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HelloVeeru (Veerander Chowdary)

HelloVeeru (Veerander Chowdary)

By Hello Veeru

A sales trainer, a digital marketer, entrepreneur, and an online digital marketing trainer, my name is Veerander Chowdary.
I have also been featured on Forbes, Deccan Chronicle, Hindustan Times, and The Times Of India.
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Chapter 8 - How to do market research?

HelloVeeru (Veerander Chowdary)Jul 01, 2021

Chapter 8 - How to do market research?

Chapter 8 - How to do market research?

Any good marketing strategy relies on research. The best affiliate marketing programs are based on how extensive and thorough the research  is done on it. You can have the best niche picked out and know all the pros and cons of affiliate marketing, you can be prepared for the loss and that is exactly what you will get if you do not do your market research for affiliate products.

Now, let us learn about the best ways to approach market research.

Why is market research important you ask?

Let me give you an example.

Imagine you are promoting Air Conditioners and your target audience is from Jammu and Shimla, how many people do you think you will relate to?

How many people do you think will actually buy the Air Conditioner?

Almost nobody. Yes, you know why?

Because you didn’t know your audience. And how can you know what your audience wants? When you research them and their behaviour.

There’s a great secret to being a successful affiliate marketer, find the user’s nerves.

Understand what your audience feels interested in, see what they like. This is going to make your audience like what you are selling, earning you a lot of commission.

Like I said, it is not easy to understand what people want, it can change, but that’s where your research comes in.

Understanding why and when usually people and their choices change will help you promote any product or service you like.

You have to know that market research for affiliate products is not only for setting up your affiliate program.

It will also help you understand what the people truly need and the unique solutions you require to help them.

It gives you the advantage of identifying the gaps there are in user expectations and help the businesses fill them.

Do your market research and try it on your website. I hope you have your own website by now, and if you don’t, worry not. Here’s the link to get one.

There are endless advantages of doing market research,

It will strengthen your affiliate program, help you understand your audience and if you are creative, you’ll end up with the best commissions.

I hope the products you chose are helping you, and if you need more help with product selection, here’s my DBA course which not only has information, but also offers you support throughout your affiliate marketing journey, and more.

Now, if you are wondering how to know who your competitors are,

how to identify them and how to keep your campaigns creative?

then let me help you with the answers to these questions in the upcoming class.

Jul 01, 202102:59
Chapter 7 - How to select the right affiliate product?

Chapter 7 - How to select the right affiliate product?

Selecting a product is just as important as selecting the niche. products in Niche should help people. Your product should solve a problem if your goal is to get good sales.

product finding ways

If we have a product that is helping people, great! Now, the second most important question while promoting your affiliate product is,

Does your product have a good reputation in the market? Is the service very good? Does that product even have quality? Is the product worth the money? 

These questions are important because one, they will help you decide if you should go ahead and promote it and if you are promoting it, what kind of people will buy it.

But my recommendation mostly would be to never go for a product with a bad reputation, if you still think that the product is good and adds value, then go ahead, but never take a risk with a bad reputed product.

But how will you even find a product even if that’s in your niche?

Here is a trick, every time you google your niche, there will be some websites that will pop up. They will be your competitors and if they are popping up, they must be doing a very good job. Go, visit their pages and look for the products they are promoting. 

You will find some products and if you like what they are selling, you can pick them and start promoting them yourself. 

There are always some tips that helps you to Select a perfect Affiliate Product –

Make sure it is solving a customer problem.

Make sure it is trendy.

See if it has a good reputation.

If the quality and the price are for everyone.

See their marketing strategy and see if it is helping them.

Always keep looking for new products that come in the market in your niche. 

There are more ways to find a product 

If you are thinking that this is a big list, wait, the list only gets bigger if you do not follow these tips. 

Even you know that products that are not trendy won’t sell. There is always an update in the products in every niche.

Just keep yourself updated with the new changes in your niche. I am sure you will find products that you can sell on your own.

Your niche has affiliate products

There are a few other things you should remember, see that the products you chose are legit.

There are so many scamming products in the market, these are the hints that they are scamming you,

If any website asks for money to provide Affiliate link.

No proper support in the website.

Cookie duration is very less.

Commission is not being paid on time.

When the product you choose is not that worthy.

If your sale is not being tracked on the dashboard.

Each of the above tips are only to help you with products that make you a better marketer and earn you better commissions.

You can also look for the products in your niche and will be fit for your audience. Visit their home pages and look for affiliate programs, if they accept affiliates. If they do, what are you waiting for? 

Infact, wait!

Choose Product based on your Audience!

You cannot simply select an affiliate product and start working on it. Do some market research first. You only choose the product, now do some research and see if your audience even likes it. 

I suggest starting with picking a product and promoting it for now. Promote it on your website and see if it is the right product.

If you want to get a website and start now, here’s the link for you.

How do you think you should do market research? 

Let me tell you how to do market research in the next class.

Jun 28, 202103:15
Chapter 6 - Setting up for an Affiliate

Chapter 6 - Setting up for an Affiliate

If you want to monetize your online reach and make use of that brilliant blog you have been writing, then you need start from setting up for an affiliate marketing.

Now, the biggest difference here is that an affiliate program and affiliate marketing are two different things.

In an affiliate program, the big companies reach out to you once you have a big audience and ask you to promote their product.

In affiliate marketing, it is the opposite. You reach out to the products and start promoting their products for a commission.

These may sound two very different things but let me tell you, there is nothing different. These are just two stages of affiliate marketing. You start with being a marketer and then the marketing programs approach you.

Showcase your capability to get fast approval

Let me tell you, you will be rewarded very well if you choose the right product, if you want help understanding how to pick the right niche and right product,

You can find everything about picking the right niche to how to become a self employee in my DBA course where I have explained elaborately on complete Digital Marketing.

There are so many websites who will make you their affiliate if you simply have enough audience visiting your website to bring them decent sales.

Want to know how to set up a good affiliate marketing program for you? Finish this class and you will have enough tips to set up a good affiliate program for you.

And if you need more tips and tricks and assistance with your affiliate marketing program, I have my DBA course that will help you with it.

Here’s the link to the course.

It is very simply understandable, to sell a product you need customers. Let me give you an analogy,

we see so many ads on busy roads or big junctions on billboards but we don’t really see ads or billboards on an empty road. Why is that?

Obviously, because nobody really drives through the road, no company will advertise on those roads.

Exactly like that, nobody will care to advertise on your website if your website does not have traffic. So your first goal as an affiliate marketer is to grow your followers.

If you have content that can attract them, like a blog or a youtube channel, or an Instagram profile. So, create content to show your work and get people to trust you first, then they will definitely buy the product you recommend.

Here’s the thing about having people visit your website, or youtube channel or an Instagram profile regularly,

People will believe that if your content is interesting and entertaining or informative,

The products you promote will definitely be useful, hence more sales and bigger commission.

It’s all about understanding your audience and finding the right affiliate product that will help them.

Second thing you cannot forget is that most products won’t even make you their affiliate,

If you do not have a website, start building it today and increase your visitor list

Even if you have an instagram account, make sure that it has great followers and there is a steady engagement to be noticed by brands.

Improve your Website Traffic

Jun 09, 202103:21
Chapter 5 - How to select profitable Affiliate Marketing niche?

Chapter 5 - How to select profitable Affiliate Marketing niche?

The dedication and the will power you have for your passion will help you in Niche Selection.

In simple terms, a niche can be described as the topic you are either very much interested in or have so much knowledge about.

Does any topic come to mind while reading this? Great! But you should also need to look for “how it is going to work and grow in the market”. So make sure whichever niche you are thinking about is proved to bring in more visitors.

But once the niche or the content related to the niche is not new or interesting, promoting it will prove to be unsuccessful. So, if you are choosing a niche, try to go for the one people who are interested in and the one you have more knowledge in, more than a niche of your choice only.

Your Passion defines your niche How can you have both interest and required knowledge to make it work? Let’s say, you are interested in books and have enough knowledge on books. Remember, people will come to you because they know that you can provide value to them.

They will first see if you have answers to their questions, and if you have knowledge, they will definitely stick to you. So, the above example actually describes how having no knowledge about a certain topic or subject can lead to many complications.

Now, see if there are products that are available in your niche. Because having a niche and working towards it will not help you unless you have the right products to sell. Making sure that the topic you are choosing has products that are not just relevant for now, but in the longer run so there are options for you to promote and get income.

Don't ignore Niche Scope Now that you have a niche, Search for it in Google and look if there are products in that niche. Look for a website that has a product within your niche and see if they offer affiliate programs in their websites.

This will help you understand if there are any products that you can promote for them. Your Niche Should Have Good Products You will usually end up finding products that are in your niche But you should focus on are you capable of writing articles on that for a longer period of time?’

If you think your answer is Yes, then go ahead with the niche. If you think you cannot write so many articles, pick something that you think you can write about. That is exactly how process of niche selection should be, either you love your niche or you have knowledge.

Writing ability of Yours on the Niche I have a detailed explanation of picking a niche in my DBA course You can look up the course here. Another big problem while picking an affiliate niche is if it is the right one for your audience.

How picking the wrong niche will affect affiliate marketing? For example; You go to a food market and all you find is footwear but you really came here for the food. In a similar way, your product has to be correct according to the niche you are writing about.

Make sure the niche you present is perfect and exactly what you sell. Sometimes, affiliate marketers end up bringing the irrelevant content or information which loses the interest in people. It can also bring no great revenue in earning profits. There are more than 95% affiliate marketers who fail because niche selection is good but failed in product selection.

The only solution to not losing your existing visitors and making the most of their visits is by picking an interesting niche that suits your audience. I hope that this class clears your doubts about picking a niche, now, if you need help with setting up an affiliate program, why don’t you wait for the next class where we help you with all the tips to setting up your own affiliate program and monetize your content from the internet. Good luck, and we will see you in the next class.

May 25, 202103:20
Chapter 4 - What is Affiliate Marketing?

Chapter 4 - What is Affiliate Marketing?

Well, if you are aware of the history of digital marketing, you probably are confused about how affiliate marketing works.  

Let me tell you what is affiliate marketing and how it is a great opportunity to earn money for a normal person like you and me.

Well, this will be better with an example. 

Now let’s see, you went to a store and found a great product that you think your friend will like. What would you do?

You’ll go and tell your friend about the store and the product. 

If they buy that product from that store and tell your name,

Shopkeeper will then give you a commission for referring. That is nothing but you being an affiliate marketer and the whole process is called affiliate marketing. 

Refer your friend

The word affiliate quite literally means to attach or connect. So you are connecting a seller and a buyer which makes you an affiliate marketer.

Now that you know what is affiliate marketing,

let us get a little deeper into how it works and how it will help you as a marketer or as a user

But before that, let’s learn what cookies are first.

I know, if you’re thinking of good smelling biscuits, think exactly the same. When you break a biscuit, you leave little biscuit pieces behind. 

Every time you click on a website link, you see a pop-up that asks for your permission to accept cookies.

When you accept the cookies, you are giving permission to the website to collect your data and help you with relevant content.

The cookies might not help a user that much but they will help the sellers a lot. The data a marketer collects will help him understand the interests of the user and give them exactly what they are looking for. 

So every time you accept cookies, remember, you are letting a website help you with better suggestions. 

Now that you know how cookies work and how they are useful for a marketer,

why don’t we learn digital marketing and its growth.

If you remember our previous introduction class, you must know that Affiliate Marketing is a 12 billion dollar industry. 

Now let’s see how you play off into this scenario.

In a 12 billion dollar industry, that keeps growing every day, there is always some place for you to become the next best marketer of the industry.

Like every industry, the affiliate does have its ups and downs depending on the reputation of the product and its service. 

Affiliate marketing has ups & downs

Study the market to be a marketer. 

Affiliate marketing, like any other industry, has evolved a lot throughout the years. What started as a simple commission to a person who refers their product, is now a business and a capital investment market.

There are companies that solely rely on affiliate marketing, earning millions over simply referring. 

We have a whole affiliate marketing course in the DBA check the course here.

Now, all these companies have one thing in common, they make sure they study the market and the time to market a certain product.

So, if you are looking to market something, be sure to understand the need of the product in the market and if it is the right product at the right time.

But how will you understand which niche should you pick to market a product or service? The next lesson has got the answer to your question.

May 18, 202103:09
Chapter 3 - Affiliate Marketing & How it started

Chapter 3 - Affiliate Marketing & How it started

Let me tell you a little story, a story that changed the face of the internet and created a stream of earning for millions of internet users. It all started before the internet happened.

In 1989 William J. Tobin first started a process of paying commission for referred sales. It is nothing but Affiliate Marketing and how it started

While the process of affiliate started before the internet, Invention of the internet really took it to the next level. 

You may find it interesting that affiliate marketing made an e-commerce boom with sales and in turn created incomes for many affiliate marketers

William wasn’t the only person in the game, Amazon quickly followed through.

It started it’s Amazon Associates program helping many affiliate marketers earn a substantial amount of money. 

Amazon became the model for affiliate networks and many companies followed.

Amazon started affiliate

In the same year came the affiliate network started by Johdssnson and Samuel Gerace BeFree became one of the biggest affiliate markets of that time. 

Then came the introduction of .com, enabling users to connect and get products from across the world with a simple click on a website. 

If you think that is interesting,

Affiliate marketing has started and evaluated so much that it is now a 12 billion dollar industry.

Affiliate marketing is a 12billion dollar Industry

 Yes, thanks to affiliate marketing networks, we have a 12 billion dollar industry that is thriving and growing each day.

What is this affiliate network that I am talking about?

An affiliate network is a mediator between the seller and the buyer. 

It helps the buyers come across relevant products and helps sellers find the right kind of customers.

It is because of these networks that we, as users come across the products we need depending on our search bar. 

Wait, what really is affiliate marketing?

To put in very simple terms, affiliate marketing is nothing but  you earning a commission for referring a product to someone on the internet.

Earning commission for a product 

How does it work? 

Will you earn a commission through a link?

How will I be able to cash it?

Learn all about it in the upcoming classes

Apr 23, 202103:30
Chapter -2 The story of fear- How to beat it?

Chapter -2 The story of fear- How to beat it?

There’s one feeling, one very bad feeling that is common in all of us, Fear. The one feeling that stops us from doing so many things, makes us forget so many of our goals just because we are afraid. 

Everyone tells us to fight failure, but I believe in fighting the fear first. I think the biggest reason for anybody's failure is just one thing, Fear.

If you are worried that you are going to fail, believe me, you’ll never be successful. If you are scared that you will not win that race, trust me, you will never really win. 

If you are afraid before starting your career, your first job is to fight your fear, and win it. The interviewer inside will reject you at max. Even if he rejects you, he’ll only teach you how not to talk in an interview. 

Your parents will only be angry at you if you tell them that you don’t want to work and start your own business or do freelancing. If you are afraid that you will not succeed in freelancing,  fight the fear of failure first.

Remember, you failing is inevitable. You will definitely fail, but if you are too afraid to even try, you will regret it.

You will definitely fail, but be brave enough to try again. Try so many times that you finally succeed. 

Here’s a trick, before starting anything, prepare yourself for failure first. Stop being afraid of not being the topper of the class, they will someday work for you. Stop being afraid of losing the race, it’s just one empty cup.

Stop being afraid of starting marketing, nobody get’s rich the first time. Prepare yourself for the first failure and start working for the second time aiming for success.

You cannot fear the struggle. Of Course there will be struggle if you start something new, something of your own, but that cannot stop you. Sure, a job will give you the luxury of two days every week. But what will you do after the two days? Go back and do the same job you did years ago. 

One of the biggest reasons is the fear of failure.

Failure is a big job of our life, it’s our job to not make the same mistake twice. There will be set backs in your road to success but you should know, you should be willing to give your best instead of being afraid that it may not work out. 

There are ways you can make your dreams come true, there are so many ways you could go, if you stop being afraid of failure. 

STOP BEING AFRAID! You will do good with whatever you want to, just stop being afraid of failure, stop being afraid of losing enjoyment and luxury, stop being afraid of working days and nights, stop being scared of losing money. Create legacy. You will be successful.


Apr 07, 202102:57
Chapter-1 The Change in your LIFE

Chapter-1 The Change in your LIFE

Are you really satisfied with the life you are living now? Don't you feel like you want to change something with your life and make it a little better for yourself?

It's normal. Since childhood, all our parents teach us is to get good grades in school, get good grades in college and just get one MNC job in our campus selections.

Isn't that why our parents look for colleges with campus placements.

They just want to see their children working 9-5, Monday- Friday and have a normal life.


You know, nobody can even blame them. That's our middle-class mentality. We don't want to take risks with anything, we want everything according to a plan. Our parents have even planned our career since our first day in school. That's the kind of planning they have for their kids.


Taking risks scares us, because we have too much to lose. Family, responsibilities and answering to society. The biggest fear for our parents is generally their kids not having a job. It is the worst.


Let me tell you how it went with me. After my college, I did not have a job myself for so many days. I'd go for interviews and not get selected. I went for interviews in every BPO possible and got rejected. The problem is not that I don't have a job, the problem is that there is a shame that comes to our families if we don't have a job.


And when I got a job, I got in sales. It was a great place, I got to learn a lot but also my dream was to work for my goals. I won't say you shouldn't work for anyone else. I am saying that work for someone else if you really like it. There is nothing wrong with having a good job, just have a job that you like, never work where you are not happy. 


I understand there will be responsibilities but believe me, you can find what you love and then have a good job. You don't have to start a business all the time, you just have to find what you love working in.

Money, that is another big problem. For a middle-class person, money is the biggest problem. There is a plan with the monthly income for us, and if we do not get it, it starts to scare us. And I understand that very well. Family responsibilities keep us from doing anything we want. But again, it should also not keep us from doing what we want.

Being satisfied in your life is just the most important thing. Imagine working in a job you hate for the next 40 years and then simply retire. Sounds scary right? It is scarier than you think. You won't love it.


Satisfaction only comes when you work what you want to work in. When you love what you do, and if your jobs don't make you happy, my advice is to find a job that makes you happy, your career will be better when you are happy. 


If you already know what you want. Brilliant!!!

Most people don't know what they want, if you know what you want to do with your life then great. But what are you doing for your goal? 

Are you working hard for your goal? Because you should know, every goal is hard and you have to work towards it. Days and nights, there will be no half days, leaves, or vacations. Every day will be a working day for you. And if you think you can handle it, believe me, success is just near you. You will be successful.


If you think there is one thing that's stopping you from taking that first big step towards your goal, I know what it is. 

Keep your goals set. And work hard to change your life. I have my next lesson coming up for you the day after tomorrow, see you.

Mar 29, 202105:13