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Unleashed with Heidi Ganahl

Unleashed with Heidi Ganahl

By Heidi Ganahl

From her “ruff” days building the country’s largest dog franchise to her heated run for Governor of Colorado in 2022, Heidi Ganahl has been on the frontlines of freedom for over 10 years... and she’s ready to talk. Talk about how politics *really* works in Colorado and America. Talk about everything from the media to the money to the power players, consultants, and so-called "experts". And lastly, talk about the strategy to fix it. The truth UNLEASHED. The lies EXPOSED. Let’s play the REAL game of politics. And win. Heidi Ganahl UNLEASHED. Every Thursday. Can you handle the truth?
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Ep. 10 - School’s OUT for SUMMER: Colorado Kids Unleashed (Rob Krecak)

Unleashed with Heidi GanahlMay 25, 2023

Ep. 10 - School’s OUT for SUMMER: Colorado Kids Unleashed (Rob Krecak)

Ep. 10 - School’s OUT for SUMMER: Colorado Kids Unleashed (Rob Krecak)

This week’s episode celebrates our children and, of course, SUMMER break! With three little ones that are just out of school as of last week, Heidi talks about the JOYS of spending time together as a family, but also the CHALLENGES to make sure their time is spent well, making memories, growing, and having fun. Heidi has put together a summer challenge for kids and parents to do together to make the most of Summer 2023! She interviews Rob Krecak to speak to one of the most difficult areas of the challenge, technology.

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Full Episode Breakdown:

Part 1 (0:00-19:27): Heidi walks through the Colorado Kids’ Unleashed! Summer Challenge, focusing on the four key topics outlined below:

We’ll Wean From SCREENS — Do all you can to implement a 2-Hour Screen Limit per day. Let’s FUEL up and get PHYSICAL — Get their heart pumping 1 hour per day and fill them with healthy food and drinks. Stay Away from Substances – encourage a sober summer. Find Time to Jump for Joy and BE HAPPY — let’s go BIG on the power of experiences in our family’s lives.

Download & print the tracker HERE to follow along with us and check in every Sunday on social media to tell us how it’s going!

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Part 2 (19:27-44:28): Rob Krecak understands the challenges, and gifts, that technology provides us as parents and humans, founding the company Humans First to help others with technology mindfulness. He joins us to discuss the TOUGHEST of the four challenges — weaning from screens: 

His story of being addicted to video games and dealing with insecurities, resorting to technology as a coping mechanism. How parents can be more intentional about the use of technology in their households by setting clear boundaries and guidelines, as well as defining their family values. The science behind the screens, including the chemical response technology gives us and how to replace that with more positive habits that lead to more connectedness and happiness.

Rob is offering our listeners a free 30-min technology mindfulness consultation! Email with the subject line UNLEASHED.

Rob Krecak: Humans First | 4-Day Work Week

May 25, 202344:29
Ep. 9 - Has Colorado Gone Bat Sh*t Crazy? (Christine Bowman from Covid Bat Research Moratorium of Colorado)

Ep. 9 - Has Colorado Gone Bat Sh*t Crazy? (Christine Bowman from Covid Bat Research Moratorium of Colorado)

National Institutes of Health, yes Andrew Fauci’s organization, recently awarded Colorado State University $6.7 million to build a 14,000 square foot bat research lab in Fort Collins in order to conduct “gain-of-function” research on bat-borne and bat-associated diseases. A group of concerned citizens here in Colorado is asking for more time, more information, and for transparency around CSU’s proposal to build this bat vivarium in our backyard, requesting a moratorium be placed on the project until more is known about how COVID-19 originated, as we’ve seen several new documents released in the past several months. Is the risk worth the reward? Heidi interviews the head of this group, the Covid Bat Research Moratorium of Colorado (CBRMC), Christine Bowman.

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Full Episode Breakdown:

Part 1 (0:00-13:22): Heidi shares her concerns regarding the safety of CSU’s past “gain-of-function” research projects and why this new bat research lab should raise red flags for Coloradans. She talks about:

How even well-intended research can go sideways, just as it did at CSU several decades ago with Chronic Wasting Disease — killing half of Colorado’s deer herds and about a third of its elk herds. What “gain-of-function” research is and why there needs to be a bigger conversation about whether it’s appropriate to be doing it at ANY university, in any lab, in America. The legitimate concerns of citizens following the COVID-19 pandemic, and our right to question the government’s involvement in “gain-of-function” research, especially when it’s in our backyard.

Follow Heidi: ⁠Substack⁠ | ⁠Website⁠ | ⁠Facebook⁠ | ⁠Instagram⁠ | ⁠LinkedIn⁠ | ⁠YouTube⁠ | ⁠Rumble⁠ | ⁠Truth Social⁠ | ⁠Gettr⁠

Part 2 (13:22-38:01): Christine Bowman from the Covid Bat Research Moratorium of Colorado (CBRMC) shares why she started the group and the journey they've embarked on together to get more transparency around CSU’s new bat research lab. She discusses:

The Larimer County Planning Board’s last-minute public meeting, conveniently set during the holidays (12/21/22) to rush approval of the bat research facility without any further public commentary. The LIES being told about the virus’ they plan on studying as part of this proposal, as well as the biosafety of this facility and its research. The TRUTH about “gain-of-function” research at CSU and the extremely vague information being shared with the public indirectly. How other concerned citizens can join the push for transparency alongside 500+ others in the CBRMC Facebook group.

GET INVOLVED: Join the CBRMC Facebook group, contact CSU’s rep Greg Harrison ( to ask questions regarding the new lab, contact your state and local officials to share your concerns, and/or pick up a sign to put in your front yard (518 S Bryan Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521).

If you’re interested in doing more research on the topic, here are some relevant links, articles, and videos to do a deeper dive:

Former CDC Director Calls for Moratorium on Gain-of-Function Research Inside the Colorado State University lab that is trying to develop the world’s first vaccine for COVID-19 Why Is NIH Funding Biolabs Around the World to Study Bat Viruses – Concerned Citizens in Colorado Don’t Want a Lab in Their Back Door Bat studies in US may pose another outbreak risk, officials warn Lab-created bird flu virus accident shows lax oversight of risky 'gain of function' research Current CSU biosafety head testifying 8 years ago to past pathogen leaks at labs, Inc China New FOIA documents confirm government Covid 19 Lab origin coverup DeSantis signs bills banning vaccine mandates, gain of function research Watchdog group files complaint after 3 bats killed at Colorado State University lab
May 18, 202338:09
Ep. 8 - Elections Have Consequences: The Legislative Session From Hell (Brandi Bradley, Roger Hudson)

Ep. 8 - Elections Have Consequences: The Legislative Session From Hell (Brandi Bradley, Roger Hudson)

Elections have consequences, boy did we get a lesson in that over the last few months. Colorado’s General Assembly, which is the state Senate and state House combined, meets annually, beginning in January and continuing for 120 days. There were over 600 bills introduced at the Capitol this year, 220 of them making it through the General Assembly to Jared Polis now waiting on his desk for sign-off. This hot mess of a legislative session will only drive Colorado more into the ground. Heidi interviews state representative Brandi Bradley and Deputy Chief of Staff for the House GOP Roger Hudson.

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Full Episode Breakdown:

*All bills discussed are linked on Heidi's Substack channel HERE if you'd like to do a deeper dive!

Part 1 (0:00-20:27): Heidi exposes her list of the most terrible bills that passed during, what she is calling, “the Session from Hell”. She talks about:

The WINS from this year’s General Assembly — including Kayden’s Law, an effort through her charity Mom’s Fight Back focused on family court reform, indecent exposure going from a misdemeanor to a felony, and Polis’ landmark housing bill being shut down. 18 of the WORST bills passed through this session, broken down into housing, property tax and the elimination of TABOR, kids, abortion, crime and drugs, and lastly, guns. Why elections MATTER and how the legislature’s supermajority combined with a governor who drives their agenda is putting government takeover by the Democrat party in Colorado in overdrive.

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Part 2 (20:27-31:44): State Representative (House District 39) Brandi Bradley shares her unique experience being one of 19 Republicans in the House of Representatives during her first-ever Colorado General Assembly. She discusses:

The frustration she felt representing 46% of the population yet still feeling silenced, and the unfortunate reality that most Dems are told how to vote, rather than listening to their constituents.  How bills presented this session did not represent the reality of issues everyday Coloradans face today. The surprising attacks on landlords and employers, as well as the most controversial bills for constituents — Polis’ land use bill and wolves. She built relationships across the aisle while standing firm in her principles. 

Brandi Bradley: Attend the May 22nd Town Hall | Contact Brandi | Facebook | Twitter

Part 3 (31:44-52:19): House GOP Deputy Chief of Staff and Castle Pines City Councilman Roger Hudson shares the roller coaster he experienced over the past 120 days. He discusses:

How hard it was to find middle ground on tough topics like abortion, housing, kids, and guns. The dark reality of how bills today will affect Coloradans in 10, 20, and 30 years, and the historic consequences to taxes passed this session.  The shocking lack of focus on issues related to our kids, especially with the record number of women and moms in the House of Representatives.  The importance of paying attention to local issues, electing the right local officials, and doing a better job at anticipating what bills will be brought to the table during legislative sessions. 

Roger Hudson: Contact Roger | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

May 11, 202352:28
Ep. 7 - Finding Joy in Politics… Yes, There Is Some! (The Ganahl Kids)
May 05, 202319:17
Ep. 6 - Stealing Our Kids’ Hearts, Minds & Bodies: Gender Madness in Colorado (Oli London)

Ep. 6 - Stealing Our Kids’ Hearts, Minds & Bodies: Gender Madness in Colorado (Oli London)

We are on the precipice of the government taking complete control of our kid's hearts, minds, and futures. And if they succeed, it will leave scars that they may never heal from. Heidi discusses the dangerous new laws passed in Colorado that advocate to keep parents in the dark regarding their children’s mental and physical health while also making us the first-ever “transgender tourism state”. She interviews Oli London, activist and author of the new book Gender Madness. 

Follow @heidiganahl on social media for updates (links below) or sign up for our newsletter at ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Full Episode Breakdown:

Part 1 (0:00-15:47): Heidi exposes the truth behind several new bills in Colorado that further the Democrats’ agenda to steal the hearts, minds, and bodies of our children. She talks about:

How COVID lockdowns revealed the anti-American sentiment sweeping our nation and the government's hidden agenda to groom future voters and activists. The use of screens, drugs, schools, and radical medical experimentation to turn kids away from their parents and toward the government, possibly scarring them for life. Heidi’s personal experience fighting this battle in Colorado and how she’s kept her kids’ safe. The details of new bills passed in Colorado that are cutting parents OUT of our children’s lives, and how Colorado politicians have been pushing this agenda for decades under our noses.

Follow Heidi: ⁠Substack⁠ | ⁠Website⁠ | ⁠Facebook⁠ | ⁠Instagram⁠ | ⁠LinkedIn⁠ | ⁠YouTube⁠ | ⁠Rumble⁠ | ⁠Truth Social⁠ | ⁠Gettr⁠

Part 2 (15:47-38:35): Activist Oli London shares his devastating journey with gender dysphoria and woke ideology. He’s now using his story to advocate for millions of young people who question their own identity. He discusses:

Falling victim to the “gender ideology” movement and how factors like social media, the education system, media, and mental health are pushing a growing number of young people into transitioning. The dangerous long-term effects of transitioning and the hidden agenda of the multi-billion dollar gender-affirming care industry. How this harmful narrative is being pushed onto kids in a subtle, innocent way, and how we can address issues around self-identity in ways that don’t involve life-altering surgery. How Oli found peace through faith, empowering him to detransition and become an outspoken activist for children and women's rights. His new role as a spokesperson for Caitlyn Jenner’s new PAC, Fairness First, that advocates for parental rights in light of radical gender ideology infiltrating our children in school - especially in sports and the classroom.

Oli London: Pre-order Gender Madness | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube | Fairness First PAC 

Part 3 (38:35-41:20): Heidi closes out the episode by sharing a list of actions parents, grandparents, and other adults caring for children can take to protect their kids from this dangerous narrative. See the full list on her Substack!

May 01, 202341:20
Ep. 5 - Polis Says, No White Picket Fence for You (Mayor of Centennial Stephanie Piko on SB 23-213)

Ep. 5 - Polis Says, No White Picket Fence for You (Mayor of Centennial Stephanie Piko on SB 23-213)

A new bill introduced by Governor Jared Polis is attempting to destroy the dream of a white picket fence here in Colorado. Even with new amendments, SB 23-213 jeopardizes citizen-led local government by displacing local zoning rules in favor of a statewide mandate to incorporate "affordable" housing everywhere. Heidi discusses the implications this “one-size-fits-all” approach would have on property value and quality of life, and also interviews the Mayor of Centennial Stephanie Piko who is actively fighting against this bill.

*Please note that this bill is RAPIDLY changing so some of the specific information discussed may not be accurate. Heidi includes a segment at the end that discusses the amendments approved as of Tuesday evening (4/18/23) and who you should contact to share your concerns. That being said, it’s important that we recognize what Polis and the Dems are *trying* to accomplish here in Colorado. Know that they were WILLING to go this far.

Follow @heidiganahl on social media for updates (links below) or sign up for our newsletter at ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠!

Full Episode Breakdown:

Part 1 (0:00-13:44): Heidi breaks down important pieces of SB 23-213 and shares the disturbing end goal of Polis and the Democrats when it comes to housing issues. She talks about:

The veil of “affordable” housing Polis is hiding behind in order to push density and public transit. Why this bill is a slap in the face to local government officials and takes the voice away from Coloradans. How the state ITSELF is the main culprit when it comes to the increasing cost of homeownership in Colorado with its long list of inflationary housing regulations, and why this bill would only make regulatory costs worst for the consumer. The authoritarian idea of 15-minute cities and how Polis is using this "green utopia" as a golden ticket to his presidential run.

Follow Heidi: ⁠Substack⁠ | ⁠Website⁠ | ⁠Facebook⁠ | ⁠Instagram⁠ | ⁠LinkedIn⁠ | ⁠YouTube⁠ | ⁠Rumble⁠ | ⁠Truth Social⁠ | ⁠Gettr⁠

Part 2 (13:44-33:45): Mayor Stephanie Piko talks about why she’s fighting SB 23-213 as the leader of a major Denver Metro city and the implications it would have on Colorado municipalities. She discusses:

Real-life examples of how SB 23-213 would change our communities and concerns she has about her own city’s capacity to follow suit. How this model has made things worse for homeowners in places like Oregon and how we can reduce housing costs without SB 23-213. The disregard this bill has for infrastructure and water supply, and the impact this would have on local governments. The importance of keeping the issue of housing to local municipalities to find solutions that answer to constituents, and are supported by the community. What people can do to fight against SB 23-213. *As of 4/20/23, please contact senators on the Appropriations Committee listed here.

Stephanie Piko: City of Centennial Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

Part 3 (33:45-39:12): Heidi closes out the episode by sharing the updated amendments approved by the Senate Local Government and Housing Committee on April 18th. The updated amendments are available on her Substack under Episode 5. Again, please reach out to senators on the Appropriations Committee to express your concerns about SB 23-213!

Apr 20, 202339:12
Ep. 4 - Back to Our FAITH, Back to Winning (Derrick Wilburn)

Ep. 4 - Back to Our FAITH, Back to Winning (Derrick Wilburn)

This is no time for the timid. The battle is real. The spiritual battle, for our kids, for our lands, and for our future. Our beautiful state has been labeled one of the “least religious states in America.” In this week’s episode, Heidi talks about the attack against Christianity in Colorado and the stifling silence from spiritual leaders across the state she experienced on the campaign trail. She introduces you to Eric Metaxas, the author of ⁠Letter to the American Church⁠, and interviews a longtime Conservative leader here in Colorado, Derrick Wilburn. 

Follow @heidiganahl on social media for updates (links below) or sign up for our newsletter at!

Full Episode Breakdown:

Part 1 (0:00-17:52): Heidi shares the importance of voting our values and standing up for our faith in politics. She talks about:

How her own faith grew on the campaign trail as she traveled to 100s of churches across the state, encouraging communities and spiritual leaders to get politically engaged.  The power Christians in Colorado have to singlehandedly return our state to the beautiful place it used to be. Eric Metaxas’ book Letter to the American Church and the haunting similarities between today’s American Church and the German Church of the 1930s, featuring an interview with Metaxas on CBN News. The obligation Christians have to speak out against evil, including government evil, and participate in the political process.

Eric Metaxas: ⁠Website⁠ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Rumble

Follow Heidi: Substack | Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube | Rumble | Truth Social | Gettr

Part 2 (17:52-46:46): Derrick Wilburn shares the daunting reality of what’s happening in our state and why Democrats are attacking Christianity in Colorado. He talks about:

6 things that happen when the left assumes complete power over our cities. The obsession with “Christian nationalists” and “Christian dominionists” by people like Vice Chair of the Democratic Party in El Paso County Rob Rogers. Watch Rogers’ speech (referenced in the interview) at First Congregational Church in Colorado Springs HERE. How we can get our churches and pastors engaged in the political conversation and defend our Christian values, especially at the polls and in our schools.

Derrick Wilburn: YouTube | Red Ink Podcast | Derrick’s Viral Speech to D49 School Board

Apr 13, 202346:53
Ep. 3 - Was the Election Stolen? (Shawn Smith from Cause of America, Ned Jones from Election Integrity Network)

Ep. 3 - Was the Election Stolen? (Shawn Smith from Cause of America, Ned Jones from Election Integrity Network)

The infamous question that every reporter asked on the campaign trail... Was the election stolen? In this week's episode, Heidi talks about the legitimacy of our elections, bringing in experts Shawn Smith and Ned Jones on the issue of election integrity.

Follow @heidiganahl on social media for updates (links below) or sign up for our newsletter at!

Full Episode Breakdown:

Part 1 (0:00-12:15): Heidi shares her concerns over a number of election issues and the fairness of elections here in Colorado. She talks about:

How the Democrat-funded media drives election mistrust in Republican voters and how that affects voter turnout. Her and Kurt Hoffman's election integrity battle with Secretary of State Jena Griswold and some Republican counterparts in Douglas County. Why Democrats don't even HAVE to cheat because of the masterful political machine they've built here in Colorado. What needs to change and how we can play the game to start winning elections again.

*Transcripts of Heidi's monologues (equipped with mentioned links) are posted via Substack every week!

Follow Heidi: Substack | Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube | Rumble | Truth Social | Gettr

Part 2 (12:15-45:54): Shawn Smith shares his mission to make sure we have FAIR and FREE elections in our country, improve systems within our election process, and instill trust back into our elections. In this episode, he talks about:

The constitutional crisis we're in when it comes to the ability to question and audit the legitimacy of our elections. The lack of safeguards within our election system and how it leads to mistrust. The disaster of our current voter rolls here in Colorado and what we can do to secure them moving forward.

Cause of America: Website | TruthSocial | Get Involved

Part 3 (45:55-1:24:49): Ned Jones, the Deputy Director of Election Integrity Network, discusses the intricacies of the left's winning election strategies and how to secure our elections again. In this episode, he goes into detail about:

The significance of CLEAN voter rolls and how our current election laws are working AGAINST election integrity. Colorado's very own Pam Anderson's involvement in left-wing boards and organizations, and why we should be questioning her motives.  The dark details of how billionaires are paying for and controlling our elections from behind the curtain. How 2020 exposed the vulnerabilities in our election system, from mail-in voting to Soros-funded audits to our very own party's fault in making progress.

Election Integrity Network: Website | Podcast | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Rumble | Gettr

Part 4 (1:24:49-1:28:49): Heidi closes out the episode by sharing her "go-forward" tactics to creating more secure, safe, and FREE elections here in Colorado. See the full list on her Substack!

Apr 06, 202301:28:50
Ep. 2 - In the Danger Zone: Colorado Schools Aren’t Safe (John & Maria Castillo, Max Schachter)

Ep. 2 - In the Danger Zone: Colorado Schools Aren’t Safe (John & Maria Castillo, Max Schachter)

Following the shooting of two administrators at Denver’s East High School, along with the tragic news of the Nashville murders, Heidi pivots the show this week to tell some truths, and lies, about the effort to keep our schools safe in Colorado.  She talks about her experience on Gov. Hickenlooper’s School Safety Committee and some solutions that ARE working to keep kids safe in other states.  

If the kids and staff don’t make it home every day, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Our nation’s schools have become dangerous, stressful, and destructive environments for children. No one understands this more than her guests today — John and Maria Castillo whose only son Kendrick sacrificed his life to save his class in the STEM School tragedy, and Max Schachter whose son Alex was murdered in the Parkland shooting. 

Follow @heidiganahl on social media for updates (links below) or sign up for our newsletter at ⁠⁠!

Full Episode Breakdown:

*Transcripts of Heidi's introductions (equipped with mentioned links) are posted via Substack every week!

Part 1 (0:00-19:50): Heidi shares her personal experience around school safety. She talks about:

The unfortunate circumstances in her own family that sparked her passion to start the non-profit Mom’s Fight Back. The frustrating and shocking insights from her time on Gov. Hickenlooper’s School Safety Committee.  How unwilling politicians, fluffy legislation, and soft school administrators are pouring money into research and studies with ZERO action.  The effective solutions that already exist that schools can access and afford.

Follow Heidi: Substack | Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube | Rumble | Truth Social | Gettr


Part 2 (19:50-1:01:53): John and Maria Castillo share the devastating story of losing their only son Kendrick, the hero of the STEM school shooting in Highlands Ranch, CO in 2019. They’ve dedicated their lives to ensuring that no parent has to go through the same horrific experience, going to all ends to hold our schools accountable and make sure our children are safe. In this episode, they talk about:

What they went through the day of the shooting and how they still don’t have answers about Kendrick’s murder due to legal blocks. The politicization of school shootings and how more gun legislation isn’t the answer.  Affordable and accessible ways to keep our schools safe. The push they’re making to have school shootings be considered Domestic Terrorism.  

Follow John & Maria: In Honor of a Hero: Kendrick Castillo

Part 3 (1:01:53-1:12:21): Max Schachter talks about how the loss of his 14-year-old son in the Parkland shooting could have been prevented. He shares about the incredible work he’s doing to empower parents to make informed decisions about their children’s education, and how the state of Florida has made monumental changes to protect kids and staff since Parkland. 

Follow Safe Schools for Alex: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Follow Max: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Mar 31, 202301:12:32
Ep. 1 - The Elephant in the Room (Danny Moore, Erin Lee, Gregory Carlson, Jimmy Sengenberger)

Ep. 1 - The Elephant in the Room (Danny Moore, Erin Lee, Gregory Carlson, Jimmy Sengenberger)

Heidi tells you WHY she's launching this new chapter and talks about the elephant in the room (pun intended)... her unfiltered thoughts on the 2022 election featuring special guests ⁠Danny Moore⁠, ⁠Erin Lee⁠, ⁠Gregory Carlson⁠, and ⁠Jimmy Sengenberger⁠ (LIVE recording from the launch of Unleashed at Wide Open Saloon in Sedalia, CO).

Follow @heidiganahl on social media for updates (links below) or sign up for our newsletter at!

Full Episode Breakdown:

Part 1 (0:00-11:56): Heidi breaks down the details of her 2022 run for Governor. She talks about:

The movement of 1M+ we launched as a result of the election, and how to keep the movement active and engaged. The lack of confidence in our election and how it led to 2M registered CO voters staying home. How the Democrats secure their win via big money, not-so-sneaky trackers, fake media platforms, big tech, advertising dollars, and a strategic, organized ground game. How our OWN party actively worked against her campaign and has caused us to lose for years in CO. 3 key assumptions she made that were WRONG and how we can change things for the better… starting with the truth.

Follow Heidi: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Rumble | Truth Social | Gettr

Part 2 (11:57-21:34): ⁠Danny Moore⁠, Heidi's pick for Lieutenant Governor, shares how he's been coping since the election results, as well as how he plans to use his voice to continue fighting for freedom and the preservation of our individual rights in CO. As a successful businessman, he also shares his thoughts on the decline of our economy and how we can protect ourselves. 

Follow Danny: LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram

Part 3 (21:35-29:18): Erin Lee, a mama bear from Ft. Collins fighting for parental rights and transparency in education, tells her heartbreaking story, exposes Jared Polis and the legislature’s place in indoctrinating our children, and how major progressive influences are funding our local school districts. She shares some action items for parents to engage in this fight for parental rights.

Follow Erin: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Donate to help make Erin's documentary FREE for all - Dangers of Gender Ideology in School!

Part 4 (29:19-40:26): Gregory Carlson, a longtime mover-and-shaker in CO’s Republican Party as a Parliamentarian for the past three party chairs, talks about how we specifically message and target Millennials, how to heal the division within the party, and some important data points we need to take into the next election.

Follow Gregory: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Website

Part 5 (40:27-54:41): Jimmy Sengenberger, a millennial columnist and talk show host from Denver, reminisces on a 10-second moment from his talk show that sparked a fire on the campaign trail, as well as his thoughts on how we can play the game moving forward starting with local school board races. 

Follow Jimmy: Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube

Mar 23, 202355:33
Introducing... Unleashed with Heidi Ganahl: Truth. Lies. Politics.
Mar 20, 202303:49