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Her Loyal Sons: A Notre Dame Football Podcast

Her Loyal Sons: A Notre Dame Football Podcast

By Her Loyal Sons

Her Loyal Sons, an independent Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football blog, is proud you the best coverage of ND Football that we can deliver, and now, in podcast form!
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HLS Podcast Finale

Her Loyal Sons: A Notre Dame Football PodcastJan 02, 2022

HLS Podcast Finale

HLS Podcast Finale

Well, I thought about stretching this thing out until after the national title game, but considering how the Fiesta Bowl ended, it seemed like this would be a more fitting end to HLS.

Shane & I hold one last therapy session in talking about what went wrong during the Fiesta Bowl and what hopes we have for the future.

Be sure to stay around post-credits for Eddie and I to pick the national championship and send off the HLS podcast in quite literally the most fitting way possible.

Enjoy our final show!

Jan 02, 202202:01:06
The Final Fiesta: Notre Dame vs Oklahoma State NCAA '14 Sim

The Final Fiesta: Notre Dame vs Oklahoma State NCAA '14 Sim

The HLS Sim was born from my desire to do something different. In the vast sea of Notre Dame podcasts, I wanted to do more than stand out. I wanted to do something fun but also avoid our show being seen as a parroting of more popular Irish podcasts.

So I sent a message with a wild idea to Shane: let's go on Twitch and stream a CPU vs CPU matchup of the week's Notre Dame game using a decade-plus old video game as our "preview". To my knowledge, no one was doing this (at best, they were playing NCAA '14 themselves) so I figured it was worth a season to experiment.

The next thing I knew, the sim created a string of running inside jokes and we had people that legitimately made the sim appointment live viewing. Even though there were days I came to the stream completely exhausted and/or fighting a severe bout of depression, the sim always kicked me out of it. Something unbelievably stupid and hilarious would happen without fail--multiple times.

Whether you watched live, on demand, or listened to the podcast, I can't thank you enough for making this a thing. The joy and laughter you heard was always was my utter disgust when virtual Notre Dame lost.

The Fiesta Bowl sim was a perfect send off. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I hope you enjoy the final entry as well.

Five Wide. DRINK!

Dec 31, 202101:14:59
Penultimate Picks Pod

Penultimate Picks Pod

After this episode, there will be only one more game to pick with Eddie: the 2021 National Championship. It's hard to believe this crazy picks journey is coming to an end--even crazier, we are still doing a damn good job.

Despite opt-outs and COVID cancellations, Eddie and I went 7-2 last week, bringing our bowl totals to 13-10 and 12-11 as I keep my one game edge. Overall, we are 112-80-4.

Yes, this means that we've hit the point in which we couldn't even screw up going over .500 if we tried!

But like Notre Dame getting a good draw with Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl, it'd be silly for us to lose a bunch now. So come enjoy your last large batch of winners!


Dec 30, 202155:48
2021 Bowl Picks: Week 2

2021 Bowl Picks: Week 2

The only thing rougher than week one of bowl picks was whatever in the hell happened to me and my family before recording this show. There...was a lot.

However, the show must go on despite my lack of research. With that in mind I came up with some, uh, "creative" methods to pick these games. I'm particularly proud of what I came up with for the multiple bowl games in baseball stadiums, personally.

Oh, and we have some fun with bowl sponsors too, including me trying to chat with a bot during the show as pictured below:


Dec 24, 202101:14:13
2021 Bowl Picks: Week 1

2021 Bowl Picks: Week 1

It's the most wonderful time of the year: bowl season. After a ridiculously incredible regular season, Eddie and I are ready to ruin it all by throwing darts at bowl season.

As we won't be recording until next Thursday, we have 14 bowl games to pick. More importantly, Eddie also has a list of bowl gifts ready to go. Even more importantly, we visit some of the websites to figure out what some of this stuff is and do we ever make some discoveries.

Oh, and hang on past the closing song because you will hear Eddie and I try to figure out some confusing reference material only to find out...well, you will have to listen for yourself.


Dec 16, 202101:19:50
Army/Navy & 2021 Futures Reviews

Army/Navy & 2021 Futures Reviews

Yeah, yeah, Eddie won the $200 Extra Life bet. I will pay up once I finish the FFXIV: Endwalker main story/marathon on Friday (I hope!). Make sure to join that on my personal twitch channel.

Thankfully, I realized that I run this show. I changed some rules. Gotta keep this interesting. After all, this isn't about the money now. It's about walking off this thing with a W.

After taking some liberties with the Army/Navy pick, I go over this year's tiebreaker: our 2021 futures. Spoiler alert: they were real bad!


Dec 09, 202146:55
Freeman Fiesta

Freeman Fiesta

College football's playoff and NY6 Selection Sunday came and went mostly as expected. Notre Dame has landed in the Fiesta Bowl and will face Oklahoma State.

Shane and I do discuss our initial thoughts on this game, which has never happened before; however, the beginning of the podcast focuses on the wonder that is Marcus Freeman. Shane gives his thoughts on the hire for the first time on the digital airwaves.

We are both very excited for the beginning of a new era for Notre Dame, even though we won't be here to cover it in the uh...unique...way that we do. It's great to see the Irish face turn and we are ready for it to start with a victory in 2022.

Dec 06, 202152:17
The Freeman Era Begins! Oh...and Championship Week Picks
Dec 02, 202101:05:08
EMERGENCY POD: The Fairy Godmother Is Real and BK's Gone

EMERGENCY POD: The Fairy Godmother Is Real and BK's Gone

Yep. Title says it all. Shane and I work through the most shocking news of college football in...well, forever.

I'm not worried about SEO. This is all the description you are getting.

Nov 30, 202136:53
Case Made: The Notre Dame at Stanford Recap

Case Made: The Notre Dame at Stanford Recap

Another week, another victory recap episode in which there is very little to complain about for the Irish. The performance, especially in the first half, was as dominating as you will see in college football.

Sadly, the no touchdown November streak died, Jack Coan had a bad interception, and the turf monster probably robbed us of a long TD or two. Despite all that, Notre Dame did what they needed to do to make their case to the playoff committee.

Shane and I spend the second segment of the episode talking about the playoff picture, what we think needs to happen in order for the Irish to find themselves at the #4 slot (as well as what absolutely doesn't need to happen), and how we feel about this 11-1 effort by ND.

It's hard to believe we've come to the end of regular season recaps, but we have at least one more to do!

Nov 28, 202148:41
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame @ Stanford

NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame @ Stanford

It's hard to believe this day has arrived, but this our final regular season sim in HLS history. Thankfully we have (at least) one more sim to go, but Shane and I put a bow on the 2021 Sim Notre Dame Season with a visit to Stanford.

All I will say is that the sim (hopefully) managed to be the most accurate thing ever--all the way down to David Shaw doing some bullshit.

Oh, and I hope you weren't expecting serious play-by-play the whole way through in this one because you won't get it. The second half contains many an exquisite detour and Irish Elvis provides multiple sim updates from around the nation from the HLS studios (via Twitch chat).

Nov 24, 202101:18:19
2021 Rivalry Week Picks

2021 Rivalry Week Picks

It finally happened. I had a massive week and tied things up with Eddie in our $200 bet for Extra Life.

This brings us both to 86-60-3 on the season. Talk about going out with a bang in the last year. In fact, I'm so proud of the record, that I did a bit a math at the beginning of the episode to let you know how much money we could've been making you this season.

Granted, we have now tempted fate with the brag, plus picking games on a Tuesday morning, but GAMBLOR stops for nothing, including Thanksgiving. Neither Eddie nor I have no plans of stopping our hot streak now and, by the end of the week, we should have a new leader in the clubhouse.


Nov 24, 202101:03:60
Prepare for the Heel Turn and Marshmallow Wars: The Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech Recap

Prepare for the Heel Turn and Marshmallow Wars: The Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech Recap

Once again, Notre Dame has blessed us with a dominating performance that leaves little need for anything beyond gushing. Believe me, Shane and I are completely happy with how this is unfolding.

Sure, gushing is fun, but we get to spend the majority podcast having ourselves a ball with a host of other topics. We talk preparing for a heel turn when the College Football Playoff Committee inevitably shoves ND into the top four and plan a literal marshmallow war for the senior section next season because, with NBC highlighting it, the University's efforts to halt it are now completely hilarious.

In short, the theme to end the season is to lean in to being the obnoxious, arrogant college football heels. I can think of no better way to go out!

Nov 22, 202158:49
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech

NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech

Apologies for the day delay on this one. Believe me, I was in no condition to even attempt the live broadcast on Thursday night.

Thankfully, I feel better, even though I'm sure you can hear some fatigue in my voice. However, I had to push through to get the last home sim in the books in HLS history.

It's been a long, crazy ride, and, hilariously, this felt like a football game. Don't worry, there are still wtf moments, but overall, the sim stayed sober for senior day.

We have two (maybe three?!) more sims to go. With next week being Thanksgiving, we are coming at you with a special sim Tuesday, November 23 9 PM CST / 10 PM EST for the final sim of the 2021 season.

Enjoy them while they last!

Nov 20, 202101:08:07
The Calm Before the Rivalry Storm: Week 12 Picks
Nov 18, 202156:25
Notre Dame @ Virginia Recap, Plus Big Picture Talk

Notre Dame @ Virginia Recap, Plus Big Picture Talk

Let's be honest, when a game is played so well, there is little more to do than gush over the performance. While fun, there is only so much gushing that can be done and still have an insightful show.

Thankfully, Notre Dame was forced to play more of the depth chart than we've seen all season thanks to injuries and illness this week. With that look at the future of the Irish, Shane and I spend the second half of the pod talking about what we see as the big picture for this season and beyond.

Oh, and there's a story about how I blacked out for charity and completely missed this game live.

Nov 14, 202101:09:02
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame @ Virginia

NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame @ Virginia

I know I say this every week, but I'm absolutely positive the sim, and all technology, knows that we are wrapping this thing up soon. Troll job doesn't even begin to descript this mess.

There are more turnovers than third downs converted by both teams. This game might have set a record for combined sacks. Neither virtual coach seemed to care to manage the clock properly nor call anything resembling a coherent gameplan.

And, to top it all off, Shane's audio dies right in the middle of the sim.

I'm not sure if I've ever laughed harder and had more despair than in any other sim. Enjoy the clusterfucks while they last.

Nov 12, 202101:22:58
2021 Week 11 Picks

2021 Week 11 Picks

It's hard to believe that we are now halfway into the month of November. The season is quickly coming to a close and there are only a handful of regular season picks pods remaining.

Eddie still has a two game lead on our Extra Life bet (which, by the way, I'm doing a 24-hour stream on Friday night starting between 6-6:30pm CST--fun stuff is happening!). Both of us went 6-6 in the previous week and there is a solid slate of games, along with a couple true sicko matchups tossed in.

There aren't many of these left. Enjoy each one!


Nov 11, 202156:39
Notre Dame vs Navy Recap

Notre Dame vs Navy Recap

There's no fancy/funny title this week. This was very much a Notre Dame/Navy experience for the most part. Boring as hell to watch, ending (thankfully) was never in doubt.

Yet there were still some incredible highlights, mostly centered around Navy not scoring a touchdown which might be one of the wilder things we've seen in this series in some time. Apparently this was driven by Marcus Freeman making sure the scout team made life hell for the defense, which is some next level coaching evil.

The offense largely did their job against a bad defense, leading to one of the shortest recaps of anything all time.

Not going to lie: will not miss covering/recapping this series ever again--and it's going to keep going for at least another decade. Y'all have fun with that!

Nov 08, 202141:27
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Navy

NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Navy

It's rare that I can say that a sim is a quick listen, but when virtual Navy comes into town, the clock bleeds at a glorious pace. Unrelated, my eyes may have also bled at the same pace by watching...well, whatever this was.

It was a sim. It was a Navy game. It felt dirty even though it was a good result.

Perhaps the sim found a way to capture Catholic guilt in video game form. We'll never know the sim's ways, but we will enjoy it while it lasts.

After all, we've hit the last month of the regular season and these little events will be coming to an end soon.

Nov 05, 202101:04:44
Monkeying Around with Week 10 Picks

Monkeying Around with Week 10 Picks

Never in my life did I imagine I would (1) have a college football podcast and (2) spend a considerable amount of time talking about a monkey, owned by a stripper, and have it actually relate to college football. What a stupid, wonderful sport we follow.

Anyways, I gained yet another game on Eddie and look to close the gap for our $200 Extra Life bet in the home stretch of the season. (Sidenote: Friday night, November 12, my 24 hour marathon stream will begin--start time TBA!)

We both remain well over .500 despite some pitchy pitchy woo woo bullshit from Florida State, adding yet another awful bad beat to our ledger in an otherwise fantastic season. Even though this week's matchups don't look to bring the heat on paper, we all know better.

If a Pole Assassin's monkey can steal headlines, anything is possible.

Nov 04, 202101:01:17
Welcome Back to the Top Ten: Notre Dame vs North Carolina Recap

Welcome Back to the Top Ten: Notre Dame vs North Carolina Recap

Notre Dame defense certainly missed Kyle Hamilton in their tilt against North Carolina. The offense, on the other hand, missed nothing. Even with the knowledge that the Tar Heel defense is, well, garbage, Shane and I came away incredibly impressed with what the Irish did on the offensive side of the ball.

We also fangirled over Kyren Williams' 91-yard touchdown run that looked like it came straight out of a video game.

Even though the defense struggled, we don't have too much concern, especially considering the games remaining. We project a bit on what our defense will look like against Navy and also ponder if we perhaps jumped the gun on expectations for Marcus Freeman pulling off a lockdown defense in year one.

The Irish just keep on winning and making these episodes very easy. It's hard to complain, even though we try.

Nov 01, 202145:60
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs North Carolina

NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs North Carolina

The sim continues to surprise. Somehow this game managed to be everything all at once--a comforting nightmare.

If your feelings about Notre Dame games hinge on the sim, I can only say that your feelings will be completely up to individual interpretation. I'm not sure I can explain it in any other way without giving too much away.

Oh, and there's a very important discussion about people and chairs thanks to the Inside the Garage podcast. Very important.

Oct 29, 202101:11:44
2021 Week 9 Picks with 100% More Chicken F*&king
Oct 28, 202101:01:07
If Only We Had More Time: Notre Dame vs Southern Cal Recap

If Only We Had More Time: Notre Dame vs Southern Cal Recap

It's always a great day when Notre Dame beats Southern Cal. There's an entire graduating class that doesn't know what it's like to beat the Irish and, having been on the other side of that, I shed no tears.

Overall the game was great, yet still contained a mix of things that have frustrated the hell out of us all season long. Shane and I air our grievances, but celebrate that all the headaches mattered not in a game that was never in doubt.

We also discuss the stadium atmosphere and some of the potential scenarios that could await the Irish in the postseason that we'd like to see.

Oct 25, 202151:32
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Southern Cal

NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Southern Cal

Every week, I feel like I write that the sim went peak sim. Yet every week, this video game simulation manages to exceed my wildest expectations.

Unless you watched this live, there is no possible way you would come up with how this game unfolded. I'm sure you could get some pieces correct; however, I feel comfortable saying that no one would ever guess how this thing ended.

I'm glad this happened in a rivalry game because it hits that much harder. Enjoy every bit of this stupid, bonkers sim of a stupid, bonkers sport.

Oct 22, 202101:11:37
#FSouthernCal Week Picks

#FSouthernCal Week Picks

We are truly blessed that this week's slate isn't loaded with bangers. All focus can remain where it needs to be: hating those bastards from Southern Cal.

But while we await (read: heavily drink before) kickoff, we have our usual twelve pack of picks to tide you over on College Football Saturday. We continue to hit this year strong and Eddie and I aren't about to stop now.


Oct 21, 202146:54
Choo Choos and Tigers and Trash, OH MY!

Choo Choos and Tigers and Trash, OH MY!

Loyal listeners, you are in for a special treat. With the bye week, Shane and I delivered our weekly national recap episode, which is typically behind the $1/month (or more!) Patreon paywall, for free.

Shane called it, were-dick and all. Purdue took out Iowa and it wasn't even close.

While that was the biggest upset that landed, others gave a valiant attempt while Notre Dame took a well-deserved week off. Other teams established their dominance. Fans of other teams *cough*Tennessee*cough* littered their field with trash in most embarrassing display that I've seen in college football

.Oh, and Coach O got fired after upsetting Florida. There are...some things...that have come out immediately since. Shane gets to hear them all for the first time too as I deliver the news to him live.

This was initially planned as a short, 30 minute episode like our other recaps. Apparently, college football had other plans since we planned a non-ND pod.

College football is gonna get real boring when we retire this super-power.

Oct 18, 202101:26:54
The Final Bye Week Podcast

The Final Bye Week Podcast

If you know, you know. If you don't, well, be warned this pod is different.

Jack Crosy from CBS Sports joins Eddie, Shane, and I on our annual foray into podcasting in the bye week. Topics go all over the place. We have picks scattered around. We talk video games. We talk wrestling. We talk about a whole lot of nothing.

It's our favorite podcast every year and we hope you enjoy the last one under the HLS banner as well.

Oct 14, 202102:00:08
QBs, Lasers, and Heart Attacks, Oh My! Notre Dame at Virginia Tech Recap

QBs, Lasers, and Heart Attacks, Oh My! Notre Dame at Virginia Tech Recap

Considering the way this season has unfolded, we should've never expected firm answers at quarterback. The twist this time: Tyler Buncher giving us all a tease that the future began Saturday night while Drew Pyne watched from the sideline. The additional twist: Jack Coan won the football game.

We had the full range of emotions while the Irish escaped Blacksburg with a victory. BK apparently experienced some too as he came out firing in his post-game presser about the negative press of his starting, but totally not flavor-of-the-week, quarterback.

We had a wild one and there's tons to talk about. Thank God we've hit the bye, we all need a deep breath after this one.

Oct 11, 202101:07:56
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame @ Virginia Tech

NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame @ Virginia Tech

Well, we had an all-timer in HLS technical issues. It took five attempts to get the sim fully rolling. That's a lot--even for us.

Thankfully(?), massive HLS screw ups turn into premium content. If you are a Twitch Subscriber, you can see the full, unedited VoD here and a highlight of just the screw ups here. If you are a Patreon subscriber, you'll have access to the full unedited podcast version, as well as the VoD highlight as well.

We also ran a bit of an experiment this time around. Below you will see and hear our usual work, in which we commentate a Drew Pyne start. However, we also ran another sim, but with Jack Coan starting (without commentary and podcast accompaniment).

It's the hardest we've ever simmed--in every way possible.

Oct 08, 202101:06:27
2021 Week 6 Picks

2021 Week 6 Picks

Eddie and I keep going back and forth with this lead and our Extra Life bet. After last week, I have tied things back up.

We remain above .500 mark as we approach the midway point of this chaos season. There's still definitely time for us to screw this up, but while things are still going better than Notre Dame's QB situation, we might as well keep this thing going.

Come join us at the altar of GAMBLOR once again, degenerates. We ride again and we pick the sickest of all sicko games ever to boot.


Oct 07, 202154:48
HLS Rantcap: Notre Dame vs. Cincinnati

HLS Rantcap: Notre Dame vs. Cincinnati

Quite frankly, having a final season of HLS at least one "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!" loss seemed unlikely. Granted, Shane and I didn't expect to go through every possible aggravating story line: bad coaching decisions, QB controversy, stupid turnovers, and screaming at the subset of fans that see their Notre Dame ticket as an investment opportunity.

This episode got us so heated that even the Homefield Apparel ad read wasn't spared a rant inclusion.

We are red, mad, and nude online.

Thank Christ this is an audio format.

Oct 04, 202101:11:23
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Cincinnati

NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame vs Cincinnati

The sim wears green!

It's a top ten matchup at Notre Dame Stadium as Notre Dame and Cincinnati duke it out. The Irish are still battling loads of injuries and with Brian Kelly being less than forthcoming, it makes it hard to set these rosters for maximum accuracy.

However, Shane receives some breaking news from an inside source that changes everything…have we created a QB controversy?!

Oct 01, 202101:11:06
2021 Week 5 Picks

2021 Week 5 Picks

Eddie and I are very cautious about bragging too much before the altar of GAMBLOR, but y'all, we had a week. Sometimes, you have to celebrate and point it out.

I'm glad we've hit one hell of a stride right now as week 5 is coming in strong with some absolute bangers, as well as some absolute degenerate sicko specials. This was the first week that I had a really rough time finalizing the 12-pack. This week is that damn good.

So come get join the hot streak and/or hear the beginning of our crash down to reality. Either way, we both came into this episode spicy and are ready for this week to get insanely weird.


Sep 30, 202101:12:31
Jump Around and Find Out: Notre Dame vs Wisconsin Recap

Jump Around and Find Out: Notre Dame vs Wisconsin Recap

I wish I could take full credit for this episode's title, but that honor goes to @ndlauren who graciously let me use her comedic genius during Saturday's fourth quarter fireworks.

There is very little to complain about in this one. Coan could find a bit more accuracy and the offensive line held together by the thinnest strands of duct tape could block better. But even with those issues, Notre Dame has this crazy confidence about them that has somehow filtered to Shane and I as well.

It sure doesn't hurt that special teams put on a clinic and Marcus Freeman reminded everyone why he was the hottest name for defensive coordinator.

That all being said, we understand there are some corners of the internet that still want to be mad about things, particularly about Brian Kelly eclipsing Knute Rockne's win record. Don't worry, we have something for your sour ass too!

Sep 27, 202148:05
NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame "@" Wisconsin

NCAA '14 Sim: Notre Dame "@" Wisconsin

This episode contains two things that are peak HLS:

  1. A cold open featuring the most unique possible technical meltdown we've ever had. Shane and I heard everything perfectly and the stream barely heard anything. Nearly five full minutes of scrambling while live.
  2. The sim delivered an absolute nightmare. When we thought we hit the bottom, the sim dug deeper and then dug deeper yet again.

I'm honestly in awe of both happenings. We could've pulled either off if we actually planned it.

This is the true magic of HLS: delivering the things you never asked for and never wanted.


Sep 24, 202101:16:57
2021 Week 4 Picks

2021 Week 4 Picks

Enjoy the cold open--it's easily one of our best train wrecks and it's not even my fault this time. It's fun being on the other side of things!

Anyways, what you're here for: the picks! Eddie and I have gotten off to a solid start, remaining above .500 and staying .500 or better every week. As wild as the season has been so far, we aren't taking it for granted.

We'll try to keep things rolling in week 4. Now that we are finally getting into the season, Eddie and I are disagreeing with each other more often, meaning the $200 Extra Life bet is about to get super-spicy.


Sep 23, 202101:05:53
The Beat Goes On - Notre Dame vs Purdue Recap
Sep 20, 202148:58
NCAA Sim: Notre Dame vs Purdue

NCAA Sim: Notre Dame vs Purdue

You know, I was really proud of myself on this one. I thought I had everything figured out. Didn't mess up hitting buttons or anything this time around.

And then the game audio didn't record right. And then the backup didn't record right. So y'all get the back up of the back up which has the entire audio.

Thankfully, it's functional enough, and servers as a perfect metaphor for Notre Dame Football in 2021. Oh, and the sim definitely has tapped into that reality as well. I dare you to watch/listen to this and tell me if it's not maximum ND/Purdue.


Sep 17, 202101:09:17
2021 Week 3 Picks

2021 Week 3 Picks

Despite how crazy college football has been to open the 2021 season, Eddie and I have come out firing with above .500 records. Here's hoping we can keep the good times rolling over at the altar of GAMBLOR by taking on a slate that has some truly, truly sicko-quality games.

But look, we don't hide our degeneracy here. My goal is to find a twelve-pack of games of some interest, and, by God, I'm going to deliver.

Come for the picks. Stay to listen to Eddie break my brain and my spirit during the outro.


Sep 16, 202149:32
Failure to Launch - Notre Dame vs Toledo Recap

Failure to Launch - Notre Dame vs Toledo Recap

Thankfully, the frustration within this episode comes from a win. While this season definitely seems to be of the caliber of "holy crap, is anyone even good?!" (which we go into detail in our Patreon Exclusive episode), there are some major concerns for Notre Dame going forward.

We talk about whether Jack Coan or Tyler Bucnher should start against Purdue, if Marcus Freeman needs to burn part of his playbook to save his own head coaching aspirations, and question if Peacock actually wanted to broadcast another ND game ever again with the way they handled it.

There's a lot of ground to cover and a lot of angst to get out. Buckle up.

Sep 13, 202150:36
2021 NCAA Sim - Notre Dame vs Toledo
Sep 10, 202101:11:53
2021 Week 2 Picks
Sep 09, 202158:10
HLS Recap - Notre Dame at Florida State
Sep 06, 202151:48
2021 NCAA Sim: Notre Dame at Florida State
Sep 03, 202101:16:53
Week 1 Picks

Week 1 Picks

Week 0 was nothing less than a smashing success for Eddie and I.

That being said, we know there is no rest for the degenerate. Week 1 is absolutely loaded with incredible games, plus Notre Dame's season opener.

Enjoy a fresh 12-pack of picks as we look to continue the 4-1 momentum from last week.


Sep 02, 202101:06:29
FSU Deep Dive

FSU Deep Dive

It figures that when I tease a guest, it falls through. However, I won't fault Jack Crosby of CBS Sports, who we scheduled to help us preview Florida State, as his first child decided to make her arrival.

While we all give Jack our hearty congrats, the show must go on. Shane and I do a rare deep-dive into a Notre Dame opponent without video game assistance and discuss what Notre Dame will face in Tallahassee.

We also discuss a major Irish injury plus--a head coach in waiting?!

Aug 27, 202152:04
2021 Futures and Week 0 Picks

2021 Futures and Week 0 Picks

Eddie and I return to the altar of GAMBLOR for one final season (well, publicly via audio at least). The season 2021 is officially upon us and there will be actual football played this weekend.

That means there are future champions to predict and spreads to pick. Sure, our highlight is Nebraska at Illinois, but that ain't going to stop us.

And, no, we don't have a problem--we've got it figured out!


Aug 26, 202153:09
Top 25 Roster Countdown

Top 25 Roster Countdown

Typically, I write a post explaining myself in the annual Counting Down the Irish roster ranking run by Douglas Farmer over at NBC's Inside the Irish. This year, knowing there was no way in hell that post was going to actually happen, I decided to save it as a podcast topic for Shane and I.

Shane didn't see the rankings at all before this episode. The reactions are genuine as is the questioning of my sanity. Never fear, I have a defense and explanation for all of them.

The top 25 ranking by the president of the Rocco Spindler fan club can be found below. Enjoy!

  1. Kyle Hamilton
  2. Kyren Williams
  3. Michael Mayer
  4. Jarrett Patterson
  5. Kevin Austin
  6. Blake Fisher
  7. Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa
  8. Braden Lenzy
  9. Kurt Hinish
  10. Jack Coan
  11. Isaiah Foskey
  12. Chris Tyree
  13. Cain Madden
  14. Clarence Lewis
  15. Jack Kiser
  16. Josh Lugg
  17. Drew White
  18. Rocco Spindler
  19. Jayson Ademiola
  20. Houston Griffith
  21. Lawerence Keys
  22. Cam Hart 
  23. Shayne Simon
  24. Lorenzo Styles
  25. Tyler Buchner
Aug 20, 202101:26:47