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The Harbor Park Podcast

The Harbor Park Podcast

By Tyler Nelson

Podcast with Harbor Park's coaches on topics revolving the health & fitness industry
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Hey Health Matters Episode 4

The Harbor Park PodcastNov 26, 2020

Being "Fit For Life"
Apr 21, 202230:39
Be Progress Focused
Apr 15, 202222:38
Effort and Intensity
Apr 08, 202228:06
Be Consistent
Mar 31, 202224:52
Do Better
Mar 25, 202231:02
Dare to be Different

Dare to be Different

Hey Health Matters is back with a new motto...Dare to be Different. Jason and Pete explain what that means and how it can change the way you look at life. 

Topics include: 

Why the new attitude? 

How did you come up with it? 

How can it affect my life for the better? 

And more!!!

Mar 17, 202234:30
Live More Like Our Ancestors in 2022!
Dec 31, 202118:24
Holidays, Genes, and Pudding

Holidays, Genes, and Pudding

The Holidays, your genes, and pudding cups...what do they have in common? Jason and Pete explain in this very special episode. 

Dec 22, 202128:44
Avoiding Chronic Disease: Don't Become A Statistic
Dec 17, 202117:22
10 Principles For a (Pretty) Good Life
Dec 09, 202141:26
Being Social With Rob
Dec 02, 202141:50
Thanksgiving 2021 Special

Thanksgiving 2021 Special

This Thanksgiving week Jason and Pete offer some tips for enjoying-but not overdoing-your Thanksgiving Day (or any holiday) feast. Then the boys discuss what they're grateful for this year. 

More info:  

Nov 23, 202124:59
How To Not Disappoint Your Coach
Nov 16, 202137:40
What Not to Do On Rest and Recovery Days

What Not to Do On Rest and Recovery Days

Is there anything better than setting aside a day for rest and recovery? Well there are some do's and don'ts when it comes to rest and recovery. In this episode, Jason and Pete help navigate through what you need to know. Then Jason talks about some new exciting opportunities at Harbor Park Health and Fitness! 

Nov 11, 202135:52
Breathing, Dodge Ball; Smoothies; and more!

Breathing, Dodge Ball; Smoothies; and more!

In this episode Jason talks about a new personal health endeavor; Pete brags about a personal athletic feat; and the boys talk smoothies, holiday nutrition and more!  

Nov 04, 202124:54
Dustin's Positive Perspective
Oct 28, 202101:24:30
More Myths Busted
Oct 21, 202128:58
High Intensity vs Low Intensity Workouts
Oct 14, 202131:16
Facing Adversity

Facing Adversity's bound to happen. Pete twisted his ankle and foot in the gym. But instead of giving up he got right back in there. In this episode Pete recounts his mindset during and after the injury and Jason offers tips to overcome it. 

Oct 05, 202117:02
What You Think You Need vs What You Really Need (To Succeed)
Sep 28, 202128:16
Intelligent Intensity
Sep 23, 202130:08
What to Know About Plateaus
Sep 16, 202141:01
Four Building Blocks For A Healthy Life
Sep 09, 202119:08
Don't Burn Extra Calories!
Sep 02, 202117:52
Secrets of A Lean Lifestyle
Aug 24, 202141:54
Covering Recovery
Aug 17, 202129:31
Dustin's Secrets to Confidence In (and out) of the Gym
Aug 10, 202135:21
Simone Biles and "Toughness”
Aug 06, 202131:41
A New Dad's Reality
Aug 02, 202129:09
A New Dad's Plan
Jul 06, 202122:26
Fitness Freedom

Fitness Freedom

If you were asked to go skiing, play basketball, or go for a hike, could you? Fitness freedom means the ability to do a physical activity when you want. How do you get to that point? Jason and Pete explain. 

Jun 24, 202126:59
Welcome to Harbor Park Cafe

Welcome to Harbor Park Cafe

Need a refreshing smoothie? Head to Harbor Park Cafe! 

Jun 18, 202110:21
Training Through the Decades
Jun 14, 202131:05
Murph Recap 2021
Jun 04, 202125:60
Picking Dusty's Brain
May 27, 202131:30
Keeping F.I.T.T.
May 20, 202131:01
Making Nutrition Work For You
May 13, 202142:00
Top Fitness Questions

Top Fitness Questions

Jason and Pete ask-and answer-the top fitness and exercise questions. The boys also work in some nutrition information. Enjoy! 

May 06, 202146:23
Getting The Most Out of You
Apr 22, 202152:21
Top 10 Controversial Issues in Fitness
Apr 16, 202138:25
Metabolic Health
Apr 08, 202132:21
A note (or two) From Harbor Park H&F

A note (or two) From Harbor Park H&F

These are exciting times for Harbor Park Health and Fitness! Jason and Pete are back to fill you in on not only the new technologies at HPHF to enhance your fitness experience, but also on plans to (finally!) get together and build the community! 

Apr 01, 202128:15
Anchor's Away
Mar 26, 202133:08
What is a Dexa Scan and How Can It Help Me?
Mar 18, 202140:09
Insulin 101
Mar 11, 202130:03
Welcome to the Committed Club!
Mar 04, 202129:30
Being Healthy: The Key to Saving Money
Feb 25, 202134:24
Burning Questions Pt. 2

Burning Questions Pt. 2

In this sequel from last week, Jason and Pete address media and government influences on health and wellness based on a listener question. 

Feb 18, 202134:16
Burning Questions

Burning Questions

You have questions! Jason has answers! Listening to find out how you can get your questions answered too! 

Feb 11, 202144:55
Training Types and Methodologies

Training Types and Methodologies

Jason and Pete discuss the different types of training that you can try. 

Feb 04, 202134:18
Minding Your Mindset

Minding Your Mindset

Jason and Pete deep dive into the mind, tackling topics such as motivation, anxiety, depression, and emotions. Plus Jason shares a personal story about his recent mental fatigue and what he did to overcome it. 

Jan 28, 202134:17
The Other 23

The Other 23

Jason and Pete talks about priorities for the time you spend outside of the gym. Working on the "Other 23" can maximize your workout results! 

Jan 22, 202130:24
Taking the Health And Fitness Assessment

Taking the Health And Fitness Assessment

Pete took the Harbor Park Health and Fitness assessment which scores based on the four pillars of health and fitness...activity, nutrition, stress, and habits. Jason evaluated how Pete did, where he's nailing it and where he needs improvement. Plus...find out how you can take the assessment!  

Jan 14, 202101:10:56
Scaling the Food Pyramid

Scaling the Food Pyramid

Jason and Pete talk about the food pyramid, it's history and what changes could be made. Plus Jason reveals his secret pyramid level! 

Jan 07, 202140:49
Focus In: I need a massage..or yoga...or more!

Focus In: I need a massage..or yoga...or more!

Need a massage? What about a yoga session? Find out what else is waiting for you as Jason and Pete focus in on other services at the gym! 

Jan 05, 202137:03
Focus in: Welcome to Class!

Focus in: Welcome to Class!

On this holiday edition on HHM, Jason and Pete preview the gym group class experience from what's available to terminology. This conversation will get you ready for class! 

Dec 24, 202039:18
Focus In: Personal Training

Focus In: Personal Training

Jason and Pete focus in on the personal training process. 

Dec 17, 202034:43
Hey Health Matters Episode 5

Hey Health Matters Episode 5

Jason and Pete recap Thanksgiving weekend and offer tips to healthy holiday eating! 

Dec 03, 202028:21
Hey Health Matters Episode 4

Hey Health Matters Episode 4

On this edition of Hey Health Matters, Jason takes us through the Client Experience and how someone gets started on their fitness journey. Also there's some tips sprinkled in on how to enjoy holiday eating...without overdoing it. Plus more! 

Nov 26, 202038:42
Hey Health Matters Episode 3-Weight Loss For Skeptics

Hey Health Matters Episode 3-Weight Loss For Skeptics

Whether you're new to the weight loss/fitness scene or you've yo-yo dieted for years, it can be difficult to know what to believe when it comes to getting in shape. In this edition of Hey Health Matters, Jason and Pete tackle "Weight Loss For Skeptics" and give practical tips of becoming healthy! 

Nov 19, 202039:35
Hey Health Matters-Episode 2

Hey Health Matters-Episode 2

Jason and Pete talk about exercise vs fitness, goal setting, and more! Plus the guys give more of their experience and tips to get...and stay...healthy!  

Nov 12, 202047:06
Hey Health Matters Episode 1

Hey Health Matters Episode 1

Jason and Pete host a podcast focused on health...both nutrition and fitness. In the premiere episode, the guys discuss their stories and then some common health misconceptions.  

Nov 05, 202031:37