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By Nina Paley

Heterodox dorks Nina Paley and Corinna Cohn talk about whatever they feel like.
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HeterodorxNov 14, 2021

Librarians Losing Their Spine, with Penny Hummel

Librarians Losing Their Spine, with Penny Hummel

Librarians once stood for intellectual freedom and access to information, but today many prefer to suppress speech and intellectual diversity for the sake of a misguided concept of "social justice". One Davis, California library recently violated the First Amendment when they ejected a group of women discussing male athletes in female sports. Collections and programs are regularly distorted and compromised by ideologue librarians, while those watching in dismay fear to speak. Library consultant and advocate Penny Hummel breaks the silence to tell the Dorx what’s really happening in America’s libraries.


Penny Hummel on Twitter:

FIRE article on Davis library violating First Amendment:

FIRE’s letter to Yolo County Library:

ALA Webinar, "Transgender People In Libraries":

Does Sex Matter? panel at the Urbana Free Library, 2019:

I Am Jazz:

My Body Is Me by Rachel Rooney:

Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier:

Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe:


Nov 20, 202301:21:16
Ladies' Autogynephilia Chat with Shannon Thrace

Ladies' Autogynephilia Chat with Shannon Thrace

Shannon Thrace is a "transwidow" and author of the must-read novel Eighteen Months: A Memoir of a Marriage Lost to Gender Identity. She joins handmaiden pick-me tranny-lover Nina for a women’s-only talk about AUTOGYNEPHILIA, the cause célèbre currently ripping apart the TERFosphere. Is this about safeguarding and holding women’s boundaries, or is it tribal signaling? Why is it OK for David Bowie to crossdress, but not Phil Illy? Should there be different crossdressing rules for men and women? Who gets to make those rules? Where do we draw our lines? Did Nina wade into a morass or a cesspool? These are questions without definitive answers, except one: Where is Corinna? Answer: at work today, so Nina recorded and edited this episode alone.


Shannon Thrace’s essay, Genspect and AGPgate:

Nina’s Art Coop "NO TERFS" sign complaint:

Genspect Denver conference:

Phil Illy:

This Jungian Life: Aaron Balick - Why Does Social Media Weaponize Our Reactions?

Laura Becker/Funk God:

Nov 14, 202301:04:05
"Ask a Zionist" with Rabbi Jonathan Greenberg

"Ask a Zionist" with Rabbi Jonathan Greenberg

After last weeks “Ask an Anti-Zionist,” the Dorx return to Ask a Zionist, Rabbi Jonathan Greenberg. What is a Zionist? Answer: “A person who believes that the Jews have a right to self-determination and self-protection in the ancient land of Israel,” which he says is the historical, original, biblical, literal Jewish homeland. Greenberg does not suffer discomfort with power and moral complexity. He reminds us every conceivable solution to “one of the most intractable conflicts on earth” has already been argued, and there is nothing new under the sun. “In every generation, they rise against us to destroy us.” Greenberg says Jews should arm up; culture matters; the rules of war are outdated; nobody actually cares about the Palestinians; media coverage is biased; history tells you what, philosophy tells you why; and Israel is not a colonial project, it’s a coming home. Nina asks: How will this end? Answer: ???


Jonathan Greenberg on Twitter:

Jewish Voice for Peace:

If Not Now:

Not In Our Name:

Anti-Defamation League:

Peter Beinart:

Ze’ev Jabotinsky:

Jewish students barricaded in Cooper Union library:

Pro-Palestinian projections on George Washington University library:

The Zionist Idea by Arthur Hertzberg:

A History of Israel by Howard Sachar:

Oct 31, 202301:18:21
“Ask an Anti-Zionist” with Andy the Anti-Zionist
Oct 26, 202301:27:45
The Wrong Sort of Everything with Bev Jackson

The Wrong Sort of Everything with Bev Jackson

Longtime activist and author Bev Jackson is a founding member of the UK Gay Liberation Front and, more recently, co-founder of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Alliance (LGBA), one the the only organizations standing for homosexual (as opposed to “queer”) rights and the only UK charity supporting truly lesbian events. We discuss the corruption of Wikipedia, the astronomical increase of transing girls, the “born that way” narrative, zealous American politicians, outsourcing opinions, patience for the poorly-informed, boundaries vs inclusivity, pedophilia, Bad Law, medical scandals, and Tunnock’s Teacakes. Plus, Corrrrrri changes his name, and Nina writes a scathing Letter to the Editor. Who’s the queerest of them all? Listen and find out!


Bev on Twitter:

Bev’s email:

LGBA website:

Tribunal Transcript (Mermaids vs Charity Commission & LGBA):

LGBA conference:

John Boyne apologizes to Graham Linehan:

Oct 24, 202301:22:34
The Darkest Humor
Oct 13, 202301:22:23
The Art of Dissident Feminists with J Berns

The Art of Dissident Feminists with J Berns

A Nasty Piece of Work: The Art of Dissident Feminists is the world’s first and only “TERF” Art show, featuring 14 female artists, all of whom have been canceled due to gender ideology. Its curator and organizer is J. Berns, an activist, mother, art lover, and upstanding badass. She talks about how her gallery was vandalized the day after the show’s successful opening; the difficulties of living in the Bay Area if you hold gender critical views; TERF money; ways women are not allowed their own language; how terrorists increasingly dictate speech; and hot pink blood. Wait until the end for her descriptions of the amazing works in the show, which runs until October 15 in San Francisco, and could even come to a city near you if you help make it happen!


A Nasty Piece of Work: The Art of Dissident Feminists

Vandalism of the art show, posted by the vandals themselves:

Women Are Real:

On Twitter:


Roisin Murphy - Hit Parade:

Indiegogo cancels Nina:

Our Grace Lavery episode:

Our Kikomi episode:

Genspect’s conference in Denver:

Oct 05, 202301:18:48
Taking The Weird Path with Saya Hillman

Taking The Weird Path with Saya Hillman

Back when this podcast had only 4 listeners, Debbie Hillman of was one of them. Debbie passed away in March, after which Corinna discovered a 2014 tribute video by her daughter. An interesting character in her own right, Saya Hillman joins the Dorx to talk about her mom, our moms, moms in general, dads, families, estrangement, growing up weird, adulting, fun, entrepreneurship, cleaning, pocket knives, making friends as an adult, silver linings, excess backups, old age, death, and living a fearless life. Learn about a fascinating daughter, a fascinating mother, and, most importantly, that dishwashers have filters that need to be cleaned. 


Saya Hillman reads “If Only My Name Was Alexis”:

Mac and Cheese Productions:

Debbie Hillman's memorial page:

Debbie Hillman’s twitter account:

Seder-Masochism (featuring Nina’s Dad):

Does Sex Matter? Gender Identity vs Material Reality, our 2019 panel talk Debbie attended (we think):

Sep 21, 202301:15:20
Listener Questions!

Listener Questions!

Corinna and Nina answer your important questions, such as: what is a feminist? Should we be cheerful instead of angry? Who cuts our hair? Boxers or briefs? Is “cis” a slur? We also discuss the TERF-Tranny spectrum; our origins in a state fair livestock exhibit; the social benefits of taboos; Republicans' ability to eff up a sure thing; how social contagions are a force of nature; The Law of Conservation of Evil; iatrogenic infantilization; masculinized women; how 2nd-Wave Feminism is like broccoli; and Corinna’s plans to start microdosing testosterone. It’s truly a broad-ranging conversation, as we cover more territory than a costumed llama!


Anger is like Rocket Fuel:

Maybe One by Bill McKibben:

Twitter poll: Makeup or Hijab?:

Beauty and Misogyny by Sheila Jeffreys:

Aug 28, 202301:08:56
Left Wing Heresy with Lisa Selin Davis

Left Wing Heresy with Lisa Selin Davis

Prolific writer, researcher, thinker, and close personal friend of the Dorx Lisa Selin Davis is an old-school Leftist who developed an “exciting new interest in reality,” subsequently putting her on the wrong side of many a Brooklyn dinner party. We ask: What does it mean to be on the Left? What is Feminism? Do Gender Critics engage in “hugboxing"? How does one remain curious and empathetic while talking to ignorant a-holes? Do Conservative women give fewer effs? Is Corinna wearing “woman-pit”? What is Lisa’s next book about? It’s a party in the rabbit hole as 3 disagreeable friends agree on just about everything.



Skokie (film):


Lisa on Twitter:

GENDER WARS Playing Cards:

Aug 23, 202301:15:50
Heather Brunskell-Evans is (a) TERF*

Heather Brunskell-Evans is (a) TERF*

The delightful and accomplished Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans joins the Dorx on short notice, first to talk about her work with Women’s Declaration International and Transgender Trend, then about her exhaustion with all manner of ideological nonsense, be it from trans rights activists or her “sisters” on the left. Purity spirals, tribal instincts, toxic agreeableness, Munchausen’s mums, disappointments, growing up female, Satan, misogyny, losing faith, and more keep her dancing between fed-up boredom and fierce determination. She may be Tired, but she will keep Explaining Reality until the F***wits listen up!

*TERF: Tired of Explaining Reality to F***wits


Dr. Heather Brunskell-Evans:

Women’s Declaration International:

Transgender Trend:

Keira Bell case:

Pride flags on UK hospitals:

Apocalypse Animated:

Aug 15, 202301:22:18
How the Internet Lost its Backbone, with Joshua Moon

How the Internet Lost its Backbone, with Joshua Moon

In 1993 John Gilmore famously said, "The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” To learn why that’s no longer true, listen to Josh Moon enumerate “the amount of things that have broken that people in the industry assumed could never break,” as activists with personal vendettas and political agendas relentlessly employ every possible strategy to silence his small but notorious gossip site Kiwi Farms. From Cloudflare to Hurricane Electric, ISPs, data centers, and payment processors, literally anything up and down the Border Gateway Protocol has been targeted to shut down the 'Farms. With ISIS, the KKK, Stormfront, neo-nazis, and child porn all continuing to enjoy online services, who expected “the gossip site that makes fun of troons" to be the straw to break the Internet's backbone? And why have the individuals and organizations who once stood against censorship lost their own?


Brave browser:

Tor browser:


The World Should Not Need Kiwi Farms by Corinna Cohn:

Liz Fong Jones calls Corinna a “Kiwi Farms operative”:

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP):

Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Internet Archive:

Copyright’s origins in censorship:


Aug 03, 202301:07:06
Corinna & Nina talk ICONS

Corinna & Nina talk ICONS

The Dorx do a quick review of the 2023 ICONS International Women's Sports Summit in Denver, among whose speakers were many former Heterodorx guests like Carole Hooven, Colin Wright, Helen Joyce, Kara Dansky, and Kim Jones; plus Suzanne Vierling, Dina McMillan, Riley Gaines, Jennifer Sey, and countless other badass women, including tall otherworldly young athletes, elder Olympic champions, lawyers, writers, policy-makers, conservatives, liberals, and spectral beings. There were even some men, like Jon Pike⁠, ⁠Ross Tucker⁠, Corinna, and at least one cute security guy. The theme was WINNING, and we're going to, just like Nina wins an argument with Corinna about whether the elite professional-managerial class constitutes an "orthodoxy." It is what's best in life!

ICONS website (currently featuring videos from the 3-day Summit):

GENDER WARS Playing Cards:

N.W.H.: F*ck the Security Guards:

Elaine Miller at the Edinburgh Fringe:

Donate via Nina’s blog (upper right hand corner):

Jul 28, 202341:20
Pediatric Disenchantment with Julia Mason, MD

Pediatric Disenchantment with Julia Mason, MD

Julia Mason is a practicing pediatrician, a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and a founding member of the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine (SEGM). A politically homeless, feline-affirming, bleeding-heart liberal who wants to pause pediatric transition, Mason raises grave concerns about the “affirmation model” which locks in adolescent identities at a time kids cycle through them as part of growing up. We learn the AAP actively suppresses internal dissent while profiting from corporate endorsements; that there are no empirical criteria for identifying which kids are “actually” trans; that small children believe whatever adults - especially their parents - tell them; and that Corinna is drinking a lot of electrolytes. 


Wheaton Labs:

Julia Mason on Twitter:

SEGM, the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine

Reconsidering Informed Consent:

The Myth of “Reliable Research”:

Gender doctor praises Leelah Alcorn “boldly” committing suicide:

Jul 20, 202301:15:12
To Speak or Not to Speak? with Olivia
Jul 06, 202301:01:04
Doin’ the 12-Step with Ben Appel

Doin’ the 12-Step with Ben Appel

Returning sexy guest Ben Appel recently wrote about genderism and other political ideologies infiltrating Alcoholics Anonymous, despite its 10th Tradition prohibiting alignment with outside issues. But what is a “Tradition” anyway? Ben and Nina possibly violate the 11th one (“always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films”) in an attempt to describe the wacky, brilliant, not-really-a-cult-except-sometimes, life-changing, spiritual, occasionally smelly world of 12-Step recovery programs. Corinna learns the difference between AA and Al-Anon; Nina wishes she believed in god and says “irrational problems demand irrational solutions”; and Ben talks about compulsive praying and his upcoming book, “Cis White Gay,” along with a ton of other interesting topics. Another great episode! Keep coming back! 


Ben Appel:

How Alcoholics Anonymous Lost Its Way by Ben Appel:

Our Wilfred Reilly episode:

AA’s 12 Traditions:


Alcoholics Anonymous:


The Serenity Prayer:

Nina’s Adventures book:

Jun 29, 202301:22:23
Gender of Champions with Kim Jones

Gender of Champions with Kim Jones

Kim Jones is a co-founder of ICONS, the International Council On WomeN’s Sports. A former college athlete whose daughter had to compete against Lia Thomas, Jones intelligently and passionately articulates why “sports are the public arena of the difference of the sexes,” and how gaslighting  girls in the spotlight sends a harrowing message to all women. We also discuss the inversion of the word “inclusion,” the slipperiness of the word “gender,” men undressing next to strange girls, the importance of speaking your mind, Corinna's fanciful claims of doing Nina's yard work, Title IX, women who advocate male dominance, and more.

ICONS Women’s Sports Summit, Denver July 21-23 (the Dorx will be there!):

Jun 24, 202301:42:13
Open Wounds
Jun 05, 202356:39
Alasdair Gunn: It’s Fun To Play Scrabble With A Linguist

Alasdair Gunn: It’s Fun To Play Scrabble With A Linguist

Vice Director of Genspect Alasdair Gunn (nee Angus Fox) rejoins the Dorx to recap Killarney’s Bigger Picture conference, compare European and US approaches to gender issues, and update us on his health. Soon Corinna is pushing exogenous estrogen on Nina, who just wants to settle down with a female housemate despite being recently named a Scarlet Whore. Other major themes include menopause, burly Irish asphalt workers, tarot cards, and repeated threats by Corinna to edit all this out. It’s the quality content our firefighting, tree-felling, cooking and cleaning listeners expect!


Shawn Thierry’s Texas speech:

IMPRO by Keith Johnstone:

GENDER WARS Playing Cards which can totally also be used for Tarot-style divination:

May 25, 202301:16:52
Ask an Autogynephile! with Phil Illy

Ask an Autogynephile! with Phil Illy

Most autogynephiles — men sexually aroused by impersonating, embodying, or identifying as women — are so deeply ashamed of their condition they deny its existence. Phil Illy is a rare exception whose acceptance and curiosity led him to research and write a book on the topic. We discuss attraction to others (“allosexuality”) vs attraction to embodied states or oneself (“autosexuality”); the narcissism of falling in love; “meta-sexuality”; gender-based vs. sex-based attraction; autism as identity; pillow queens; Corinna’s boobs; Bronies; paranormal romance novels; pseudobisexuality; and autozoophilic trans turtles. After all our somewhat explicit talk about sex, we conclude it continues to be real, people continue to be weird, and everyone needs to CHILL OUT. 


Autoheterosexuality by Phil Illy:

Phil Illy's Substack:

Phil on Twitter: @autogynephilic

May 17, 202301:32:17
The Heterodorx get Blocked and Reported with Katie Herzog and Jessie Singal

The Heterodorx get Blocked and Reported with Katie Herzog and Jessie Singal

For our celebratory 100th episode, podcasting role-models Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal join the Dorx as special guest audio engineers. Except Corinna’s been so busy testifying for “anti-trans" bills around the country, and Nina’s been so sick with COVID, that we only made it to episode 98. Nonetheless, we cover gender wars, egregious reporting, backlashes, Drag Queen story hours, Trump Derangement Syndrome, the Minority Stress Model, men in women’s sports, persecution complexes, Twitter, Substack, pizzas, Katie’s goddess-like spouse, Nina’s “butch energy,” safety pins, and pronouns, learning that in spite of a few irreconcilable differences, all agree that “they” is a terrible choice for individuals.


Katie & Jesse's podcast:

Riley Gaines at San Francisco State University:

Posie Parker in New Zealand:

Nina’s GiveSendGo:

Apr 27, 202301:07:59
Incorrigible? with Zander Keig

Incorrigible? with Zander Keig

From anti-social teenage lesbian drop-out, to Coast Guardsman, to seminarian, to licensed clinical social worker, ⁠Zander Keig⁠ has led a singular life. Like Corinna, Zander is an old-school transsexual, but the culture has changed since the (not actually) halcyon tranny days of yore. Recently, Zander went from being WPATH Educator of the Year to becoming the subject of an ethics complaint and an underhanded cancel campaign — for committing the unforgivable sin of advising the Gender Dysphoria Alliance. Keig’s equanimity stands out even more than the fascinating, insightful, and occasionally harrowing stories on this episode. 


Zander Keig’s website:

Gender Dysphoria Alliance:

Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism:

Apr 22, 202301:31:10
Therapy Talk with James Esses

Therapy Talk with James Esses

Mild-mannered therapist-in-training James Esses was expelled from his university after expressing concerns about child safeguarding in relation to gender transition. Now he's fighting for his day in court. Focusing on "positive change in society," he fills in the Dorx on the whole story, and discusses the therapy industry, speaking out, cancel culture’s reign of terror, a variety of delusions, and the importance of acknowledging Reality for mental health. 


James Esses’s Legal crowdfunder:

James Esses on Twitter:

Apr 06, 202301:10:45
Speaking and Thinking with Helen Joyce

Speaking and Thinking with Helen Joyce

Helen Joyce is a journalist, former writer and editor at The Economist, and author of TRANS: When Ideology Meets Reality. She joins the Dorx to discuss what is and is not Worthy Of Respect In A Democratic Society, the importance of free speech to free thought, the stupefaction of political polarization, differences between TERF Island and the USA, Left-wing “discipline,” splits in the gender-critical movement, and more. Nina is such a drooling fangirl she barely flinches when her work is compared to painted stones and crocheted vulvas, and Corinna asks refreshing questions.



Twitter @HJoyceGender

TRANS: When Ideology Meets Reality:

Sex Matters:

Compliance Comix:

Mar 14, 202301:23:11
The CAIS Files

The CAIS Files

Fetishized, minimized, and co-opted: Is it an identity? A “gotcha”? A political football? Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (CAIS) is in fact a serious medical condition, vanishingly rare yet disproportionately discussed by everyone with an agenda in the gender wars. Jo, a.k.a. CAIS Files, is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, adoptive mother, and adult with CAIS, who eloquently sets the record straight on what Disorders of Sexual Development (DSDs) are and are not. Just like sex is a material reality rather than a feeling in a fantasist's head, so are the numerous conditions (mis)labeled "intersex". Enjoy the edifying wisdom and common sense of this long-overdue, much-anticipated episode.


CAIS files on Twitter:

The Dreger-Wright debate:

Carole Hooven:

TERF-Tranny Alliance:

DSD Families:

Differently Normal blog:

Mar 05, 202301:10:27
How to Speak, How to Listen, and How to Comply

How to Speak, How to Listen, and How to Comply

Corinna has been VERY BUSY speaking out against medically harming children or in favor of genocide (depending), including delivering this excellent 3-minute testimony supporting Indiana SB 480. Nina grapples with the Kafkaesque nightmare that is Indiegogo. Corinna encounters some activists from Planned Parenthood giving free advice on “blocking that legal stuff.” We’ve missed posting podcasts regularly; between all the travel, testifying, day job (Corinna) and weeping in despair (Nina), we just haven’t had time. So please enjoy this unedited quickie we recorded this morning.


Corinna’s testimony for Indiana SB 480:

FOX59 news coverage of that same session:

How to Speak, How to Listen by Mortimer J. Adler:

Compliance Comix:

Agents of H.A.G.:

The Witch Trials of JK Rowling:

Feb 25, 202354:01
The View from Canada with Stuart Parker

The View from Canada with Stuart Parker

Canada, which National Lampoon once called “The Retarded Giant on Your Doorstep,” is just as affectionately known today as “Tranada.” It’s also the home of lifelong leftist, environmentalist, activist, prolific writer, and shape-shifting space lizard Stuart Parker. A former child-star-activist à la Greta Thunberg, Parker tells all about Canadian eugenics programs, Wallace Wong, “supportive housing”, the post-political era, Big Pharma, liberal nationalism, multi-culturalism, TERF blacklists, Morgane Oger, the role of mascot enforcer, total social immunity, getting canceled, and more. The Dorx are frequently shocked, and not just because Parker’s sarcasm surpasses Corinna’s.


Stuart Parker on Twitter:

Parker's website:

Los Altos Institute:

Feb 08, 202301:06:30
No-Makeup Tips with Holly Lawford-Smith

No-Makeup Tips with Holly Lawford-Smith

Nina is both lazy and unafraid to look bad, as she fails to prepare a proper intro for magnificent political philosopher, author, and Quillette columnist Dr. Holly Lawford-Smith. Those same qualities are why Nina doesn’t wear makeup; Lawford-Smith shares some of her own. Even token tranny Corinna has some no-makeup tips, such as waiting 5-7 years between applications. Then Lawford-Smith answers, and asks, some profound questions: Is makeup attractive, or a signal of compliance? What counts as philosophy? Is long hair radfem? What is Gender Critical Feminism? Does bullshit emanate from the Anglosphere, or from France? Is buying sex wrong? Prepare to be dazzled by beauty, intelligence, and humor that are anything but skin-deep.



The Radical Notion:

Nina’s twitter makeup polls:


Feb 03, 202301:25:12
Elaine Miller: Behind the Merkin

Elaine Miller: Behind the Merkin

Elaine Miller is a pelvic physiotherapist, award-winning comedic performer, women’s rights campaigner, and now Edinburgh council candidate. She recounts how she became the infamous “Holyrood Flasher,” scandalized her children, and taught much of the ignorant world what a merkin is. She also discusses why male people cannot have periods, “gender difference,” comedy, fetishes, organ transplants, incontinence, the Bristol Stool Chart, bumholes, and much more. All in a lovely Scottish accent that melts the hearts of Amerkins like Corinna, who has NO REGRETS, and Nina, who reveals some very personal lady issues and clenches her Kegels through the entire interview.


Elaine’s web site:


The Naked Athena of Portland:

Dave Chappelle’s show The Closer:

Bristol stool chart:

Tampax sponsors Dylan Mulvaney:


'Flashing' feminist Elaine Miller to stand in Edinburgh council by-election:

Jan 28, 202301:14:24
Dialing Down the Misanthropy with Heather Heying

Dialing Down the Misanthropy with Heather Heying

Evolutionary biologist, former Evergreen college professor, Dark Horse podcaster, and author Heather Heying shares her thoughts on academia. We learn Heying is the daughter of a university math professor, like Nina. Corinna then nudges the two faculty spawn into a lively argument about just how much women submit to men, and whether social conditioning or biology are the cause. Plus, utopianism and its discontents, social stratification, consuming junk, environmental issues, and why life is too short to eat lousy chocolate.


Heather Heying’s web site:

Heying’s Substack:

Heying on Twitter:

Dark Horse Podcast:

A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century:

On resigning from the Board of the University of Austin:

Jan 20, 202301:14:15
Circling the Rhetorical Drain with Alex Byrne and Carole Hooven

Circling the Rhetorical Drain with Alex Byrne and Carole Hooven

Why do debates about trans rights always get sucked into arguments about Disorders of Sexual Development? Philosophy professor Alex Byrne and Biology professor Carole Hooven join the Dorx for some “Monday night quarterbacking” on the Dreger-Wright debate. But first, Carole and Nina compare notes on hysterectomies, oopherctomies, and menopause. Then it’s on to why “bullshit” shouldn’t replace facts even to be “nice,” what “sex is real” actually means, the red herring of DSDs, how the humanities suffer from “science envy,” luxury beliefs, why allies ruin everything, and more. Nina ends it on a happy note: the impending extinction of everything.


Maggie Chapman replaces facts with bullshit:

Carole Hooven tweets about C/AIS (over)representation in sports:

Alex Byrne:

Carole Hooven:

The Dreger-Wright Debate:

Jan 13, 202301:26:46
Nina Gets Canceled (Again) & Corinna Predicts the Future

Nina Gets Canceled (Again) & Corinna Predicts the Future

After raising 150% of her goal on IndieGoGo, the crowdfunding platform cancels Nina’s first comic book in 30 years, Agents of H.A.G.. Money, funders, orders — all gone, 2 days after the 2-week campaign ended. Meanwhile, Corinna observes fissures between Gender Critical factions widening into increasingly insurmountable chasms. The future looks dystopian, and so does the present!

Jan 06, 202337:38
Alice Dreger vs. Colin Wright

Alice Dreger vs. Colin Wright

This very non-representative episode of Heterodorx is the recording of the formal, timed debate between Alice Dreger and Colin Wright, which was held live Monday December 7 2022. They set out to resolve the claim, “Biological sex is real, immutable, and binary.” Did they succeed? Listen and decide for yourself! 

Dreger-Wright debate on YouTube:

Dec 17, 202201:04:32
Good Trans, Bad Trans with Katy Montgomerie

Good Trans, Bad Trans with Katy Montgomerie

After some small talk about the holidays, trans YouTuber, activist, and social media bon vivant Katy Montgomerie cheerfully and calmly explains how Gender Criticals aren’t feminist, believe in sexed souls, advocate for the elimination of trans people, and want to ruin Katy’s life. Unlike the sucking-up-to-the-oppressor trans friends of JK Rowling — whom Katy claims is openly hostile to trans people — Katy is NOT “one of the good ones.” Katy is, however, a good sport, and clearly elucidates a set of moral and policy positions. Good or bad? Listen and decide for yourself!


Katy Montgomerie on Twitter:


Adult Human Weirdo T-shirts:

T: The Story of Testosterone by Carole Hooven:

The Dreger-Wright debate (December 12 2022):

Dec 08, 202201:16:42
Gays Against Groomers with Michael

Gays Against Groomers with Michael

Michael (first name only) talks about Gays Against Groomers, a non-profit non-partisan gay rights organization opposing the sexualization, indoctrination, and medicalization of children. What is grooming? What’s the difference between “gay” and LGBTQ++? Is there porn in school libraries? Michael didn’t grow up in the same world as Corinna or Nina (who is as old as his mom), and we discover a generation gap in experience and activism. But despite our differences, there’s one thing we all agree on: “eunuchs are hot.”

Gays Against Groomers:

GAG on Twitter:

Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network:

Julie Bindel Heterodorx episode:

Image of adults protecting children from a rainbow:

Nov 30, 202247:06
Ask A Marxist! with Ben Burgis

Ask A Marxist! with Ben Burgis

After Corinna takes a confusing online class, the Dorx ask author, professor, podcaster, and Marxist Ben Burgis what the heck “Transgender Marxism” is. Also: what do Conservatives conserve? Is “transgender” a class? What is social reproduction, and who does it? Does Ben draw a distinction between gender and sex? Why have Nina’s efforts to genocide Corinna via misgendering continually failed? Is “hate speech” Free Speech? Can every cook govern? This episode is a class in itself.

Ben Burgis’s Give Them An Argument podcast, Slavoj Žižek episode -

Ben Burgis at Jacobin magazine -

Ben Burgis at Daily Beast -

Ben Burgis on Twitter -

Transgender Marxism -

Heterodorx Helen Dale episode -

Heterodorx Wilfred Reilly episode -

Heterodorx Buck Angel episode -

Nov 26, 202201:14:50
Hoaxes, Wokeses, and Other Folkses with Wilfred Reilly
Nov 17, 202201:24:22
Julie Bindel Defines Feminism

Julie Bindel Defines Feminism

What is a feminist? Journalist, author, and English badass Julie Bindel has opinions, informed by decades of work in the Women’s Liberation movement. We discuss women who aren’t feminists being mistaken for feminists, women denouncing feminism, far-right incursions into feminism, male protectionism, Political Lesbianism, kicking men in the nuts, separatism, homosexuality, butch-femme nonsense, bodyguards, Patriarchy, incels, and fake leftist men. Bindel passionately, intelligently, and articulately voices a Feminist position that will satisfy supporters, while supplying substance and heft for detractors to push against.

Julie Bindel’s Substack:

Julie Bindel on Twitter:

Andrea Dworkin - Right Wing Women:

The Lesbian Heresy by Sheila Jeffreys:


Nov 10, 202201:01:28
The We Hate Hate Speech Speech with Helen Dale

The We Hate Hate Speech Speech with Helen Dale

Classical Liberal, celebrated author, retired lawyer, and Smart Person Helen Dale regales the Dorx with a history of "hate speech", citing Marbury vs. Madison, the Allport Scale, John Stuart Mill, entrenched judicial review, decolonization and anti-colonization movements, the pernicious influence of the Soviet Union, and COMMIE NONSENSE. Nina interrupts her a few times to discuss the incitement of mobs, Kellie-Jay Keene’s US tour, and why Dale thinks feminism is “mad.” After a short vape break, Dale returns to Liberal Toryism, freedom of association, Hadrian’s Rescript, loos in developing countries, “non-crime hate incidents” in the UK, the marketplace of ideas, and why “lobbyists are bonkers”. Can the Law save humanity from itself? Listen up and pay attention, because Dale’s citations fly faster than the pages of a thrown encyclopedia.

A Mere Sampling of Links:

Helen Dale on Amazon:

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Law & Liberty:

Louise Perry:

The Secret of Our Success:

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:

FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression:

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The Un-Flat World of Simon Edge

The Un-Flat World of Simon Edge

Simon Edge’s most recent novel, The End of the World is Flat, lampoons the corruption and inversion of Stonewall and other LGB organizations from the safe distance of satire. While Edge was evolving from slightly bitter young journalist, to married and socially-integrated author, the institutions that once represented him were losing their hearts, souls, minds, and constituencies. We discuss the failures of journalism, the benefits of gaining perspective with age, the power of Low-Income Privilege, and Owen Jones, who is as quintessentially British as tea and crumpets but less appetizing. Plus, Corinna sings our beloved intro jingle, and Nina pledges to cling to corrosive resentments rather than forgive. It’s not really the end of the world, it just feels like it sometimes.

The End of the World is Flat:

Simon Edge books on Amazon:

Simon Edge on Twitter:

This Land is Mine - Nina’s most popular animation:

Nina’s Menopause t-shirt:

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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

In this impromptu, unedited, and super-fresh episode, Corinna discusses the Spencer Pridefest, “the largest rural LGBTQ+ gathering in the state of Indiana.” How do ever-changing flags and identities impact the sticker-and-trinket-seller economy? Should kids be having sex? Do gay people exist any more? What the hell happened since the 1990’s? See Corinna's photos at

Oct 16, 202252:22
Gimme That Old-Time Transsexualism with Buck Angel
Oct 12, 202201:13:30
Tell Us How You Really Feel, Corinna

Tell Us How You Really Feel, Corinna

Sincerity displaces sarcasm for a few minutes as Corinna offers a rare glimpse into the anguish underlying his advocacy, starting with a profound dream and its possible interpretations. Nina has a list of Gender Bullshit News; the Dorx focus on WPATH’s new “standards of care,” which functionally eliminate patient rights. Corinna rethinks his staunch Libertarian position on legislation, as banning “gender affirming” medical procedures on minors may be the only option left. Nina despairs at the Internet Archive's removal of Kiwi Farms from its Wayback Machine, formerly the last safeguard against Orwellian online memory-holing. Plus, a tense and worthwhile argument over eunuchs. It all sounds like a bad dream, but it’s only 2022.


Corinna’s Kiwi Farms article:

Velocipe Cycladia:

Church of the Subgenius:

The Ink Black Heart:

The Internet Archive:

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Stephanie Winn is Some Kind of Therapist

Stephanie Winn is Some Kind of Therapist

Stephanie Winn is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, advocate for victims of gender medicine, and podcaster. She shares some tales of her grad school training, including a cultish “T-group” retreat, before moving on to trauma resilience, appropriate boundaries, and the savior complex of some clinicians. But first, we warn listeners to mask up, socially distance, and vaccinate their audio equipment, because Corinna has COVID! Between being oppressed by a TERFy co-host, exhausted by trans-everything, and contracting the plague, it’s no wonder Corinna needs advice. Can Winn deliver? Listen and find out!


You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist:

Mental health for detransitioners twitter thread:


Genspect - Beyond Transition:

Derrick Jensen episode:

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The Parts We Play with Ben Appel

The Parts We Play with Ben Appel

When nonfiction writer Ben Appel attended a non-traditional program at Columbia University, barely more than a decade separated him from the younger students who had already displaced gay with “queer” - and displayed open hatred of “cis gays” like himself. Ben knows what homophobia looks like, and recognized it in the “safe spaces” pervading campus culture. His introspective writing is informed by his experience in cults, as well as his recovery. He discusses the difference between slurs and validation trophies; victimhood as a component of identity; medicalizing homosexuality; feminism; and the ideological capture of minds and institutions.




Ben Appel on victimhood:

The New Homophobia:

Julie Bindel interviews Ben Appel:


Corinna’s Washington Post piece:

The End of the World is Flat by Simon Edge:

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Walking the Talk with Doc Stock

Walking the Talk with Doc Stock

Neither trans-exclusionary nor a radical feminist, philosopher and author Kathleen Stock has been branded a TERF and harassed out of her university, while simultaneously gaining recognition as one of world's top thinkers. That's because she thinks deeply and critically, and tells the truth. Whether it’s Corinna’s comparison of transgenderism with transracialism, or Nina’s assertion that right-on lefty dudes are misogynists, Stock has heard, and thought about, it all — and has eloquent responses. We discuss immersion in legal and cultural fictions, “bullshit theories of womanhood,” DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim & Offender), child transition, online disembodiment, pronouns, “massive edifice(s) of bullshit,” women being terrible to women, and cowardice, especially in academia. 


Kathleen Stock’s Substack:

Kathleen Stock’s website:

Kathleen Stock on Twitter:

Material Girls:

Kate Bornstein episode:

Lyell Asher episode:

University of Austin:

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Auntie Kate, Uncle Nina, and Mx Cohn - with Kate Bornstein

Auntie Kate, Uncle Nina, and Mx Cohn - with Kate Bornstein

Author and gender theorist Kate Bornstein identifies as a “tranny” and “dyke,” and is male according to Nina, whom he identifies as a “sex fundamentalist” and “butch lesbian.” We disagree in better-than-good, possibly-excellent faith, about pronouns, respect, sex, gender, and atheism, while agreeing about keeping males out of female prisons, the trap of identity, and how to behave in church. A fun conversation with plenty for listeners to disagree with, too!

Kate Bornstein:

Anne Fausto-Sterling, Sexologist:

A response to Anne-Fausto-Sterling (among many):

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Adult Human Weirdos
Aug 18, 202245:10
Virtual Late-Night Dorm Room with Lev Polyakov

Virtual Late-Night Dorm Room with Lev Polyakov

Russian-American animator Lev Polyakov hosts and produces the Break The Rules podcast, which brings together extremely diverse viewpoints from the online testosteronosphere. A thoughtful, well-spoken, and generous conversationalist, Lev can talk to anyone - even the Dorx. After discussing such serious topics as the war in Ukraine, America’s military-industrial-propaganda complex, and “counter-semitism,” Lev moves on to the Estrogen experience (Corinna’s and Nina’s differ greatly), alchemy, waking dreams, trippy psychedelic meditation stuff, his vibrating Third Eye, generating 3-D movies inside his head, Torah, and the New York animation scene of 2004. Break the rules and pass the bong*!

*None of us actually use weed, as far as I know.

Break the Rules:

Led Zepplin - Black Dog:


Exodus 33:


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Fediverse Follies with Alex Gleason

Fediverse Follies with Alex Gleason

Where do you go when you get banned by fecebook and twitter - or, conversely, when you think mainstream social media isn’t censoring enough? To the Fediverse, where free-speech refugees and would-be Orwellian dictators form ever-more polarized online communities. Returning Heterodork Alex Gleason, who created the popular Soapbox platform, relates some recent behind-the-scenes Fedi drama. The same tribal politics skewing mainstream social media, guide Fedi developers as well - but with less money! This makes the Fediverse the worst social media system, except for all the others. (Which are so much worse you really should join the Fedi.)

Episode 8: Guest Heterodork Alex Gleason:

Pleroma Is Dead:

The first and best woman-centered social media:

Nina’s terrorist Fedi site:

Alex's Fedi instance:


Join the Fediverse:

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