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Hippiecritical: New Age Trends, Alternative Health and Hippie Lifestyles

Hippiecritical: New Age Trends, Alternative Health and Hippie Lifestyles

By Oz, host @

Do you find yourself wondering "what's behind that weird new age trend?" Hippiecritical dives into the world of hippie lifestyles and alternative practices with balanced-but-critical eye.

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Learn about what once was counterculture and is now becoming common culture, including...

Yoga, meditation, sound baths, cults, reiki, healing crystals, float tanks, tarot, chakras, breathwork, tantra, Burning Man, and yes - alternative medicine and drugs of all kinds
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Benefits of Barefoot Movement with Shoe Entrepreneur, Mountain Chang

Hippiecritical: New Age Trends, Alternative Health and Hippie LifestylesNov 19, 2019

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Benefits of Barefoot Movement with Shoe Entrepreneur, Mountain Chang

Benefits of Barefoot Movement with Shoe Entrepreneur, Mountain Chang

This episode is packed with interesting nuggets about the benefits and misconceptions about barefoot movement and barefoot shoes. I chat with Mountain Chang, a CPA turned founder of the barefoot shoe company, Carets. Carets makes classy high end dress shoes - think Allen Edmonds - but with barefoot features like a zero drop design and wider toe box.  

(I don't receive a commission for this: you can use the coupon code 2019hippiecritical for $30 off if you shop at Carets.) 

In this episode, we talk about...

  • The interesting origins of barefoot movement 
  • Benefits of barefoot movement and why barefoot shoes exist
  • Why the "standard" approach to shoe design - cushioning, heels, space - is not designed for the human foot to have full range of motion. (Explains why higher heels are especially bad for the foot - not just for women.)
  • Common misconceptions of barefoot running, such as blisters and places to run

Other resources mentioned: 

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Intro music: "Good Tone" by Nordgroove from Fugue 

Outro music: "Sincerely" by Kevin Macleod

Nov 19, 201901:01:16
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Sound Healing for Beginners with Cassie Jaravata

Sound Healing for Beginners with Cassie Jaravata

Cassie Jaravata is a registered nurse, blossoming sound healer, and the force behind The Naturalistic Nurse.

In this episode we discuss...

  • What is sound healing?
  • The experience of a sound bath
  • Does sound or vibrations actually "heal?"
  • Cassie's experience healing from eczema, with the help of sound
  • How much does it cost to attend a sound bath?

Resources mentioned:

Products mentioned:

Looking into these products, they can add up to be hundreds or thousands of dollars in investment - not unlike how musicians can spend quite a sum on their instruments. 

First timers can experience a sound bath, like the ones offered by Cassie, for a fraction of that price. 

Or, as Oz mentioned, catch a sound bath for free at a transformational festival like Love Long Beach or Lightning in a Bottle. Or go super cheapo by playing with sound using a portable bluetooth speaker.

Thanks for listening y'all!

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