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Herded Words

Herded Words

By Jenn

Lessons on fiction writing.
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Exposition in Plot

Herded WordsNov 08, 2019

Writing Software Comparison (and Reviews)
Jan 10, 202010:20
Finding Writing Ideas & Inspiration
Jan 03, 202013:19
11+ Prestigious Annual Book Awards
Dec 27, 201908:10
Guide to Grammar for Fiction Writers
Dec 20, 201912:29
Setting Writing Goals
Dec 13, 201914:47
A Guide to Minor Characters and Extras
Nov 29, 201906:59
How to Add Subplots to a Novel
Nov 22, 201906:04
Secondary Characters in Fiction {6 Roles}
Nov 15, 201906:13
Exposition in Plot
Nov 08, 201905:41
How to Write a Skeptic Character
Nov 01, 201903:60
Writing the Resolution of a Story
Oct 25, 201905:02
How to Write a Hook
Oct 18, 201905:00
How to Write a Mentor Character
Oct 11, 201906:46
How to Write a Sidekick [4 Qualities + 7 Roles]
Oct 04, 201905:17
How to Write the Rising Action in Fiction
Sep 27, 201903:19
How to Write a Love Interest
Sep 20, 201909:08
How to Write Falling Action in Fiction
Sep 13, 201903:22
Developing Strong Character Relationships in Your Novel!
Sep 06, 201908:48
How to Write the Climax of a Story

How to Write the Climax of a Story

The climax of a story is its biggest moment. In this episode, learn about 4 elements that make an epic climax.

Check out to see examples of the climax from bestselling & award-winning modern fiction AND get writing prompts & exercises!

Aug 31, 201905:42
How to Write an Antagonist (readers will love to hate)
Aug 23, 201908:05
Master the Inciting Incident Today!
Jul 26, 201906:04
Top Ten Genres in Fiction
Jul 12, 201913:53
6 Essential Character Types for Your Novel
Jun 14, 201906:03
How to Write the First Chapter of a Novel
May 31, 201907:56
A Guide to Dialogue Tags {& why "_ said" is best}
May 17, 201904:45
How to Create a Memorable Main Character!
May 03, 201903:32
Plotting a Novel for Aspiring Authors
Apr 19, 201906:29
Compare Point of View in Literature: First, Third Limited & Omniscient
Apr 05, 201912:27
Past vs Present Tense: A Guide for Authors
Feb 28, 201907:55