 12 Podcast Edition
Sep 01, 202038:54
Episode 9: Enough is Enough.
Aug 29, 202017:45
Episode 8: Things that had me like what...

Episode 8: Things that had me like what...

HeavieTalk is back with another Fridayish episode, serving up more straight talk with no chaser. 

Aug 15, 202044:19
Episode 7: Fake the Funk: Weekend Recap Vol. 10 Podcast Edition
Aug 11, 202026:29
Episode 6: Focusing on the mess

Episode 6: Focusing on the mess

HeavieTalk is back with another Friday episode to discuss all the mess that has happened this week. On this episode. Heavie, starts by recapping the special edition episode that dropped this week, along with giving some HeavieTalk updates.  With new music dropping, Heavie got right into it covering new music from Summer Walker, Juice Wrld, Kid Cudi & more. The music discussions continued with updates on the murder of Pop Smoke & more Kanye presidency news.  Heavie ended the episode with breaking news that hit the timeline today.  

Jul 10, 202020:30
Episode 5: Kanye is running for president: Weekend Recap Vol. 8 Podcast Edition
Jul 07, 202020:08
Episode 4: Censorship & Instagram Comments

Episode 4: Censorship & Instagram Comments

On episode 4 of HeavieTalk, Host Heavie starts the episode by catching up on everything that's happened since the last episode. . After catching up,  she discussed Myrtle Beachgoers and the world reopening. Heavie ended the episode reading some of her Instagram comments & revealing why HeavieTalk is blocked from Instagram & Facebook. 

May 22, 202028:21
Episode 3: CeeDee Lamb
Apr 25, 202029:38
Episode 2: WHY I POD

Episode 2: WHY I POD

On this episode of HeavieTalk, Heavie serves up Straight Talk NO Chaser, discussing much needed Stimulus Checks, Wild Florida Beachgoers, upset Bernie supporters, leading  to the question: Is Voting the Only Way to Make a Difference plus more StraightTalk.... Wrapping up the episode discussing what HeavieTalk is & the title " Why I Pod." 

Apr 19, 202015:54
Episode 1: Quarantine Vibes

Episode 1: Quarantine Vibes

This episode titled "Quarantine Vibes" kicks off the HeavieTalk podcast journey. The 1st episode dishes out current trendy topics,  while host of HeavieTalk, Heavie serves up STRAIGHT TALK with discussions about Allergies vs. the Rona, Tory Lanez's Instagram Lives, Quarantine Productivity and more.

Apr 04, 202021:56