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The HiHelloSura Show

The HiHelloSura Show

By Sura Al-Naimi

On the show, host Sura Al-Naimi, decodes and deconstructs the stories, skills and secrets of trailblazers who challenge the status quo and push to create the extraordinary.

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Are you looking to innovate and express your creative potential? Would you like to tap into the power of thinking differently together? Join the show as Sura, shares with you the simple actions and mindsets that you can repeat to give yourself and those around you the creative impact you’re seeking today.
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Human centered design Finale with Kathryn & David Eastlake

The HiHelloSura ShowMar 07, 2023

Human centered design Finale with Kathryn & David Eastlake

Human centered design Finale with Kathryn & David Eastlake

Join us for the finale of our three-part series on the importance of human-centered design for innovation and creativity. In this episode, we'll be speaking with Kathryn and David Eastlake, innovators and residents of United Church homes. They will be sharing their unique perspectives on the impact of human-centered design and how it has led to more innovation and creativity in their community. But that's not all! We'll also be exploring the secrets of blue zone living and how to find purpose using the purpose equation. Kathryn and David will share their own experiences and insights on how to live a fulfilling life in retirement. 👉About Kathryn & David Eastlake Kathryn taught 7-12 year olds at public school, in business and technology for over 30 years. David worked for IBM for 38 years as a service technician and sang in the Barbershop Harmony Qurtets for 45 years. They now both sing in the local community chorus and are committed to living out their purpose. ✍️ References on the show Bluezone living : Discovering and living into your purpose:
Mar 07, 202342:09
Human Centered Design at 80 plus continued with Dan Miller
Feb 21, 202327:10
Closing the Joy Gap: Conscious Consumerism & Sustainability with Maxim Gelmann and Caroline Hobkinson

Closing the Joy Gap: Conscious Consumerism & Sustainability with Maxim Gelmann and Caroline Hobkinson

Today, we have a very special episode for you all. We are joined by Maxim Gelmann and Caroline Hobkinson, two experts in their respective fields. Caroline is a Behavioral Anthropologist and Food Multisensory Expert who has been exploring the connections between technology, food, art, and our senses. If you're a fan of our show, you might remember her from previous episodes. And, Maxim is the Chief Stroodle at Stroodles Eco Tableware, a company that is on a mission to make our everyday items as eco-friendly as possible. Together, they've just launched Stroodled, a Sustainable Mindset Audit that aims to close the "Joy Gap" in sustainability.
Maxim and Caroline will talk about conscious consumerism, the challenges of changing habits, and how the Stroodled audit measures your positive impact. They'll also delve into how companies can use the audit to show their commitment to sustainability and the environment, and how we as consumers can make small changes to live our best lives in a more sustainable way.
In this episode, you'll discover:
-The "Joy Gap" in sustainability and how Stroodled is closing it by measuring your positive impact.
-The importance of conscious consumerism and how small changes can make a big difference.
-How companies can show their commitment to sustainability and the environment through the Stroodled audit.
-The role of positive reinforcement in promoting sustainable living, and how to manifest sustainability in your daily life.
-The connection between happiness and sustainability, and how you can live your best life while being mindful of the planet.
So, get ready to learn, be inspired, and discover the joy of sustainability with Maxim and Caroline on the Hihellosura Show
So, grab your coffee cup, sit back, and get ready to learn about the modern approaches to happiness and sustainability. Who knows, before you know it, you might just be reading Shakespeare with a Stroodles top hat on!
Get in touch with Maxim Gelmann and Caroline Hobkinson on Linkedin, and on instagram.
Feb 14, 202338:10
Human centered design at age 80 plus with Michael Hughes

Human centered design at age 80 plus with Michael Hughes

Join us with our guest Michael Hughes, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in aging, technology and health. As the first Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer at United Church Homes, Michael is leading the organization's digital transformation efforts and is always on the lookout for new ways to engage and co-create offerings with residents. With a passion for reducing health and wellness risks, Michael has teamed up with AARP and later HiHelloSura to put residents at the heart of innovation. Tune in as we explore Michael's journey and learn about the impact that human-centered design has had on innovation for the residents of United Church Homes.
👉About Micheal Hughes
SEVP and Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer, United Church Homes. Michael joined United Church Homes in November 2021 as its first Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer. His work centers on leading UCH’s digital transformation efforts which includes developing its online platforms, evaluating promising technologies and finding new ways to engage and co-create offerings with its customers.
Michael has over 20 years of experience in aging, technology and health. He has held leadership roles at AARP, Surescripts and Senior Helpers and has particular interest in measuring and reducing health and wellness risks associated with social determinants of health. He is also active in the AgeTech space and has advised a number of startups on market entry strategy, UX development and business sustainability through volunteer work with AgeTech accelerators like TechStars.
📣 Get in touch on Linkedin searching for Michael Hughes.
Feb 13, 202336:19
The How of Happy with Tisse Mallon

The How of Happy with Tisse Mallon

Join us for a thought-provoking episode of the hihellosura show as we welcome Tisse Mallon, the founder of the How of Happy! Tisse, a quirky queer with a passion for human behavior, will challenge your traditional views on power and fulfillment. We'll discuss how the traditional skill set taught to us often leads to tension and manipulation, and how we need to focus on the "slow skills" like empathy, compassion, and listening to truly connect with others. Say goodbye to the fear-based, productivity-driven culture and hello to Tisse's game-changing strategies for emotional intelligence and global citizenship. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from one of the leading voices in emotional intelligence, who has presented at TEDx and other high-profile events. Get ready to expand your perspective and learn the art of connection.

👉About Tisse Mallon
A quirky queer with a wild passion for understanding what makes humans tick. Tisse is the Founder/Director of the Elar Institute, a school focused on the science of connection and the primary instructor of their flagship program, the How of Happy. For the past 16 years, Tisse has been producing events and teaching classes centered on emotional intelligence, applied neuroscience, and mindfulness. Tisse proudly promotes the ideology of Global Citizenship which involves a broader perspective of human rights, sustainability, and commonality. They believe emotional intelligence is at the core of peaceful humanity; realizing we are all connected – part of an organism that either thrives or suffers as a whole. Tisse has presented at TEDx Orlando, TEDx Poynter Institute, Pecha Kucha Orlando, Orlando Story Club, and AIGA’s Wellness By Design event among others.

Visit: and when you sign up put in HIHELLO , for a discount.
Feb 07, 202338:21
The surprising truth about net-zero with Andrew Griffiths

The surprising truth about net-zero with Andrew Griffiths

There's a lot of jargon around net zero, but what does it actually mean? And how can you make your organization net zero?

It might seem like a daunting task, but there are under-the-radar factors that could be negatively affecting your sustainability efforts. For example, did you know that your pension fund could be killing people?

Join Andrew Griffiths, Director of Community and Partnerships of PlanetMark to:
👉Debunk the jargon around net zero
👉The basics of sustainability like forming a green team to catapult your organization to being net zero.
👉 Creating a win-win for both the planet and your bottom line profit.
👉 Spot the under the radar factors that negatively effect sustainability i.e. potentially your pension.

📣About Andrew

Andrew Griffiths, Director of Community and Partnerships, Planet Mark, a sustainability certification that supports organisations and real estate to measure and continually reduce carbon emissions, and increase their social impact. Andrew, chairs the Institute of Directors National Sustainability Taskforce and was a member of the UK Government’s COP26 Small Business Taskforce, as well as the Advisory Board for the Global Sustainability Film Awards.He thrives at the intersection between technology and sustainability and remains stubbornly optimistic about how these themes will align to influence and improve the future of our workplaces, planet, and wider society.

Dec 05, 202234:30
Lessons Learnt from Scaling from 10 to over 300,000 People. Leading & Nurturing Teams & How Life Helps to Focus Energy & Structure Life with Esteban Garcia

Lessons Learnt from Scaling from 10 to over 300,000 People. Leading & Nurturing Teams & How Life Helps to Focus Energy & Structure Life with Esteban Garcia

In this episode, we'll be exploring what it takes to scale from a team of 10 people to a team of over 300,000. We'll hear from Esteban Garcia, serial entrepreneur who has been through the process and learn about the challenges and lessons he’s acquired along the way. We'll also find out how unexpected life experiences can help us to focus our energy and structure our lives in a way that feels meaningful and successful for us.

About Esteban Garcia

Esteban Garcia is a technology entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the industry.  As of July 1st, Esteban is the CEO of Xpirit USA – a Microsoft Cloud consulting firm helping customers with their Cloud adoption by building Engineering Cultures.

Esteban has been in an entrepreneurial journey since 2007, having been part of several startups, with the most recent being Nebbia Technology, started in  2014, with an exit in 2019 and a second exit in 2020.

Esteban has a passion for helping transform organizations through the use of technology, enabling teams to do amazing things while solving their business problems. He does this through mentoring, training, and working closely with teams to help them realize their potential.

Esteban is a frequent speaker at technical conferences throughout the world, he is a Microsoft Regional Director, and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.

You can  follow him on Twitter at @estebanfgarcia.

Aug 29, 202244:12
How the Future of AI will impact businesses and society as a whole with Daniel Hulme.

How the Future of AI will impact businesses and society as a whole with Daniel Hulme.

Satalia CEO Daniel Hulme discusses the future of artificial intelligence, and how it will impact businesses and society as a whole.

Hear about exciting new applications for AI that are already being used by companies like Tesco and PwC, and find out how you can apply AI in your own business. Satalia is on a mission to make innovation accessible and free for all. Join us as we discuss the implications of this abundance.

Learn how AI:
👉 helps humanity.

👉 can become a catalyst for an abundant world.

👉 is ethically agonistic.

👉can help you, your team and your organization.

Get in touch: or reach out to Daniel Hulme on Linkedin.
About Daniel Hulme

Daniel Hulme (PhD) is a leading expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies, and is the CEO of Satalia. Satalia is an award-winning company that provides AI products and solutions for global companies such as Tesco and PwC. Satalia's mission is to create a world where everyone is free to innovate and that those innovations become free for everyone.

Daniel is also the Chief AI Officer for WPP and helps define, identify, curate and promote AI capability and new opportunities for the benefit of the wider group and society.

Having received a Master and Doctorate in AI at UCL, Daniel is also UCL's Computer Science Entrepreneur in Residence and a lecturer at LSE's Marshall Institute, focused on using AI to solve business and social problems.

Passionate about how technology can be used to govern organisations and bring positive social impact, Daniel is a popular keynote speaker specialising in the topics of AI, ethics, technology, innovation, decentralization and organisational design. He is a serial speaker for Google and TEDx, holds an international Kauffman Global Entrepreneur Scholarship, and is a faculty member of Singularity University.

Daniel is a contributor to numerous books, podcasts and articles on AI and the future of work. His mission is to create a world where everyone has the freedom to spawn and contribute to innovations, and have those innovations become free to everyone. He has advisory and executive positions across companies and governments, and actively promotes purposeful entrepreneurship and technology innovation across the globe.
Aug 22, 202235:07
How to Stay Ahead with Crowd innovation & the Power of Inviting Others to Apply their Own Magic with Kal Sahota
Aug 15, 202257:20
How to develop the creative skills you need to win the future, with Fred Mandell and Harvey Seifter.

How to develop the creative skills you need to win the future, with Fred Mandell and Harvey Seifter.

Strengthen your leadership and innovation skills today with the world's leading practitioners of Arts-Based Experiential Learning, Fred Mandell and Harvey Seifter. The last few years have reshaped the business landscape so profoundly that many corporate leaders are woefully unprepared for the rapidly changing demands of the roles they now occupy, and they know it. The future depends on the ability of organizations and leaders to navigate a landscape shaped by disruption, uncertainty, volatility, and rapidly accelerating change.  In 2019 Fred joined forces with Harvey Seifter, global pioneer in arts-based learning, to form Creating Futures That Work. ( As lead practitioners of Arts-Based Experiential Learning (ABEL), they have discovered this to be an emotionally resonant and transformational system that helps leaders, high potentials, and teams develop the creative, collaborative, and innovation skills they need to win the future.  Discover:  👉How to future-proof your career and your organization  👉 How arts-based experiential learning can help you lead a great company 👉Why leaders need to be well rounded, strong and resilient About  Harvey Seifter, founder and director of Art of Science Learning (www.artofsciencelearning) and Principal Investigator of its two National Science Foundation grants, is one of the world’s leading authorities on organizational creativity and arts‐based learning. Through Seifter Associates (, the consulting firm he founded in 1995, Harvey has brought arts­‐based approaches to innovation, leadership development, teamwork and cross-­cultural communication to General Electric, IBM, AstraZeneca, Siemens, Real Networks, Johnson & Johnson, Chrysler, Novartis, Morgan Stanley, GlaxoSmithKline, Goldman Sachs, BMW, McGraw‐Hill, Columbia University Graduate School of Business (Senior Executive Faculty 2002 -­‐05), UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, New York University’s Stern School, Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo) and Université de Paris VIII. Fred Mandell is a former award winning senior executive and business model innovator, visual artist, writer, teacher, social entrepreneur and transformation provocateur. He has developed emotionally resonant ways to teach individual and team skills, techniques and processes which accelerate innovative outcomes through arts based learning. His series The Leader as Artist has earned the number one rated course at MIT’s Sloan Innovation Period program.  He is the author of Can Art Save Us? (TGIAL) and Becoming a Life Change Artist; 7 Skills to Reinvent Yourself at Any Age (Avery/Penguin) with Kathleen Jordan.
Jul 31, 202201:00:40
How To Stop Limiting Yourself and Finally Start Leading And Innovating with Mark Tribbitt

How To Stop Limiting Yourself and Finally Start Leading And Innovating with Mark Tribbitt

Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for trees when you are stuck in your own success. Mark Tribbitt, PHD at Pepperdine University breaks down what he has seen over his years teaching MBA courses that focus on strategic management and entrepreneurship with an emphasis towards technology innovation, as well his leadership coaching.

We cover:
- How To Stop Limiting Yourself and Finally Start Leading And Innovating
- 3 Ways Leaders Get Stuck (And How To Break Free)
- How To Stop Overthinking Everything And Start Making Things Happen
- The Mindset Shift That Will Help You Finally Lead And Innovate

Walk away recognizing where leaders get caught up so they you can learn ways to break free!

👉About Mark Tribbitt

Dr. Mark A. Tribbitt is a tenured professor of strategic management at Pepperdine University. Prior to pursuing a career in academia, Dr. Tribbitt spent 14 years in the financial services industry in various leadership positions. Most recently, Dr. Tribbitt was Vice President of Operations for JPMorgan, managing servicing and trading of a $350 billion mutual fund portfolio.

Mark’s primary research interest deals with the intersection between corporate governance and corporate entrepreneurship. His teaching focuses on strategic management, entrepreneurship, and management of technology and innovation.

Mark is a member of several academic associations including the Academy of Management, and he has presented his work at multiple global academic conferences. He has also won numerous awards and accolades for his teaching.

Beyond his current faculty appointment, Mark is an executive coach and consultant. He has consulted various firms in the areas of business development, operations management, and mergers and acquisitions strategies; and has coached executives and high potential individuals across a number of industries.

👉Get in touch with Mark Tribbitt on Linkedin
Jun 17, 202235:45
Being yourself is your greatest strength with Emma Pelfrey

Being yourself is your greatest strength with Emma Pelfrey

Join Emma Pelfrey, multimedia designer, experienced photographer, videographer and I as chat in real life, about the lessons learnt to be yourself, in order to follow what personally drives you.

This path as most of us have experienced is not always easy, but Emma shares the clues that led her to identify that she was not in alignment, the effect that it has on her health and ultimately, how taking leaps repeatedly has helped her create a creative life that she is excited to wake up to everyday.

Walk away learning:
- The tell tale signs that the path is not meant for you.
- How important it is to leave your ego at the door.
- The ripple effect of empowering those around you to succeed.

About Emma Pelfrey

Emma Pelfrey is a multimedia designer, experienced photographer and videographer, with a niche for entertainment. She has worked with
brands such as Absolut. She manages and designs for Color Me Places and is the studio assistant at Red Tape Gallery.

Her work T-Shirt collaboration in 2019 with Color Me Places co-owner Ariel Hernandez, merged her brand The Saint Emma and his brand Penny Brave, leading to a huge Halloween pop-up.

Ask Emma Pelfrey, to create anything on a computer; websites, graphic design, 3D animation, music production. Anything!

She is most proud to create a life and career in art and design. She admits it is not always easy, as she has sacrificed a lot of stability but gets wake up and work her two dream jobs. A feat she would never take for granted.

Get in touch with Emma Pelfrey

May 24, 202233:19
The Art of Persuasion & Decision Making, with Matthew Willcox

The Art of Persuasion & Decision Making, with Matthew Willcox

In this episode we are joined by Matt Wilcox, author of “the business of choice” where we deep dive into the application of behavioral science to give us critical insights for marketing magic. We break down how the different building blocks that effect human behavior, hopefully shedding a light and giving you a blueprint for creating some persuasion. Spoiler alert our acronym for the chat is LENS! -[L] Perceived fear of Loss -[E] Ease -[N] "Now and Near — how time and physical distance affect our choices”. -[S] Our decisions are effected by what we see other people doing Socially. About Matt: Matthew is is one of the pioneers of the application of behavioral science insights to the practice of marketing. His book, “The Business of Choice” was named M&SB’s “Marketing Book Of The Year and winner of the American Marketing Association’s prestigious Berry Book Prize, and the second edition was a medallist in the 2021 Axion Business Book Awards. He currently runs The Business of Choice, a behavioral insights and choice architecture consultancy that helps organizations make the choices they need people to make align with how people naturally choose.
Apr 11, 202246:22
Beauty is only the beginning of a conversation, with Peterson Guerrier

Beauty is only the beginning of a conversation, with Peterson Guerrier

In real life, sitting next to one another, Peterson Guerrier and I had the unique opportunity to talk.

Co-founder with Chris Jones of the multidisciplinary full service studio, Red Tape, they work with interior designers, architecture firms and corporate clients to create dynamic custom fine art, transforming spaces into experiences and connection opportunities.

The Red Tape mindset shares: “we are not individuals, but a community of events, a community of human relationships that share a way of thinking. We form ideas through a collaborative process that encourage the exchange of varied perspectives.”

We discuss:

👉 The creation process.
👉 Being a human.
👉 Being a renegade.
👉 Suspending attachments
👉 Being true to ourselves.
👉 Pushing the limits of possibility.
👉 Community and serving.
👉 Leaving our egos at the door.

Please share your perspectives of the episode, in the reviews.

✨Check out to cultivate the mindset of unleashing your creativity.

Get in touch with Peterson Guerrier
👉Instagram @mr_guerrier
👉 Linkedin Peterson Guerrier

✨About Peterson Guerrier ✨
“Beauty is only the beginning of a conversation”. Peterson Guerrier grew up in Miami, FL, and attended Design and Architecture Senior High. Thereafter securing a Fine Arts degree from College of Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, MI.

Peterson Guerrier is best known for his work with the concept of duality. Whether through his painting or his photography, he has always expertly portrayed the juxtaposition between different extremes. In his paintings, Peterson's layering technique along with his use of color brings his works to life.

When different elements of the paintings emerge they create their own intriguing storyline left open to interpretation.

Peterson’s work has been commissioned by various high-profile companies in hospitality and advertising. His work has been installed in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, and featured in Boutique Design magazine. He has shown in galleries across the country, including The Mennello Museum of American Art, Aqua Miami Art Basel, Snap Orlando!, City Art, The Grand Bohemian Gallery, Redefine Gallery, RGPL High Point market (NC), and X Contemporary Gallery at Art Basel, Miami. Peterson currently lives and works in Orlando, Florida.
Mar 31, 202251:47
Engaging the senses in a highly digitized world with Caroline Hobkinson
Feb 07, 202231:51
Reconnect to the Senses through Experience Design, with Jamie Shaw.

Reconnect to the Senses through Experience Design, with Jamie Shaw.

We’ve all had conversations that feel real, and genuine. We instinctively know when they feel disingenuous and transactional. As a brand, your conversation with your “audience” is no different. How do we the purveyor of value have a real conversation with humans that really connects with them. Dare I say surprises them and gets them caught up in the conversation. Think about when countless hours have passed when you’ve been talking with the perfect stranger. This is our opportunity to design experiences that do just that. Joined by my guest Jamie Shaw, Global Creative Director for experience, creative and brand at experiential agency Cogs & Marvel. We discuss : - The ability to story-tell using all the senses. - How forming a kaleidoscope team is the only way to go. - Jamies unusual background as a poet that informed her alternative approach. - How the best ideas can start from a passion project and emerge to create a powerful movement (That Lady Thing). - How truly injecting an unexpected emotion, made an HR benefits campaign the most raved about experience. - How to tune into your gut to make decisions . - AND there’s more.. so listen. About Jamie Shaw Jamie Shaw is a creative director at global brand experience agency Cogs & Marvel, a live and digital brand experience agency serving some of the world’s most innovative thinkers. She leads creative direction, brand, and experience design. Self proclaimed language obsessive (I’m so nervous about my inevitable typos), strategic brain with creative soul, rock snob, placemaker. Past-life poet. Cogs and Marvel, a Certified Women-Owned Business, inspires and connects people by finding better ways to create meaning through smart storytelling. Their chief value is summed up in the phrase, “Make It Better.” Getting in touch with Jamie Shaw: Linkedin
Feb 03, 202244:11
How to Confidently get those Ideas out of the Door!
Nov 18, 202121:40
How to Find made to Win Ideas!
Nov 15, 202124:00
Remind people, their Cousin is not your Audience!
Nov 11, 202121:38
How do you Align the Forces for Good?
Nov 08, 202119:57
 How do you set the Stage for Creativity?
Nov 04, 202117:22
You’re a Creativity Superhero! Want to know more?
Nov 01, 202118:25
 Find your What & Shatter inherent Mindsets with David Kinigson
Oct 29, 202139:08
Moving through creativity blocks. Exercising Happiness. Shipping your projects with Stas Arsonov.
Oct 05, 202141:01
Accessing the Filing Cabinets of Creativity

Accessing the Filing Cabinets of Creativity

When we are stuck we can often be spinning our wheels. The reason is that we are relying on a system that is not giving us access to new thinking . In this episode I introduce the idea of filing cabinets, which is our brains natural way of organizing information. If we stay in the same cabinet expecting a different answer, well then we are just crazy. I share how to access different resources by looking elsewhere to jump start your creativity and resources.

Walk away knowing:
👋 How your mind works and why it works the way it does.

👋How to jump into another filing cabinet to find resources you already have

👋How to bring those resources back to your challenge, to get UNSTUCK.

May 19, 202116:14
Breaking + Creating Habits to Reach our Potential with Heather Fox

Breaking + Creating Habits to Reach our Potential with Heather Fox

In this episode we tap into the power of habit to create more of what we want as a person, in our lives, in our community. If we are the sum of our actions, then how are we intentional about the ones we want in our lives, and how do control, alt, delete the ones that are no longer serving.

Joined by Heather Fox, behaviorist and founder of Techpawlogy LLC, she shares just how.

Heather works with a mix of mechanisms such as science and technology to change behavior in animals and their humans. She believes that being a lifelong learner in understanding patterns/systems is the key to reaching our full potential in creating positive changes within ourselves and within others.

We unpack how to do this for the tiniest of habits and go onto to stacking this into the life or grand vision that you are seeking to create.

Get in touch with with Heather Fox through Techpawlogy on instagram or her website.

Also contribute to the Aurora Blue Aggression Initiative, by using Venmo to Techpawlogy. Your donation, provides individuals with an aggressive animal, access to a behaviorist, enriching the lives of the pet, the owner and the community.
Mar 30, 202151:16
Find your Purpose through Human Design, with Ahram Arya

Find your Purpose through Human Design, with Ahram Arya

In this episode we dive into Human Design, with Ahram Arya, former industrial designer at Nike, now turned Human Design Guide and coach. We explore what it means to have mastery and knowledge of yourself, almost like having an owners manual. Imagine that! From that place you can create, move and negotiate in alignment with the way your ‘true you’.

This is a way to get unstuck and move with ease and speed. If you have asked yourself the question, why am I here, what is my purpose, this might be the episode for you.

The method allows you to work from a position of knowing that is unique to you, and from that to be able to work from a position of strength. If you are here to personally grow, learn and evolve yourself, this may be a catalyst for you.

He asks a critical question: There is a code to manifesting what you want, but first, what are you willing to do differently?

About Ahram Arya:
Ahram is a Coach, Human Design Guide, and Healer inspired to unlock your higher purpose and your power to create.

“I coach that the flow-state, spirituality, and creativity are all the same thing - but we have to support all three.”

He combines wisdom from his own spiritual path with 20 years of experience as a creative director, story-teller, and industrial designer with top brands including Nike. “I was the guy at the whiteboard bringing people together to create solutions through collective vision. Now I mix spiritual laws with proven strategies that transform individuals and teams with the power of what is.

Get in touch with Ahram Arya: or his name on Instagram and other social platforms.
Mar 16, 202155:02
Make your Future. Tap into World Building with Ronni Kimm

Make your Future. Tap into World Building with Ronni Kimm

On this episode, we are exploring how you can partner with future in order to create your future as opposed to feeling uncertain about it. We are joined by Ronni KImm, who helps clients and people in organizations imagine what is possible. We look at the world building, which is often used in gaming and film, and apply some of those principles to future scenario making. In this episode walk away with: The idea of mapping scenarios for your future. How to enter creation in a state of discovery How to partner and dance with your future versus feeling uncertain About our Guest Ronni Kimm is the founder of Collective Future, a design and innovation consultancy based in Los Angeles. Her work focuses on utilizing human-centered design and storytelling to imagine new possibilities for the future. Project outcomes have included everything from strategic directives, digital prototypes, immersive AR/VR experiences, and narrative dinners. Ronni has led future-focused initiatives for Autodesk, Clif Bar, Ford, Nike, and VF, among others. As an educator, her background includes lectureships, and visiting artist/critic roles at the ArtCenter College of Design, California Institute of the Arts, Cal State Long Beach, General Assembly, Otis College of Art & Design, SCI-Arc, UCLA, and USC. As part of her exploration of new meanings and forms, Ronni loves to incite conversations and collaborations with brilliant thinkers and doers whenever possible. Contact our guest or at Support by subscribing to the show by visiting
Nov 11, 202033:29
Covid Pivot! From rides to sanitizers with Andy Didorsi

Covid Pivot! From rides to sanitizers with Andy Didorsi

I invited Andy Didorsi, because for as long as I have known him, when everyone is zigging he is zagging. As a serial “this is what the world needs, let’s make it happen” person, he has constantly been told no, not yet, only if you, and still finds a way through.

On the “side”, he is the head marketing officer for Basecamp and Hey (their new amazing email service).

When Covid “arrived”, I saw that he had pivoted his business within a few short months.
He asked himself would I get on a bus right now? With bills and employees to pay, what do people really need right now? What would be useful?

From the Detroit Bus company, (TOM style providing a ride for a ride) into an FDA approved sanitizer provider (bottle for a bottle), Arsenal of Clean was born.

AoC, donates thousands of gallons upon gallons of sanitizer to frontline workers and other people in need.

As well as ‘chemisting’, managing Paper Street, a small business incubator in Ferndale for the little guy who finds it hard to get space to work, he is part of 59 people Basecamp. Spread worldwide, they were doing remote since 1999.

They vote with their dollars and are against the creepiness of tracking their customers. If you’re looking for a makes-common-sense yet hadn’t existed until now email service, Hey, is your place to go for real privacy and oh my gosh, I’m saying it , emails becoming fun again.

In our conversation Andy and I talk about:
- A no is not always a no
- How to be useful
- What it takes to 180 pivot your business - how Arsenal of clean was born
- Grabbing footholds with dear life and growing that position
- How to stay sane during Covid
- How to stop getting in your own way to ship and put your ideas out into the world
- How cool the email service Hey is!!! (I’m a big fan).

Getting in touch, supporting and learning more about Andy

You can reach him on Twitter and Instagram both at @ThatDetroitAndy

Learn more about Andy :
Sep 25, 202059:51
Leading with Heart, with Kaitlyn Chana
Jun 18, 202051:45
Experience a change in taste perception with Sonic Tasting, Caroline Hobkinson & Anita Stubenrauch

Experience a change in taste perception with Sonic Tasting, Caroline Hobkinson & Anita Stubenrauch

In this episode you are invited to join us for an multi sensory experience. Think Willy Wonka mixed with electronic music. We will be exploring the interplay of sounds with food perception with food anthologist Caroline Hopkinson and creative, apple credo writer, Anita Strebenauch.

We will explore the interrelationship between food and flavor.

We are inviting you to eat special ingredients, listen to custom designed pieces of music, and experience the impact that they have on each other.

Drawing on the latest gastrophysical research into sensory perception, the music uses exact sonic frequencies and musical gestures calibrated to enhance the mouthfeel, flavour and provenance of each ingredient.

We are not manipulating a flavor but modulating and highlighting what is already there. There is no right or wrong. Some sensations will be stronger than others.

So sharpen your ears and explore with us the fascinating relationship between sound and flavor.

Prepare by grabbing one or more of the following ingredients:

1. Coffee lozenge or a plain cup of coffee
2. Popping candy
3. A 2x3” piece of seaweed
4. Honey lozenge
5. Gum jaw breaker
6.Glass of water

AND bring plenty of Curiosity

If you’d like to participate but would rather Caroline handles the ingredients, you can purchase a lockdown kit from

Think of this as yoga for your mouth.

Feedback from the experience include:

“The experience is like a weird popping candy connection to the universe”. Caroline Hopkinson

“ In Harry Potter there was gilley weed. It felt like the seaweed was a mechanism that let me go underneath the water and let me be ok in this totally foreign environment where I wouldn’t normally be able to breath.“

“Takes you back to your seven year old self, so it is sonic time travel” Caroline Hobkinson

Get in touch with:

Caroline Hobkinson or on Instagram @caro_hobkinson.

Anita Stubenrauch
Linkedin or at or
Jun 10, 202001:02:21
The Intrapreneur’s Journey to Getting Ideas Launched, with Karen Holst

The Intrapreneur’s Journey to Getting Ideas Launched, with Karen Holst

Getting your idea sold, launched and love your job doing it. Welcome to the intrapreneur’s joureny. Karen Holst shares that ideas at the very end are going to be the very best version of what they should be, versus what you thought they were going to be.

In this episode
Bringing a new innovation into the world as an entrepreneur has it’s host of challenges. Doing this within as an organization brings to the foreground it’s own perils, twists and dips.

If you are the kind of person who thrives on seeing ideas come into reality, Karen Holst, entrepreneur turned intrapreneur shares with us the key learnings and highlights from her book Start-Within, to making that journey.

Karen and I discuss as a Doer within an organization, what it takes to Get Ready, Get Set and Go forward to getting your idea launched.

She shares that in the end the idea in her head is going to look very different by the time it is launched. It’s going to be the best version of what it should be, versus what she thought it would be.

“What is locked up in my head may not be what it’s going to come out to be, I have to do the small experiments, share, get feedback, along the way iterate move forward and that is what all of this work looks like, its not just this idea locked up in you, and it comes out the way you believe it should, you’re involving many people you are taking many steps, and at the very end its going to be the very best version of what it should be, it won’t be what you thought it was going to be”. Karen Holst

Get in touch with at Karen Holst- and the @

About Karen Holst:
Karen Holst is an entrepreneur turned intrapreneur. She co-founded educational technology startup MyEdu, formerly Pick-A-Prof (acquired by Blackboard), and transitioned to intrepreneurial roles within the California Department of Education, IDEO, Autodesk, and LinkedIn Learning.

From government agencies and non-profits to startups and Fortune 500 companies, Karen has worked with organizations of varying sizes and across industries to help their leadership unlock creative potential and empower their employees to innovate. Her expertise on innovation has been featured in TechCrunch, The New York Times, NPR, The Chicago Tribute, CNN, and more.

Karen currently teaches courses through LinkedIn Learning (formerly, serves on the board of Thrive Education, and mentors entrepreneurs through TechStars and Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program.
May 07, 202043:06
Harnessing the Postive Anchors of Food & Drink with Caroline Hobkinson

Harnessing the Postive Anchors of Food & Drink with Caroline Hobkinson

Harnessing the positive anchors that surround food and drink, explores and brings to life the new rituals that we can establish in liu of old ones that we might have released while at home. From the perspective of food artist and anthropologist Caroline Hobkinson we unpack the power of rituals that provide us with new anchoring, grounding and navigation.

In this episode we explore the notion of food and drink rituals from the perspective of anthropology, with guest Caroline Hobkinson. We unpack the concept of enhancing rituals that serve, anchor and ground, that we can make our own, which become fundamental to purposefully navigating our days.

The power of the mind and it’s perception are opened up. This altered mindset of mindfulness, savoring experiences to be truly present - even to the unpacking of the dishwasher.

We share with you the Unusual Ingredients project and you are invited on the next show to experience sound, accompanied by certain ingredients, which will modulate and enhance each ingredient.

The headline is that our mind and experience are all open for coaching, coaxing, and exploration. We can choose the experience that serves our higher creative intention.

Unusual ingredients is a multi-sensory project bringing to life the relationships between sound and flavour through live musical events and an album.

Drawing on the latest gastrophysical research into sensory perception, our music uses exact sonic frequencies and musical gestures calibrated to enhance the mouthfeel, flavour and provenance of each ingredient. Think Willy Wonka mixed with electronic music and cutting edge cross-disciplinary science. Unusual ingredients is created by musicians Jacob Thompson-Bell and Adam Martin, and food artist Caroline Hobkinson.

You can reach Caroline at: or on Instagram @caro_hobkinson.

You can get your own kit for the Willy Wonka ingredient sound experiment, the Lockdown kit . The kit for the five ingredients is 10 British Pounds, $13 including postage.

The ingredients are:

Popping Candy
Coffee Sweets
Bubble Gum Stopper Candy
Honey lozenge

If you would like to experience this sourcing your own ingredients, visit Spotify to look at the Unusual Ingredients playlist.

About Caroline Hobkinson

Caroline Hobkinson is an anthropologist exploring and investigating the interrelationships between Tech, Food, Art and the Senses.

Born in Cologne in 1979, trained at Central Saint Martin’s where she gained a degree in Fine Art and SOAS where she earned a master’s degree in the Anthropology of Food, she has been creating events and sculptural installations, in galleries, museums and public spaces worldwide. She has published and co-authored numerous research and academic papers on the neuroscientific workings of eating and conducted anthropological qualitative research into food and drink habits and rituals.

Operating within the intersections of technology, food and the senses Caroline has been giving numerous interactive talks and lectures on the subject of food and eating rituals for Unilever, Disney, Barilla, Space 10 and many others and her work and research has appeared in numerous publications. She has recently co presented a 3-part series on multisensory aspects of cheese, due out in summer 2020.
Apr 23, 202036:56
Returning to grounded with Stas Arsonov

Returning to grounded with Stas Arsonov

Staying grounded throughout the day, allows us to live our lives with intention and purpose, navigating through the ambiguity of what a day may throw at us. Integrative health coach, Stas Arsonov and I uncover the techniques to infuse groundedness into our day.


In this episode we explore the concept of what it is to be grounded, how we can be active participants, versus having a day happen to us.

Moving with intention and purpose throughout our day is always important, and the muscles reps really come into action during times of ambiguity.

Join my conversation with Stas Arsonov, integrative nutritiona coach, founder of mind and body optimization Think Clever, as we do just that.

We define what it is to be grounded, simple techniques to access that state, beginning the day with a ritual to carry with you throughout your day.

Stas refers to the following resources:
Meditation: Calm, Headspace and Insight Timer.
Short intense bursts of exercise: Tabata

About Stas Arsonov

Founder of Think Clever and Citta Nutrition, a stress management supplement, Stas Arsonov is an integrative health coach based out of Los Angeles, California. Stas works to help his coaching clients live with intention, establish morning routines and uncover their limiting habits.

With a background in healing body-work, nutrition, and fitness. He spent the past decade immersing himself deeply in mind and body optimization and learning from some of the great masters in the field of ultimate wellbeing.
Apr 08, 202030:03
Navingating between Creativity & Order with Heather Papoulis

Navingating between Creativity & Order with Heather Papoulis

As an entrepreneur we often give life to an idea and then are faced with the task of nurturing it and having it thrive. Navigating between a creativity mindset and an order systems and processes mindset is like mixing oil and water, they do not mix and yet both are critical. We explore why they are important in innovation, how to tap into and shift between the two worlds to create sustainable success to the endeavors you put your mind to.
In this episode we explored the infinity loop of creation and maintaining that creation, by looping from a creative, inception big picture mindset of creativity, into an orderly systems and processes mindset of Order.

Asking which one is more important would be like asking do you prefer breathing in or out.

We bring to life that we are able to shift either by ourselves or others. Ourselves being the acquistion of skills and tools in the alternate area, and through others by tapping into individuals who already have a disposition or energy in areas different to you.

About Heather Papoulis

Heather is the founder and CEO of Techpawlogy; training pets through positive tech. She teaches people how to train their pets pain free and fear free focusing on a balanced relationship of affection, respect and trust.

As a behaviorist, she’s worked with big cats, dolphins, elephants, horses, killer whales and wolves to name a few. Heather understands behavior and habit creation; she uses a mix of motivators and redirections to identify
our current point A and move purposefully to a desired point B of transformation.

Heather unlocks these mechanisms through a mix of psychology, philosophy and science in a fluid and applicable way. She believes through understanding our own behavior as wells as how we connect with others, we can reach our full potential and create positive change.

As a leader you can occupy one mindset but sustainable success requires that you have the ability to tap into both.

You can get in touch with Heather Papoulis at: and for our podcast listeners:, as well as on instagram and other social mediums.
Apr 02, 202030:30
Craft your Hero Story with Anita Stubenrauch

Craft your Hero Story with Anita Stubenrauch

On this episode we are joined by Ex-Apple creative veteran, Anita Stubenrauch. Over the course of her 13-year career, she reimagined Apple's credo, designed presentations given to Steve Jobs, and was Angela Ahrendts' speechwriter. She shared with us her approach to helping individuals and organizations author the stories they want to live into.

Whether you are developing your personal brand, tapping into the truth of your team and organization or have a new something happening that needs sharing, Anita guides us through the thought provocations that get our whispers to reveal themselves and start shouting loud. ——————————-
On this show we explore how to craft the story of you as a human in the world, your projects, team, organization. We uncover how to unlock your true purpose and the impact you want to create in the world.

This Anita calls the backstory! By having a clear focus, you are empowered to draft yourself as the hero in your own story and are able to move through the world with confidence as you have a clear sense of self.

We explore how to get the answers to these universally applicable, soul searching questions, which include being able to create a climate of radical transparency, and daring to have audacious dreams.

Some of the questions include:
1. Why are you here?
2. What do you do?
3. What makes you different?
4. What is you personality?
5. Who here for?
6. What do you value?

As we know it takes a moment to suspend the busy, the judgement and step into a space of possibility.

Tips for temporarily suspending our inner critic:
1. Recognizing that it is there to help - say thanks!
2. Ask yourself if you won the lottery, would your dreams change?
3. Ask those that care about you, when you are at your best, why are you here. What is your purpose?

A deep dive into how to craft your story, your plot, how to add the twists and turns that make it compelling and true are available at her course:

Get in touch with Anita Stubenrauch on Linkedin or at:

About Anita Stubenrauch

Anita is an Apple Inc. creative veteran. Over a thirteen-year career, she authored Apple's new credo, designed presentations given to Steve Jobs and the Board of Directors, and was Angela Ahrendts' executive speechwriter. She also wrote for Jeff Williams, Eddy Cue, Jay Blahnik, and Matt Fischer, among many, many others.

She left Apple in 2018 to tackle my most ambitious project yet—founding The Land of Make+Believe and Cause:

The Land of Make+Believe: a transformational fourteen-acre creative retreat center where unlikely heroes learn to slay their dragons. For artists, activists, and social impact organizations. Cause:Effect Creative—helping individuals and organizations author the stories they want to live.
Feb 11, 202001:18:30
How to Be Courageous & Have Breakthroughs with Kyle Hermans

How to Be Courageous & Have Breakthroughs with Kyle Hermans

Being courageous is leaning into the things that make us afraid, and seeing if you can unlock creativity in that moment. To share one of your ideas, is an act of courage. In this episode we learn how to harness courage, to understand our insurmountable sphere of influence for impact, and from that place how to build an ecosystem and supports our audiacious vision. In this episode we share what it means to be courageous as a leader, team and organization. People have been known to think that creativity happens when everything is right, but the moments when an outcome or transformation happens is usually when we are in a place of great difficulty. To share one of your ideas, is an act of courage Being courageous is leaning into the things that make us afraid, and seeing if you can unlock creativity in that moment. As a leader, we have a sphere of influence that has ripple infinity potential. Knowing how powerful we each are, we get to decide what responsibility that presents and what we are going about it. Companies want to get to the future faster while staying ahead of their competition. However the pieces that need to be present, the pathway to breakthroughs might not seem so obvious. We need to show up at different altitudes in life to move things forward. When we are stuck, we have altitude sickness so a change in perspective gives us the ability to go higher. If you really want to solve a challenge , make your challenge harder, increase the altitude, go up in vision and purpose, rise up into an altitude that you haven’t been before. The five levels of altitude enquiry relate to Core, Enablers, Growth, Bridges & EcoSytem. Get guided access to the altitude questions, as well as a downloadable template, from Kyle at: password: hihellosura. You can get in touch with Kyle Hermans at:, as well as on linkedin and instagram. About Kyle Hermans Kyle is the Founder, CEO of Be Courageous, the global growth platform helping leaders and organizations master their future today through courageous breakthroughs in culture, strategy and Innovation. Kyle’s group facilitate Start Up's, Scale Up's and Fortune brands to create, grow and sustain purpose driven cultures and businesses, unlock rapid growth and mindfully impact the future.
Jan 21, 202030:41
Get a Common Language to Innovation with Russ Schoen

Get a Common Language to Innovation with Russ Schoen

In this episode we cover :

The quest for sustainable innovation continues from E1. In this episode you get to understand at a deeper level where your unique creative thinking fits into innovation, how this feeds into the collaboration of the team and organization. Russ Schoen, shares case studies from around the world of how people have used FourSight to turn up the volume on their performance and move out tension into collaboration to solve complex business challenges within the likes of start-ups and Estee Lauder. 

In this episode we unpack deeper how FourSight has been used globally to help teams and organizations solve complex business challenges across industries and company size. 

Understanding our lens for problem solving 

- It helps unlock what your preferred approach and style is when solving a challenge.Do you prefer to solve within the lens of clarifying, ideating , developing, implementing or a combination? All four are needed to create sustainable innovation.

- Russ, shares the highs and lows of each preference type, where they thrive, where they might get stuck, and what to do to make that preference type be happy. 

- The  lows for each type are analysis paralysis (clarifier), project leaping (ideator), perfectionism, (developer), control (implementer). 

- Teams that do not perform as smoothly, are not aligned on what is needed at the moment in the project, as teams tend to be blind to individual preferences when engaging in problem solving. 

- Knowing our preference lets us make sure that each phase in innovation gets the due attention. 

- We are able to short cut conflict when we spend and put the energy in right place.

What shall we do when we do not have all the preferences in a team? 

Our preference is not ability. For those moments we can use tools to make jobs easier, to bolster where we do not currently have a preference. 

What happens when we are not aware of our blind spots?

- Blind spots to preferences have helped explained symptoms in organizations. For example a company started laughing when it was revealed that they were skewed heavy in ideating and implementation. It helped explain why their 30-35 SKUs had failed when they went to market. 

- It also explained conflict and tension within an organization where the leadership were heavy Implenentors and the managers heavy Clarifiers. 

Departmental Preference Skew

- Certain departments have been identified as leaning heavier into certain preferences than others: 

- Marketing - ideator /Implentor 

- Engineer & Accounting - clarifier/ developer 

- Sales - implentors 

How to Outperform Others 

- An independent IBM study showed that teams who were aware of their FourSight profile and had a problem solving process to follow tended to outperform other teams when delivering innovation, as they were aware of their blind spots and were able to ensure that they touched base with each stage integral to delivering innovation.

Who is this for? 

- This is for teams who want to take it up a notch and create higher performance, as well as for teams who are experiencing tension. 

- This can benefit Start-Up organizations to infuse more structure as well as it has been proven with Este Lauder. 

For an even deeper dive into how to unlock the creative potential of your organization, you can get in contact with Russ Schoen at, or myself at 

Jan 15, 202030:41
Create Bold Innovative Goals: Daring to Dream

Create Bold Innovative Goals: Daring to Dream

Setting bold innovative goals can be a challenge when you have experience in an arena, or when it has never existed before. In this episode you get to jump the belief chasm, accessing the seemingly fantastical, through the power of storytelling. This will enable you to give yourself permission to both create innovative bold goals for your organization and then activating them into reality.

In this episode we unpack why creating bold innovative goals can be challenging. How to overcome the challenge and then from that space harness what you have created into an action plan.

Creating anything new requires a suspension of current reality. Our inner critic is there to protect us in these situations from looking like a fool at work, to share with us what is currently happening in the market place, what has happened before based on experience. 

It’s important to give ourselves permission to create the new and bold otherwise we will be duplicating everything that has preceded. Innovation requires us to live on the fringes. 

In order to do that we need to tap into our child like mindset which is full of curiosity and wonder, uninhibited by reality and gently ask our inner critic to take a seat. 

The challenge is that when we look to set goals, our mind is great at sharing with us all the obstacles that we can ensue. 

But wait there is salvation. If we step into the future and look back telling the stories of all the incredible things that have passed, our mind also accepts it as true. It works in our favor to make it all a reality. 

This tool, is a great short cut to access the met

While the inner critic does that, we cue the Kyle Cease technique for creating goals: 

Step 1: The Three Month Share 

Partner up with someone. Choose who will be person A and person B. 

Person A look at Person B, and say: “You never guess what has happened since we last spoke three months ago. Since three months ago so much has happened. Let me tell you.” Then you will proceed to share with them all the fabulous things that have happened in the last three months. 

Person B your role is to nod, smile and look very positive. Nothing more. Nothing less. Do not ask them about feasibility, reality, budgets. 

Do this for five minutes and then switch roles. 

Step 2: The Six Month Share 

Then do this for 6 months. And switch roles.

Step 3: The One Year Share 

Then do it for 1 year. And then switch roles.

Step 4: The Super Charge Zone 

After this Person B, your role is to take the strands of what has been shared with you by person A and super charge their story. For example, if they talk about wanting to be a thought leader in their field, you might say, well I hear that Forbes and Fast Company are knocking on your door. Or that Oprah has invited you for dinner yet again. 

Super Charge for five minutes and then switch roles.  

Step 5: The Action Plan 

Based on this new story that you get to tell, ask yourself: “what are the three steps that I need to take immediately to lean into this reality?” This is your activation moment for action planning. 

This process is applicable for all aspects of your life including your team and your organization to get them set for creating vision for a project and the future. 

If you would like help creating a Roadmap of the Future for your team, get in touch at

Jan 06, 202016:33
Improve innovation: Know your creative thinking style.

Improve innovation: Know your creative thinking style.

Sustainable innovation, need not be an illusive unicorn. In this episode you get to understand where your unique creative thinking fits into innovation, where you get stuck and where you can collaborate to get creative solutions out of the door. 

In this episode we unpack how to create sustainable innovation. Whether we are working with creative problem solving, design thinking, lean or sprints, different thinking styles are critical in each phase to get innovation out of the door. 

An independent IBM study shared that those trained in creative thinking styles, an assembly created by FourSight TM.  were more effective at delivering impactful innovation. 

The four creative thinking styles are:

Clarifiers - lets not make assumptions 

Ideators - where are all the possibilities 

Developers - lets create a workable solution 

Implementors - Just do it, lets get this out of the door

Preferences are not indicative of ability, they just show us where we come alive and get energy. 

Knowing what your preferences are lets you know where you can plug into the innovation process and where you have gotten stuck, spinning your wheels.

Understand how to increase collaboration and reduce conflict, by understanding another’s preference. Suddenly that annoying thing they do becomes just the thing you need to get innovative solutions out the door.

FourSight has over 60 years of research and is currently used in 6 continents across industries. 

If you are interested in getting a summary of the dark and light side of your creative thinking preference, get in touch at www.hihellosura.

Nov 19, 201923:15