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Hedwig: Inch by Angry Inch

Hedwig: Inch by Angry Inch

By Sleepy Charlie Media

A film podcast tearing down the wicked little town of Hedwig inch by angry inch.

Get Hed!

Hosted by Jonfen of the 'Bat Minute' and 'Miami Minutes' podcasts.
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Hedwig - RENT Rehearsal (with Anja Dick)

Hedwig: Inch by Angry InchAug 15, 2023

Hedwig - RENT Rehearsal (with Anja Dick)
Aug 15, 202301:02:25
Hedwig - Yitzhak (with OORYA)
Aug 15, 202301:30:05
Hedwig - Phyllis (with Gilda Wabbit)
Jul 08, 202256:28
Hedwig - Home (with Kahla Victorious and Ginger Snaps)
Jun 22, 202201:08:59
Hedwig - Chapter 22 - End (Part Two - with John Cameron Mitchell and Kahla Victorious)
Feb 21, 202101:28:31
Hedwig - Chapter 22 - End (Part One - with Vanda Miss Joaquim and Anita Piss)
Feb 20, 202101:26:06
The Midnight Radio Christmas Special 2020 - 'Happiest Season (Free Version)'
Dec 25, 202001:35:40
Hedwig - Chapter 21 - Midnight Radio (with Miss Taylor Trash)
Dec 07, 202001:31:20
Hedwig - Chapter 20 - Wicked Little Town: Tommy Gnosis Version (with Ryder Monroe and Lucia Blayke)
Nov 02, 202001:20:58
Hedwig - Chapter 19 - Hedwig's Lament/Exquisite Corpse (with Felony Dodger and Lal Gall)
Oct 31, 202001:22:35
Hedwig - Chapter 18 - Reunion (with Candy Warhol)
Sep 17, 202001:28:36
Hedwig - Chapter 17 - I’m Going to Guam (with Craig MacNeil and Pretentious Dross)
Sep 16, 202001:38:04
Hedwig - Chapter 16: Love (with Mimi Imfurst)
Sep 05, 202001:49:26
BONUS: Midnight Radio - Track 1 - How to Talk to Girls at Parties
Aug 20, 202001:23:05
Hedwig - Chapter 15: Knowledge (with Sheila Wolf)
Aug 19, 202001:17:19
Hedwig - Chapter 14: Wicked Little Town (with Abhora and Klingon Vanna White)
Jun 27, 202001:24:44
Hedwig - Chapter 13: Tommy Speck (with Divina De Campo)
Jun 21, 202001:19:04
Hedwig - Chapter 12: Tommy Gnosis in Person (with Tora Himan and Shecky Davis Jr)
May 23, 202002:11:29
Hedwig - Chapter 11: Wig in a Box (with Mike Potter and Kahla Victorious)
May 17, 202001:52:11
Hedwig - Chapter 10: Junction City, Kansas: Freedom (with Adrienne Proctor)
May 06, 202001:39:44
Hedwig - Chapter 9: Angry Inch (with Laganja Estranja and Odessa Lil)
Apr 15, 202001:20:51
Hedwig - Chapter 8: Sugar Daddy (with Liquorice Black and Cheddar Gorgeous)
Apr 04, 202001:54:13
Hedwig - Chapter 7: Luther (with Clarisse Loughrey)
Mar 06, 202001:23:43
Hedwig - Chapter 6: American Radio (with Conway)
Jan 27, 202001:55:12
Hedwig - Chapter 5: The Origin of Love (with Handsome Jeremy and Ginger Snaps)

Hedwig - Chapter 5: The Origin of Love (with Handsome Jeremy and Ginger Snaps)

Whether you like it or not, we're back with Chapter 5!

In this episode we discover where the concept of love itself originated - via song, of course! Along the way we'll talk about gender, gods, rock music, ancient aliens, Marks & Spencer... there's just too much to mention!

Our lineup is a stellar one, as two musical maestros join Jonfen on this Amethyst Journey. Listen to the wondrous tones of the Faerily Queer one Handsome Jeremy (of Alaska & Jeremy) and the Glamour Ghoul Guitarist Ginger Snaps (of Unquiet Dead!)

The next episode will be 'Chapter 6: American Radio'.

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Today's intro and outro music was a cover of 'The Origin of Love' by Egads! Theatre.

Your host has been:

Jonfen - Twitter - Instagram

Today's guests:

Handsome Jeremy - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Bandcamp - Alaska & Jeremy


Ginger Snaps - Instagram

Unquiet Dead - Facebook - Twitter - Bandcamp - Spotify

Check out the article mentioned in the Ostalgie section, all about East German art.

Jan 18, 202001:33:09
Bonus: The Bat Minute Christmas Special 2019 - Christmas at Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Bonus: The Bat Minute Christmas Special 2019 - Christmas at Pee-Wee's Playhouse

A BONUS FROM JON'S OTHER PODCAST - BAT MINUTE! If you're interested that is. If not... well... move along, I guess!

Once again Bat Minute is here to blow all of those other gifts out of the water. As you unwrap this audio delight, prepare to cast everything else into the fire! KRAMPUS TAKE THEM!

Jon and Niall venture into the fun and DISTURBING world of Pee-Wee Herman and come out of it changed. Different. Renewed. REBORN!

Featuring special guests: Christopher Dennis Di Guardia, Lal Gall, Dave Pallas, Sean German, Town Bike, Murren Kennedy, Jessa Lowe, Faniel Dord, Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies, Odessa Lil (aka Audra Wolfmann), Klingon Vanna White, Shecky Davis Jr, a.P.A.t.T. and Zombina & The Skeletones!

This here is a variety show extravaganza, Bat fans!

The next Christmas special follows next year! DUMMY!

Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

Join us on Facebook at the Bat Minute Listener's Cave!

The players:

  • Jonfen Parker and Niall McGowan - your hosts

  • Town Bike - performing '(It Should've Been) The Worst Christmas Ever'


Dec 25, 201901:51:34
Hedwig - Chapter 4: East Berlin 1968 (with Sean German)
Dec 04, 201901:17:59
Hedwig - Chapter 3: Bilgewater’s Restaurant, St. Louis: The Tour Begins (with Alyson Grimm and Omar Najam)
Nov 09, 201901:38:17
Hedwig - Chapter 2: Yitzhak (with Heidi Bennett and Adam Schreiner)
Oct 08, 201901:22:15
Hedwig - Chapter 1: Tear Me Down (with Mimi Imfurst and Odessa Lil)
Sep 20, 201901:23:30
Hedwig - Chapter 0: A Gift-Wrapped Pod Still in the Box (with Conway)
Aug 14, 201957:19