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A Hitchhiker's Guide To Truth

A Hitchhiker's Guide To Truth

By James Cordiner

Welcome to A Hitchhiker's Guide to Truth, hosted by James Cordiner.
Join me each episode as I explore philosophies on life, liberty and property. A wide range of topics including but not limited to anarchy, the occult, natural law, survival, literature and music.

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AHGTT #4 All Call In || Down the Rabbit Hole vol. 1

A Hitchhiker's Guide To Truth Aug 20, 2023

AHGTT #4 All Call In || Down the Rabbit Hole vol. 1
Aug 20, 202301:50:32
Aug 20, 202301:57:22
Why Are We Suffering? Part Two Of Manufactured Suffering | Roundtable
Aug 20, 202301:43:04
AHGTT #3 || Woody Martin AUDIO FIXED!

AHGTT #3 || Woody Martin AUDIO FIXED!

An Artist's Vision with Woody Martin Saturday, August 12, 2023

Thank you for tuning in! What inspires your creative ability? Don't think you are "the creative type"? I bet you could be! I bet, all you need to do, is find a way to activate your innate creative abilities.Here to discuss this topic with me this week is Woodrow Martin.Woody Martin grew up in a small town in Colorado to artistic parents who encouraged his creativity in fine art and music. He attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Denver, CO and graduated in 2003. He lived for 4 years in Brooklyn, NY showing and making art. He returned to Colorado and started asking questions and seeking answers, based off of an intuitive feeling that something was wrong with the world. He spent countless hours even years researching. He has discovered solid truths in this journey and now it is his time to contribute to the great work. So he founded Artswill. With a mission is to better the universe for all through the stories told in art. "Arts soul lives through its message." He creates whimsical animations, art, books, illustration, and music. He does this to help people understand natural law, so humanity can reach its desired state freedom. He is actively working on some fresh cartoons and a children's book series.

To find more from Woody please visit:


Find his children's book here:

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Compulsory "Education" ​

-A reading from: "Dumbing Us Down- The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor FIND THE FULL EPISODE AT ON OF THE FOLLOWING LINKS: RUMBLE: YOUTUBE: ODYSEE:

Aug 17, 202302:09:28
AHGTT #2 || Cory Endrulat

AHGTT #2 || Cory Endrulat

The Tyrants' Foe with Cory Endrulat

Saturday, July 29th, 2023
Thank you for tuning in!
The speed at which we exchange information has continued to increase at an exponential rate. We are living in the great age of communication. 
My guest this week is certainly no slouch when it comes to producing not only his own content. He has also extended his reach into organizing multiple platforms on which a great amount of information can be communicated out to the masses, if they only knew about it! If that isn't enough, he is also an event organizer too. 
His Bio:
Cory Edmund Endrulat is a fellow human being and messenger of nature. Often referred to as an abolitionist (voluntaryist), author, speaker, inventor, teacher Of Natural Law, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (certified by the Institute For Integrative Nutrition) and video content creator. Host of the End Of Slavery Summit, featuring about 50 speakers and hundreds of resources. Main editor of The Liberator 2 newspaper, online and in-person, for advocating a voluntary free world, allowing anyone to collaborate and make a greater impact. He encapsulated the philosophy of nature in what he calls Naturosophy. 
Find him at:
​James is currently holding a fund raiser to help pay his tuition to Autonomy - if you would like to contribute, please do so at:
-or- Sources:
1. Operation Mockingbird Video:
-Church Committee Report_
-The invisible Government FULL BOOK ON PDF-
-Carl Berstein "The CIA and the Media" 1977 Rolling Stone Article
2. NDAA Nullification Act of 2013
3. Spooks in Social Media
4. DHS Leaks Prove Social Media Conspired with Government
-the intercept article-
5. Former New York Post Editor Testifies of Government Censorship
6. Truthstream Media - Finally A Win for Free Speech
-Berenson Report-
-Censorship Appeal-
7. The Corbett Report - Solutions Watch- How (and When and Why) to Cite Your Sources
8. Digital Gaslighting Articles - Let's Declare Pandemic Amnesty
-Original Article-
-Altered Article-
9. Paul Joseph Watson - What the Hell is Happening?

Jul 30, 202305:07:32
Urgent News Message!
Jul 26, 202307:20
AHGTT #1 || Stephanie Kosonen

AHGTT #1 || Stephanie Kosonen

In Pursuit of Freedom with Stephanie Kosonen

Saturday, July 22nd, 2023 Thank you for tuning in! The knowledge of how to attain and maintain Freedom starts in the home, these principles and values are supposed to be passed to us by our parents and guardians. Sadly, this is not always the case and the primary reason as to why is simple. It is the lack of attention and education parents actually give their children. There are no good excuses for abandoning your children to be brainwashed by the state. The school system is a Government Indoctrination Machine, churning out our kids to be good children for the rest of their lives. You read that right, PERPETUAL CHILDHOOD!THIS IS A VERY REAL AND DANGEROUS PROBLEM. But we have solutions. There is always a solution. Joining me to discuss the importance of stepping up to the plate and doing right by your children is Stephanie Kosonen. Stephanie Kosonen is a Mother, Homeschool Advocate, Freedom Fighter and an Inspirational Person who gave up on quitting long ago. She has made big plans for the future by setting up "Freedom Labs", a one stop shop for parents to gain the confidence they'll need as they embark on the adventure of homeschooling their children. To sign up to Freedom Labs, please visit: ⁠⁠ To find Stephanie on social media, visit her Twitter:⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Featured tonight:​ The Six Purposes of Schooling presented by John Taylor Gatto⁠⁠ Watch the entire Ultimate History Lesson here:⁠ ⁠Download the FREE PDF of "An Underground History of American Education" by John Taylor Gatto here: ⁠ ⁠​​Dr. Peter Breggin on ADHD⁠⁠​ Forced Association from Larken Rose ⁠ ⁠More Deadly Than War: The Communist Revolution in America - G. Edward Griffin ⁠⁠ Becky Pringle Delivers Key Note Speach at the 2023 NEA Representatives Assembly⁠

Jul 26, 202305:24:50
Vinny Eastwood || The Art of Persistence part 2
Jul 16, 202302:34:35
Libercast #89 "Unity Within the Freedom Community" *guest appearance*
Jul 15, 202301:24:05
BPD #8 'The State of Freedom'

BPD #8 'The State of Freedom'

Black Pill Digest #8

'The State of Freedom'


For this year's In-Dependence Day broadcast, Sean and James have decided to take a look into just how free we are. The results are in, we can assure you, it is not what most think. We discuss the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States. We break down ‘gun-control’ propaganda by the lecherous Vice News. We discuss the levels of mind control Europe is under to keep them disarmed. And we take a good look at the evolution and future of 3D printing firearms. We wrapped it all up with 2 presentaions by Mark Passio titled ’The True Meaning and Purpose of the Second Amendment part 1 and part 2”. Happy Fourth of July. Remember what all the fireworks are meant to symbolize. Bombs and guns are what it takes to be free.

Joining us as a guest for this broadcast is Jeff Hippauf. Jeff is an anarchist, freedom activist, podcaster, engineer, and local event organizer. On a daily basis, Jeff relentlessly strives to learn about everything related to higher consciousness, self-improvement, and freedom for all beings. Firmly grounded and ever conscious that without a strong understanding of objective moral foundations human beings pursuing a more free existence are guaranteed to fall short of our potential. Jeff is adamantly solutions oriented and focused on real world actions that move humanity towards a state of freedom and anarchy.

Jeff's Website:⁠⁠⁠⁠

Joining us on the call in line:

Konrad Rogoz:⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Francesco Sani:⁠⁠⁠


Hosted by James Cordiner & Sean McCann

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Jul 02, 202306:45:49
Off Grid Living with Amy and John-Paul of LUV-A-LUTION podcast
Jun 19, 202358:50
Re-Unification With Nature with Will Keller & Logan Hart
Jun 11, 202302:52:48
Mark Passio || Become The TRUE Media: The Time Is NOW
Jun 04, 202301:16:50
Chant it Down #230 "Police Are Immoral" *guest appearance*

Chant it Down #230 "Police Are Immoral" *guest appearance*

The topic of Police corruption and brutality are important subjects that many cover, but the origins of even having police and the position of their job actually comes from immorality. Sean Mccaan (Wake the dead podcast) and James Cordiner (Hitchikers guide to truth come on to share clips and strong evidence to support that law enforcement itself comes from an evil place.
There are many things in our civilization that humanity has lost through time. Bravery, and to defend one’s self, and property are some of them. Unfortunately , humanity gained law enforcement which is so ingrained as normal in our society. Police are immoral because they are ORDER FOLLOWERS. They will follow orders whether they are in line with natural law and coming from truth, or in opposition to natural law and harming other beings. These truths and many others are presented in this show.

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Jun 02, 202302:55:27
Black Pill Digest #7 'you are what you eat'

Black Pill Digest #7 'you are what you eat'

On this edition of Black Pill Digest we will be exploring and asking: Just what is going on with the food on the grocery store shelf? Are the foods that are being catered to us actually healthy? And finally, like always, what the hell can we do about it? To help us along this journey, we have an amazing cast of guests who have learned so much about the ins and outs of the nutrition industrial complex that it would make an average person's head spin. Our guests are solutions driven and they are not afraid to take the actions necessary to make a difference. Jim Gale Jim and his team work tirelessly to build a free, healthy, and abundant society for generations to come. Their vision: Food forests growing in every community and in every yard around the world. Jim has spent his adult life exploring, he backpacked through 37 countries, lived with the Maasai, experienced Island life in Hawaii for a time all learning about cultures and fine tuning his interests. At 29, he set new goals starting with “to be retired in 3 years,” and then created a billion dollar mortgage company in three years helping him accomplish that life goal. Following the achievement of his mortgage success, he bought a boat and lived on the ocean for a year, then moved to Costa Rica to build eco-villages where he discovered permaculture. This was a life-changing experience, the A-HA moment where he set a new mission to bring this concept to every household in the world. Pat Miletich Pat is an organic soil, food, and supplement proponent on a mission to revitalize and restore American soil. Pat has spent 35 years searching for the top supplements on Earth in terms of human health, recovery and performance. A former U.S. Kickboxing Champion, Pat holds Black Belts in four martial arts and earned UFC Welterweight Champion for four years. He's trained 95 televised athletes and 12 world champions.

Find James’ work here:
Find Sean’s work here:

May 28, 202305:22:02
Black Pill Digest #6 'digital bars on the overton window'

Black Pill Digest #6 'digital bars on the overton window'

BPD #6 ‘Digital Bars on the Overton Window’


Technocracy is the digital prison surrounding us & the Technocrats want to put their devices under our skin. Technocracy is social engineering through technology. Rule by the experts. No more free will, no more property, just New World priests of the new age with white coats. They tell you what to think and how to live your life. They reduce society to a base material & build a golem monstrosity. The next place they seek to conquer is our bodies & our minds. Their new cybernetic instruments allow Mankind to be hacked. The only solution is to break free from their system of domination & slavery. To build a new system so we can all walk away from their Great Reset & look to something greater. True freedom is independence, responsibility & the knowledge of oneself. Take a good look at the state of tyranny clamping down on every aspect of our lives. Apathy is death. Start moving towards exiting the system & building an alternative civilization. One based on the principles of self ownership & voluntary interactions.

Our guests tonight include:

Derrick Broze:

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Hans Utter:

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Hosted by:

James Cordiner of A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Truth podcast

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Sean McCann of Wake the Dead podcast

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May 02, 202306:00:38
The Truth About Morality with Kris Nelson
Apr 18, 202302:29:13
Anarchism Through History with Brandon Martin

Anarchism Through History with Brandon Martin

A True Anarchist is one who refuses to make violent claims of ownership over another living beings property and refuses to support those who are willing to perform violent acts in order to make claims of ownership over another living beings property. The understanding of Natural Law and Objective Morality, alongside remaining responsible for what are our Free Will choices and seeking the abolition of any and all ruling classes; these are the modern day praxes of any True Anarchist. Has this always been the case? Just what has the modern day True Anarchist learned from the past? What did the progenitors of this philosophy get correct? What did they get wrong? This and more on this edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide to Truth! On this edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide to Truth, we are joined by Brandon Martin. In his own words Brandon describes himself- "I’m an Independent Researcher, Symbolist, Alchemist, Philosopher, De-Occultist, Public Speaker, Founder of the SEED Truth Academy, S.E.E.D Conference, Co-Host of the Cubbywhole Podcast, with experience in Live speaking, Graphics Design and Event Organization. I am an activist for Natural Law, Freemasonry, and the Mystery Traditions. I am working on a few Books, and many Essays that pertain to critical topics for the betterment of the species. I have the goal of creating an evolutionary shift into a Moral society through raising Consciousness at the aggregate level. Through my presentations videos, Podcast, and Essays I attempt to take people on an inward journey of self-exploration, examining human Consciousness and the way these things pertain to the Universal problems which we all currently facing as a species. " Find more from Brandon at Find James’ work here:⁠⁠ please donate to James here:⁠

Apr 09, 202302:10:41
Stepping Through the Shadow with Marja West

Stepping Through the Shadow with Marja West

"There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious" - Carl Jung On this edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide to Truth, I am joined by the great an powerful Marja West! Marja West (pronounced mahrrr’ya) is a Trauma-Based Mind Control DeActivator, author, non-guru lineage Spiritual Teacher, Way-Show-er, Divine Love Agent Provocateur, Medical Intuitive, and Master Energy Healing Facilitator. Well-known for her often hilarious, disarming, and electrifying presentations, Marja’s teachings are practical reminders to engage and activate your Superpower of Focus to easefully allow the physical and conscious embodiment of Divinity as Grand Creators of Reality, outside of the Matrix. She facilitates the dissolving of all forms of trauma-based mind control, including the most egregious of sexual abuse, so you can raise your energy frequencies of your earthly physical self to match up to your Eternal Divine Self. Marja calls this process of closing the energy gap between your physical self and your Divine Self as the True Ascension as Divine-In-The-Flesh. She makes clear that it is our job to meet up with our Divine Selves, not the other way around. We can only access our True Divine Creative Natures through Waking Up, Seeing Ourselves, Seeing Reality, Exiting the Matrix, Entering into Our Attention/Awareness Center--our Awakened State--within the True Quantum Field-Creation Field Universe. Each one of us is evolving from Victim to Victorious. Learn more about Marja at her website! Find James’ work here:⁠⁠ please donate to James here:⁠

Apr 02, 202302:14:57
BPD #5 REVISED! 'poisoning the truth-well'

BPD #5 REVISED! 'poisoning the truth-well'


Black Pill Digest #5 3/18/2023 Movies & Television create the world we live in. Scientifically designed to dissociate your will from your actions. Created to make our minds addicted to lies fed to us by a psychopathic predator class. We trust the television more readily than we trust our natural senses. The screen has become a sixth sense where all mankind are dreaming the same nihilistic nightmare. One where free will has been erased, people are programmed to act as the masters choose. How are we being manipulated? What is the program being pushed into our heads? Has all mainstream media been created to enslave us? How does trauma based mind control relate to the news & hollywood movies? Joining us today are Etienne de la Boetie²:Etienne de la Boetie² is the nom de plume of a voluntaryist author, father, technology entrepreneur, cyclist, runner, hot yogi, multi-disciplinarian truther, armchair economist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and neo-abolitionist who is experimenting with large-scale cult deprogramming. Mr. Boetie2 is the founder of a start-up public policy organization: The Art of Liberty Foundation that is developing voluntary and free market solutions to social issues while exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of “government”, and the hidden curriculum of organized crime’s mandatory government schools, scouting programs, and police/military “training”: The pseudo-religion of Statism, obedience, fealty, “order-following” and tax slavery. Mr Boetie is the author of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!Find Etienne’s work here:⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Brett Carollo:Brett Carollo explores film from a deep politics perspective, demonstrating how the artistry of cinema combines with psychological and technological knowledge to engineer culture in subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) ways— making each of us the subject of the greatest mind control experiment in history. Brett is the host of Psyop Cinema podcast with cohost Thomas Millary. Psyop Cinema is a podcast about the film industry and its intimate connections to mass manipulation, conspiracy, and the occult.Find Brett’s work here:⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Ivan Oyola:Ivan Oyola, Jr (aka Ivan from Phoenix) Truth Seeker Turned Truth Speaker. Just a regular guy next door who stumbled upon information that was intentionally being hidden from the masses. After beginning the process of seeking the Truth just over a decade ago and taking it in, Ivan began to share the information he acquired a few years later by creating a website, and starting a meetup group by the same name. Soon after he began recording a podcast called Guy Next Door Speaks, which is hosted on his site. Ivan continues to speak on what he sees is really happening in an effort to bring it to the attention of both those who will listen and those who need to listen.Find Ivan’s work here:⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ With hosts James Cordiner & Sean McCann Find James’ work here:⁠⁠⁠⁠please donate to James here:⁠⁠ Find Sean’s work here:⁠⁠⁠⁠please donate to Sean here:⁠⁠

Mar 27, 202303:57:20
Black Pill Digest #4 'mind control at the slave factory'

Black Pill Digest #4 'mind control at the slave factory'

Public schools (forced schooling) is one of the most powerful tools the State has for yoking the population to hitch their wagons of statism & mental slavery. Designed to blunt the genius of mankind & force compliance through fear & coercion. Molding the next generation to the will of the predator class. We've seen what evils they have created so far, now they are training children for a world where truth & free will are removed completely. It is imperative to stop the cycle of slavery here & now, before it reaches our children. We are responsible for this crucial period in their lives. Don't feed your children to Moloch. Don't send them to public school.

We are pleased to be joined by..

David James Rodriguez - 

David James Rodriguez helps parents empower their children using homeschooling, apprenticeships, and customized learning strategies. He’s the Principal of Valor Academy, a homeschool coach, and publisher of “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto, the world renowned teacher. Also, he founded Education Options TV, where he has introduced 1,000’s of parent to respectful schools and approaches to learning, and interviewed world leaders who are demonstrating the future of education today. He’s passionate about Getting All of The Thinkers Out of forced schooling, so he created the GATTO project, which is accomplished by helping parents remove their children from bad schools. His provides early high school graduation and homeschool coaching services to parents. He’s the host of the Freedom Lovers Show, where the goal is to build a voluntary world, one relationship at a time.

Will Keller -

Will Keller is a Freedom activist, animist, anarchist, public speaker and a father. Will is the co-host of Natural Freedom League video series and a content creator for the One Great Work Network. Will Keller is devoted and morally obligated to increase awareness on the causal factors of suffering for humanity and to expand the understanding of the current  human condition by educating the public on crucial topics such as conscious parenting, human psychology, human behavior, objective morality, Natural Rights and Natural Law; the Universal Laws of Nature. All of these topics are inseparable for understand and achieving True Freedom for Humanity.

Hosted by..

James Cordiner -

Sean McCann -

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Mar 16, 202304:46:33
"Government" - The Biggest Scam in History EXPOSED (revisited) pt. 1
Mar 05, 202301:48:51
Why So Serious? with Thomas and Brett of Psyop Cinema
Feb 19, 202302:14:25
Warriors of a Spiritual Battle with Brandon Martin
Feb 12, 202301:38:38
"Government" - The Biggest Scam in History EXPOSED 5th edition with Etienne de la Boetie²

"Government" - The Biggest Scam in History EXPOSED 5th edition with Etienne de la Boetie²

Welcome back to the show Etienne de la Boetie²! 

Very excited to have him back to discuss the updated and newest volume of his book "Government" - The Biggest Scam in History EXPOSED. He has just released volume 5! 

To get your own copy of the book, which you will not want to miss out on, please got to 

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Feb 05, 202301:42:40
Black Pill Digest #3 'Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering'

Black Pill Digest #3 'Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering'

For decades, we have looked up toward the sky and it just has not looked the same. Stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering has been done in the form of chemtrails from airplanes, manipulating the weather, tainting our water, poisoning our food, our air, our skin and our freedom as a result. Tune in to hear from our distinguished guests, who have studied on this subject for many years, who have not given up on the fight. 


Guests include:

Freeman Fly of

Freeman has been on the forefront of conspiracy theory for nearly two decades. He is an internationally-known, award-winning TV producer, film maker, radio talk show host and lecturer. Freeman is considered an expert in the fields of the occult, trauma-based mind control, Illuminati symbolism, and ancient civilizations by his peers and professionals within his industry.

Matt Landman of

Through grassroots activism, film, interviews, and international summits, Matt has gained recognition as a leader in 5G and geoengineering/chemtrail awareness activism. Matt presents unprecedented and view-changing information directly from official documentation and accepted research.

Matt Landman created the social change documentary Frankenskies, bringing awareness to ongoing atmospheric aerosol injections, chemtrails, weather modification programs and geoengineering. Matt has hosted a series of conferences, events and protests concerning the questions surrounding chemtrails and relentlessly continues to speak out against the ongoing lies in our skies.

Chris Jantzen of   -and-

Chris Jantzen is a Carpenter, Philosopher, Podcaster and Copywriter. He is working on educating folks about Natural Law. Taking the initiative towards positive solutions to the current world problem. Understanding the difference between right and wrong. Objective morality replacing moral relativity. A father and a friend. One who questions and imagines. A group Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker and Motivational Coach Check out ChrisJantzen.Com to join the One Great Work Warriors email list and action group. Looking for other brave truth seekers to help in the efforts of ENDING EVIL.  Chris began the End Evil Podcast in order to reach more humans in the hopes of defeating evil.

Watch 'Black Pill Digest' LIVE! The last Saturday of each month. Tune in at  

'Black Pill Digest' is hosted by Sean McCann of 'Wake the Dead' and James Cordiner of 'A Hitchhiker's Guide to Truth'  

Jan 31, 202304:17:07
Anarchy, Natural Law and Drug Abuse vol. 2
Jan 22, 202301:40:44
'Joker' *Guest Appearance* Guy Next Door Speaks hosted by Ivan Oyola jr.

'Joker' *Guest Appearance* Guy Next Door Speaks hosted by Ivan Oyola jr.

I joined Ivan Oyola jr. for a deep dive look into the film 'Joker' starring Joaquin Phoenix. 

Please go and view more content from Ivan at Free Your Mind Arizona 


Check out James Cordiner's website, Free Your Mind New England,  to watch more shows just like this each Saturday night at 9 pm Eastern Time LIVE!!! 

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Jan 15, 202303:18:07
There's Something Rotten in New Haven with Mark Steeves

There's Something Rotten in New Haven with Mark Steeves

No one can deny the involvement secret societies have had in shaping not only the United States, but the entire global control structure. On this episode of A Hitchhiker's Guide to Truth, I am joined by none other than Mark Steeves, the host of 'My Family Thinks I'm Crazy' to discuss and explore his findings on one of the most infamous secret societies to have ever existed: The Skull and Bones of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. 

Please visit Alt Media United to discover more content creators endeavoring to preserve free speech and open minds! 

Visit The One Great Work Network to find all of the ways to emancipate yourself from neo-slavery 

Check out James Cordiner's website, Free Your Mind New England,  to watch more shows just like this each Saturday night at 9 pm Eastern Time LIVE!!! Please consider contributing to James via donation to help ensure that he can continue doing the Great Work in the digital arena, all donations can be done via the membership tiers at the Odysee channel click here to become a member. Thank you all very much! 

Jan 13, 202301:49:20
Black Pill Digest #2 ‘the attack on our children’

Black Pill Digest #2 ‘the attack on our children’


Johnny Cirucci & Will Keller join James Cordiner & Sean McCann to discuss the satanic attack on our children. The controllers of our society are working overtime to enslave the next generation. It is & has been happening under our noses. This episode highlights a few of the most critical agendas in operation today. Starting with the denial of truth illustrated by the trans-agenda. The Transsexual inversion of reality was born from Alfred Kinsey, a devout follower of Aleister Crowley. Kinsey laid the foundation for our culture’s purely satanic ideas regarding sexuality. Connecting many seemingly disparate dots, Johnny, Will, James & Sean work together to paint the bigger picture. Later they shift gears to focus on the technological attack our children’s minds via smartphones, apps & social media. Encouraging suicide & violence this digital onslaught is a literal culling. The smartphones are perfect weapons that cause addiction to the tech enslaving their consciousness, grooming them for the New World Order. The speakers also make sure to state the fact that children are currency for the Dark Occult pedocracy. Their bodies, blood & slavery are infinitely more valuable than money. Child trafficking fuels the blackmail, organ harvesting, child sex slavery, forced labor & satanic ritual sacrifices. We are the natural barrier between our children & their future slavery. We need to be fit physically, mentally & spiritually for this fight. We need to be ready to act in the moment to keep our families safe. It takes awareness & right action to intercept the satanic programming from reaching our children. The true great work is raising competent, caring warriors that will fight for the future of Mankind.

Johnny Cirucci:
Will Keller:
James Cordiner:
Sean McCann:

Dec 19, 202203:09:22
Order Following: A Disease of Consciousness with Aaron Butler
Dec 11, 202202:54:32
Let's Declare Pandemic Accountability
Nov 30, 202201:45:01
Embracing Danger Intelligently with David Greenberg
Oct 30, 202203:04:47
Self-Actualization: What They Don't Want YOU to Know with Melisa Arnautovic
Oct 24, 202201:55:27
The Philosopher's Stone with Derek Bartolacelli
Oct 13, 202201:33:22
ADHD: A Modern Attack on Free Thinkers
Sep 29, 202201:04:14
Trouble in Paradise with Etienne de la Boetie2
Sep 12, 202201:50:24
"Good Vibrations" podcast hosted by Mark Devlin episode 219
Sep 07, 202235:60
Guest Appearance on "My Family Thinks I'm Crazy" hosted by Mark Palmer
Sep 07, 202201:51:52
Real Education: The Power of Homeschooling with David Rodriguez
Aug 22, 202202:03:28
The Art of Persistence with Vinny Eastwood
Aug 09, 202202:44:05
Shattering the Illusion Sneak Peek with Joe Murray
Aug 09, 202201:31:33
Pillars of Enlightenment with Brandon Martin
Jul 24, 202201:57:19
Speaking Truth with Mark Passio

Speaking Truth with Mark Passio

Saturday July 9, 2022. Mark Passio and I got together to meet and chat about just how important speaking the truth is, no matter the cost.

Mark Passio is an anarchist, independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer, and freedom activist from Philadelphia, PA. Mark has undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of metaphysics, occultism, spirituality, symbology and consciousness studies. In 2007, Mark began presenting this information in the form of a presentation series entitled What On Earth Is Happening, with the intention of bringing the implications of this body of knowledge to greater public awareness. Mark launched his own web site in 2008 at In 2010, Mark began hosting his own internet radio show, also called What On Earth Is Happening, which has over 200 episodes to date. Mark was one of the co-founders of the Free Your Mind Conference, the Philadelphia-based conference on consciousness, mind control and the occult. Mark has taught intensive live seminars, including Natural Law: The Real Law Of Attraction & How To Apply It In Your Life, New Age B.S. & The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine, Street-Wise Spirituality, and De-Mystifying The Occult. Over the years, Mark has worked closely with activist groups in his area such as the Tesla Science Foundation, Truth-Freedom-Prosperity and Survive & Thrive Philadelphia. Mark also is the founding member and lead vocalist of the Philadelphia-based anarchist hardcore-punk band, The Founders. Mark's most recent project is the One Great Work Network, a privately-organized collective of Conscious Individuals, who each create dynamic content for the purpose of spreading the message of Natural Law, Truth, and Freedom to a worldwide audience.

Please visit the following link to get started on Mark's vast library of content. My advice would be, start with the 3-part Natural Law Seminar "Natural Law, The Real Law of Attraction" then after completing that start his podcast series from episode 1.

Please visit the following link to view James' website.

Visit the following link to learn what you need to know about Shattering the Illusion, a one-day online event September 24, 2022.

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Moral Relativism with Sean McCann & Jennifer Rose
Jul 04, 202202:16:48
NY Patriot | Tool and the Occult with James Cordiner part 2

NY Patriot | Tool and the Occult with James Cordiner part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of the discussion that I had with NY Patriot quite a while back! This time I was, in my opinion, a little more on point. Thank you, NY Patriot, for having me on. If you want to hear more from NY Patriot, please click the link below to find the rest of his work!

Jun 25, 202201:52:41
NY Patriot | Tool and the Occult with James Cordiner part 1

NY Patriot | Tool and the Occult with James Cordiner part 1

I was invited to come onto the NY Patriot's show to discuss Tool. What a great conversation we had. This was recorded quite a while ago and I am reposting it now. Please listen to part 2 as well. Also, please click the link below to find out where else you can find the rest of NY Patriot's content.

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Occult Demystification with The Occult Rejects

Occult Demystification with The Occult Rejects

In this re-published blast from the not-so-distant past, I sit down with none other than The Occult Rejects to discuss the importance of understanding and demystifying the occult. 

please click the link below to learn where else you can find the rest of their work!

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Natural Freedom League Ep69 | guest: James Cordiner

Natural Freedom League Ep69 | guest: James Cordiner

Hosted By: John Roeland & Will Keller | Music Beat By: Matt "V-beatZ" Vanoli | Guest: James Cordiner of and and

The Intention of Natural Freedom League is to expand the understanding of Natural Law, which is based on objective morality, and to expose the illegitimacy of the belief in authority and thus the inherent immorality of ALL governments. PLEASE VISIT FOR IN-DEPTH INFO.

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The Natural Freedom League with John Roeland & Will Keller 6/18/22

The Natural Freedom League with John Roeland & Will Keller 6/18/22

Meet The Natural Freedom League. You know Will Keller by now if you watch the show regularly. Meet his P.I.C. John Roeland! Together they make The Natural Freedom League! They dedicate their time and energy to performing The Great Work by lending their voices to speaking Truth to Power. Waking people up with the power of voice and technology is not the only thing they do; they are also known for their 'man on the street' approach as well. These two get involved in their communities by setting up a station in public locations to spread the word about Natural Law.

To find more from The Natural Freedom League please visit their website at the link below:

The F.U.N.L. 2 conference is coming up! September 10 & 11 of 2022! To learn more about this excellent event and the wonderful speakers that you will hear from, please visit the link below to register so you don't miss out on all the fun!

Of course, as always, I want to encourage all of you to go to The One Great Work Network to find a speaker that you can relate with. Please visit the link below to begin.

To learn more about the first Shattering the Illusion online event, please visit the link below to meet the speakers and find out everything you need to know to watch on September 24, 2022.

Visit James' website to find more from him including the archived podcasts of the past!

See you each Saturday night at 9 pm EST/ 6 pm PST!

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