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Highly and Humbly Presents

Highly and Humbly Presents

By Angelique the Enigma

Connecting the Christ you love to the life you live through real conversations about real faith with real Christians.
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Episode 1: What does it mean to live "well"?

Highly and Humbly PresentsOct 25, 2021

Episode 1: What does it mean to live "well"?

Episode 1: What does it mean to live "well"?

I joined the new Wisdom app and I will me reposting my live talks to this podcast. First up: What does it mean to live "well"? 

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Oct 25, 202108:17
Episode 5: Becky Lou

Episode 5: Becky Lou

Join Enigma the Author and her best friend, Becky Lou founder of Nice 2 B (NYC)e in this candid interview about faith.

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Dec 09, 202034:51
Episode 4: Tanisha Thompson

Episode 4: Tanisha Thompson

This week's episode features Enigma the Author's childhood friend, Tanisha Thompson as she talks about her steadiness in faith and how her love for God helps her to empower young women in their lives. You can follow Tanisha's journey on instagram @vintage.nish and join her empowerment page @elleest___. 

Nov 25, 202046:33
Episode 3: Tanaja Monet

Episode 3: Tanaja Monet

This week's podcast features business woman, author and podcaster Tanaja Monet. Owner of The Good Boss Community and Author of How to be a Good Boss in a Bad Pandemic, Tanaja gets candid about her relationship with God and how it affects her business practices and lifestyle. 

Purchase her book A Good Boss in a Bad Pandemic here:

And follow her on Instagram: @tanajamonet

Nov 11, 202041:32
Episode 2: Grace Brown

Episode 2: Grace Brown

Join Enigma the Author as she talks with aspiring lawyer Grace Brown about her journey into the faith, how her faith fits into her desire to become a lawyer and what her pet peeve is about the current perception of Christians.

Nov 04, 202044:52
Episode 1: Armand Kelley

Episode 1: Armand Kelley

Enigma the Author interviewing her childhood friend Armand Kelley. He talks about his conversion story, what it means to be discipled by his wife, and what he wishes would change about how others perceive Christians. 

Oct 28, 202042:43
Highly and Humbly Presents: The Season Finale

Highly and Humbly Presents: The Season Finale

Is God your Best Friend? Do you want Him to be? Listen to this week's podcast where I give you some tips on how to deepen your relationship with God.
May 22, 202016:04
Highly and Humbly Presents: Do Something

Highly and Humbly Presents: Do Something

Go to to sign the petition. #runwithmaud when you do.
May 07, 202013:50
Highly and Humbly Presents: God's Love Language
Apr 23, 202028:25
Highly and Humblly Presents: All of These Things Are True
Apr 16, 202026:54
Highly and Humbly Presents: Back to Basics
Apr 09, 202018:48
Highly and Humbly Presents: Fight. Back.
Apr 02, 202020:24
Highly and Humbly Presents: Daddy's Home
Mar 26, 202030:54
Highly and Humbly Presents: And
Mar 19, 202020:53
Highly and Humbly Presents: A Good Time and A Long Time

Highly and Humbly Presents: A Good Time and A Long Time

Can you enjoy your life as a Christian? Or does your faith keep you from the "good stuff" ? This week's episode is focusing on what Enigma the Author thinks is the answer. Check out the refrenced blog here: Sign-Up to the Highly and Humbly website here: Register to the Business Brunch Here: Read And here: CashApp to Support: $HighlyandHumblyNYC Paypal to Support:
Mar 12, 202019:29
Highly and Humbly Presents: Enigma the Author

Highly and Humbly Presents: Enigma the Author

Hey Believers! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to listen to the introduction. It's clumsy, but it's authentically me and I am SUPER excited to go on this journey with you. If you want more, please subscribe, rate, share and comment. You can also support HighlyandHumbly NYC by buying at the Highly and Humbly Shop, joining the HighlyandHumbly community (, or sending in a donation via CashApp: $HighlyandHumblyNYC or PayPal ( ) Your financial support helps to keep the website running and the content coming. Read the April 11th 2016 post here: Read A Good Time and A Long Time
Mar 05, 202013:47